[Key points: The attack travels to a known dynasty, just like we travel to the Qing Dynasty, he knows the history after recovering his memory. ]

After two days of heavy rain, Qi Shiqin was thrown into this remote woods, where people usually pass by. Perhaps due to the heavy rain, no one has been here for the past two days.

What seemed to be suppressed in his mind suddenly burst out, and countless memories flashed in the drowsy state, pictures of sitting in a classroom reading, pictures of fighting with zombies, and rebirth.

He was reborn directly into Zhou Cuicui's belly. There was no Meng Po Tang that can make people lose memories in the legend. After he died, when he became conscious again, it was already like this.

However, not long after he was born, he found that his memory of his previous life was becoming more and more blurred, until it disappeared completely. To overreceive this information makes Qi Shiqin's head seem to explode.

He lay on the ground and mumbled deliriously: "Mother, I feel so painful." The sound escaped barely audible and was washed away by the heavy rain.

Zhou Cuicui was awakened in his sleep, and groped to light up the oil lamp.

"Why don't you sleep so late?" Old man Qi muttered and asked vaguely.

"I dreamed of Xiao Liu. He kept crying for pain, no, I have to go and see."

"What do you look at at night? When I go with you early tomorrow morning, Xiao Liu hasn't come back for a long time." Old man Qi grabbed his wife who was about to leave.

Lying on the bed, Zhou Cuicui was not sleepy anymore. She thought of her past days. She had strong morning sickness when she was pregnant with her third child, and she had an unforgiving mother-in-law. She had a bad life and had a difficult childbirth when she was born. Died. In this way, she broke down, and she didn't take less medicine after that, and her mother-in-law kept scolding her and turned her around.

This can be regarded as the most difficult period of her life. Later, when her mother-in-law was pregnant, she was finally able to turn over.

What made her most comfortable was pregnant with her little son. In her dream, she saw a fat little baby smiling at her, and her dilapidated body gradually improved. Xiao Liu was born different from other children, with white skin and dark eyes, and was also the closest to her. He smiled happily when he saw her, and cried as soon as he left her.

Xiao Liu is very talented in reading. The dean of Qingshan Academy likes him very much. He can't come back several times throughout the year. Zhou Cuicui often visits him, and sometimes he is worried that the child will forget it soon. It turns out that she thinks too much, and Xiao Liu is a good and filial child.

After thinking about it for a long time, Zhou Cuicui didn't even know when she fell asleep in the end.

Qi Shiqin woke up faintly a few times. He panted and moved his body to lean against the big tree. He closed his eyes. An invisible vitality entered his body from the ground, moisturizing his body. Every part.

Qi Shiqin glanced at his foot. The bones were already growing together. Without frowning, he stretched out his hand to smash it, and then pulled the spiritual energy to repair it, but within the time of a stick of incense, he had returned to normal.

Behind him, a large swath of forest and vegetation wilted down, as if being swallowed up by something.

After regaining his memory, he realized that he had traveled back to the Zhou dynasty for thousands of years. Because of the emperor's tyranny and laboring for the people and wealth, the peasants in the world continued to revolt. In about two years, the emperor would be assassinated and killed. The third prince Yuan Zongji Bit. At this time, the Yuan clan was only half of the world left. Yuan Zong was a good emperor with benevolent governance, but he was bent on fighting the anti-wang Chen clan, and the Zhou Dynasty was defeated.

Speaking of speaking, he had some friendship with Yuan Zong, the little beanie. It was Yuan Zong who begged for mercy for him, so that he could safely return to Dahe Village and his fame could be preserved.

Although the Zhou Dynasty is about to die, after Yuan Zong takes over, the world is not stable. The other party has appreciation and life-saving grace for him, and he can't just watch Yuan Zong go to extinction like this. Now that the anti-king forces have not really expanded, it is a good time.

Joining the army is just right for him, he has experience in cutting down so many zombies in the last days, and the battlefield is conducive to his recovery. As for going back, I didn't think about this idea at the beginning. He knew Wei Jingshu's brother, who was so temperamental, even if he went back, he would not marry himself.

It's better to fight for it. If you don't marry in the future, you won't have to have a brother, and you will have to tie people back.

After figuring it out, Qi Shiqin started on his way, and sent a letter to his mother when he passed the market. Then he rode straight away, rain or shine all the way, and finally reached the destination after half a month.


[Previous situation summary: the male protagonist's suspected sister-in-law of the farming style will be online soon]

The Qi family was not at peace at this time. Zhou Cuicui went to the city to find his youngest son the next day, but he couldn't find it. Many people asked that they had never seen him.

After returning home, Qi Sanlang eagerly came up with Ai Ai: "Mother, there is only one pair of He's medicine left, I…I want to go to the doctor to get some medicine back."

Zhou Cuicui said impatiently: "Eat, she has been ill for a month, and she hasn't seen it well. The money at home was brought by the wind. After so many years, two girls have given birth. I am embarrassed to ask me. Money. Nothing!"

After talking about it, Zhou Cuicui ignored him and went straight back to the room. Although I knew that my mother didn't really wait to see them, and the money for the medicine was almost one or two, it was the family's half a year's expenses, but Qi Sanlang still couldn't accept just watching his wife die like this.

The youngest son is alive or dead. Zhou Cuicui can't sleep every night. During the day, he still has to look at the old man's dying expression. The two granddaughters of Sanfang and his two granddaughters also look at her with hatred. Zhou Cuicui's heart is very irritable. She didn't care either, and directly greeted the toothwoman in town to come over.

"Mother, Xiaohe is your granddaughter, how can you sell it as you please?" Qi Sanlang's mouth trembled, as if he was dripping blood in his heart.

He fell to his knees, his face full of loyalty and honesty filled with despair and helplessness.

Zhou Cuicui is a fierce character and doesn't care about these things: "It's not just a woman. You can't give birth to a son, and you will marry later. After spending so much money in your father's court, you can ask if you have any troubles. It's not your money. You can insist on asking for money. You will have money if you sell Xiaohe, a money-losing goods."

Having been married for so many years, and only gave birth to two daughters for her third child, the incense will not be broken in these three rooms, Zhou Cuicui has long been dissatisfied in her heart.

Qi Sanlang is clumsy and feels a little guilty when he hears this, but after he cares about his wife's life and death, he begged: "Mother, I will take this money as if I borrowed it, and I will work hard to pay it back in the future. Come back, please see my mother to save the He family for the sake of my hard work in the past. She honors you the most on weekdays."

Relatively speaking, the He family is not much filial. She has a weak personality and will not take the initiative to express herself, but for Zhou Cicui's words, she is often the most concerned.

It can also be said that she is best to bully a few daughters-in-law, whoever doesn't want to work can call her, and He will do it silently.

It is rare to see people who have steamed stuffed buns to the extent of the He family.

On the side, Xiao Tao, who was dragged by her father to kneel on the ground begging for pity, stared at Zhou Cicui with her eyes fiercely: "What did you say, how much money was spent, I don't know how much it has been spent so many years, the last time I saw grandma you secretly He's stuffed money for my uncle. He's rich in eating, drinking, and having fun, so why doesn't my mother have any money to see a doctor!"

Xiaotao's character is straightforward, and she said at this moment: "I have heard the people in the village say that my uncle is now following a group of dudes into and out of the brothel Chu Pavilion every day, without learning and skill, and also not working. Why does he do it every month? You have to take money to go. Except for the obvious, I don't know how much grandma you paid privately. Isn't this what my father earns hard every day under the big sun? It's just a waste."

There was a crisp sound.

Xiao Tao turned her face away in disbelief: "Father, you actually hit me."

Qi Sanlang looked at his palm with a dazed expression in disbelief, but he knew that Liu Lang was his mother's heart, so he couldn't help others to say the first half. He doesn't fight, it's his mother who does it.

But he didn't expect that Zhou Cuicui still didn't let her second daughter go. The old lady who was over half a hundred years old rushed forward, punching and kicking Xiaotao's withered hair, and still cursing in her mouth.

"Mother, don't fight, don't fight."

"Grandma, calm down, Xiao Tao didn't mean it."


The noisy noise outside the house made He Yue's brain hurt. There were many fragmentary memories flashing in her mind. She saw a little girl who had been unloved by her parents since she was born. She worked every day. Later, after her brother was born, her family was at home. There is no place for her. After suffering in this way for more than ten years, she married Qi Sanlang and gave birth to two more daughters carefully to everyone in Qi's family.

After a while, the woman lying on the bed opened her eyes, and she looked around the room, a big closet, a table, a bed, that's about it, the sheets and quilts were all old, and they slept stiffly. However, this house is well-built. It is a blue brick house, which was built by the old Qi family from memory.

Feeling discomfort in her body and fever on her head, He Yue raised her hand and saw a stream of spring water pouring out from her fingertips. This was her golden finger.

In her last life, she accidentally got this baby. After drinking it for a long time, it can strengthen the body, beautify and beautify the skin. She quickly took a few sips, and finally felt her head less dizzy.

After a long time, the beating and scolding outside stopped.

"Xiaotao, come over and let my mother see if it hurts?" Seeing two thin girls, with yellow hair and black and yellow skin, He Yue felt distressed unconsciously.

In modern times, she is in her thirties. Because she can't have children, she doesn't like her mother-in-law's family, and her husband can't stand cheating. She has always wanted a child of her own, but she felt distressed when she saw it now.

"Mother." The two children threw themselves into their mother's arms and started crying.

He Yue calmed down for a while, and she cried for a while, looking up at the man standing beside the bed, but at the age of twenty-five and sixty, his face was covered with wind and frost and his back was a little rickety, but his eyes reflected on them. Worries.

Looking through the memory, the two in Sanfang are like old scalpers who work tirelessly all day long. The two daughters still don't get a little blessing, and they don't have enough food. Most of the family's money is used by the sixth brother to go to school. .

It's okay to really study in the academy, but I heard from the villagers that he wanders around the brothel every day and dreams of drunkenness. He Yue estimated that these places are the most expensive places, and the old lady should have paid no less. This made He Yue's perception of Qi Liulang worse and worse, not to mention that she really didn't know that a person with a disabled leg needed to read a book, but it was just an excuse to escape reality.

The yield per mu of crops was not high this year, and Qi Liulang's practice undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on them, and He Yue was sick to think about it.

'Every time a dog is slaughtered in Zhanyi, most of them are scholars.' It should be said that He Yue doesn't look down on most scholars of this era. They are the blood-sucking worms in the family.

Separation! Must score!

She can't stand the same as He used to do the most and eat the least.

He Yue raised her head with tears in her eyes: "San Lang, I don't know how much money it will cost to cure my body now. Xiaohe and Xiaotao are my life. How can I let my mother sell them. Why, Have we been out?"

As if suddenly remembering something, He Yue looked excited and said: "Yes, we split up! As long as we split out, we can keep the two children, and there is no need to work so hard like we do now. In this family, we do the most work, and we still get caught up in it. People in other rooms bullied."

Qi Sanlang looked at his wife dumbfounded, and stammered: "This…how can this work? My mother won't agree."

He was also a little excited, but thinking about it, he knew it was impossible.

"How could it be impossible? Even if you don't do it for yourself, you have to think about our two girls. Mother gave all the money to the sixth brother, and there was not much left in her hand. Besides, she never liked Xiaohe and Xiaotao. I will definitely not give them much dowry in the future. How can they live with their in-laws? What's more, my illness…may be more in line with my mother's wishes."

The little peach on the side also persuaded: "Father, we can't get enough food every day. Yesterday I saw my aunt stealing eggs for her son again. I was going to get them, and they beat me."

The mother went into battle twice, Qi Sanlang said that he was very excited, but he still hesitated and refused to make up his mind. Several people kept discussing in the room.

In another room.

Zhou Cuicui, who just kept beating and scolding her granddaughter, quietly wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, thinking of her little son all the time. The wrinkles on her face and the wind and frost on her head indicate that her grade is no longer young.


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