Martial arts field.

"Little Liu, my dad is looking for us over." With a smile in his voice, Lin Quan is much happier than before when he lives with a small partner who is quite capable of him.

Qi Shiqin stopped practicing martial arts and replied: "Okay, wait for me." His body was wet with sweat, so he had to clean it briefly and change his clothes first.

It has been more than three years since I came here, and I have experienced countless wars, large and small. He recklessly used the enemy's life on the battlefield to improve his abilities, and now he has recovered almost the same as his previous life.

Entering the study, Ding Yuanhou was already waiting: "The emperor went south some time ago and was besieged in Tianming Mountain. I received the news that the eight anti-kings united and wanted to kill the emperor. I received the imperial decree, Go to the escort, you guys go with me."

Tianming Mountain? Qi Shiqin remembered this battle in history. The imperial court retreated in a row. The emperor simply gave a few anti-king kings and retreated half of the country by himself.

The matter was more urgent. They were on the road the next morning. Since most of the people walked, the line was long and could not be seen.

After more than ten days' journey, he finally came to the emperor's side, and not only theirs, the emperor invited Chen Gong. Chen Gong is Chen Mingyuan, and the people who will be in the world in the future realized that there was something wrong when Qi Shiqin saw him. At this moment, Chen Mingyuan did not intend to rebel. His son hasn't even thought of being emperor.

This is equivalent to putting a broad road in front of him. As long as these anti-kings are wiped out this time, and the emperor's death is not prevented, when the three princes come to power, the world will be restored to peace.

In fact, Qi Shiqin himself is not a person who wants to fight the world in troubled times, but the way he strengthens his strength is too cruel. In this era, only the well-known Shura field of the battlefield can make him not bear the pressure.

"Look next to the emperor, that is the legendary first warrior of the Great Zhou Dynasty. How do you compare him to us?" Lin Quan quietly turned his head to ask, his eyes with a young man's eagerness to win.

Qi Shiqin finds it very interesting. When the martial arts practitioners of this era encounter famous martial artists, they can't help but want to go forward and fight. He said: "Since they have this title, martial arts are estimated to be good. Let's wait and see. Look, the youngest son of the Chen family is a man who likes to find someone to fight, and he will probably start fighting soon."

The first warrior of the Great Zhou Dynasty is Yuwen Yuncheng, and Yuwen family has the merits of being a dragon and has a high status. And Yu Wenyun is indeed very capable, if it weren't for the existence of the Chen family's youngest son, a stupid boy who opened up, his title would almost be worthy of the name.

Sure enough, after Chen Mingyuan saw the emperor, his youngest son Chen Shi couldn't help it: "You said you are the number one warrior of the Chinese Communist Party, then you will definitely fight, come and play with me."

Chen Mingyuan scolded: "Chen Shi, don't be rude in front of the emperor." Turning to the emperor on the high platform: "please forgive the emperor. The child has been stupid since he was a child and has great power. He likes to find people to fight. He was emotionally disturbed. We usually tie him in an iron cage with iron chains." This is indeed true, because Chen Shi likes to beat people to death or to death.

Yuan Qing laughed out loud, obviously not paying attention: "Then Yuncheng, you go and compete with this Chen Shi."

Yu Wen Yuncheng walked down, his eyebrows were full of disdain, Chen Mingyuan quickly said: "This is more than the end of the trial. It's better not to kill anyone."

Without waiting for the emperor to speak, Yu Wenyun said: "Don't worry, I will be merciful." He never thought that he would lose to a 13-year-old child, only when Chen Mingyuan was worried about his child.

With a trace of embarrassment on Chen Mingyuan's face: "I said this to a child Chen Shi. I'm afraid he accidentally injured the general."

Yu Wenyun had a look on his face, Qi Shiqin wanted to laugh a little. He saw this kind of face-slapping plot with his own eyes, but he actually sympathized with Yu Wenyun. Chen Mingyuan must be deliberate.

The fight between the two was still very exciting. Chen Shida got excited in the middle of the fight, and he lifted the person high, and then threw him far away.

How to do? He found that he had become more and more sympathetic to Yu Wenyun. After all, a potato and a diamond fight, it must be a loss, Yu Wen Yuncheng's arm has been discounted, and the other hand is tightly clutched, and his painful face is full of cold sweat.

Chen Shi smiled openly: "You are the number one warrior. It's much better than those before. I want to play with you. Come out and play with me." Then he was going to pull people.

The emperor Yuan Qing also laughed and said: "What kind of man is he the number one warrior of the Great Zhou Dynasty. If you defeat him, he can only be the second warrior of the Great Zhou Dynasty. And you, I will also reward you, and I will ban you. He is King Zhao of the Xifu and the number one warrior in the world."

Being an emperor is so self-willed, especially Yuan Qing. He doesn't like to take into account the ideas of others. He is only self-centered and happy.

And Chen Shi was also stupid and a little annoying. He happily said: "Then my official is older than him?" Seeing the emperor nodded, he said: "I don't want anything else, I just want him to accompany me every day. Play, no one else is as resistant as him."

I have to say that if a cute-looking child said so, it would be lovable. But he is a bit unbearable, with a sharp mouth and cheeks, which does not give a good impression. Yu Wenyun is an extremely arrogant figure, and his expression is even more upset when he listens to his words, and he dare not refute it because of his power, and his face is discouraged.

The next day was the official war against the king. These forces alone are not threatening enough. Together, they cannot be underestimated. The strongest one is Yixianzhuangli.

Standing on the high ground, looking at the people below, Qi Shiqin asked pretendingly, "Isn't that your cousin Cheng Xiujie? I remember your father recommended him to the southwest."

Lin Quan also took a look, but didn't have much reaction, because he met Qi Shiqin a long time ago, and he didn't have too much contact with this cousin. In fact, in history, he was only close to Dong Xiaoxiao. Only with this link will he have a better understanding of Cheng Xiujie.

He replied: "The Southwest was defeated, and his cousin had a good relationship with the owner of Yixianzhuang, I guess he went there at that time." The officials and bandits were opposed, but Lin Quan did not contradict Yixianzhuang too much. On the contrary, it was Qi Shiqin who was robbed by Yixianzhuang on the way, and then Dong Xiaoxiao was generous to others, and was quite disdainful of these people.

Cheng Xiujie's military value is not high, he is most praised for his character, he has three women in his life, the daughter of a scholar, the princess of the Kingdom of Jin, and the daughter of a criminal minister. Now entangled with him is the daughter of the criminal, whose father died because of Yuan Qing's mediocrity. She has never forgotten her revenge. Yuan Qing also died in her assassination.

Amidst the drums, Chen Shi rode out on a horse. When he reached the army, he looked at the opposite side: "Hey, benefactor, it's you."

He got off his horse, walked directly over, and knelt down on his knees: "My father, you never returned back then, my father has been looking for you for a long time. When I met today, I have to thank you for your great kindness." said When he finished, he knocked his head a few times.

Cheng Xiujie smiled and said: "Great grace does not say thank you, people of my generation should do it when you see an injustice, and I have heard of Chen Gong's righteousness. It is my honor to be able to help you. But…" His complexion became serious: "How can you help Yuan Qing's faint gentleman now? He went south on the road, and I don't know how many girls have been ruined. How many people who dragged the dragon boat day and night died on the road."

Chen Shi was a little dazed, and only smiled and said, "I don't understand this, but I listen to my benefactor, my benefactor won't let me kill, then I won't fight you." He really wanted to leave.

Cheng Xiujie looked dazed, are all the children so upright now? ? ?

He said in a somewhat complicated tone: "You don't have to be like this. We stand against each other. It's not easy to deal with you. I just want you not to be too addicted to killing." Chen Shi often kills and kills and kills. He also heard about it.

Chen Shi didn't mind at all, he showed two rows of front teeth: "It's okay, I'm going back." He went back so leisurely.

Onlookers: Remember to take medicine!

This time there was nothing, Chen Shi refused to go out again after he returned, and stared at his father's beard. And Yu Wen Yuncheng was beaten internally by him yesterday, and now he is not well.

Facing the embarrassing scene of the emperor with no one available, Ding Yuanhou happily stepped forward to ask for orders: "The emperor, there are two young generals under my name. Although they are not as powerful as Master Chen, they are also good players in leading the war. "That's what he said, but seeing how he wanted to lift his chin to the sky, everyone knew that he was "modest".

He clearly didn't pay attention to Chen Shi.

Yuan Qingle said, "Well, I will order them to go out and destroy these anti-thief."

The effect was very good. In one afternoon, more than a dozen generals had been killed by the enemy. Qi Shiqin refused to come, and they all went to the dead, playing very happily. He knew that the enemy also has a good character man, Liu Yan 'indeed not a good emperor emperor, but now he is a human side of the emperor, the three princes "There is a small notebook in the heart" of the future emperor unpopular with the Rebels, He naturally wanted to relieve the worries for Jun.

Speaking of the three princes is just a prudent, he will always remember what you did. When he has the ability, he will start to calculate the general ledger for you. In history, he perished because of the death of the anti-thief. Of course, fortunately, he is a good emperor. If he is a competent minister or a loyal minister, he will not be too much.

Qi Shiqin doesn't know how to say something that the upper ranks like, but this does not prevent Ding Yuanhou from helping him. Yuan Qing is overjoyed to have an additional general in the court, laying a stable cornerstone for his free life and naming him as Auxiliary General (Second Product).

Qi Shiqin thanked him, unavoidably feeling that this general position came too soon, saying that Yuan Qing really likes to be able to fight, he has never hesitated to award rewards.

In the following days, Qi Shiqin, Lin Quan and some other young generals defeated the Eight Great Anti-kings. The morale of the army became higher and the rehabilitated gradually entered the end.

And Yuan Qing should also usher in that terrible assassination.


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