Lin Yifei couldn't get off the ground. Chris walked over and pulled him up. "Take a shower and change your clothes, or you'll catch a cold."

Chris took Lin Yifei out of the fencing room. When they passed Elizabeth, Lin Yifei seemed be a little embarrassed and drew back his hand from Chris. But Chris still pulled him upstairs without saying a word.

Elizabeth frowned. A conjecture crossed her mind and her entire body trembled slightly.

This idea was so ridiculous, but Elizabeth couldn't help thinking about it over and over again.

At dinner time, Lin Yifei changed into Chris's shirt and rolled the slightly longer sleeves around his wrists.

The servants set dinner on the table. The entire space was filled with the fragrance of food.

The afternoon's practice left Lin Yifei hungry. He rushed downstairs out of Chris's room. As soon as his foot stepped out, Chris put his arms around his waist and pulled him back.

"How many times have I told you not to run down the stairs!"

Chris's expression could be described as gloomy.

Elizabeth, who was sitting at the table, also raised her head because Chris hardly lost his temper with Lin Yifei.

"It doesn't matter. Isn't it paved the carpet? Even if I fall, it won't hurt…" Lin Yifei's arm was twisted by Chris, and he cried out immediately, "Aw! Aw! Let go!"

Chris let go of Lin Yifei and watched him walk slowly downstairs.

At that moment, Elizabeth finally understood why after she returned to Osbornes' villa from the girl boarding school one day, she found that each staircase was covered with a thick carpet. Elizabeth once asked George why such thick carpets were used in the summer. George's answer made it difficult for her to understand, "for the sake of safety". Now Elizabeth finally understood that this "safety" wasn't for just anyone, but for Lin Yifei.

Elizabeth didn't say a word during the entire dinner. She was just watching, and the little details that made her jealous seemed to conform to the absurd idea in her mind.

In the evening, Lin Yifei asked George to take him home.

"Can't you just sleep here?" Chris asked.

"I see you every day at school. Now I have a holiday, of course, I have to go back to my home."

Elizabeth smiled and said, "Yes, you're all so old already. But you still want Lin to sleep with you every time. He can't stand you."

"Liz." Chris's eyes swept over coldly.

But Lin Yifei was very grateful to Elizabeth, because he knew the consequences of sleeping with Chris. Chris didn't just press him to kiss but also made him help shoot his pistol. Sometimes, it was difficult to control him, and he would…

At the insistence of Lin Yifei that night, George sent him back to Chinatown.

Winter vacation passed quickly. The chill of winter had passed when school began.

The most important thing in the second semester is the national final.

In the first week, when everyone was going through the qualifier, the fencing club received intense training. Lin Yifei was exhausted every time he took part in a team event, because he's the main fencer in the team event. Coach Smith was strict with him.

Seeing him always slumping on a chair with a towel over his head, Rex laughed at him.

One day, he even squatted in front of Lin Yifei and stretched out his hand to hold up his chin. He said with a smile: "Dear Lin, your physical strength is so poor that one can't enjoy being your lover."

Lin Yifei gave him his middle finger and scold him "F*** you".

"If you really want to f*** me, you know I'll lose sleep looking forward to it." Rex even turned his head to make a gesture of kissing him. A sabre fell on his shoulder and Chris's cold voice sounded.

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"The next round is a match between me and you."

"It's really annoying. I almost kissed him."

Since Rex confessed to Lin Yifei, some of his actions had become more and more obvious. This also made his animosity with Chris more intense.

In the first quarter-final of the national final, Chris and Rex both successfully solved their opponents. One had to agree that the national final was indeed full of strong fencers. Lin Yifei was very nervous watching in the audience.

In the team match, Lin Yifei's opponents were very difficult. After three rounds in a row, they only had an advantage of two points. Fortunately, Rex was unstoppable. They finally advanced to the top eight with 45-43.

Back in the school dormitory, before Lin Yifei could put down his backpack, Chris flooded him with strong kisses. His hand anxiously pulled off Lin Yifei's backpack. He threw it on the ground, then pushed him into the bathroom. After taking off Lin Yifei's T-shirt, he began to kiss his neck and shoulders.

Lin Yifei understood the impulse of adolescent boys in some respects. Chris already began to change his voice. His cold tone had become deeper and inexplicably full of temptation, especially when he's whispering in Lin Yifei's ear. Lin Yifei couldn't stand it.

"Chris…Chris, stop it…"

When Chris's palm stroked Lin Yifei's thighs and even lifted them to hook around his waist, Lin Yifei had to push him away.

Then Chris would look at him with very lonely eyes and held Lin Yifei's hand to touch that hot place.

"Chris, what's the matter with you recently?" Lin Yifei asked in his ear.

"I regret not taking part in the team competition."

Lin Yifei couldn't help laughing. This guy must mind Rex's high-five and hugs during the team competition.  

The next few weeks passed quickly. Ghosn's sabre team played exceptionally well. In the fourth week of the national final, Chris and Rex beat their opponent at the semi-final and advanced to the final. This meant that no matter who became the champion, victory would belong to Ghosn. The team competition also entered the final with Coventry High School from New York.

Pan, who had always been nervous, finally received invitations from several universities before the final, which boosted his confidence.

While sitting at the head of the bed playing games, Lin Yifei turned his head to look at Chris from time to time. The other party was always reading quietly. The calmness in his heart was one that even Lin Yifei couldn't reach.

"I've been wondering. What do you think before every final?"

It's eleven o'clock, his agreed time with Chris to get offline. Lin Yifei turned off the computer then propped up his chin and asked while lying in bed.

"You." Chris's eyes still didn't leave the book in his hand.

"Why do you think of me? I'm not your opponent in the final." Lin Yifei asked with amusement.

"Because you will certainly look at me."

"Stop! So narcistic!" Lin Yifei turned to face the wall, but his heart beat faster than usual. In fact, he knew what kind of answer Chris would give, because whatever this guy did always made Lin Yifei want to look at him.

When Lin Yifei didn't pay attention, Chris put down his book. He turned his face to quietly stare at his back, then smiled and reached out to turn off the bedside lamp.

On the day of the final, the school bus sent the fencing team to the competition venue. Lin Yifei became strangely nervous. He should be calm after taking part in so many international competitions before his rebirth. How could he not calm down today?

He thumped his chest, drawing a chuckle from Rex sitting diagonally from him.

Chris who sat beside him unscrewed a drink and handed it to Lin Yifei.

After two gulps, Lin Yifei breathed out a sigh of relief. He suddenly understood why he was so nervous. Because he and Chris would finally compete in the same fencing hall, although in different events.

The final of the single competition would be held in the morning, then the second and third place would be decided.

Lin Yifei accompanied Chris into the dressing room and tidied up his gloves and protective gear.

They didn't say anything to each other. The room was quiet.

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However, Rex on the other side of the locker looked much more relaxed. He had already put on his protective gear and came over to look at both of them. He leaned against the locker.

"If I win, can Chris promise me one request?" Rex stirred up an interesting expression with his brow.

Before Chris could answer, Lin Yifei stood between them: "Hey! I warn you. Don't use me as a bet!"

Don't do the kind of nine-track drama that whoever wins get a kiss or something.

"Don't worry. This is a bet between Chris and me. Lin isn't required to do anything." Rex had a look of 'you're making too much fuss'.

Chris gently pulled Lin Yifei aside and looked into Rex's eyes. He triggered a sneer at the corner of his mouth. "Tell me about your request."

"My request is very simple. I'll change dorm room with you for a week and live with Lin for a week."

"If I beat you," Chris turned his head and his eyes sharpened, "then you can't look at Yifei except during training and competition."

"Ah, this is really the overlord clause!" Rex looked at Lin Yifei with a face of injustice.

Lin Yifei became unbearable.

"Can you two not be so childish!"

"No way."

"No way."

At this time, the tacit understanding between them really made one speechless.

It was time to enter. Chris and Rex walked side by side through the passage. Lin Yifei looked at them from a distance. Suddenly, his temple ached.

The two teenagers stood at two ends of the preparation line. Before the match began, there was a faint smell of gunpowder in the air.

From the start, Rex accelerated and started a sharp and continuous attack. After Chris countered back twice, Rex suddenly thrust backward by a bow step and narrowly escaped. But in fact, Chris was not here. The gap at this moment allowed him to take back the right to attack. Two sabre strikes were followed by a side-to-side attack. Rex was hit at the moment when he shifted. Chris scored first.

Sitting in the audience, Lin Yifei held his breath nervously. The two teenagers fought even more intensely than during the regional final. Every attack had a hidden intention and was a showstopper that caused one's heart to miss a beat.

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