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Ling saw Rhino pouncing on the leader and immediately protected the leader with his own body.

Rhino jumped on Ling but couldn't bite him. He roared: "I didn't bite that Hypsilophodon! Why did you hit my brother?! I had said it many times! If I make a mistake, hit me! Why did you hit my brother?!…"

Ling soothed Rhino: "Rhino, it's okay. Brother doesn't hurt. Brother isn't beaten because of you. Don't cry. If you cry, Brother will be sad

Although a Hypsilophodon was a very powerful herbivorous dinosaur, its main skills were mainly used on trees or rocks. It had no body structure that could unleash strong attack, so a Hypsilophodon really needed the protection of a group to survive.

Moreover, Ling had to hunt for his younger brother. As an herbivorous dinosaur, it's very difficult to hunt. Before hunting, he required a lot of time to observe and make sure that it's safe to attack. In his absence, Rhino needed the protection of the group, so he couldn't be driven out of the group.

Since Ling didn't want to leave the group, he couldn't let Rhino bite their group leader.

Gulu and Mungo hid nearby and watched. They just heard the contents of the quarrel between Rhino and several other Hypsilophodon. Rhino's roar was loud enough for them to hear.

Gulu used to live in a Tyrannosaurus rex group as an herbivorous dinosaur cub. The dinosaurs in the group weren't afraid him. They just wanted to eat him all the time.

However, a carnivorous dinosaur cub who lived in an herbivorous dinosaur group would make the group scared, especially when seeing it eating meat.

This was why Gulu decided from the beginning that Ling's and Rhino's life in the group must be difficult. Indeed, everything was as he expected.

Ling hurriedly said to the leader of the group: "Xun, I'm sorry, don't be angry. I'll certainly teach Rhino a good lesson when I go back, certainly, he'll never dare again, never again."

Although Ling's skill was better than that of this leader, those who could become leaders were all the top dinosaurs in their groups. The leader of Ling's group was called Xun` because he could run fast on rocks.

Ling couldn't be a leader because he had a carnivorous dinosaur brother. Since the leader had the final say on whether or not Rhino could stay in the group, he had to please the leader most of the time.

The Hypsilophodon leader was really scared just now. He got very angry and shouted, "Ling, you hit him right now. Beat him down in front of me. Otherwise, you can get out of the group immediately!"

This couldn't be blamed on the group leader. A leader must ensure the safety of all members in the group. Allowing a carnivorous dinosaur to live in his own group was the greatest potential safety hazard. What's more, this carnivorous dinosaur even dared to bite the group leader.

Rhino immediately stood up and dropped to the ground. He said to Ling, "Brother, hit me, hit me hard. My skin is thick. It won't hurt at all."

In fact, Rhino wouldn't resist as long as the Hypsilophodon leader beat him. Although his teeth could already bite off the neck of this leader, he would never resist. However, he couldn't stand any dinosaur beating his brother. He couldn't stand it.

Ling always knew that Rhino was a good dinosaur. If it wasn't for this group of Hypsilophodon bullying him too much, he would never bite them!

The Hypsilophodon leader urged angrily: "Don't start work yet?! Do you want me to help you?!"

Rhino hurriedly said: "Leader, you hit me. Hit me quickly. It's all my fault."

Although Rhino was still a cub, he knew that they couldn't leave the group. His brother was always tired because of raising him. He didn't want to add any more trouble to him.

The Hypsilophodon leader raised his forelimb full of sharp long claws to beat Rhino. These claws were covered with five blood marks. Hypsilophodon's claws were strong enough to hook on trees and rocks. What's more, they're being used to beat a motionless Carnotaurus cub.

As soon as these claws were raised, Ling immediately grabbed them. He could do this because the five claws on the forelimbs of a Hypsilophodon was very long. They often held food with these claws and more.

The Hypsilophodon leader glared angrily at Ling, but Ling stared even more harshly back at the leader and said: "Xun, you're the leader. When I do something wrong, you can beat me. But Rhino is my brother. Only I can beat him. You can drive us away. But believe it or not, I'll find a new Hypsilophodon group to join tonight. I can let the weakest Hypsilophodon group surpass your group in ten days

At this moment, Gulu really felt that Ling's entire body was shining with golden light! It's like looking at immortal in the sky!

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The Hypsilophodon leader believed that Ling had this ability. It's precisely because Ling had this ability that he's willing to let Ling and Rhino live in his group for such a long time.

Although Ling was so powerful that he could find a new group to join quickly even if he was expelled, he wouldn't leave the group he grew up in until forced to do so.

Even though some dinosaurs in this group would bully Rhino because Rhino was a carnivorous dinosaur, there were others who would protect him when Ling left the group. And they've known Rhinos from his birth to now.

Ling knew that if they went to a new group, they wouldn't have this foundation. Their days would certainly be more difficult. When he's not in the group, there would definitely be more dinosaurs bullying Rhino, which he couldn't accept.

The Hypsilophodon leader always knew that Ling was very fond of this younger brother. He dared to rob Tyrannosaurus rex of meat just to get one bite of food for his younger brother. If he was really forced, Ling may really leave. He couldn't lose such a good helper like Ling.

So the Hypsilophodon leader made a concession: "Ling, take good care of your brother. If any of the dinosaurs in the group is bitten by him, both of you can get out!"

With that, the Hypsilophodon leader severely glared at them before turning to leave.

The Hypsilophodon leader didn't really like Ling. If there was no Ling, he would be a worthy leader. Because of the existence of Ling, many dinosaurs in the group actually thought that he didn't get the leader's position because of his skills, but because Ling gave it up.  

Ling was "arrogant and domineering" in the group and often beat other dinosaurs bloody. He couldn't say anything.

The competition among Hypsilophodon in this area was very fierce. Without the help of Ling, the groups couldn't survive and develop. Even if the Hypsilophodon leader didn't like Ling, it's better to kill Ling directly than to let him go to other groups to help them grow.

Ling hurriedly went to rub Rhino lying on the ground. He kept rubbing on his sharp horn: "Rhino, don't be scared. Don't be scared. Just blame Brother. Brother didn't protect you well. Tell brother, which dinosaur bullied you, Brother will beat it now!"

Rhino sat up and buried his big head under Ling's belly, "Brother, you have many injuries. The leader is so annoying. I hate him! I want to bite him to death."

Ling's forelimbs were very long. He hugged Rhino's small head and said, "Rhino, be good. Don't bite him. You can't bite any dinosaur in this group. If they bully you, you can hit them. Wait for Brother to come back and beat them again for you."

Because Rhino buried his head under Ling's belly, his voice sounded muffled: "Brother, I didn't bite that Hypsilophodon. It's he who wanted to rob me of my meat. I threatened to bite him but I didn't bite him."

Ling knew that it's already the best outcome that Rhino could resist biting a Hypsilophodon that robbed him of meat.

Carnivorous dinosaurs were very protective of food. Don't mention robbing meat. When another dinosaurs disturb a Tyrannosaurus rex when it's eating, it would go crazy and bite that dinosaur to death. Meat was valued above all else for carnivorous dinosaurs.

Ling: "Yes, Brother knows. Brother will beat them and won't let them bully you again."

Rhino: "It's okay. Brother is injured today. I'll hit them later."

Ling: "Don't worry. Brother can beat them. They dare not fight back."

Then Gulu saw Ling brought Rhino back to the place where Rhino ate his meat, which was a fern field far away from the group. The meat that Rhino didn't eat was still scattered on the ground.

Rhino continued to eat meat on the fern field and watched his brother go to the group to teach the dinosaurs who bullied him.

Ling's prestige was second only to the leader in the group. He could teach anyone he wanted a lesson. These dinosaurs dared not fight back. Meanwhile, the leader basically didn't care. This was the privilege that the leader acquiesced for Ling.

Even so, when there're many dinosaurs in a group, there would always be some dinosaurs who're not satisfied with Ling. Even more, they didn't like Rhino who ate meat. They would always bully Rhino when Ling wasn't in the group.

However, Ling was always very tough. As long as it's a dinosaur that bullied Rhino, he wouldn't let go of it. He would certainly fight until the other side was convinced. This greatly reduced the probability of Rhino being bullied. However, after a period of time, there would always be a dinosaur that forgot the pain of being beaten and bullied Rhino again.

This was a vicious cycle. No matter how strong Ling was. As long as these dinosaurs were still alive, they would resist. However, they dared not bully Rhino too hard. The most they could do was to rob Rhino's meat or scold Rhino. But they didn't really dare to beat him.

Because before, a dinosaur in the group beat Rhino and clawed many bloody marks on him. At that time, Rhino was too small. His teeth weren't sharp enough. In addition, he lived with herbivorous dinosaurs and didn't know how to resist. He could only sit on the ground crying.

After Ling came back, he almost killed that dinosaur. In the end, no matter how the leader of the group blocked it, that dinosaur was driven out of the group by Ling. A few days later, it was eaten by the carnivorous dinosaurs outside.

Rhino sat up after eating all the meat and watched Ling teach those dinosaurs who bullied him. He's very happy. His budding forelimbs similar to those of Tyrannosaurus rex's waved in the air as he yelled: "Brother is really strong. Beat them. Beat them hard. Hateful dinosaurs who dare to bully me. My brother is so strong. He can beat you!…"

After teaching these dinosaurs, Ling returned to Rhino. Rhino immediately jumped into Ling's arms and cheered, "Brother, Brother, you're so strong. Brother

Although Rhino weighed 200-300 Jin, he was still a cub born less than half a year ago. In a Carnotaurus group, he was still a small cub that could act pettishly. Carnotaurus could hunt by itself at one and a half years old. If its parents taught it well, it may be able to hunt even earlier.

In fact, Ling was just an adolescent Hypsilophodon, but he's very strong and looked like an adult. In the group, Ling looked stronger than most adult Hypsilophodon.

Rhino had now eaten till he's full with bulging belly.

Gulu saw that Ling took the meat that Rhino hadn't eaten up to a crack between the rocks on the side cliff and stuffed it in. Since Ling's forelimbs were very long, he could reach into the crack easily. In contrast, the forelimbs of other carnivorous dinosaurs were shorter. Even if they saw the meat inside, they couldn't pull it out.  

Ling was really too smart to plug the meat into the crack between the rocks. In hot weather, rocks could bake the meat. However, the wind blowing through the cracks could cool the rocks down. At night, rocks cooled down faster than other places. This crack was simply the best place to store meat. The meat would be less likely to deteriorate and could stay very clean.

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