After leaving work in the evening, Su Fu went to the No. 3 Waterside Pavilion with Juan Juan as usual.

During dinner, he talked to Tang Sibo about Teng Yuan's personnel transfer. He felt hesitant and wanted to hear Tang Sibo's opinion.

Upon hearing this, Tang Sibo's first thought wasn't to solve Su Fu's dilemma. Instead, he thought that if Su Fu went to City B, once he finished the cooperation project and return to City B with his son, they would see each other often again. This was a good thing!

However, Su Fu's concerns also need to be considered. After all, father Su and mother Su had just experienced such a distressing event. If their son wasn't around, they might feel lost.

Before Tang Sibo could say anything, Tang Luoke who bit a chicken leg lit up his eyes like a bulb. "Teacher Su, going to City B is very beneficial." Tang Luoke solemnly said.

Su Fu smiled and asked, "For example?"

"City B is more competitive, so the relative salary is also higher. Juan Juan is growing up. There'll be more places to spend money on school."

Su Fu thought about it and agreed. He gave his parents 300,000 yuan. His remaining money wasn't a lot. There would be more and more places to spend money on in the future. City B was definitely attractive in terms of wages.

"Also, once my father and I return to City B, we can invite Teacher Su to teach me grammar. First of all, our family pays more money, so Teacher Su will earn a large sum of extra money. Secondly, Xiao Juan and I are best friends and we only have each other as friends. This way, we won't have to separate."

Hearing this, Su Fu agreed. Juan Juan just found a playmate. If Xiao Ke left, he would cry because his playmate was missing. After all, he only had one friend to play with.

Tang Luoke saw Su Fu mostly agree with him. He put down the chicken leg and continued: "There're many interesting places in City B. Like the Beijing Opera Theater that we went to last time. Teacher Su looked very interested in it. If you stay at City B, you can often go there. Teacher Su can use our box anytime!"

Tang Sibo saw that his son spoke reasonably in the beginning, then suddenly began to exaggerate. The corners of his mouth couldn't help twitching. Who said that they could let Su Fu use the box at any time?…

It's not that Tang Sibo refused to give this convenience to Su Fu. But the box didn't just belong to them alone.

Tang Sihuan and Li Chao also owned part of it.

Tang Sihuan usually used the box to talk about business. He also knew that Su Fu was his friend. If Su Fu was to quietly go there, he wouldn't say anything.

What's he's afraid of was the animal in heat with the surname Li. Sometimes, when he went there on a whim and pulled open the curtain, he saw many indescribable scenes of him and Liu An by the balcony. If Su Fu chanced upon this, his embarrassment wouldn't be small. And once he interrupted Li Chao's work and Li Chao lost his temper, everything would be over.

Su Fu also knew that not everyone could use the box at any time and didn't take it to heart. However, he was really interested in the Beijing Opera Theater. It's also a good choice to take Juan Juan to listen to some plays in his spare time.

Tang Luoke looked at Su Fu's approval and was elated. Finally, he added: "Most importantly, there's no bad man in City B. Teacher Su may even meet a perfect man who's first among a hundred."

Tang Luoke said this while his little eyes drifted to his father.

"What does a child understand! Eat." Tang Sibo felt helpless and gently knocked on his son's head.

What should be said had been said, and some effects had been achieved. Tang Luoke didn't get angry because of his father's beating. He bowed his head silently and continued to eat. His little ears tracked their movements all the time.

Su Fu listened to Tang Luoke series of reasons. The balance in his heart slightly tilted. However, seeing that Tang Sibo hadn't said anything, he also wanted to listen to his opinion.

"What do you think?"

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu's serious face of asking for his opinion. A part of his mind gave birth to a sense of satisfaction. Even his heart felt a bit itchy.

Tang Sibo smiled and answered, "I think it's up to you. Do you want to go to City B?"

"What Xiao Ke said is very reasonable. I would like to go, but I'm mainly concern about my parents." Su Fu frowned slightly. To be honest, City A didn't have anything special to miss except his parents.

"You might not necessarily need to worry about uncle and aunt," Tang Sibo peeled off two shrimps and put each one into Tang Luoke's bowl and Juan Juan's bowl. He took the wet towel on the edge of the table and wiped his hands with graceful movements.

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He put down the towel and continued: "Even when you're in City A, you aren't living with uncle and aunt and can't be around them every day. Since Teng Yuan wants to transfer you to City B, you can make some conditions, such as asking for a one-day leave every week, so that you can come back to accompany uncle and aunt. That way it won't be much different than living in City A."

Su Fu listened. When he saw that Juan Juan's hands stretching out to catch shrimps, he put down his chopsticks and peeled them for him. He thought while peeling. What Tang Sibo said was also reasonable.

"Teng Yuan's job in City A is rather busy. Most teachers don't have many holidays. I don't know if it's the same at City B. It would be nice to have some leaves."

(T/N: do private teachers in China work seven day a week? đŸ˜±)

Tang Sibo nodded then added: "If you develop well in City B in the future, you can take uncle and aunt there in a few years. The Beijing Opera Theater attracts the elderly the most. I think uncle and aunt will also be interested."

Father Su was stubborn and awkward. He may not be willing to leave City A, but it's too early to consider this now. After all, he may not settle down in City B in the future. The main thing was to consider how he could come back to accompany his parents often.

Su Fu peeled another shrimp and gave it to Tang Luoke. He had a few ideas in his heart. "I'll talk to my parents tomorrow to hear their thoughts."

"Should we go the small restaurant tomorrow night for dinner? I haven't asked uncle if he finished his tea yet. I'll bring him some more next time."

Su Fu smiled and nodded. Mr. Tang was always thoughtful.

That night, after tutoring, Su Fu returned to Jinghe with Juan Juan.

Tang Luoke was unhappy, but he didn't sulk once he thought that Teacher Su was going to City B soon. He had plenty of opportunities in the future. In the evening, he had a little talk with his father before going to bed then fell asleep in his little bed.

Tang Sibo touched his son's sleeping face. He lowered his head and kissed his son's forehead before withdrawing from the room.

At the moment of closing the door, he looked at the small body on the bed and suddenly felt that such Xiao Ke looked very lonely.  

He remembered that when Su Fu and Juan Juan were here, they were very lively. Even sleeping felt warm and sweet. His son probably liked the feeling of this small family.

The next evening, Tang Sibo took his son to Teng Yuan and waited downstairs for Su Fu like before. Far away, he saw his two bodyguards stopped a person. Of course, that person was He Shaoqi.

Tang Sibo coldly looked at this scene then ignored it.

After Su Fu and Juan Juan came down, the two families drove to the "Family" restaurant.

As for He Shaoqi, who was still arguing with the two bodyguards, Su Fu didn't even notice him.

There're not many guests in the small restaurant today. Since it's during the national holiday, all students in the surrounding schools had a holiday. Most of them went home, leaving very little people behind.  

When he entered the small restaurant, father Su and mother Su weren't at the counter. Su Fu felt a bit strange. There're not many people and it's not busy today. Why isn't his father at the counter?

At this moment, he heard someone sitting at the table by the door said, "Boss Su went to the toilet. You have to wait a while to order. There're no students working part-time today."

The voice sounded very cold. Su Fu turned his head and saw that it was still the little couple he saw last time. The person talking was the big boy.

Tang Sibo also noticed them. His heart thought that young master Duan didn't go back to the Duan family during the long holiday but remained to accompany his little boyfriend? Duan Qiqian must be so angry that he wanted to beat his brother. If he lost his temper and remained in a bad mood, their cooperation project would be even harder to secure.

The young couple was still the same as last time. While eating, the older boy was teaching the younger boy about questions that he didn't understand. The little boy looked very shy. When he saw someone watching them, he blushed and lowered his head.

Duan Qixuan rubbed his head. He looked up at Su Fu and them while frowning slightly. He appeared to be impatient at their watch.  

Tang Sibo smiled slightly. He nodded to him then waited with Su Fu without looking at them again.

After a while, father Su came out and saw them. He was slightly stunned. Then his face became pleasant.

"Mr. Tang, you haven't been here for a long time. If you want something to eat, this old man will treat you."

As soon as he heard this, Su Fu's mouth twitched. Here he was wondering why his father had a pleasant face when seeing him.  

It turned out that he had seen Tang Sibo…

"Uncle is kind," Tang Sibo replied with a refined manner. "Did you enjoy your tea, uncle?"

"Good! Good! This is the first time that this old man had drunk such pure Longjing tea from the Ming Dynasty!" When it came to tea, father Su looked even better. He reached under the counter and took the carefully stored tea and began to exchange experiences with Tang Sibo.

Su Fu awkwardly stood there with the two children as if he were abandoned…

At this time, mother Su, who came out to serve the food, saw her son and grandson. After serving the food, she came up to them smiling. She bent down and picked up Juan Juan.  

"Aiya, Grandma's lovely grandson, are you hungry? What do you want to eat?"

Juan Juan was also happy to see her. But he's shy and refused to say what he wanted to eat. He just buried his head on mother Su's shoulder and played coquetry.

Su Fu clenched Tang Luoke's small hand and cleared his throat to show his existence.

Mother Su rubbed her little grandson's head. Only then did she look at Su Fu and Tang Luoke. She smiled and asked, "What a beautiful child. Is this Mr. Tang's son?"

Su Fu thought to himself. Mr. Tang was indeed magical. His father and mother only talked about him with their mouths…

"He's Mr. Tang's son, Tang Luoke."

Tang Luoke was also polite and hurriedly called out, "Hello Grandma."

"Hello, hello, what a good boy." Mother Su held Juan Juan in one hand and used her empty hand to rubbed Tang Luoke's head.

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Tang Luoke originally hated being touched this way, but he couldn't bear to say anything since this was Teacher Su's mother.

"Take the children to sit down first. What do you like to eat?" Mother Su asked. She held Juan Juan to find a seat then placed him on the chair.

Su Fu saw that his father was still chatting excitedly with Tang Sibo. He felt somewhat helpless and had to take Tang Luoke to sit down first.

"Mom, you and Dad haven't eaten yet. I don't think there're many people now. Why don't you join us?"

Mother Su looked at the door and replied, "There aren't many people today. You can order first. Mom will cook then we can eat together."

Su Fu nodded and ordered with the two children.

Besides mother Su, there're two cooks in this restaurant. One went back to his hometown during the holiday and the other was local. Anyway, it's all right since the other cook was at work today. In case one or two customers came, mother Su wouldn't be too busy.

When mother Su finished cooking several dishes and brought them out, father Su and Tang Sibo also finished talking and came along.

Each table on the first floor could seat four people. Su Fu put two tables together so that six people could sit together for dinner.

While eating and chatting, mother Su mainly took care of her little grandson. She seemed to like doing this very much. Su Fu saw that his father and Tang Sibo were still having a good chat and helped to take care of Tang Luoke.

When they finished talking, Su Fu told them about Teng Yuan's personnel transfer.

After he finished, he saw his mother feeding action paused. His father also frowned slightly.

Su Fu was immediately overcome with emotion. He couldn't bear to make his parents unhappy and hurriedly said, "It's not necessary for me to go."

Mother Su shook her head and said, "If you can develop well in City B, it's better to go there. I'm just afraid you're not used to it."

Su Fu breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: "City B is fine. I just worry about you and Dad. I can't be around you all the time. I always feel uneasy."

Hearing this speech, father Su snorted coldly.

"What's to worry about? We aren't too old to walk. You work all day long in City A and can't be together with us all the time. It's not much different if you go to City B."

Mother Su also smiled slightly: "That's the reason. Come back and see us more often, just like you do here."

Su Fu nodded, "If I go to City B, I can always bring back Juan Juan to see you. This hasn't been finalized yet."

After eating the food, father Su's eyes narrowed slightly. He thought for a moment and asked, "Isn't Mr. Tang from City B?"

Tang Sibo smiled and nodded, "I'm from City B. If Teacher Su goes to City B, I'll take care of him. Uncle and aunt don't have to worry."

Mother Su heard this and felt relieved a lot. It's all thanks to Tang Sibo.

However, father Su's eyes became bright. He smiled and felt as if he understood something. He said to Su Fu, "Go to City B."

Su Fu looked at his father. It seemed that his father was inexplicably happy? What was he happy about? Why did he feel so strange?

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