Gaya was also very angry. She shouted at the four young cubs: "How did you learn before? When you meet a dinosaur that you don't know under uncertain situation, don't chase after your prey. Why didn't you listen?!…"

The four cubs kept saying, "Sorry, Mom, we were wrong…"

Mungo also severely reprimanded the young ones.

The dinosaur world was really too dangerous. Even Tyrannosaurus rex cubs would die if they didn't pay attention. Stegosaurus could kill them with a sweep from its tail. Ankylosaurus could hammer them to death with its tail while Diplodocus lashing at them with one whip from its tail could end their life… These dinosaurs just needed one attack and the cubs would surely die.

Gulu looked at Mungo. He felt that he might have drifted off a little. Now he wasn't afraid of Mungo at all. During this period of time, Mungo was so gentle that he forgot that Mungo used to be fierce.

Mungo looked at the four little cubs standing in rows. He's very angry, but he didn't know why. He just couldn't bear to hit Gulu. He could easily hit Guji, Gudong and Guga, but he couldn't bear to beat Gulu. He felt very strange. (T/N: the famous double standard 😂😂😂)

If one wanted to say that Mungo was being partial, he felt that he would never be partial. Before Gulu returned to Pado's group, he could treat Gulu, Guji and Gudong equally. He didn't know why it changed now!

Gulu saw Mungo beat his three younger brothers' butts one after another till they were all swollen. He saw everyone looking so painful. He couldn't help sitting on the ground to protect his butts.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers all cried after being beaten and ran to Gaya, asking their mother to rub the painful parts them. Gaya loved the young ones very much and kept rubbing them with her big head.

When it's Gulu's turn, Gulu felt he couldn't be too cowardly as a big brother and took the initiative to stand in front of Mungo.

Mungo said, "Gulu, come with me."

Gulu unknowingly walked behind Mungo.

Guji, Gudong and Guga didn't know why Mungo wanted to take their brother to another place. They were all worried that Mungo would be too cruel to their brother.

After getting far away from Gaya and the three cubs, Mungo stopped behind a lush fern bush.

Gulu looked at Mungo and asked, "Mungo, why did you bring me here?"

Mungo said nothing and suddenly crashed into a big tree nearby with a loud bang.

Gulu didn't know what Mungo was doing and why he knocked down the tree. Even Mungo would suffer from such a heavy bump. He hurriedly asked, "Mungo, what's wrong with you? Why did you hit the trunk?"

Mungo walked up to Gulu and spoke, "Gulu, I won't hit you this time, but you must learn a lesson. Do you know how dangerous it was just now? I will worry about you, just like when I hit a tree and you will worry about me getting hurt."

Gulu knew that Mungo had changed his punishment. This time Mungo didn't beat him but punished himself.

Mungo: I'm so tough that I can even hit myself.jpg.

Gulu nodded and replied: "I know, Mungo. I'll never do this again. Next time, don't hit yourself. Hit me. I'm not afraid of pain."

Mungo: "No next time."

Gulu: "There won't be next time. Mungo. I'm sorry."

Mungo rubbed Gulu's neck and said: "It don't matter, Gulu. You're the same as Guji, Gudong and Guga. You're all little ones. You can be naughty. Just don't place yourself in danger."

Gulu nodded repeatedly and assured that this would never happen again.

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Mungo: I can't bear to hit Gulu, but I can hit myself!

Gulu thought that Mungo had really become much wiser and learned more schemes. He preferred Mungo to beat him rather than bumping himself into the tree. He felt very distressed.

Mungo knew clearly that he would feel distressed and deliberately did so. Mungo was too bad.

Gulu didn't know why Mungo treated him differently from his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. He felt very strange, but he couldn't tell where.

Gulu thought that Mungo may think he was much smarter than his three younger brothers, so he punished him differently? Just like Pado was tougher on him than Pachi and Dudu?!

After returning home, Mungo told the cubs that he also gave Gulu a good beating so that the cubs wouldn't think that their big brother wouldn't get beaten after making a mistake. In the future, he would have to watch Gulu so that he wouldn't play crazily with them. It wouldn't bring any good.

Guji, Gudong and Guga thought that since Gulu was taken to another place, he must have been beaten much heavier than they were. They kept rubbing Gulu's butts. Mungo roared a few times, so they no longer dare. Instead, they rubbed Gulu's big head and kept rubbing to comfort their brother.

Gulu saw that his three younger brothers were too cute and gullible. Can't you see that my butts aren't even beaten?

Mungo asked Gaya to take the three young Tyrannosaurus rex back first. Since Gulu wanted to find the dinosaur in the forest, Mungo accompanied him to find it.

On the premise of ensuring safety first, Mungo was always willing to satisfy Gulu's curiosity.

Because just now, even Mungo and Gaya didn't see what the dinosaur was. Mungo also called several brothers to follow them to find it in order to ensure absolute safety.

First of all, don't say whether the dinosaur that instantly disappeared was dangerous. There're not only Tyrannosaurus rex but also many Giganotosaurus here. It wouldn't be an easy battle after meeting a group of them.

They walked in the forest and looked around.

When walking to the edge of the forest, Gulu saw the Camptosaurus that they had chased. The place where the flesh was bitten off by his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers was still bleeding.

All of a sudden, a black shadow jumped down from the tree. The speed was so fast that Gulu couldn't see from which tree it jumped from.

In an instant, the black shadow fell on the back of the Camptosaurus and blinded the Camptosaurus's big eyes with one paw at an extremely fast speed.

The Camptosaurus's desire to survive was also strong. He flung himself violently, but the dinosaur hung on too tightly. The two dinosaurs fell to the ground together directly in front of Gulu.

Gulu was walking. One foot was already lifted. It's too late to stop. He stepped on the head of the Camptosaurus.

Gulu: I really didn't mean to trample it to death…

There're a lot of traffic accidents in the dinosaur era. Many little dinosaurs were trampled to death by big dinosaurs when they didn't mean to. They really didn't see these little creatures running under their feet.

Gulu saw it, but he didn't have time to stop. The Camptosaurus was trampled on and cracked its skull.

Gulu now weighed a ton. He could trample many little dinosaurs to death with one foot. Of course, the Camptosaurus didn't belong to the little dinosaur. However, a Camptosaurus's head was very fragile. Even if he didn't exert strength, it's easy to give it a concussion. Not to mention, Gulu easily crushed the skull with one foot.

The little dinosaur, who had lost sight of the Camptosaurus, immediately stood up from the ground and said, "Thank you for helping me hunt, but why are there so many Tyrannosaurus rex behind you? Don't you know that Tyrannosaurus rex eat Triceratops? Come on, run! I'll help you draw the Tyrannosaurus rex away!"

At this point, the little dinosaur bounded up a tree and said to Mungo, "You hateful Tyrannosaurus rex. Chase me if you can. Chase me, my flesh is delicious!…"

Gulu was very sure that this was the climbing tree dinosaur he's looking for. He hurriedly spoke, "My name is Gulu. These Tyrannosaurus rex raise me. They won't hurt me. Please come down quickly."

The dinosaur in the tree froze and leaped out of the very tall tree.

Mungo was very sure that the dinosaur on the tree was an herbivore. So, he didn't know why this herbivorous dinosaur needed to hunt!

Although Mungo didn't have Gulu's knowledge, he could smell which dinosaurs ate meat and which ones ate ferns, even those he never saw before.

Gulu looked at the dinosaur in front of him. He's sure that this dinosaur was called Hypsilophodon. It's an herbivorous dinosaur. But why would an herbivorous dinosaur hunt?!

Hypsilophodon were the size of gazelles, ranging from 1.5 meters to 2.3 meters in length and weighed about 120-150 Jin. They're herbivorous dinosaurs that lived in groups. They could jump and sprint on upright rock walls. This skill was gravity defying.

Hypsilophodon could even camouflage. Their natural talent was the stealth skill similar to lizards. They could change their skin color according to their surroundings.

Moreover, the eyes of Hypsilophodon were very large, to an extent that they were completely out of proportion with their head and body. They're somewhat similar to the large eyes of anime characters. Such large eyes provide the Hypsilophodon with excellent visual field.

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Now the Hypsilophodon in front of Gulu was all green because it had just come down from the big tree.

The reason why Gulu didn't think of a Hypsilophodon before was because he thought that the dinosaur on the tree must be a very good climbing dinosaur, such as a feathered dinosaur. He didn't think of any other direction.

Hypsilophodon didn't live in trees, but they could flexibly move up and down trees to avoid natural enemies.

All of the places they passed before had no Hypsilophodon. This was the first one Gulu saw.

It could be said that a Hypsilophodon was like a gazelle in the dinosaur era, but it's an enhanced version of a gazelle.

Hypsilophodon looked cool and cute. It's cool mainly because its entire body could change color and it's cute because of its big eyes.

This Hypsilophodon had a special instinct for protecting his food. He stood in front of his prey and said: "Gulu. Originally, you're Gulu. Thank you for helping me hunt. I can share half of the prey with Mungo, maybe more. But can you leave me some?"

All dinosaurs in the continent of Yukan heard of Gulu and Mungo, but many dinosaurs hadn't seen them. It's also normal that this Hypsilophodon didn't know Gulu.

Gulu was puzzled: "Aren't you an herbivorous dinosaur? Why hunt?"

At this moment, a whirlwind suddenly rushed up from nowhere. The whirlwind blocked the Hypsilophodon and roared at Mungo.

Mungo didn't see clearly what this whirlwind was and used his body to block Gulu. He smelt a carnivorous dinosaur's scent. This whirlwind was a meat eater. He could smell it.

Hypsilophodon told the whirlwind: "Don't get excited. They saved my life."

Gulu was stunned: Why the f*** does a Hypsilophodon stay with a Carnotaurus?!

The dinosaur that came running like a whirlwind was called Carnotaurus. It's one of the collectively known "three giants" of Cretaceous carnivorous dinosaurs, ranking among Tyrannosaurus rex and Giganotosaurus.

An adult Carnotaurus was 8 meters long and weighed 3-4 tons, which was equivalent to the size of an African elephant. However, such a heavy meat-eating dinosaur had a running speed of 60 kilometers per hour and could instantly disappear. Its hind legs were extremely strong and slender. Because its running speed was extremely fast, it's also known as the Cretaceous "cheetah" and was the largest dinosaur known with a fast running speed.

Now it's even more strange after seeing the combination of a Carnotaurus and a Hypsilophodon. It's like seeing a cheetah hanging out with a gazelle?!

The most symbolic thing about Carnotaurus was the two winglike sharp horns on their head. When Gulu restored a Carnotaurus before, he felt that these horns were particularly cute. He wanted to touch them, but reality was that he couldn't move no matter how cute they were.

Gulu: "Are you hunting this dinosaur for him?!"

Hypsilophodon: "Yes, he's my brother. Of course, I'll hunt for him."

Gulu: "You're a Hypsilophodon. He's a Carnotaurus. You're an herbivorous dinosaur and he's a carnivorous dinosaur. How can he be your brother?!"

Did a Carnotaurus egg get hatched by a Hypsilophodon?! However, according to Gulu's observation, there's no Carnotaurus within hundred kilometers of here, just as there was no Giganotosaurus in the place where they used to live.

Hypsilophodon: "No, he's a Hypsilophodon. He's really a Hypsilophodon. How can he be a terrible carnivore like Carnotaurus?"

Although there was no Carnotaurus in this place, Carnotaurus still had a great reputation in the entire continent of Yukan, even on par with Tyrannosaurus rex. The main reason being that Carnotaurus was too efficient in hunting and almost never missed, so no herbivorous dinosaur didn't know of them.

Carnotaurus: "Yes, I'm a Hypsilophodon. I grow up in a Hypsilophodon group. Ling is my brother. We have the same parents. But our parents were eaten."

Gulu: No? A Carnotaurus that grows this big doesn't know what kind he is? However, if the Carnotaurus never see his own kind, he may not realize what kind of dinosaur he is.

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