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With the consent of his parents, Su Fu felt more at ease. Although he didn't know why his father was happy to hear that he's going to City B, the matter was basically settled.

The next day, when Su Fu went to Teng Yuan's office, he found his Boss and asked about the details of the personnel transfer.

According to the Boss, teachers who were transferred to City B this time were very well compensated.

First of all, the salary was higher than City A.

Secondly, teachers' apartments were provided free of charge.

Then, there would be a two day off every week.

Finally, the transfer was temporary. Once Teng Yuan in City B developed better, the transferred teachers could decide whether to stay in City B or return to City A. Teng Yuan wouldn't interfere.

Hearing this, Su Fu felt that this was indeed a rare opportunity. He didn't need to find an apartment to rent in City B since it was already pre-arranged. This saved him a lot of expenses. Then, there's the two day off a week, which attracted him a lot. This way, he could come back to accompany his parents every week.  

After some negotiations, Su Fu finally agreed to transfer to City B.

On the same day, once he handed over his works, Su Fu returned to Jinghe with Juan Juan and started packing up.

Juan Juan knew that he's going to City B with his little Dad. He looked very sad when sitting alone on the sofa. He knew that they're going to be separated from uncle Tang and older brother Tang. He's very sad.

Su Fu funnily picked him up and told him that uncle Tang's and older brother Tang's home was in City B. When they finished their work and returned to City B, they could play together again.

Only after hearing this did Juan Juan become happy again. He ran around to help Su Fu clean up.

Once they went to City B, besides coming back occasionally to see his parents, he didn't know when he would actually return to City A. Jinghe would be empty. They could only come back to live for a day or two every week. What if they had something to do and couldn't come back every week, wouldn't this small apartment be rented for nothing.

Su Fu was troubled. Should he keep it or stop renting?

Later, mother Su told him that there's no need to spend the money to leave the apartment empty. They could simply stay at home. After going to City B, they could come back and directly stay at home for a few days. His room was still there.  

Su Fu carefully looked at his father's expression. His face still looked stern, but he looked at them from time to time with his eyes shining brightly. Su Fu knew that his father wanted him to come to live at home occasionally with Juan Juan. So he agreed.

The next day, Su Fu returned Jinghe Apartment with Juan Juan and moved some of belongings to his parents' apartment. In fact, there wasn't much. After all, when he rented the apartment, he didn't bring many things and didn't have a chance to buy more.  

Father Su stood by the door and looked at his son's room, which had remained empty for any years, started to fill with things. He watched his son tidy up while his little grandson ran around with a smile on his face.

For so many years, since he drove his son away, and especially after Su Jing also went off to college in City B, this place seldom felt like home. It was too lonely.  

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Now, at the very least, one of his children had returned and added a little one. This place was finally gaining some liveliness.  

Looking back at Su Jing's room across the hall, father Fu shook his head. Although he's also concerned about her, doing something wrong was wrong. She didn't know how to repent. Let her take responsibility for it.

After dinner at his parents' apartment, Su Fu took Juan Juan to say goodbye at the Tang family's villa.

Because he decided to go to City B, he was busy packing yesterday, and didn't go there to tutor. He's also not planning on doing the tutoring today. After this, his tutoring in City A would be over.

When they arrived at the villa, the Tang father and his son had just finished their meal and were sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Seeing Su Fu coming to say goodbye, Tang Luoke leaned tightly against Su Fu. Su Fu hugged him with a smile and said that they would meet again soon.

Tang Luoke's heart was also clear. This temporary separation was for long-term benefits! If Teacher Su didn't go to City B, once Dad's job was done and they returned to City B, their separation would be final!

Tang Sibo wrote a check that cover more than a month of tutoring for Su Fu. He didn't take out the days when there was no tutoring in the middle. He started counting from the day when the tutoring started to today. It's about 40 days. Tang Sibo gave 40,000 yuan directly.

Su Fu recalled their relationship for this month. He seemed to always trouble his employer. So, he looked at the check and was embarrassed to take it. It was Tang Sibo who said that "Tuition fee is tuition fee. Even brothers must settle account with each other" before stuffing the check into Su Fu's pocket.

After chatting for a while, Tang Luoke continued to stay with Su Fu. Tang Sibo looked helpless.

Finally, after saying goodbye and agreeing to meet again in City B, Su Fu returned to his parents' home with Juan Juan.

The next day was the last day of the National Day holiday. It's also the wedding of He Shaoqi and Su Jing. Because of the urgency, the wedding was small and few relatives of the He family were invited. The Su family didn't go. Since her parents didn't come, Su Jing didn't have the face to invite other relatives.

As for Su Fu, on this day, he had already taken Juan Juan to City B.

Another senior teacher from Teng Yuan's English department in City A was transferred to City B with Su Fu. She's a female teacher, about the same age as Su Fu. Su Fu had a good relationship with her, but she wouldn't move there till tomorrow.

The female teacher, Lin Lin, said that her fiancé opened a company in City B, so she seized this opportunity to apply for transfer.

Teng Yuan in City B was slightly different from City A. It was built in the center of City B, surrounded by bustling areas and was very lively.

The Boss of Teng Yuan in City B was Zhao Yuan. He's one of Teng Yuan's two Bosses. Su Fu went to see him first in City B. Zhao Yuan was very polite and welcomed Su Fu's arrival. He also personally took Su Fu and Juan Juan to the teachers' apartment.

The so-called teachers' apartment wasn't an apartment built by Teng Yuan. It's actually a middle high-grade apartment not far from Teng Yuan, called Shenyuan. Shenyuan apartment and Teng Yuan had some cooperation. For example, some transferred teachers from Teng Yuan were assigned to stay there. In contrast, teachers hired in City B didn't have this treatment unless they earn a special year-end award or something.

The small apartment assigned to Su Fu was on the 5th floor. The room type was similar to that of Jinghe, just slightly smaller. However, it wasn't bad. When Zhao Yuan heard that Teacher Su brought over a child, he specially assigned them a two-bedroom apartment. Su Fu was very satisfied. After all, it's provided free of charge.

Zhao Yuan introduced the place to Su Fu from inside to outside, then let him have a good rest tonight. He would take him to work tomorrow to meet his colleagues. After chatting a few more words, he left.

The furniture in the small apartment wasn't sparse. Su Fu looked at them and found them quite clean. He estimated that someone cleaned them in advance. He unpacked some things that he brought over with Juan Juan. After finishing this, they took a short rest, then the two father and son went to the supermarket to buy supplies again.

Once everything was settled, they finally had a home.

Su Fu took Juan Juan downstairs and found a small restaurant to eat. After the meal, they walked home and washed themselves. They were tired all day. Juan Juan didn't sleep well on his side and rolled into Su Fu's arms. The two father and son soon fell asleep wearily.

This pair of father and son hugged each other and slept well, while the pair in City A looked at each other with their eyes and sighed.

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