Rex cut in with another attack. Chris blocked it. Rex didn't give his opponent any breathing space and kept attacking. For five seconds in a row, people couldn't even blink because of this volley of cutting with imposing manner.

But nobody thought that it was a feint, and the focus was when Chris lifted his wrist to resist.

Chris's wrist was hit, and Rex scored.

These two guys were really fighting for their lives today.

When the first round ended, the audience could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

"Why does it look like these two won't give up unless they kill each other…" Katherine exhaled her breath.

"I'm afraid that the next round will be even more intense…" Pan clenched his fist. "I've known Rex for more than a year, but I've never seen him do his best."

The score was now 5-5. Everyone wondered if they could break the tie in the next round.

When the referee motioned for the match to start again, Chris, who had been holding the sabre while sitting in his seat, slowly walked to the preparation line. He moved his wrist and assumed the starting position.

In this round, Chris's aggressiveness was even more obvious. The angle of each attack was exquisite with the aim of hitting his opponent. Rex's every defense, his attack and the collision of two sabres had a thrilling meaning. The two guys were deadlocked. None of them scored in the first minute. From the second minute on, Rex gradually mastered the rhythm. The initiative of the attack alternated between the two.

This was a true battlefield without gunpowder smoke. Every attack could break a nerve. Chris broke the deadlock by turning around, side-stepping then cutting. The entire process took less than two seconds. The light came on. Chris scored.

This didn't cause Rex to lose heart. On the contrary, his attack maneuver became more complicated. Chris calmly analyzed Rex's feint and made the right block to counterattack in an instant. After Rex leaned back to avoid his jab, Chris jumped on both legs and hit the other side on the shoulder.

Chris had already gotten two-point lead, but Rex still looked calm. His finger poked the tip of his sabre. He swung a circular arc then returned to the preparation line.

Before his rebirth, Lin Yifei participated in many international competitions. He knew very well that a calm opponent like Rex was the most difficult to handle. An opponent who's in a weaker position but still managed to maintain a calm mind was the easiest to reverse the situation. The following minute verified Lin Yifei's experience. Rex's change-of-line attack was very subtle. He took two points back and tied them up again.

At the end of the game, the score was still 11-11.

There was another one-minute break. Lin Yifei hoped that in this one minute, Chris could adjust his attack rhythm. It's not feasible to create psychological pressure on Rex by virtue of score advantage. The best way was to beat him one attack at a time.

Chris was still sitting on the seat with his sabre. Rex, on the other hand, carefully adjusted his mask and shoelaces.

The last round had finally arrived.

At first, the tense momentum seemed to disappear. The entire stadium appeared calm.

The two teenagers' sabres touched each other. Chris stabbed fiercely in an instant. The momentum of giving up everything made Lin Yifei nervous and almost stood up from his seat.

The tip of the sabre crossed Rex's shoulder but didn't constitute an effective attack, but Chris didn't wait for Rex to return fire and cut on his arm. The light came on. Chris showed the right to attack. This was an effective score.

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Lin Yifei opened his mouth slightly. He thought the two teenagers would be more cautious in the final round, but Chris's sabre just now was no different from suicide. If the person standing opposite him was himself, Lin Yifei would certainly counter back with his sabre.

At the thought of this, Lin Yifei smiled wryly. He knew Chris too well, so he was not afraid of the sudden murderous attack, but Rex was different, so he was shocked by this attack.

Rex's adjusted his condition quite well. He quickly regained the initiative. He crossed forward and took half a step to thrust. After Chris flashed toward him, he immediately changed sides to attack. After hitting Chris's body, he shot Chris on the shoulder with another sharp attack. But Chris avoided it. Rex still scored once.

Such a tense final was something Lin Yifei didn't expect to see in a high school competition. With the last 30 seconds remaining, the score was 13 to 12. Lin Yifei didn't want the final score to tie. Otherwise, the match would go into overtime. It's very risky for both Chris and Rex.

Obviously, Chris didn't want to drag the match into overtime either. The speed and changes of his attacks were shocking. The first second was a diversion attack, followed by a series of more diversion attacks.

Rex had hidden dangers in his defense. He almost succeeded in fighting back several times, which made Lin Yifei sweat.

When the countdown entered ten seconds, Lin Yifei took a deep breath then stopped breathing again. He saw Rex's sabre tip crossed Chris's shoulder. Then, when Chris was about to swing down again, Rex crossed the sabre to block it. Another sideways attack was struck at Rex's arm, but Rex blocked it. When Rex was about to swipe, Chris crossed over the tip of Rex's sabre. His side attack fell on Rex's shoulder. At the same time, Rex's sabre tip also hit Chris's waist.

Both lights came on. Lin Yifei was so nervous that his lungs ached.

The referee decided that Chris took the initiative, which meant that Chris narrowly defeated Rex by 15-14.

There was a big round of applause around the court. Lin Yifei's held breath was finally released.

Chris shook hands with Rex.

"Remember your promise." Chris said coldly.

"I'll remember how jealous you are." Rex took off his mask. He raised his eyebrows and smiled, "It seems that I'll have to fence more with Lin in the future, because only then can I properly look at him."

Lin Yifei excitedly ran down from the audience and went to the changing room.

After waiting for five or six minutes, Chris came over leisurely while holding his mask and sabre.

"Hey! You won! You won again!" Lin Yifei walked over with a smile, "Now I feel even more pressure for the afternoon team match. If I don't win, I won't be able to lift my head in front of you!"

Chris gently curved up his lips. Since only he and Rex participated in the final, there were few people going to and from the locker room.

When Lin Yifei reached just one arm away from Chris, Chris grabbed him and gave him a kiss.

Lin Yifei pushed him away in panic and shouted, "Is your head full of coconut juice too? How can you

"What about here?" Chris approached step by step. He pushed Lin Yifei to the wall and placed one arm near Lin Yifei's ear. He looked into his eyes as if he were about to kiss him again.

"Chris, I really don't want to see how disgusting you are." Rex shook his head and came up to meet Chris's cold eyes.

"All right, all right, I lost, so I won't look at my dear Lin." Rex shrugged his shoulders and entered the changing room.

At the corner of the hallway, a girl leaned against the wall. Her eyes were wide open. They seemed to have seen something that she couldn't believe or refuse to believe.

She lowered her head and looked at the picture on her mobile phone. It was Chris's action of hugging and kissing Lin Yifei. It looked so warm and crazy. It's totally out of line with Chris other actions and burned her eyes.

"You force me…Chris…you force me…"

The girl closed her eyes. Tears fell on the mobile phone screen.

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That afternoon, Ghosn's match against Coventry was also wonderful. Both teams were excellent. The other side's last fencer happened to be the opponent who's competing with Rex for second place. He lost to Rex in the morning. The team match in the afternoon was his chance to win back. It's a pity that Lin Yifei played too well. The leading three points put a heavy psychological pressure on each other when he met Rex. By the end of the first round, Ghosn was four points ahead.

At the beginning of the second round, Pan's performance was truly excellent, but Lin Yifei got cramps unexpectedly. He lost three points in a minute. The spectators sweated profusely. When his cramps passed, he rose back and caught up. The attack was shocking but not impulsive. He recovered the lost three points at the end of the match.

After leaving the court, he sat back in his seat and tapped on his calf. Some pain still existed, but it's not as serious as before.

"Are you all right?" Rex asked before he got up.

"It's okay. Don't worry."

In order to reduce pressure on Lin Yifei, Rex's attack was very active and aggressive. All of a sudden, the opponent was also overwhelmed and lost points repeatedly. For three minutes, Rex's pace and rhythm were constantly changing. The other party was very adaptable. He not only stabilized the situation, but also waited for an opportunity to fight back. Rex's lead was maintained only by these three points, then he became deadlocked.

At the beginning of the second set, Pan's performance was still excellent. Rex was patted on the shoulder by the Lin Yifei who said with a smile: "Don't worry. The other party isn't a threat to me."

Lin Yifei's opponent was a steady and cautious type, with mature techniques and well-planned tactics. However, one important thing was missing, initiative. Fencing often relied on seizing the opening chance of a few tenths of a second, and this was exactly what Lin Yifei was best at. He always disturbed the opponent's layout and controlled the sabre to score points between the permitted gaps. When Rex came on again, they were six points ahead.

The opening of the third set was Coventry's final struggle. Pan suffered a bit from the other side's stubborn resistance, while Lin Yifei steadied the advantage. When Rex played the last game, the score gap was widened. It was clear which side the victory belonged to.

This year, Ghosn High School enjoyed great success and won both the men's single and team competitions.

Lin Yifei, Pan and Rex tightly hugged each other. Rex, who took off his mask, blinked at Lin Yifei. "Don't let go so fast. Let me hold you for a while."

Lin Yifei turned around and saw Chris standing outside hugging his arms and looking at them coldly.

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