Rhett who was watching from the side also paused for two seconds. He looked up at Kevin with narrowed eyes. "Hey, when did you teach him? Aren't these series of attacks your unique skill?"

"I didn't teach him. He should have watched the video himself."

"…" Rhett was silent for a long time before he continued, "I suddenly feel a sense of crisis. A child can take ten points from our hands. How terrible will he be when he reaches our age?"

Kevin stretched out his hand to hold Rhett's shoulder. "It can be said that he's expected to grow up quickly and set off a storm in the world of fencing. We don't need the competition field to become a stagnant pool. So, it won't be bad to have more surprises, right?"

At this moment, Lin Yifei leaned sideways. He narrowly made a split toward Michael's side waist. Then his body fell down.

But the attack still scored. Lin Yifei staggered up and gasped.

Michael held his sabre while maintaining the posture of when he got cut. Only after two or three seconds did he react and left the lingering charm from the attack.

The match was still won by Michael, but the score was exactly as Kevin expected, with the difference being no more than five points.

"Well done." Michael stretched out his hand and patted Lin Yifei on the shoulder. "After this junior championship, apply to the Fencing League for a ranking match."

"Thank you."

Michael was affirming his ability.

The other party took off his mask and snorted softly.

"Kid, don't be too proud. If you meet me at the World Championship one day, I'll make you look good."

Michael tidied up his blonde hair. He walked off the court and kicked Rhett. Rhett moved aside with a flat mouth.

Kevin stretched out his hand to roll up his sleeve then checked his watch with a smile.

"It's my turn next."

"Are you coming too?" Lin Yifei just breathed a sigh of relief.

"Why? Can't cope?" Kevin turned around lightly, "I'll go change into protective gear. That'll give you 10 minutes to rest."

Lin Yifei shook his head helplessly. He finally understood what Kevin meant by "rotation battle".

"Come on, come on! I'll give you a massage!" Rhett immediately doglegged over and massaged Lin Yifei's shoulder.

"I'll go and buy you another coke!" Michael also got up.

"Why are you…suddenly so kind to me?" Lin Yifei was flattered.

"I don't care! Even against Kevin, you have to win at least ten points!"

"Otherwise, won't it show that we're worse than him?"

The two young stars of the sabre circle actually had to depend on a teenager like Lin Yifei, which really made people laugh and cry.

But Kevin's regal demeanor completely convinced Lin Yifei. For the first time he felt completely overwhelmed.

The loss was a bit sad, 15-8, but Lin Yifei felt he got a lot from Kevin.

"Ha, Kevin, you're despicable. With Michael and I weakening Lin's physical ability, you will certainly win easily if you compete with him!"

"Kevin, you're bullying a child."

Rhett and Michel echoed each other and fought for Lin Yifei.

"I don't think of him as a child." Kevin looked at Lin Yifei and nodded toward him. There were many complicated and deep meanings in his smile.

"Then what do you regard him as?" Rhett acted as if he already knew it.

"Opponent." Kevin enunciated the word.

Having sweated from practice, all of them took their towels to shower in the club's bathroom.

The bathroom of the club was compartmentalized and well maintained.

Several people continued to chat through the wall. Lin Yifei was laughed at several times by Rhett.

Only after the shower was over did Lin Yifei find out one big thing, that was, he forgot to bring his clothes.

Rhett and them had changed their clothes and came out. Kevin knocked on Lin Yifei's door while wearing a towel.

"Lin, how long do you have to wash? Why don't you come out?"

"…Kevin, can you please do me a favor…help me bring my clothes and towel?" Lin Yifei thrusted his key out of the door.

Rhett and Michael haha laughed.

"It doesn't matter, just come out! Let us see if you have any muscles." Rhett said heartlessly.

Michael smiled for a while, but he still bumped into Rhett. "Okay, okay, I heard that the easterners are more traditional. Kevin, please help him get his clothes."

Kevin squatted down and reached under the door to take the key. Lin Yifei's index and middle fingers pushed out the key.

His fingers were beautiful, round and strong.

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"I'll be back in a minute."

Kevin went to the changing room and opened his locker. Lin Yifei's protective equipment was loosely folded and placed in the bag. It could be seen that Lin Yifei was usually an informal person.

He found the towel and clean clothes in the bag. Kevin started to close the locker door, but he saw something shining slightly with metallic luster inside the bag. He pulled it out.

It was a ring with the brand name engraved on the inside.

Kevin knew this ring was so valuable that Lin Yifei couldn't have bought it himself. There was only one person who would give him the ring.

During his stay in Washington, Kevin learned that Chris had transferred to New York. The exact reason was unclear. But he knew that Lin Yifei was heartbroken. He always tried to exhaust himself. Maybe the reason was very simple. He just wanted to forget Chris, even for a moment.

Back in the bathroom, Kevin knocked on the door of Lin Yifei's stall.

The other side opened a gap, but Kevin could still see half of his body outline.

There's a slightly youthful body curve, implying strength, fluency and tension. It's still maturing.

"Hey, thanks."

The bathroom door closed again. Kevin suddenly felt some regret.

He leaned against the door and suddenly had an unexpected imagination. His mind seemed to turn into the air at the other end of the door, touching Lin Yifei's elastic skin lightly, sliding across his lips and picking open the seam.

When he came to himself, he couldn't help laughing.

Two weeks passed quickly. Rhett and Michael had become addicted to fighting against Lin Yifei for the past two weeks. Even Rex, who came here for sparring, was left out in the cold.

However, Lin Yifei was grateful to them. Because of this exhaustion, he was able to ignore the pain caused by Chris's departure.

Kevin's teammates were going back to their training. That afternoon, after they said goodbye to Rhett and Michael, Kevin took Lin Yifei to meet someone.

Their car drove to an apartment, which belonged to a wealthy area.

"Who are we meeting today?" Lin Yifei asked curiously.

Kevin closed the car door and smiled enigmatically.

"If one day you want to be a professional athlete, you'll of course need a gold medal coach."

"Ah? You helped me contact a coach?" Lin Yifei was both happy and worried. He's happy because the coach Kevin found for him would absolutely be excellent. He's worried because personal trainers were often expensive. Lin Yifei may not be able to afford it.

Kevin rang the doorbell, but no one answered the door for a long time.

"Is he not here?" Lin Yifei asked.

"How can he not be? That guy just doesn't want to see the light anymore." Kevin turned to press the doorbell on the nearby door. "I'm sorry, madam, Mr. Chelsea upstairs doesn't open his door again. I have an appointment to do counseling for him today."

Hardly had his voice dropped when the door opened.

It seemed that Chelsea was famous to some extent.

However, a coach who needs psychological counseling? Lin Yifei felt a little insecure.

Nevertheless, Kevin's decision made Lin Yifei involuntarily trust him.

The two entered the elevator and came to the front of the apartment where Chelsea lived. The door was now left unlocked.

Kevin pushed open the door with his fingers. Then there came the sound of banging glass bottles on the ground. There's no light in the room after getting blocked by thick curtains.

"Chelsea, I'm coming in."

A strong smell of wine. Lin Yifei subconsciously reached out to cover his nose.

The entire space looked dark. Only a few sunlight streaming through the curtains showed the outline of a figure.

The man leaned against the window and was smoking a cigarette.

One couldn't see him clearly under the backlighting, only the flashing sparks from his cigarettes. The other person's body was brewing with a kind of power that seemed to hide more than what's in plain sight.  

But in fact, he just stayed there quietly.

"Alvin Chelsea." Kevin suddenly stopped. Lin Yifei behind him almost hit him on the back.

The smoke rings rose slowly in silence. "That's my name."

His languid manner faintly revealed his unruliness.  

"I'd like to ask you a favor."

Kevin's voice was gentle and showed some respect.

Alvin Chelsea. Of course, Lin Yifei had heard this name. He was a former king, an Italian who won three World Fencing Championship and Two Olympics. He became famous at the age of 18 but retired due to injury at the golden age of 28. Later, he lived in the United States.

Chelsea laughed. His finger lit another cigarette. He slowly lifted his head, showing his sharp chin and neck lines, "Once, there were a lot of people asking me to do them a favor. I refused. Are you sure you want my help?"

"Coach the child behind me." Kevin spoke slowly, as if Chelsea's taunts hadn't reached his ears.

"Are you sure you want me to help him?"

"I'm sure." Kevin took Lin Yifei's wrist and took two steps forward. As his vision adjusted to the darkness, Lin Yifei gradually saw the man in front of him.

He dressed casually, with a half-sarcastic smile on his mouth. The stubble on his chin didn't give people a sloppy feeling. On the contrary, the 33-year-old Chelsea had a mature taste of his age. "Even if a world champion is his coach, it doesn't mean that he can become a world champion."

"I know." Kevin still maintained his poise.

Chelsea smirked, "He can't afford me as a coach."

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