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[Key points: The protagonist Qi Shiqin transmigrated in the womb and lost the memory of his previous life when he was born, and then the second Chapter is restored. ]

There is a family named Qi in Dahe Village. The old lady Zhou Cuicui gave birth to five boys and one girl. Among them, her old son`, Qi Shiqin, is the one she loves the most.

In the past, people in Dahe Village said that Zhou Cuicui was blessed. He gave birth to a child when he was old. The child was still upbeat. At the age of four, he went to the city's best college "Qingshan Academy" to study. At the age of eight, he was selected as a scholar and was accepted by the dean. As a closed disciple.

When he was fifteen years old, Qi Shiqin held the celebrity. The officers and soldiers who had come to announce the good news beat the gongs and drums, which made the villagers envy for a while, and the wealthy nearby also sent money and food to congratulate them.

The youngest son of the Qi family is handsome and elegant, with a light smile on his face, which makes people want to be close but afraid that he is too vulgar. He is an immortal character. This kind of Erlang had already made a marriage contract with the county magistrate's brother, making the daughter of the city regretful.

However, a few months later, the young Lang who went to Beijing to participate in the test was carried back. His clothes were ragged, his face was ashes, and his body was stinking. His leg had already been interrupted, and his wounds were tangled and tangled. Pus, the person watching is nauseous.

Qi Shiqin has been loved since he was a child, and his learning speed after arriving at the academy is even worse than others. He is also accepted as a disciple by the respected dean. Naturally, his personality is unavoidable and he is proud of himself.

Perhaps it should be said that he just never looked at other people seriously, as if humans wouldn't care about an ant passing by at their feet.

There was a man in the same village who was older than him for several rounds who hated him, so he told the villagers the reason why he looked like this. In addition, some malicious people contributed to the situation. No one remembered how much. The proud man of heaven a month ago.

But he said that today, Yuan Qing was greedy and lustful. In order to get the father's favorite concubine, he killed his father by himself, and even robbed his own sister-in-law. The minister who sent a letter to admonish was also copied by him, and public complaints were boiling. His son Yuan Ping is even the same as him. This time Qi Shiqin suffered from him.

The eldest prince is not afraid of meat, whether it is a girl, a brother or a man, as long as the length suits his taste, he will accept it. Every time he wandered outside, he rushed into the mansion when he saw it, killing many people.

The emperor didn't care about it, and smiled: This child is quite a father-like demeanor, and the world belongs to their Yuan family, not to mention a few civilians.

Qi Shiqin was 16 years old when he went to Beijing to take part in the test. He was thin and soft, and he didn't put anyone in his eyes, and he had an extraordinary temperament. The eldest prince was shocked as a heavenly man. He clenched a fist with his right hand and patted his left hand. He said, "Hurry up and invite this man back to the mansion. Don't neglect him."

Maybe it was his arrogant temperament and no dust. The eldest prince did not force him to go, but Qi Shiqin ignored it and injured the eldest prince and was tortured.

Naturally, he did not dare to offend the eldest prince. He only said that Qi Shiqin was taken into the mansion by a powerful man in Beijing, and he stayed for half a month before he came out. At this time, coupled with his meaningful and ambiguous smile, everyone knew what had happened.

Most people in the world like to watch those noble figures fall into the dust. This rumor naturally spread to Qi Shiqin's ears. He lost his future and ruined his reputation. He became more and more radical. No one in the family dared to shake in front of him except Zhou Cuicui, and a few sister-in-laws, together, could not always let the old lady take care of him, so let the third wife, who is usually the best bully, take care of Qi Shiqin.

Unfortunately, Qi Shiqin was driven away within a few days.

Zhou Cuicui was afraid that the long-tongued women in the village would irritate the youngest son by talking, so she thought about letting the youngest son live in the city, and waited for the rumors to come back. There is not so much rumors in the city. Qi Shiqin also agreed.

Within a few days, the magistrate of Wei County came to the door with a look of embarrassment and wanted to divorce. He was willing to marry the two of them. On the one hand, because Qi's father has saved his life, and the other is Qi Shiqin's child. He was smart when he was young, and the dean of Qingshan Academy made exceptions for him many times. As for who Dean Shen is, the county magistrate Wei knows well, and his career is guaranteed to catch up with this person.

As expected, Dean Shen directly accepted Qi Shiqin as a closed disciple two years later.

However, after so many years, Dean Shen has always maintained a state of being independent of the world, and the order of Wei County has been rejected several times, and he feels a little uncomfortable. Simply because Qi Shiqin offended the eldest prince this time, it was very likely that it was the future emperor. After thinking about it for a long time, the county magistrate Wei decided to come over and draw a clear line.

In order not to make people feel that he was ungrateful, the county magistrate Wei decided to give his daughter Wei Qingqing to Qi Shiqin. From prostitute to concubine, it can be regarded as an expression of his attitude. Although Qi's father and Zhou Cuicui were unwilling, but the people did not fight with the officials, they still agreed.

After retiring from marriage, Qi Shiqin really admires his future husband. He likes his bright smile, his squeamish temperament, and all his laughter and curse.

He had limped and wanted to come to see Wei Jingshu. Even if he knew that it was impossible between them, he still wanted to know what Wei Jingshu was thinking.

It's a pity that the sky didn't meet the people's wish. The county magistrate's office was not something he could enter. Two months later, the prefect's son came to Yuecheng and made a marriage contract with the county magistrate's son. Qi Shiqin never recovered. He knew that whether Wei Jingshu liked him or not, they had no future.

Moreover, Qi Shiqin glanced bitterly at his leg, how could he give each other happiness like this.

The dean of Qingshan Academy also broke his heart for his young disciples. Qi Shiqin's literary talent and lofty intentions made it easy to teach the students in the academy with his level. Qi Shiqin didn't want Zhou Cuicui to worry about him, so he agreed.

But the strange look in his eyes hurt his heart. He began to indulge in drinks and hang out with others and the Brothel Chu Pavilion. The girl in the building was very enthusiastic to him, and everyone wanted to get a poem from the genius of the past. In addition to being able to increase their worth, it is this handsome appearance that makes them move.

He likes brothels. The women here didn't look at him with pity and sympathy. They flattered him, and they even had love in their eyes unknowingly.

Qi Shiqin was immersed in the world he had outlined and was unconscious.


Three years have passed in a blink of an eye.

Wei Qingqing found Qi Shiqin who was drunk and drunk in Chunxiangyuan. In the past three years, as long as there is no one in the academy, he can always find someone in Chunxiangyuan.

His eyes were tightly closed, and he was wearing a green shirt, and a woman gently wiped his forehead with a handkerchief with a gentle expression. Wei Qingqing seemed to be able to see the freehand young man back then, but it was a pity.

"take away."

When Qi Shiqin woke up, his body was hot, and his body was like a big fireball, which was about to explode. Opened his eyes in a daze, he saw a smooth body, white and soft skin, slender waist, long legs and buttocks. It felt cool to the touch, alleviating the heat in his heart.

Shaking his head, he recovered a little bit and saw his fiancé, or the former fiancé.

People who resolutely retired after his leg was broken when he went to Beijing to take the test. I heard that the people who were planning to make a marriage with the son of the prefect were also… the people he always remembered in his heart.

"Jing Shu." Qi Shiqin muttered.

Is this a dream? The condition of his body reminded him that Qi Shiqin could roughly expect something.

Their marriage contract was terminated long ago, and he was connected with an unfavored concubine. However, it seems that even a concubine is not worthy of him, and Qi Shiqin couldn't help but feel a little bitter in his heart.

Three years of longing for each night made him stand up, and all Wei Jingshu's refusal and crying when he woke up in the middle turned into joyful groans and moans in the end.

A group of people outside the door listened to the voices inside the house. The unmanned girl blushed, but the married lady couldn't see any thoughts on her face.

Some of the methods in the inner house are well known to everyone, and there is no need to say anything.

"This, what's going on?" The county magistrate's wife Zhang's face paled. Although the voice inside was somewhat changed, she still recognized that it was her own child's voice.

But why is Jingshu here? Still have sexual relations with others. Zhang was the daughter of a scholar and married him when she was studying at the county magistrate. She was simple and cowardly tempered. When she saw this, she panicked and didn't know what to do.

"Shuibi, hurry up, go and invite the master over."

"Yes, second lady."

The second wife, Liu Qianqian, was the noble concubine adopted by the magistrate of Wei County after obtaining fame. She was very beautiful and had a pleasant temper. She was in charge of her backyard at home, and she was also responsible for her external communication. The government respectfully called her the second lady.

After everyone noticed Zhang's face, Liu Qianqian greeted the ladies to leave. When the Wei County Order arrived, Qi Shiqin was almost finished inside.

The kicking at the door and the angry voice of Wei County magistrate made Wei Jingshu completely awake. He pulled over the quilt Qi Shiqin put on him in time.

Qi Shiqin had to sit on the bed naked, and the county magistrate Wei also felt wrong, turned his back and said, "You two quickly put on your clothes."

After the two were cleaned up, the county magistrate Wei said angrily: "What the hell is going on? Qi Shiqin, I have already betrothed my daughter to you, why do you want to do such a tragic thing?"

"This," Qi Shiqin looked at Wei Jingshu, who had already cried and swollen eyes next to him, and said, "My lord, I have long admired Jingshu for many years, and I have not dared to forget it for many years, so I ask the adults to fulfill it."

Before the county magistrate Wei could speak, Wei Jingshu had already rushed forward and punched him with a punch. He was not strong, so he picked up something and threw it at Qi Shiqin in a hurry, and kicked Qi Shiqin's lame leg with his foot. "What is the use of you saying these now? I am already engaged to someone. They are the sons of the prefect. What do you have? Why do you have to ruin my life!"

When his strength was exhausted, he sat on the side of the bed and cried more and more sad: "I tell you, even if I die, I will never marry you!"

At this moment, he hated him. The former Qi Shiqin was talented and handsome, and he worshipped a famous teacher. The brother in his house was naturally not unmoved. The other party was his fiancé, so he liked it for granted.

After Qi Shiqin was in trouble, he was worried at first that he wanted to see him, but his father locked him in the house and did not allow him to leave the door for a half-step.

Not long afterwards, the news of their retirement came.

Wei Jingshu is actually quite realistic. He knows that all his superior life is provided by his father. He has no ability to survive at all, and the world will not protect a brother who leaves home. Therefore, he dared not really run out against his father's orders.

But he also has the beautiful fantasy of a teenage boudoir brother, hoping that Qi Shiqin will be able to take him away like an omnipotent god, and the two will live a happy life from then on.

But no one came. There is just one more alcoholic in the world. An inferiority and cowardly alcoholic who often wanders in the Brothel Chu Hall, Wei Jingshu feels that his own beautiful feelings are gone.

Wei Jingshu gradually began to forget Qi Shiqin, no one had to do it, three years was enough to wipe away his former goodwill. What's more, Jiang Yuan has a long body and behaves well. In the few meetings, Wei Jingshu felt that it would not be a bad thing to be able to spend time with such a person in the future.

He also began to be proud of being able to marry a son of a prefect, and often showed off in circles, just like he used to show off having a handsome fiance. This is indeed worth showing off. The Jiang family has a relationship with the prime minister of the North Korea and China, and he is happy when he sees everyone who is clearly jealous but dare not say it in person.

As for whether he really had a deep relationship with Jiang Yuan, Wei Jingshu rolled his eyes and hadn't seen him a few times. He is not as long as his predecessor, and has a temperament not as good as his predecessor. What feelings can he have. He thinks he still loves himself to be safe, and of course he also loves the powerful and wealthy.

But, just today, everything is ruined.

Seeing his son crying so sad, and thinking that his in-law relationship with the prefect family has disappeared, Wei Xianling felt uncomfortable: "Come here, beat this thief out of the house."

Wei Jingshu knew that Qi's father had saved his father, but his innocence, everything about him is gone, he has a temper, and this will be angry again, how can he let Qi Shiqin so willingly? He didn't think about it. Sobbed: "Father, I will never marry him, and beat him with fifty sticks."

The county magistrate Wei hesitated. After all, he remembered that this was the son of his benefactor, but seeing his child's embarrassment, he nodded slightly. Anyway, the people below know the identity of the family, and the county magistrate does not have the right to let a jury die so easily, and the subordinates should know how to deal with it.

It's just a bit of sin at most, just two months of raising it.

No one noticed. On the way Qi Shiqin was pulled out, the second wife winked at one person.


The author has something to say: The protagonist has always been alone in the fetus, and the memory is restored between life and death in Chapter 2. 

ps : The rumors of the male lead are in the village.

Seeing everyone's opinions on shou are quite big, here are my thoughts. It was his father who retired forcibly. He had a good impression of offense and had no plans to retire. However, he didn't see Gong for three years, and he was promised by his father to a high-ranking official's son. This person was not bad, and Gong was degenerate, so his feelings for Gong were weakened. Please note Tuiqin time by about ten four or five, deep feelings will not go, so he did not have the courage to go against all attack. In the next three years, I almost forgot to attack. From a rich, rich and handsome husband to a drunkard and lame husband, the gap was so great that he couldn't accept it for a while.

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