There's no evidence that Hypsilophodon was a very clever dinosaur. That's why Gulu believed that all dinosaurs could become clever to take care of the ones they loved. Even if Hypsilophodon were herbivorous dinosaurs, Ling could still learn to hunt without being taught and come up with the best way to store meat…

Afterward, Ling and Rhino slept in the fern field nearby. Ling held Rhino's small head and rubbed Rhino's horn with his chin. Rhino kept rubbing his head against Ling's neck.

Ling liked rubbing on Rhino's horn a lot, because this horn on a Carnotaurus cub was still soft and felt like it's made of rubber. It's extremely soft like Q-bomb. This horn could infatuate dinosaurs to touch it just like those on Triceratops cubs when they're young.

Rhino: "Brother, I'm not a Carnotaurus, am I? I certainly can't be one."

Ling: "Of course not. You're my younger brother. You're a Hypsilophodon."

Rhino: "Uh-huh."

Ling: "Before going to bed, tell me if you ate enough meat today. Did any other dinosaur in the group beat that you haven't told me?…"

In fact, Rhino was very sensible from an early age. He knew that they had to "compromise" and live in this group. Most of the time he didn't tell Ling when he got bullied, but Ling wouldn't allow him to hide it.

Because Rhino knew that it's very dangerous and difficult to hunt, he ate meat very sparingly and couldn't bear to eat it all at once. He always reserved some for tomorrow. Although he often couldn't eat enough, it also meant that his brother didn't have to hunt every day.

But Ling always made sure that Rhino ate enough. He wanted Rhino to grow into the strongest dinosaur. So, he must eat a lot. He would carefully check if Rhino's belly was bulging to see if Rhino ate all the meat. If his belly wasn't bulging, he must eat the rest of the meat.

Rhino: "Brother, I ate enough meat. You can touch my belly. It's full."

Ling used his long tail to spank Rhino's butts: "Brother Stone told me that you didn't eat all the meat in the afternoon. He watched you eat. This time, I'll hit you once. Next time, I'll hit three times like this."

There're many dinosaurs in the group who hate Ling and Rhino, but there're also many dinosaurs who liked them. Stone was a Hypsilophodon who grew up together with Ling and Rhino and was their best friend. He always protected and took care of Rhino when Ling went out.

However, even if Ling had friends in the group, these dinosaurs were also very busy. They needed to constantly find food to feed themselves every day and take care of their own family. They couldn't watch over Rhino all the time.         

Rhino was very afraid of being spanked by Ling's tail. His voice trembled, "Brother, can you hit it gently? I'll eat all the meat in the future."

A Hypsilophodon's tail was very long. It's mainly used for balance when running fast or climbing trees and rocks. Ling struck down with the thinnest part of his tail.

Rhino shook with pain. He cried with injustice: "Wu wu, it hurts. I said, hit gently. Brother is bad. Brother Stone is also bad. I'm gonna ignore Brother Stone all day. Brother Stone is bad, wu wu…"

Ling stroked the place where Rhino was spanked by his tail and asked, "Then will you still not listen to Brother?"

Rhino rubbed Ling's neck and replied: "I'm gonna ignore Brother Stone."

Ling's tone became very serious: "Did Brother say that I won't beat you for anything you do wrong? Besides not eating enough meat, you still dare to say that Brother Stone is bad and ignore him. Do you want to get another beating?"

Ling reprimanded Rhino severely while gently hitting Rhino's butts with his tail again.

Rhino hurriedly denied: "No, no, Brother, don't hit. Brother Stone isn't bad. I'll talk to him. Brother, don't be angry…"

Ling: "Good, I won't hit you. Go to sleep. Eat enough meat every day. Brother is strong. Hunting is very simple for Brother."

Rhino purposely ate less in the afternoon then ate more at night before going to bed. This way, his brother would feel that his belly was full. It's very difficult to find this much meat. There're so many other carnivorous dinosaurs competing with them. He really couldn't bear to eat all of the meat at once.

Rhino rubbed Ling's neck, "Brother, please take me with you for the next hunt."

Ling: "Good, I'll take you. Go to bed quickly. You need to eat and sleep well so that you can grow big. You can protect Brother later, ok?…"

Rhino nodded heavily: "I'll protect Brother…Once I grow up a bit more, I can hunt for myself. Once I can hunt, Brother no longer needs to worry about me…"

Ling: "So you should eat all of the meat. How can you grow up quickly if you don't eat enough…"

Rhino: "Uh-huh, I know, Brother."

Before, when Rhino was younger, Ling would hunt alone and brought the meat back to Rhino. Now that Rhino grew up a bit, even though he's still cub, Ling had gradually taken him to hunt together. Basically, for the safer hunts, Ling would bring Rhino with him.

Ling knew that Rhino liked eating meat a lot. He must learn how to hunt. However, when hunting, Ling was very strict with Rhino because hunting was too dangerous. A little inattention could result in death.

Mungo and Gulu didn't leave until they watched Ling and Rhino fall asleep.

Gulu: "Mungo, Ling is really a good brother, Rhino is so lucky."

Mungo: "Yes."

Gulu suddenly jumped in front of Mungo. He rubbed on Mungo's stout hind legs and said, "Mungo is also a good Dad."

Today's Ling and Rhino reminded Gulu of when he first broke his shell in Mungo's group. Mungo made his brothers eat ferns for him. When recalling this, Gulu thought that Mungo was really good to him. That's right, Mungo had always been really good to him.

Mungo replied helplessly, "I'm not your Dad."

Mungo corrected this address when Gulu was younger, but Gulu didn't change it.

Gulu was affected by Rhino and played coquetry with Mungo: "You are. Daddy Mungo."

Mungo pretended to be serious: "If I have a cub later, I'll be very cruel to that cub. If you want me to be your Dad, when you make mistakes later, I'll hit you hard, the kind that hurts!"

Gulu rubbed Mungo, "I'm not afraid of pain, Daddy Mungo."

Mungo really liked Gulu playing coquetry to him. Gulu had not played coquetry with him for a long time, so he surrendered decisively: "Then I'll hit softly."

Gulu: "Hmmm, Daddy Mungo is really nice."

Mungo: "Let's go home. It's getting late. Pado will be worried."

Gulu nodded, "Good."

It's late when they returned to the group. All dinosaurs in the group were asleep. However, Pado was still awake, waiting for Gulu.

Gulu: "Dad, I'm late. Sorry, I let you wait for so long."

Pado: "It doesn't matter. Dad doesn't want to sleep yet."

The father and son returned to the group together. Gulu slept next to Pado.

The next morning, Pado's group woke up one after another to eat ferns and drink water.

Gulu opened his eyes in a daze. Pado was staring at him with eyes overflowing with fatherly love. Gulu rubbed his eyes and leaned on Pado's big head. He was now awake.

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Pado gently rubbed his big head and said: "Lazy dinosaur, are you awake? Are you hungry? Get up and eat delicious ferns."

Hearing that there's delicious food, Gulu jumped up and followed Pado to eat ferns and drink water. Another beautiful day began.

Just as Pado's group was preparing to continue its migration, Gulu saw Long's group nearby!

Gulu looked at the water in the pond and saw that there's still a lot of water. Since they're going to leave soon, this water should be enough for the Parasaurolophus's group to drink.

He said: "Pado, can you take me to Long and let them come to drink water? Long's dinosaurs must be thirsty."  

Long's group no longer followed Pado's group once they left the polar circle. Gulu sometimes saw them and sometimes didn't.

When he found the pond yesterday, Gulu knew that there's more than enough water for Pado's group to drink. Since they'd be leaving the next day, he wanted to let Long's group drink it, but he couldn't find them.

Later, on his way to Ling's group, Gulu still wanted to see if he could find Long's group. However, he still didn't see them.

Gulu didn't expect to see them this morning. He's very excited.

Of course, Pado agreed, "Okay, Dad will take you there."

This time Long didn't forget everything about Gulu. Although Long's memory was very poor, he miraculously remembered everything about Gulu. As long as he took great care to remember it, he could remember these things within three times. For other things, he might not recall them even after 10,000 times of trying.

(T/N: *cough*, it's called protagonist halo)

Long was really happy to see Gulu. He immediately ran to his front while shouting excitedly: "Gulu, Gulu…"

At this time, all dinosaurs in Long's group were very thirsty. Gulu saw that Fruity had fainted from thirst and was carried by a female dinosaur in the group.

Gulu hurriedly said, "Long, I know where there's water. I'll take you there."

Long's eyes lit up at once. He kept rubbing on Gulu, "Gulu is really powerful. Gulu is really powerful."

Gulu: "Keep your voice down. Don't let other groups hear you. Just drink it yourself. If other groups go there, you'll have no water to drink."

Although Long was very stupid, he still understood this and nodded.

Pado and Gulu led Long's group to the pond. By this time, Pado's group was ready to leave.

After drinking a few large sips of water, Long spoke, "Gulu, I'm sorry. I can't follow your group anymore. My group travels much faster than yours. This time we came back because we got lost."

Gulu knew that Parasaurolophus really traveled much faster than Triceratopses. As for getting lost and having to backtrack…this kind of operation also happened?!

Long: "Gulu, you can rest assured that although we might get lost, it's always right to follow the migrating dinosaur groups."

Gulu: …

Long: "I'm sorry, Gulu. I can't follow Pado's group anymore. I'll tell Fruity that his Dad is a very good father. I'm not a good Mom. I make Fruity have no Dad…"

Gulu was a little sad when Long said this. There're tears in his eyes. "Long, I'll always be Fruity's Dad. You're the best Mom and the best leader of your group."

Long: "If I'm not the leader of my group, I'll follow you with Fruity. Gulu, I'm sorry. It's all my fault."

Gulu felt sorry for Long. Because he's also a cub, he couldn't take good care of Long and Fruity. His Dad title was given in vain. Meanwhile, Long actually thought that it's his fault. Gulu didn't know how to pick up this treasure dinosaur. He's so cute.

Gulu: "I don't blame you. How can I blame you? It's my fault."

Long: "No, Gulu, it's my fault, it's my fault."

Gulu got tired of arguing and could only say, "Long, I hope you and Fruity are happy every day."

Long: "We'll be happy every day. Daddy Gulu should also be happy every day."

Gulu nodded heavily.

Fruity woke up after drinking water. Gulu looked at the little cub in the water and spoke, "Fruity, Dad is leaving. Fruity needs to be happy every day. This way Dad will be happy too, okay?"

Fruity: "Okay. Okay. Dad, Fruity will. Dad, the water is delicious. Dad is great."

Gulu: "Fruity's also great."

In the end, Gulu rubbed Fruity then walked ahead with Pado. They had to catch up with Pado's group that had already set off.

The group's daily departure was always planned ahead by Pado. Even if he wasn't in the group, Paton would help Pado to manage the group well. Pado felt much relieved.

Gulu kept looking back. He vaguely heard Fruity say, "Dad, be happy. Dad, be happy."

Long had been looking at Gulu who's moving farther away.

After passing over a gentle slope, neither of them could see the other's group. However, Long still stared at the direction that Gulu departed.

Parasaurolophus was really a dinosaur with too simple mind. Long stared for a while then lowered his head to drink water. He rubbed Fruity's head and said, "Fruity, is Mom bad? If I can make your Dad happy, I won't be mad at myself and we'll all be happy…"

Fruity: Er, Mom, when did Dad say this? Was he here?"

Long: My son's memory is worse than mine…Sorry, Daddy Gulu, I may have given you a silly son.

Fruity suddenly issued a loud roar, which could be heard from tens of kilometers away.

Long: Gulu, although our son is stupid, he has a loud roar. He'll definitely become the most powerful leader in the future!

Fruity: "Mom, I choked, wu wu…"

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