There are many beauties in the Jiangnan water town. After the rebellion was resolved, Yuan Qing's mind came back to life. A group of newly recruited beauties came to the dragon boat and would be dedicated to Yuan Qing after training in rules and other aspects.

Most of these beauties were forcibly pulled by local officials, soldiers, etc., and a few wanted to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix. As for Su Wanwan, she came up by herself.

Su Wanwan, who looks gentle and beautiful, has a soft and strong personality. Ever since his father was cut down by the whole family, he has always wanted to kill Wujun to avenge his father. She originally expected Cheng Xiujie to help her, but this time she failed. Seeing that Zhou Dynasty was about to regain her vitality, she was unwilling to do so, so she got mixed up.

Qi Shiqin is also not clear about the specifics. Even a man cannot approach the place where the female relatives are.

On this day, Qi Shiqin finally met the three princes alone. This time when he went south, the emperor took his favorite subjects, and the three princes stayed to supervise the country. After Yuan Qing was besieged, the three princes came.

"His Royal Highness."

"Are you? That scholar." Yuan Zong said after looking at it several times. Qi Shiqin has changed a lot in the past three years. Not only has his broken leg been cured, his height is almost 1.9 meters, and his body is much stronger. He is no longer the weak scholar of the year. And after being washed by blood on the battlefield, it is magnificent.

Qi Shiqin smiled: "I didn't expect His Highness to remember me. If it weren't for His Highness to plead for me, there would be no where I am today."

Yuan Zong also showed a smile, Qi Shiqin knows his performance these days, he is a rare fierce player, with him, Da Zhou's position is stable. And this general was actually the person he had saved, and he obviously had a good opinion of him, so that he might be able to win over and become his help for the throne. (T/N: Da Zhou is the name of the country)

"General Guoqian, I just can't bear to have a talented person disappear like this. Now it seems that what I did was really right." Yuan Zong had heard of Qi Shiqin's poems in the Zhuangyuan Building. During the season, the champion building will always hold some activities, and Qi Shiqin can let the inn not take any money and stay as a guest, which is a good example of his talent.

Next, the two people strolled on the dragon boat for a long time. The dragon boat was built into a mobile palace, walking as if on land. Because it is too heavy to move in the water, hundreds of people on each side of the dragon boat have been pulling and walking day and night.

Not to mention the blood and tears behind this gorgeous palace, the scenery inside is very beautiful, Qi Shiqin also opened his eyes.

Before long, the emperor was tired of playing and planned to return to Beijing.

There was a faint sound of piano on the dragon boat, which was graceful and graceful, worthy of everyone. Qi Shiqin probably knew that this must be a piece of music played by Su Wanwan, and her violin is also of extraordinary quality, and it is precisely this way that she can bring it on.

Women's clothes are thin, except for the necessary cover, only a layer of light and transparent gauze jacket. Under such circumstances, it is difficult for Su Wanwan to hide a murder weapon, so she put the dagger in her guqin.

Sure enough, messy voices were heard shortly after the emperor was assassinated, and Su Wanwan was arrested and dragged down. Yuan Qing was angry and ordered the soldiers to entertain the beauty who didn't know how to promote him. At this moment, he didn't realize that his life was about to end.

On the way back to Beijing, Yuan Qing's injuries continued to deteriorate and often fell into a coma. After entering Beijing, Yuan Qing knew that his fate was not long before, and he made the imperial decree, and Zen was located in Yuan Zong, the third prince.

Yuan Zong was a little stunned. He didn't expect that the heir to his father's survivors was actually himself. Compared with his father's indulgence, he is notoriously heavy-handed.

Qi Shiqin felt that Yuan Qing's move was not surprising, because among the several adult princes, the third princes were mature and obviously more capable. Before Yuan Qing was in position, he was well-known for his talents, knowledge and personality. He still had a good vision. In addition, he didn't have a favorite prince, so naturally he was admitted on the best.

After the three princes became emperor, Qi Shiqin said hello to go home: "The person he loved by the minister has not yet married home, and his heart is very disturbed, and there are marshals and Dingyuanhou and others guarding him, so there will be nothing. In the future, if the emperor has anything to do, he will send someone to notify the minister, and the minister will do his best."

Yuan Zong did not reluctantly, anyway, in recent years, there will be no large-scale wars, and his uncle is the marshal of the world's soldiers and horses, and that is also step by step, no worries.

In this way, Qi Shiqin rode a horse and began to dash towards Dahe Village. Passing a village on the way, he felt a little thirsty, so he got off his horse and wanted to beg for a drink.

"Hey, child, what's your name? Can you give me a sip of water?" Qi Shiqin asked with a smile when he looked at the child quite familiar.

Before the child could speak, the woman in the nearby field quickly picked up the child and wanted to go back to the house. Qi Shiqin is a little inexplicable. Why are the people in this village so unenthusiastic, just a sip of water, and everything I met along the way was pretty good.

"Sister-in-law, don't go, I just passed by here, feeling thirsty and wanting to beg for a drink. I also want to ask if you know how to get to Yuecheng?" It was also because he wanted to take a shortcut and go home quickly, so he didn't leave. Officially, I accidentally got lost.

As soon as the voice fell, I saw the child in the woman's arms struggling violently, whimpering and speechless, but his mouth was blinded by the woman.

Qi Shiqin saw the women go faster and faster, and realized that there must be a problem in it. Trafficking, selling, and population have been there since ancient times, and he has also heard a lot. He shouted: "Stop."

The man jumped from the horse, and a long gun pointed at the woman. At this time, the people in the room also came out. An old woman shouted, "What are you doing? Come on, kill."

Qi Shiqin frowned and said, "You put the child down." Seeing the woman didn't move, he took the gun for a while, and blood flowed from the woman's neck. The scared woman shivered and said: "Don't…Don't kill. I."

As soon as the child landed, he ran over and hugged Qi Shiqin's thigh, and said softly, "Brother, they are human. Traffickers, I was sold here. I am also from Yuecheng. Can you take me? Go back together?"

Qi Shiqin looked down at this little dumpling, and his big eyes were full of innocence, clear to the bottom.

The woman hurriedly said: "We are not human dealers. Our family has no boys. I was afraid that no one would pass on the family line. So I went to the human dealer and bought one. Our family spent money and gave him food and clothes. But Did not abuse him."

"What she said is true?" Qi Shiqin asked.

"She didn't bully me, but others have beaten me, and they shut me up in a dark room without food." Outsiders are not frequent in this village, and finally came, Qi Ge also asked for help. , But after being discovered, it was a severe beating.

Those people didn't care about these things. After receiving a few lessons, Qi Ge became obedient and stopped asking for help easily. The family thought he was young and didn't remember anything, so they relaxed their vigilance.

After asking the truth about the matter, Qi Shiqin took the small dumpling and reported the case to the county government office. There were still a few children bought in this village.

With the small dumplings, Qi Shiqin naturally didn't want to hurry. He hugged the limp and came to the inn and ordered some dishes. Seeing the sweetness of the child, he asked, "What is your name? Can you tell me about your situation with my brother, and my brother will help you find your family."

Qi Ge's eyes darkened, and when he thought of his family, he felt a little depressed. Why did he never like his parents? In his previous life, he could only use envious eyes to see other children loved by their parents, and his mother would only let him practice martial arts, otherwise he would be punished severely. He has been living in hatred, and the goal of avenging his mother has been carried out throughout his life.

In the end, everything was fake. He was not his mother's child at all. The person who had been against him turned out to be the mother's child, and the mother would only be so gentle with him.

In the end, the enemy said that he still loved his mother, and the three of them lived happily together. But what about him, didn't he have been indoctrinated by his mother to kill that person since he was a child? Didn't the mother say that one of them is father and I'm sorry for the two mothers? [When Xiao Tuanzi died, he was seventeen or eighty-nine years old. He had few contacts and was relatively simple in some aspects. No history of love. 】

After rebirth, Qi Ge thought that this was a compensation from God, and he had always cherished it, and wanted to protect his true mother, but they were getting farther and farther apart.

Qi Shiqin watched the child fall down for a while, and hurriedly asked, "What's the matter?"

"My mother doesn't like me, and my father hasn't come back for many years. When I go back this time, I wonder if my mother will be upset?"

"How could you be unhappy? You were born after your mother was pregnant for so long. You are missing. She must be anxious." Qi Shiqin comforted.

Qi Ge seemed to be comforted by this. He said happily: "My mother's name is Wei Jingshu. He is the child of the county magistrate. My family is on the other side of Qingshan Academy." He knows that Qingshan Academy is a very famous academy.

Qi Shiqin was in a daze, and asked, "What about your father?"

"My father's name is Qi Shiqin. I heard that he went to Yuzhou, but I don't know when he will be back."

Qi Shiqin trembled and picked up the child. This was his first child in his two lives, and he was connected by blood. He calmed down: "What is your name?"

"My name is Qi Ge."

"Oh, Qi… Qi Ge." Qi Shiqin's mouth twitched, a name that took advantage.

"Then brother, can you take me to Yuecheng?" Qi Ge asked. He was already weak in this life, he was injured by drugs, his meridians were blocked, and he couldn't practice martial arts at all, otherwise he wouldn't be so powerless.

Qi Shiqin kissed him and said, "What is your brother? Daddy."

Qi Ge:! ! !

Qi Ge carefully picked up his little heart, and quickly accepted this fact. He carefully observed this man. He was very tall, had a strong chest, and was well-defined and beautiful. The most important thing was his aura, different from ordinary people. .

The two had a lot of sweet talks. Qi Ge had the love of his father, and he spontaneously showed the attitude of a child without realizing it. He didn't realize it was wrong, and was always happy that he finally had his own parents. [Don't count on his IQ, he will always live like a child. 】

(By the way, in many martial arts novels, there are always villains who specialize in maternal and fatherly love. I feel distressed. Let this little group enjoy happiness.)

The author has something to say: I really like this kind of villain who is particularly innocent in front of my parents. Thank you for your support. It is really full of motivation to see the message, and I am writing faster. I will give you my care.

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