Unlike a lot of things for parents, only one letter and one accessory were given to Wei Jingshu. He took out the letter paper and read it and said, "Yecheng, Yecheng is on the border. What is he going to do there?"

Last time he was anxious and said cruel things, and afterwards he felt a trace of regret in his heart, but more of it was hatred.

He was obviously about to make a marriage with the prefect. Jiang Yuan's mother was the daughter of the current prime minister. The prime minister had high authority and was extremely sacred. With such a foreigner, Jiang Yuan's future is bright.

And even if Qi Shiqin has no lame legs, he is not necessarily better than the masters. There are more people who can read books, and not everyone can get ahead. What's more, Qi Shiqin also offended the eldest prince. Even if he doesn't cause trouble in the future, those officials who want to please their superiors will be able to drink a pot with a random action.

Zhang did not shy away from it and took it over and took a look: "His leg has been healed, my son, you can be saved now."

Wei Jingshu's tone of disdain: "Mother, have you forgotten who broke his leg? I followed him, and I still endured the same hardship."

He subconsciously ignored the joy in his heart, and his habitual speech was a little bit mean.

Zhang knows his child's temperament, and he doesn't care: "After all, you both have raw rice and cooked rice. You have his child in your stomach now. Don't be self-willed anymore. This eldest prince is not the son of Donggong. , In the future, this position can be determined by who will sit, and it's not the son-in-law's fault even if it's good."

Although it was known that this was the case, their marriage contract had long since been terminated. After three years, Wei Jingshu's affection for Qi Shiqin had long since disappeared. He still felt uneasy in his heart.

Zhang sighed: "You, if I hadn't come in time, the child would have disappeared long ago, so you can't let me save snacks. If you haven't married yet, if you don't have children, he will come back after a few years. If you don't recognize you, then you will only suffer."

Brother is usually in the same condition as a man. He also knew about it after his belly was big and he reacted strongly to morning sickness. At that time, his first thought was to shoot down, and halfway through the drink, he was discovered by his mother and stopped.

He had a stomachache for a long time before he recovered slowly, but he was afraid that the child would be weak in the future.

Wei Jingshu was noncommittal about Zhang's words. He now has another plan in his mind: "Mother, you said that Dad is so old, and there is no young master in our house. From now on, our Wei family's blood will continue to be broken."

"You…" The Zhang family gradually remembered, and said: "Are you trying to treat this child…?"

Wei Jingshu nodded: "I don't believe anyone can heal his leg anyway. I just want to coax me. Otherwise, why won't he come back. Dad has no heirs and heirs, so the doctor just said that I was a boy in my stomach. Come, my Wei family's blood will continue. Dad will also pay more attention to us. Even if I don't marry for life, I will still have my children."

"What second lady? It's just a fox."

The county magistrate Wei liked Wei Jingshu very much, but he didn't like the Zhang family. Now that the second wife is becoming more and more spoiled, Wei Qingqing usually looks gentle and considerate, which makes Wei County magistrate also very sweet. I was talking about it, but I didn't know that besides them, there was a third person in this room.

At night, the county magistrate Wei slept in Zhang's room. Although he loved the concubine's room, his basic face would still be given to the girl he was married to by the matchmaker.

The Zhang family poured a cup of tea, and then went around to help the county magistrate Wei beat his back: "Master, what do you want to do after our family history book? Qi Shiqin hasn't come forward now, and I don't know where he is going. Jing Shu treats him this way, he will definitely have resentment towards Jing Shu."

The county magistrate Wei snorted, and said in a bad mood: "That kid was always my favorite. It's a pity that Jing Shu fell into trouble when people were in trouble, and he wanted his life. This is all he has done."

Zhang said, "That's not all that was wrong with Jing Shu. If Qi Shiqin didn't sneak into his room and ruin Jing Shu's good marriage contract, he wouldn't be like that."

Seeing how the county magistrate Wei wanted to refute, Zhang hurriedly said: "Well, let's not mention this, things have already happened. The key is that Qi Shiqin has not shown up for such a long time, the injury is also quite serious, he will not Will it already…?" As for Qi Shiqin's letter, Zhang did not mention it.

Although I didn't say the whole story, the county magistrate Wei immediately responded and said: "It's impossible. At that time, I asked Zhang Quan to send it to a place nearby someone's house."

Thinking of Zhou Cuicui's and his wife's visit to find someone, the magistrate of Wei County rarely feels a little frustrated. I don't know if the eldest nephew has come back after all these months.

Zhang wanted to say that Qi Shiqin had died a long time ago, but unfortunately she was afraid that if someone came back in the future, it would be no good for her husband to turn over the old account. She didn't want her husband to like it, and the housekeeping power was taken away. If she bored her husband, she would be finished. So she had to go around with suggestive words: "It rained heavily in those few days, and he didn't show up in Qingshan Academy for a long time. If this is…we Jingshu is still pregnant with a child."

The county magistrate Wei was a little guilty. After all, Qi's father saved his life, but he felt that he had done everything he had to do. He could only blame the bad luck of this big nephew, and he immediately felt relieved when he thought about it.

"Then what do you think?"

"Jing Shu is pregnant with a boy. I think… Master still hasn't a child who can continue the incense of the Wei family. Rather than a man who will take over by then, it is better to treat this child as our Wei family. Anyway, Jing Shuzheng It's the grandfather's child. Others say that they don't necessarily have one mind with us when we grow up."

The county magistrate Wei's eyes lit up. He said that he hadn't added a child to the family for more than ten years, but the problem was with himself, and he couldn't force it: "That… Jing Shu is willing?"

"Jing Shu is our child, and his heart is naturally directed towards our Wei family. Master, don't worry, if there is one in the family in the future, don't mention it." Zhang did not think that the magistrate Wei could still give birth to a child. , For so many years, she is afraid that the child will not grow up.

There is no impermeable wall in the world. How could the second wife Liu Qianqian, who is in charge of the housekeeping rights, not put people around in the backyard? Liu Qianqian smiled when he heard the news. In no hurry, the child may not be born, and he may not be able to support it. The master is in high spirits, she can't hit the cusp of the storm, and see the future.

She looked at her nanny: "Bring me the medicine once it's cooked."

This is the secret medicine of birth that she has searched for with all her heart, God bless it, it will definitely work this time.

A few months later, only a few faint cries came from the delivery room, and the little baby who had gone through many twists and turns was born.

Wei Jingshu, who listened to that weak voice, was a little bit sour. In the end, he was not a stone when he was pregnant in October, but naturally he had feelings.

The county magistrate Wei also took good care of this child who might continue the Wei family's bloodline. In fact, he had already planned the future of this child a long time ago. Wei Jingshu was also happy with this scene. The child is too weak, and with his father's protection, it is naturally better.

Unfortunately, the good days are not long.

"How is this possible? Dad, he hasn't let a woman conceive in more than ten years." This shouldn't have come from his mouth, but when talking to his mother, Wei Jingshu had no scruples.

Zhang worried: "I heard that the one seems to have found some medicine, maybe this will work. What should we do now?" Looking at the thin baby in her arms, she was a little worried.

Wei Jingshu didn't speak any more, he was in a mess, his plan was disrupted, and he didn't know what to do. After a long while, he said: "You go out first, I want to rest for a while." His mother has no opinion and can only do what others say, and he doesn't expect her to help him.

After September, Liu Qianqian gave birth to a sturdy baby boy, and the magistrate of Wei County was ecstatic.

After another six months, Wei Jingshu's two-year-old child was abducted because he was watching a lantern festival. Zhang became bedridden because he blamed himself for losing his grandson.


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