The three cubs ran up like a gust of wind and ate like crazy. On the way to migration, accidents may happen at any time. They must eat as fast as possible. Perhaps other dinosaurs would come and grab food soon.

A few days ago, Ulam hunted a young Diplodocus cub. Before they could eat a few bites, they were robbed of their prey by the Giganotosaurus.

Ulam was full. She stood on one side while warily watching around. She had to protect her cubs while they ate. She never knew where dinosaurs would come from to rob them of food in a territory that didn't belong to her.

The Tyrannosaurus rex couple licked each other not far away. They licked the blood on their bodies, rubbed each other's necks and from time to time and roared at Ulam. Although they lost their prey, they couldn't make Ulam eat at ease.

Ulam watched the couple warily and was ready to fight.

The prey was soon eaten by the three cubs. Their stomachs were bulging, but they were still licking the blood on the ground. They were hungry and scared. Even if they're full, they're not willing to waste even the blood on the ground.

Of course, the Tyrannosaurus rex couple didn't come to attack Ulam again. In the dry season, all fights not aimed at catching prey were unnecessary.

But the couple still licked each other's wounds and rubbed each other's bodies not far away, as if showing off to Ulam.

Gulu thought, Ulam won, but she was also forced to eat dog food from this Tyrannosaurus rex couple. Compared to them, Ulam, a single female dinosaur with three young ones, seemed a little poor.

Gulu even thought that this Tyrannosaurus rex couple might be laughing at Ulam: What if you're the best female Tyrannosaurus rex? You still have no male dinosaur and no territory. A big dinosaur gives birth to a bunch of losers. You're a loser!

However, Ulam didn't seemed to care too much. She just wanted to feed her stomach and feed as many cubs as possible.

Under the afterglow of the setting sun, Ulam was covered with golden light. She looked down at the three young cubs licking the blood on the ground, with infinite tenderness and iron blood in her eyes.

At this moment, Gulu had to admit that Ulam was a great mother.

Mungo sent Gulu back to Pado's group.

The second day, early in the morning, Gulu was eating ferns while watching the Tyrannosaurus rex couple.

This Tyrannosaurus rex couple was also very miserable. In their own territory, Giganotosaurus and a female Tyrannosaurus rex robbed their prey one after another. They were also injured. They had no strength to hunt any more now.

The Tyrannosaurus rex couple's three cubs slept in front of them. Obviously, at ordinary times, the couple doted on their three cubs. These cubs were very dependent on their parents.

Gulu saw the weakest one asleep with a finger of his Dad's forelimb in his mouth. He smacked his mouth and said in his sleep: "Dad, Mom, a lot of meat, meat, eat, delicious…"

The Tyrannosaurus rex Dad was awake, but he couldn't bear to disturb his dream and didn't take out the finger of his forelimb.

All of a sudden, Gulu saw the Tyrannosaurus rex's mother opened her big mouth to bite the cub. The Tyrannosaurus rex's Dad blocked the cub with his big head.

Gulu saw Tyrannosaurus rex Dad crying and trembling all over. He couldn't bear to bite the little cub to death.

The Tyrannosaurus rex Mom also showed tears, but she still didn't hesitate to bite dead the young one.

Gulu thought to himself. At least young cub had a good dream before he died. At least he didn't know that his favorite mom bite him to death. And at least it didn't look so cruel.

Pado's group moved on after eating. Soon Gulu could no longer see the Tyrannosaurus rex couple.

At noon, Pado's group ate and rested in a fern field.

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Gulu had already had enough food. Mungo's group only ate yesterday. Today there was no need to hunt. Gulu played in Mungo's group.

Not far away, there was a Giganotosaurus who was eating a Triceratops with only its head left. The meat on its head had long been gone. Yet, he still ate the bones with relish.

Gulu recognized this Giganotosaurus as the one who robbed the Tyrannosaurus rex couple of meat yesterday. This one couldn't beat the Tyrannosaurus rex couple and went to call other Giganotosaurus to help rob the meat.

In fact, if one was to think about it. The little Tyrannosaurus rex cub was indirectly killed by the Giganotosaurus and Ulam. If they hadn't robbed the couple of their meat, the cub didn't need to die, or at least not dying so fast.  

It seemed that this Giganotosaurus had a very low status in the group. Yesterday they robbed the adult Triceratops of that size, but he still didn't have enough to eat. Now he's hungry and ran here to eat bones.

Suddenly, Gulu saw the Tyrannosaurus rex couple appeared behind the Giganotosaurus.

The Giganotosaurus, of course, also immediately reacted. He fiercely turned to attack.

Gulu knew that this Tyrannosaurus rex couple was seeking revenge.

A Giganotosaurus could never beat two Tyrannosaurus rex. Soon, the Giganotosaurus was defeated. He wanted to escape but was always stopped by the Tyrannosaurus rex couple.

Gulu saw that the teeth lost yesterday in the Giganotosaurus's mouth had grown again today, but they weren't as long as the other teeth.

Giganotosaurus's teeth were very brittle and easily broke when fighting, but they also grew very fast. Basically, as soon as they broke off, new one started to grow.  

In short, all carnivorous dinosaurs had excellent "teeth regeneration skills". Not only Giganotosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex could also grow out their teeth if they fell off. The main difference was that Giganotosaurus's teeth grew faster while Tyrannosaurus rex's teeth were not as easy to fall off.

If human "dentistry" could master the "teeth regeneration skills" of carnivorous dinosaurs, it would really benefit all mankind.

The Giganotosaurus tried to escape many times, but he couldn't escape. But the Tyrannosaurus rex couple couldn't kill him at once. Both sides got very tired.

All of a sudden, the powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex crashed into the Giganotosaurus. The female Tyrannosaurus rex grabbed his tail and yanked him back. There was a loud bang. The Giganotosaurus fell on the head skeleton of Triceratops and with a bang. The long horns of Triceratops pierced the belly of the Giganotosaurus.

Gulu: F***, using a Triceratops's skull as a trap! Cool! Cool!

Triceratops Skull: Hear. Hear. Triceratops is so powerful even just a skull can kill a dinosaur. If you refuse to accept it, we will fight.

Gulu was really shocked. He didn't expect the Tyrannosaurus rex couple to kill the Giganotosaurus so quickly. They even knew to use the nearby Triceratops skull as a dinosaur killing weapon!

The Tyrannosaurus rex couple immediately called the remaining two young ones out to eat meat.

The size of a Giganotosaurus was big enough for the Tyrannosaurus rex family to eat for two or three days.

Gulu knew that if the Tyrannosaurus rex couple hadn't eaten the cub, they wouldn't have the strength to beat this Giganotosaurus. Then without meat, all of their cubs would starve to death.

This was how Tyrannosaurus rex lived during the long dry season. It's very cruel.

Guji, Gudong and Guga were learning to hunt together. Now, as long as there was free time, Gaya would teach them to hunt.

This time Gulu not only watched with Mungo, but also hunted with his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. Gaya and Mungo both hoped Gulu could learn all hunting skills of Tyrannosaurus rex and be able to kill them.

Gulu liked to learn hunting with his younger brothers. He thought it's very interesting.

This time, the target they were hunting was an adolescent Camptosaurus, which could be said to be completely without any danger.

This Camptosaurus separated from his group. He's very clever and hid himself in a dense fern bush, but Mungo and Gaya found him.

It would a pity not to use such a good hunting object to train the hands of the young ones.

Gulu followed his brothers to lurk in the fern bushes. They slowly approached the Camptosaurus from behind, without making any noise, in order to not disturb the prey.

This time around, the little ones improved their skills a lot and came close to the Camptosaurus in an instant.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers jumped up immediately. Gulu looked behind them to see how they did it.

The Camptosaurus's back was bitten by the three young Tyrannosaurus rex cubs, but he still stood up in agony and jumped desperately while swinging his body.

Once he threw down these Tyrannosaurus rex, he immediately ran to the forest nearby.

Three small Tyrannosaurus rex immediately ran to catch up. Gulu also followed behind while Mungo and Gaya walked closely behind the young ones.

As he ran, Gulu suddenly felt something jumped down from the tree, then climbed up the tree again in an instant. But the thing ran too fast. He didn't see clearly what it was.

The desire to hunt successfully urged the young cubs to chase after their prey.

Mungo and Gaya sensed the danger and immediately let out a loud roar to stop the young ones from chasing.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers wanted to catch up with the prey very much. Gulu wanted to see how the brothers succeed in hunting, so he kept running without listening to Mungo and Gaya.

Mungo and Gaya ran up to stop the four cubs.

The cubs were still too young. Everything should focus on safety. Obviously, they didn't follow Mungo's and Gaya's instructions.

Gaya thundered against the four cubs. Mungo even said he would beat them.

What was it just now? Even Mungo and Gaya didn't see clearly. But it's too dangerous. What if the cubs were killed by it?

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Gulu looked at the big trees. The trees were too high. He felt the disadvantage of a dinosaur with four legs and no wings.

What kind of dinosaur could climb trees so quickly? The only animal Gulu could think of was the later day panthers. Dinosaurs didn't seem to have such strong climbing ability, did they?!

However, it's absolutely impossible to have panthers in the dinosaur era. What kind of dinosaur was that? Gulu really couldn't remember it.

Mungo was very angry. As long as the safety of the young ones was involved, his bottom line couldn't be violated.

Guji, Gudong and Guga were all very afraid of Mungo. Mungo usually treated them harshly and beat them frequently. Mungo's beating was much more painful than Gaya's.

The three cubs looked at Mungo timidly and said, "Mungo. We're sorry. Please don't be angry."

Gulu had not lived in the Tyrannosaurus rex group for a long time. He probably forgot that Mungo was also very fierce. He used to be fierce to him, Guji and Gudong and would beat them at any time.

Gulu, who forgot about Mungo's fierceness, wasn't afraid at all now. He spoke: "Mungo, that thing went up the tree. I really want to know what it is. Please help me find it quickly…"

Mungo: "Gulu! I'm angry!"

Guji, Gudong and Guga thought that Gulu was so daring now. He wasn't even afraid of Mungo. Gulu was also afraid of Mungo before.

Gulu rubbed Mungo's stout hind legs and asked: "Don't be angry, ok? We'll find the dinosaur together…"

Mungo was helpless: Can you respect the majesty of an angry Tyrannosaurus rex leader?! It seems that I'm too tolerant of Gulu. I need to beat him this time!

"Brother, why are you not afraid of Mungo? He spanks us. Don't make him angry. Aren't you afraid of being beaten?…"

Gulu: …Oh, yes, I forgot.

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