For the group of celebrities who will rise to the top in history, Qi Shiqin remembers Cheng Xiujie the most. This is mainly because he had watched a TV series with him as the protagonist, which was still quite popular at the time.

Cheng Xiujie looks good, and when he was working at the Shang Shujia of the Ministry of Etiquette, the monks and daughters fell in love with each other, and the two were kicked out of the house. Then Cheng Xiujie was unwilling to be ordinary, went out and met many women, the most important of which was the princess Ashina of the Kingdom of Jin.

This drama took a lot of time to describe the love and hatred of the two people, and they fell in love and killed each other. It also made great contributions to the recovery of Jin Guo.

Now the northwest where Qi Shiqin is located is where the plot takes place.

Speaking of Qi Shiqin and Cheng Xiujie's experience is quite interesting, he was saved by the future emperor, and the other party saved the rebel king Zhu's family.

After arriving in the northwest, Qi Shiqin took aim at Dingyuan Hou Shizi. Lin Quan had the title of cold spear in Yuzhou, and the Lin family's marksmanship was very good. He has been strictly disciplined by his father since he was a child, and he will be restrained by his father even when he makes friends. He has to stay in the house every day to practice marksmanship and read books, and he rarely goes out for fun.

Ding Yuanhou hates hippie smiles and frivolous people, so Lin Quan's temperament at the age of 23 is like a calm middle-aged person. These are actually the protective colors he added to himself under the scolding of his father. Really, he really wants to fight with his peers.

In the play, Cheng Xiujie came to Dingyuan Hou Mansion at this time, and his father and Dingyuan Hou were old. Lin Quan was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of a person with a similar age, so he liked this cousin very much.

In fact, this book is nothing. Cheng Xiujie is a benevolent and kind-hearted person, and in general he is still a person worthy of friendship. He can eat both black and white, and the boss of Yixianzhuang, who has a reputation for chivalry in the arena, is very close to him.

The owners of Yixianzhuang are hospitable and enthusiastic, and often help some people. Of course, their business is to block roads and rob, including robbing the door.

It is said that they all robbed some corrupt officials, who claimed to be a benevolent and righteous teacher. Qi Shiqin didn't want to say anything more about the moisture in it. He was almost slaughtered as a fat sheep when he passed by. The temperament is too pure and expensive, and there is no way. The bandits thought he came from a big family and was rich.

The owner has a very beloved daughter who smiles and is stubborn and eccentric. She followed Cheng Xiujie to Yuzhou.

It was not convenient for Cheng Xiujie to take the bandit leader's daughter to the officers and soldiers' homes. Ding Yuanhou arranged things for him in the army and could not leave the camp casually. Laughing every day clamoring for Cheng Xiujie to take her around, Cheng Xiujie had to entrust the person to his cousin Lin Quan.

It was the first time that Lin Quan had been so close to a girl when he was 23 years old. There was Cheng Xiujie who helped him hide it from his father. He and the little girl were very happy to play outside, and were tempted by this smiling girl.

He couldn't stand his staid and serious father. This fuse ignited the volcano in his heart. Some things happened after that caused him to leave the house and get involved with the people in Yixianzhuang. In the end, his family was destroyed and he died. Was pierced to death by a thousand arrows.

It was for a girl who didn't love herself to come this far, and it is not clear whether Lin Quan regretted it when his parents died, but he had no way back then.

Qi Shiqin thinks that this guy can be saved. Whether he is a prophet or a genius of two generations, Qi Shiqin has a sense of arrogance in his bones. He despises Yixianzhuang, but only a bandit's den covered with a fig leaf. .

Since he wanted to repay the prince Xiaodouding for his life-saving grace, he had to bring more manpower to his camp. Dingyuan Hou Zhongyi paid much attention to his reputation, and he kept going to the court. It was too cheap to die.

How to approach people? This guy doesn't go out very much every day. Dingyuanhou is too tight, and he doesn't know how to relax. No wonder your son is running.

When Qi Shiqin was in distress, he found that a white jade beauty figure he had carved was missing. During this period of time in the city, there have been wealthy people throwing things away, but he didn't expect it to fall on him.

As a person who survives in the last days, the standard configuration is the ability. He is no exception. The space department and the spirit department have dual powers. Halfway through the high school class, the astronomical phenomena outside changed. After returning home, Qi Shiqin was in a coma for a few days. After waking up, in addition to the awakening powers, his mind was still A mentality appeared.

This mental method allows him to swallow the vitality in the earth, but it is very limited. The biggest supplement is naturally people. This method is a bit cruel. This is the biggest reason why he wants to come to war. The battlefield is all delivered to the door. Tonics can quickly improve his abilities.

On the way to the northwest, the bandit's den let him carry a lot, and the space was opened. He exchanged a modern watch with the boss Wang who runs an antique shop in Yecheng for a piece of fine jade and a little silver.

The jade body is exquisite and transparent, without a trace of impurities, with a faint milky white light.

Qi Shiqin carves carefully every day, and the object is naturally his only first love in his two lives, Wei Jingshu. Although he wanted to let himself die, Qi Shiqin still couldn't let go. First love is always unforgettable.

Qi Shiqin was not happy when his wife's image was stolen. He secretly made up his mind to make the thief look good.

After waiting for a few nights, the culprit finally appeared, and saw that the man was small in figure, wearing a night gown, with a black cloth on his face, sprinting on the roof, chased by the servants behind him.

It turned out that the thief had stolen several houses in recent times. Those people had already reported to the officials, and the county government had been investigating them.

The thief did a good job lightly. He kept running into the woods over there, guessing that he was about to dump people. Qi Shiqin followed, and the two quickly fought each other. The thief made a good whip and grinned in the air, but for a moment, he beat him to the ground.

"Where is my jade statue?"

Dong Xiaoxiao snorted, and said in annoyance: "Hurry up and let me go." This person stepped on her back and put his face on the ground. She had never been so embarrassed before.

"Are you a woman?" Qi Shiqin was taken aback for a moment, and made people stand up, but the sword still pointed at each other: "Although I don't hit women, you have to provoke me. I won't be polite to you, hurry up. Hand over my things."

"I have taken so many things, how do I know what yours is? Besides, those things have been taken to help the poor people." Of course, Dong Xiaoxiao remembers the beauty of the white jade, not to mention the beauty of the jade. She loves it with her heart, and it is the master of this jade… She is so handsome, she also remembers it in her heart.

But this person was so rude to her, she didn't want to return it to him.

Dong Xiaoxiao rubbed his sore wrist, thinking in his heart.

Qi Shiqin frowned: "You don't have to say it. I'll use this sword to make a few marks on your face. I guess you will know where you put things when you have a clear mind."

If it was the gold and silver treasures, he still believed that the woman had already spent it, but a priceless jade statue would not be taken out for a few days. And if it is directly given to those poor families, it is impossible. Such things of unknown origin will be harmful if given.

Dong Xiaoxiao was frustrated after hearing this: "You!"

At this time, I heard the voice of someone coming. It was the yaman who had hunted down Dong Xiaoxiao before. She hurriedly said: "The jade statue is indeed still with me. Take me away quickly, otherwise I won't tell you."

The stolen houses in the city were all people with bad reputations and oppressive people. Qi Shiqin learned about it during the investigation a few days ago, and he estimated that this woman should not have any bad intentions. At this time, it is not good to hand people over to the government, otherwise she can only be a dead end.

Dong Xiaoxiao only felt a big hand wrapped around her slender waist, and people immediately left, and the surrounding trees retreated rapidly. She exclaimed, and put her arm on Qi Shiqin's chest.

She seemed to be able to feel the steady and powerful heartbeat beating from the bottom of her hand, raising her head, she could only see the other person's beautifully shaped chin. This embrace was different from her father. It made her face slightly hot and at the same time feeling very safe. She moved her head a little closer and snuggled into this warm place.

Qi Shiqin frowned and wrote four big characters in his heart: Shameless!

For a man who has just met, it is hard not to think that this is a woman with frivolous behavior. It's a pity that other girls are sincere.

Dong Xiaoxiao certainly didn't see Qi Shiqin for the first time. She had passed Qi Shiqin by chance several times, and even dropped the handkerchief once. Unfortunately, the other party's eyes were bad and she didn't pay attention at all.

The two lived in the same inn, and Qi Shiqin was stunned that he didn't notice the affectionate look in a girl's eyes. He has been looking for a long time how to get close to the son, and he didn't even know that the other party came and went in and out of the inn every day. This was because he had never seen each other and his portrait was relatively abstract.

Sending Dong Xiao to the guest room with a smile, Qi Shiqin asked, "Although I am not a good person, but I haven't done anything bad, why are you taking my things?"

Dong Xiaoxiao pushed the person out of the door, and said with a sly smile: "This girl is willing, but you can't control it. If you have a good time with this girl tomorrow and take care of me, I will consider returning the jade statue to you, otherwise …" She snorted twice.

Qi Shiqin: I have a sentence about MMP that I don't know if it should be said.

To be reasonable, girl, your appearance is not as good as my first love, and it is not up to the level that you can rely on beauty and commit crimes.


The author has something to say: I actually think Wei Jingshu's reaction is normal. After all, in ancient times, the husband decided his future life. Between the two people, Qi Shiqin always liked him more. Of course, they will be fine in the future. of.

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