"Hey, idiot, are you up yet, we are going out, you hurry up." Dong Xiaoxiao knocked on Qi Shiqin's door early in the morning.

Lin Quan followed her and asked, "Smile, who is inside? Didn't my cousin say that you don't know anyone else in Yecheng?"

Dong Xiaoxiao played with the braids hanging over his shoulders, and said softly: "This is a person I met yesterday. His martial arts is very strong, and he defeated me with a few strokes, very powerful."

The door of the room opened with a squeaking sound. Lin Quan heard the sound and saw that the man smiled slightly, as if the sky was passing through the stratus clouds, making people invisible to others, such as Dong Xiaoxiao at this moment jumping around. Jumped over.

"You wake up, let's go." She pulled Qi Shiqin's wrist and introduced him: "This is Ding Yuanhou's son. His name is Lin Quan."

Qi Shiqin pulled out his hand calmly and bowed a salute: "It turns out that it is Xiao Hou Ye, under Qi Shiqin."

"Don't call me Little Houye, just call me Lin Quan. I have told you with a smile. I heard that you are very good at martial arts. I have to see if I have a chance."

In Lin Quan's expectation, the next thing he should look at is the girl he likes and Qi Shiqin pitifully, laughing constantly. However, he can no longer control his cold-faced personality. The two people talked about the philosophy of life from the poems and songs, and they talked freely based on their own martial arts knowledge. It can be said that they meet each other and are heartily. At this moment, he has already met. Let people go home with him.

Dong Xiaoxiao was a little annoyed, but in the end she had a bad temper. She was sulking for a while, and when no one was paying attention to her, she let it go.

After playing all the way to the afternoon, Dong Xiaoxiao yelled to go back after dinner.

After sending Dong Xiaoxiao back, Lin Quan went back with Qi Shiqin and entered the yard. Lin Quan first greeted his mother, and the two went to the martial arts field.

The martial arts field was surrounded by walls, with a large open space in the middle. On the two rows of shelves were all kinds of weapons. Qi Shiqin took out a gun. He also liked to use this in the last days.

I have to say that Lin Quan deserves to be the fourth-ranked man in the era of armed forces. His marksmanship is indeed very good, and the two people fight equally well. Ding Yuanhou, who came here at some time, touched his beard and nodded in satisfaction.

When he stopped, he stepped forward: "Well, well, it turns out that you are a young hero. Quan'er, you made good friends this time. Such martial arts can serve the country. Lin's subordinates are missing a general."

I had heard that Dingyuan Hou was good at ruling the army and he was very good at promoting people of insight. Of course Qi Shiqin was willing. His wish at the moment has always been to do a great cause in ancient times. He can read books, but his thinking is straighter, he can't understand those twists and turns, and he feels that he must not rise easily in the court.

On the battlefield, it is easier for him to earn military merit, after all, he has a lot of experience in fighting zombies.

Qi Shiqin: "So thank you Lord Hou for your kindness."

At night, by the desk, Qi Shiqin spread the letter paper on the table, intending to send a letter to his parents and Wei Jingshu. He did not intend to disappear for many years and then go back home in a beautiful manner, otherwise his mother Zhou Cuicui would definitely not sleep well every night. .

Specifically, it means that he met an expert and healed his leg. He can now walk as usual, and now he is staying in Yecheng. Then he wanted to go out before, and now he took this opportunity to see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland. It is estimated that it will take two years before he can go back. But he would often write home to report his safety.

Naturally, studying abroad is not true, he just wants Zhou Cicui not to worry about him so much.

When Zhou Cicui received the letter, it had been months since the younger son left home. Listening to the letter the boss read to her, the old lady cried and laughed. During this period of time, she heard a lot of rumors in the village, mainly because she had always been biased towards the junior sixth and ignored the third. As a result, the third third had gone out to live, and her little life was prosperous. But her favorite is missing.

He Yue initially urged Qi Sanlang to split his family. Zhou Cuicui refused to agree at first. After all, the third child was a strong laborer in the family, but in the end He Yue proposed to leave the house, and the family also had a lot of trouble, plus the second daughter-in-law. Persuaded, she finally hesitated and agreed.

Unexpectedly, the youngest family didn't know where they learned to make wine. The color is clear and the wine has a mellow taste, and the wine will be used to establish a relationship with the big families in the city. Zhou Cuicui couldn't please every time she visited.

It didn't take long for the youngest to build a magnificent house. He didn't invite them when he moved. He went to the door and was ridiculed by He Yue's words.

The Qi's daughters-in-law are not worry-free. The family quarrels constantly every day, wanting to get some light, and of course Zhou Cuicui is the same. As a result, the people in the village can see the jokes.

Qi Dalang looked at the tears of his old mother and said, "Mother, don't cry. If the sixth brother finds out, you won't feel distressed. This box is so beating, let's open it and see what's in it." Several daughter-in-laws also persuaded.

Qi Shiqin was also more relieved because it was given by someone from the Hou Ye's mansion. After buying a lot of things, he finally put a big box in it.

Zhou Cuicui wiped her tears, crying in front of several juniors also made her a little embarrassed: "Okay, I won't cry, let's see what we Xiao Liu brought back, how can we buy so many things when we go out. "

There were some complaints in the words, but Zhou Cuicui was happy in her heart. It used to be the case when the younger son was studying in the academy. He collected the money for selling calligraphy and painting. Every time she went, the younger son always took her to eat some good food for her. what. Such a child, how can she not hurt her heart.

The fur in the northwest is very cheap, so Qi Shiqin bought several to keep his mother warm in winter. I gave bracelets of equivalent value to several sister-in-laws and let them choose by themselves. There are some cloths in the middle, which are used to make clothes, there are also some odds and ends and children's stuff. When I opened the bottom layer, several people opened their mouths.

The second daughter-in-law said, "Mother, this…I'm afraid there are hundreds of taels."

The silver is all neatly coded on one layer, which looks very surprising. Qi Dalang looked at the message in his hand again: "The sixth brother said that our house is a little bit small for several rooms, and some nephews are also older. Let my mother see if I fix a bigger one, so I can show them in the future. daughter in law."

The six-bedroom house is indeed a small one. Although Qi Shiqin doesn't go home often, the best room is always reserved for him, and a study room is specially prepared for him. Zhou Cuicui does not allow anyone to enter. It's almost a forbidden place for the Qi family. And the younger generation is about his age, it's not funny to be huddled together all the time.

The people in the several rooms are moved by this. They are all people with children, and the eldest is about to see each other. The others are not far away. If you have a big house, you can find a better wife. So they looked at Zhou Cicui with expectant eyes.

Zhou Cuicui lived up to expectations: "Well, let's build a magnificent house. The boss and the second, you will contact tomorrow." In the final analysis, apart from a lot of money and confidence, Zhou Cuicui is still a little angry.

After responding, Qi Dalang continued: "It is estimated that it will cost more than 100 taels to repair the bigger ones. The sixth brother means that the remaining part will be given to a few nephews to school, and then will be given to Xiaoyue, Xiaohe, and Xiaotao. Keep a dowry for one, and give you all the others."

Zhou Cuicui snorted, "Kailiulang still remembers the two white-eyed wolves, and Xiaotao's stupid hoof was still in front of me saying that he was not. It was my Xiaoliu who was obedient and filial."

Several of the daughter-in-laws did not answer the conversation. To be honest, apart from the eldest daughter-in-law who has been married for a long time and knows a little more about Qi Shiqin, no one has seen Qi Shiqin much. Because this little uncle spends no more than a month at home every year, and every time Zhou Cuicui goes to see her little son in the city by herself.

In fact, what they remember more deeply is Qi Shiqin's turbulent life in the past few years. After all, the long-tongued women in the village like to make fun of them.

Taking out the things in the box for Yiyi, Zhou Cuicui said: "These are all small six points, you all take your own."

Everyone got the benefits, and thought of the new house that was about to be built, they were naturally happy, and couldn't help but sigh in their hearts that this little uncle is really capable. As for Zhou Cuicui, Le Diandian had already taken the gold bracelets given by her youngest son, and Le Diandian was going out to show off with her good sister.


Naturally, Qi Shiqin didn't know that the three rooms had been separated. If he knew what was going on in the beginning, he would be very happy.

This is the advantage of studying. When he studies, he is not limited to scientific examinations. He is most interested in other miscellaneous studies, especially the law.

The "Law of the Great Zhou" stipulates that grandparents and parents are present, and children and grandchildren…There is no way of self-study. However, there are different sources of wealth, and the heart of love is not filial, and it is perverted in the name, and the plot is hereby discarded. The rituals of Ji's rituals are unbearable.

The Zhou Dynasty ruled the world with filial piety for three hundred years. In order to protect the rights and interests of the elders, there were also many regulations that favored the elders.

It probably means that as long as the parents are still alive, the law does not support the separation of families, and it advocates gathering together in the family, and the children must be divided, then it is regarded as the "ten evil", which is filial piety.

He Yue was going to be separated. Qi Sanlang and Zhou Cuicui had been in trouble for a while, but not long after they were separated, her family built a new house on their own. The implication of this is that even if Zhou Cuicui agreed to the subsequent separation, the charge of "unfilial piety" can still be smashed on their heads now.

What's more, Zhou Cuicui has raised Qi Sanlang for more than 20 years. Although she is eccentric, let the third child do a lot of work and scold a lot, but these are common phenomena in this continent, and it is much more miserable than him. He mainly suffered more cold and violence and didn't take it seriously. People nowadays don't think it has anything to do with it.

And He Yue is to give some grains and some copper money to provide for the elderly every month, so she really refuses to eat at any loss.

The author has something to say: By the way, everyone seems to not understand the previous chapters. After almost three or five chapters, I will let the male lead come back. I find that writing about the farmer's daily life is a bit smoother.

The male protagonist is particularly filial, not stupid, not mommy, but he enjoys the care of his parents.

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