Su Fu didn't notice what's going in the Tang father's and son's heart. After hearing Tang Luoke saying so, he asked Tang Sibo, "What's the matter? What do you want to say?"

Tang Sibo first gave his son a look and motioned him not to make trouble. Then he replied to Su Fu, "Let's have dinner first. We'll talk about it later."

Su Fu also couldn't think of anything urgent, so he didn't take it to heart. He picked a slice of beef for Tang Luoke and continued to chat with Tang Sibo without asking more.

Tang Luoke saw that his father seemed to have his own idea, so he didn't make any more trouble and enjoyed the care of Teacher Su calmly.

There's no dishwasher at Su Fu's small apartment. After eating hot pot, they put the pot and bowls into the sink to wash. Tang Sibo also followed in. This sink had two sides. One of them washed and the other rinsed in an orderly manner.

In the small living room outside, Tang Luoke looked at the kitchen with glistening eyes. He held Juan Juan's hands and took him to the room to play.  

"Is the water cold? Why don't you buy a dishwasher?" Tang Sibo took a bowl and rinsed it with the water. He felt that the water was very cold. Once the weather became colder, could Su Fu take it?

Su Fu turned to look at him. He smiled and answered, "It's okay. Are you cold? Leave them to me."

Tang Sibo chuckled, which lowered his aura that's as expensive as gold and ruined his image. He didn't put down the bowl. He just shook his head with a smile and continued to rinse.

"How are you feeling these days?" Tang Sibo asked softly.

"It's quite good, especially after arriving to City B. I feel that a new life has begun, one that I look forward to." Su Fu smiled. He washed the last bowl, rinsed it with water, then wiped it clean. He put it together with the other bowls rinsed by Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo watched Su Fu dry the washed bowls one by one. He stacked them together then put them into the cabinet. Tang Sibo asked, "Are you ready for a new relationship?"

Su Fu wiped the last plate and raised his arm to put it in the cupboard above. Hearing this, he felt a little strange and turned to look at Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo stared back at him and then went on, "With me?"

Su Fu suddenly opened his eyes wide and dropped the bowl that hadn't been placed in the cupboard.

Tang Sibo's eyebrows jumped. He hurriedly pulled Su Fu toward him. Su Fu was caught off guard and fell into his arms. Then they heard the crisp sound of the bowl shattering on the ground.

In the living room, the two children heard the sound in the kitchen and thought that something was wrong. They rushed out and saw Su Fu being embraced in Tang Sibo's arms. They stared at each other and said nothing.

When Juan Juan saw the debris on the ground, he thought that little Dad was hurt and wanted to run to see him.  

Tang Luoke hurriedly took hold of him and whispered: "They have something to say. Let's not disturb them."

"But the bowl fell?" Juan Juan looked at Tang Luoke.

"It fell by accident. It's okay." With these words, he took Juan Juan back to the living room.

Su Fu stared blankly at Tang Sibo. He couldn't come back to his mind after hearing his words. What did he mean by…?

It wasn't until seeing the two children running in that Su Fu regained consciousness. He felt embarrassed and said nothing. He turned around and squatted down to pick up the broken pieces.

"Don't touch them. I'll take care of this."

Tang Sibo said then pulled Su Fu aside. He squatted down to pick up the pieces one by one.

Looking at Tang Sibo's back, Su Fu's heart was pounding. He glanced around and went out to get a broom.

When he returned with the broom, Tang Sibo had thrown all the pieces into the trash can. There're still some debris on the ground. Su Fu walked over and carefully swept them away to prevent the children from accidentally getting hurt.

After everything was cleaned up in the kitchen, they sat down on the sofa in the small living room. The TV was on and playing a dog-blooded drama. But neither of them paid attention.

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu still in a daze. He felt somewhat funny and poured a cup of hot water to let him hold, "What's the matter? Did I scare you?"

Su Fu rubbed the warm cup in his hand and looked at Tang Sibo. Seeing that he behaved in the same polite and modest manner, he doubted whether he heard wrong before.

"What did you just say?"

Tang Sibo smiled and looked at Su Fu with a soft expression. "I said, I want to be with you."

Su Fu was once again surprised, stupefied, and embarrassed. After a long time, he finally let out a question: "Aren't you still determining?"

Tang Sibo nearly burst out laughing. "I think I'm clear now."

"Oh…" Su Fu elongated the 'oh'. He bowed his head and continued to rub the cup, but his mind was chaotic. He always felt that his situation wasn't quite right. How could Mr. Tang say such a thing? Before this, he couldn't see any difference between Mr. Tang and normal (heterosexual) man.

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Tang Sibo didn't disturb his thinking either. He sat there and waited quietly. By the way, when he saw Su Fu's dazed expression, his heart felt warm and soft. He had a little more expectation and felt a bit more nervous.

After a long time, Su Fu felt embarrassed and lifted his cup for a drink of water. Tang Sibo asked softly, "What do you think? Can you think about me?"

Su Fu looked at him. He put the cup on the tea table and asked, "Are you serious?"

Tang Sibo appeared softer and replied, "Serious, the kind of serious that leads to love and marriage."

Su Fu slightly opened his mouth but couldn't say a word. He only felt that his heart was thumping uncontrollably.

"Did I scare you again?" Tang Sibo smiled slightly and felt that he shouldn't act too hastily. He took a step back, "You can think more about it. Don't rush to reply to me."

Su Fu shook his head. Right now, he didn't know here to put his hands and feet. He had to pick up the cup again.  

"Mr. Tang is the most favored son. Where do I deserve to be liked by Mr. Tang?"

As Tang Sihuan mentioned before, Tang Sibo was the type of person who faced challenges to overcome them. Instead of giving up because of Su Fu's cowardly words, he instead smiled.

"Teacher Su is gentle, brave and strong. Why are you not worth my liking?"

Su Fu sighed slightly. He touched the cup and added: "As you can see, I can't even live well in an ordinary family. I can't afford to live a life in such a prestigious family like yours."

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Since Su Fu didn't say "I don't like you" directly, Tang Sibo was in a good mood. This showed that he still had a chance.

"Are you talking about the He family? Don't say it's you, I also can't live well in their family. After all, there're too many messy people there. But we're both normal people."

While listening to Tang Sibo's joking words, Su Fu who was holding his cup couldn't resist smiling.

Tang Sibo still smiled gently. He took Su Fu's cup and put it on the tea table. He took his hand and probably used the softest voice in his life to say: "It doesn't matter what kind of family mine is. The two of us will live our own lives. No matter how prestigious the family is, I will protect you."

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Su Fu didn't dare to look at Tang Sibo. He just stared at the hand being held with his head down. He suddenly remembered that Tang Sibo took his hand when they were soaking in the hot spring that day. His feeling then was the same as now. It's very warm. His heart was very warm. 

"I…we…" Su Fu started to speak but ended up stuttering. He spent half a day and couldn't say a complete sentence.

Tang Sibo didn't force him either. He used his thumb to rub Su Fu's hand a few times and smiled: "Don't rush to promise. I also know that this is too sudden. Can you give me a chance to pursue you first?"

Su Fu paused for a moment. He finally looked up at Tang Sibo and smiled slightly.

It's really too sudden that he couldn't get used to it. Whether they're suitable for each other or not still needed time to be seen. After all, he just stepped out of a failed long-term relationship and never thought of having another relationship, but Mr. Tang…made him inexplicably unable to refuse without trying.

Seeing him smile, Tang Sibo's heart finally fell back into his chest. "We'll still get along normally. You don't have to feel pressured."

Su Fu nodded with a small laugh.

Tang Sibo also wanted to discuss with Su Fu about continuing Tang Luoke's tutoring at home. Suddenly he heard the sound of the door slamming open. Then he saw Tang Luoke rushed over to them.

He rushed straight to Su Fu's side and asked brightly, "Teacher Su, are you my mother now?"

Su Fu's face turned red. He looked between Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke. He didn't know how to answer.

Tang Sibo also showed a helpless face.

However, Juan Juan who dadada also came running in looked at everyone with a face of bewilderment.


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