The four-to-five-day journey was stretched for half a month. Qi Shiqin spent a long time having fun with Qi Ge and strolled around the market for a long time. He hadn't thought that the person he was longing for would already be married to his home.

Since his son was abducted, Wei Jingshu has also been very sad, but he has not been so uncomfortable when he thinks that the child actually does not know where the monsters come from. Even a little fortunate that this guy finally left.

However, Zhang's illness became more serious, and Liu Qianqian became more and more favored. Wei Qingqing replaced his former position in the eyes of Wei County Order. The innocent brother is naturally of little use. In addition, he has always been arrogant and arrogant. The county magistrate spoiled his daughter even more.

Naturally, Liu Qianqian gave birth to a boy and played an important role.

At this time, Wei Jing's book failed to let his son inherit the Wei family's wish, and he gradually became less popular with his father. The county magistrate Wei followed Wei Qingqing's suggestion and wanted to give Wei Jingshu to a high-ranking official as a concubine, which made Wei Jingshu aware of his own crisis.

After thinking about it, Wei Jingshu felt that Qi Shiqin was better at this stage. Qi Shiqin liked him, and he was still alive. Besides Qi Shiqin's talent, it's okay to find a powerful person to be an assistant. At this time, Wei Jingshu thought about his many benefits, and told his father that he would marry to Qi's family.

County Order Wei agreed with a little thought.

The custom at this time is that if the bridegroom is not there, he can use wood to make a shelf, wear the bridegroom's clothes on it, and get married. In this way, the Qi family also had a lively day.

In the days that followed, Qi's family was also very enthusiastic, and Wei Jingshu was also spoiled and raised up anyway. He couldn't do farm work at all, and he didn't plan to do it. Every day after he woke up, the Qi family had already gone out to farm. He didn't want to eat Qi's meal, and asked the maid to make another meal.

Now the old lady Zhou Cuicui is reluctant to do so. You can just eat or work on your own, and she can bear it for the sake of her youngest son. But you also brought two free meals. Obviously, these two maids also looked down on the house, and let her hear a little bit of slurs, which immediately angered Zhou Cuicui and drove the two girls away.

Wei Jingshu was not a compromised master, so he went back to live with her family for a few days at every turn.

"It's such a big sun, you want to go by yourself, I won't go anyway, I didn't come to work for you when I married to your house. My mother missed me, I have to go back and live for two days." Wei Jingshu's lively voice When it sounded, he realized that his attitude was a little better, and the old lady kicked her nose to her face.

It turned out that after he returned, Zhang had been persuading him to treat his elders with respect, to marry a chicken and a dog to a dog. This will happen again in the future. After Qi Shiqin came back, he might be unhappy to see him treat his parents like this.

Qi Shiqin robbed him of his innocence, and he married into Qi's family, Wei Jingshu still gradually had some charming thoughts in his heart. It was better for Zhou Cicui, and started to help with some simple tasks. Who knew that Zhou Cicui was really rude and started calling him everywhere, but he was mad at him.

Qi Shiqin ran into such a scene when he went home. Wei Jingshu was shouting loudly with his back to him, and his energetic appearance made him laugh.

Catching the body he accidentally bumped into, Qi Shiqin said, "Where are you going?"

Hearing the familiar voice, Wei Jingshu raised his head in surprise, his facial lines became much tougher, and his deep eyes kept staring at him, full of oppressiveness. Wei Jingshu blushed slightly and looked away, his heart thumped. Stammered: "No… don't go…where, you…you're back."

After he finished speaking, he cursed in his heart that he would be astonished when he saw a real person. Thinking about this, Wei Jingshu quickly returned to normal, and naturally he saw the little guy riding on Qi Shiqin's neck.

"Qi…Qi Ge." His tone was a little weird, with joy and slight fear.

Qi Shiqin glanced at him suspiciously, and said: "I happened to ran into it on the way back. It really is the fate between our father and son." He put the small dumpling down and hugged him, with Wei Jingshu in his other hand. Slightly hard: "Let's go, go home."

At the gate, Zhou Cuicui's eyes were red.

"Little six." Zhou Cuicui looked at her own little son with tears in her eyes: "Your child has finally returned."

Putting the child in Wei Jingshu's arms, Qi Shiqin hugged his mother: "Mother, I'm back." When he lowered his head, he saw Zhou Cuicui's whitening temples, and his hands trembled slightly.

"Mother, this is your grandson named Qi Ge. Do you think he looks like your son?"

Zhou Cuicui wiped away her tears, and said with a smile: "Let me see." She took the little dumpling over with a bit of love: "Grandma's little boy, he looks exactly the same as when you were a kid."

Qi Ge obediently shouted, "Hello, grandma."

"Hey, good."

Seeing the smile on his mother's face, Qi Shiqin also smiled: "When I saw him, I felt as if I had seen him somewhere. After thinking about it for a long time, I thought about it last time. Isn't that just me?" Long like this.

Zhou Cuicui was amused by him: "Don't stand at the door anymore. Let's go in and say, this new house mother has left you a big house. Whether it's sunny, the quilt mother will also get you sun-dried every day. There are also yours. The study, my mother has arranged it for you, so no one is allowed to go in casually."

Qi Shiqin took the hand of his sweetheart and followed his mother next to her: "Mother, I didn't say that, those books can be shown to these nephews. How expensive is a book, and our family can't afford it. Let them have a look. Don't worry too much." These were all silent after he finished reading them, and he had absorbed and understood them thoroughly. Originally, he planned to use them for the juniors, and there are a lot of his comments on them.

"That's not okay, it's not good for them to break such precious things." Zhou Cuicui has her own obsession, and treats everything involving her youngest son seriously.

As expected, the room was just like Zhou Cuicui said, choosing the best and largest for the youngest son. The furnishings inside were all very good except for the one that Wei Jingshu had brought, and they were all arranged according to his preferences. The study room was the same as before, and the books were carefully dried, and the dust was wiped clean.

Qi Shiqin was moved: "Mother, you are so kind to me."

"What are you talking about?" Zhou Cuicui was a little embarrassed: "I'll cook some food for you and my good grandson. Let me eat something simple. In the afternoon, I will cut some meat and buy a fish. Mother will cook it for you in the evening. delicious."

Watching Zhou Cuicui leave with his son, Qi Shiqin turned around to look at Wei Jingshu. He remembered that three years ago, his life was almost hanging by a thread, and the other party was not so temperamental.

Wei Jingshu lowered his head, a little flustered.

Qi Shiqin said with a low smile: "I thought you wished I would die like this, but I didn't expect you to marry me." He always felt that it was his own fault, and everyone has the right to choose to treat themselves. A better way, to understand is to understand, he was not reconciled at the time.

He ruined Wei Jingshu's marriage contract, and there is no reason to blame Wei Jingshu for being cruel at the time.

Hearing Qi Shiqin's tone that didn't seem to resent him, Wei Jingshu lifted his chin: "You treated me like that. My innocent brother was ruined, so I was anxious. Now I marry you. Now, you are not allowed to turn over the old accounts again." He quietly observed Qi Shiqin's face.

Qi Shiqin pretended not to notice his small movements, and joked: "Then you are willing to wrong yourself and live a good life with me?"

"So you have to be nice to me, or I'll go home and ignore you." Thinking about it, he was still very angry. He could have been the prime minister's nephew and daughter-in-law, but in the end he still had to marry a lame man. But speaking of the lame, his sight was placed on Qi Shiqin's lap involuntarily, as if it was really good?

"You…your legs?"

Qi Shiqin followed his gaze and looked down: "Well, I remember I wrote to you before."

Wei Jingshu smiled wryly. He didn't believe it at that time. The medical skills are developing so fast now, and this can really be cured.

After a while, Zhou Cuicui's voice came from outside the door. She cooked egg noodles, which would not take long.

A large bowl and a small bowl are placed side by side on the table. A handful of green vegetables are placed in the noodles, the eggs are laid, and a little green onion is sprinkled, which looks very refreshing. Qi Shiqin hugged the small dumpling on his lap, pinched a little with chopsticks, and fed it to Qi Ge after blowing it out.

Qi Ge tried his best to open his small mouth and ate it in one bite, sweet in his heart. Although he already knew how to eat, he still liked his father to feed him. He also took his chopsticks and tried to feed him. The father and the son finished the lunch crookedly.

When the sun was about to set, the Qi family came back one after another. Zhou Cuicui had been busy stewing meat on the stove early, and from a distance, the smoke on the top of the roof was so peaceful.

"Father, mother must have killed the chicken today." Qi Erlang smelled the tangy scent from a long distance. He hasn't eaten meat for a long time, so he is really greedy.

"Yeah, is there any happy event in our house today? My mother was actually willing to kill the chicken." You must know that chickens, such as chickens, have always killed two chickens only during the Chinese New Year. Usually they keep the eggs and sell them for money.

Old man Qi smiled: "Let's go, let's go home and have a look." He has always been assured of his old lady, and she is absolutely responsible for everything in the family.

Seeing Qi Shiqin came back, the family was very happy. The money for his new house and his son's school was all from the family. They took advantage of it, so naturally they were happy in their hearts. He said hello.

The father and son gathered at the dinner table and asked about Qi Shiqin's years of life outside.

He picked up some interesting things that happened in the camp, and the funny scenes that he used some small means to turn the enemy around during the war, which made the big guys amused. Only Zhou Cuicui's words were worried about the little son's suffering outside. This is not a story. Wars are all struggling with their lives. How could it be as simple as the son said.

Fortunately, her young son finally came back with good hands and feet.

One night, Zhou Cuicui's eyes never left his youngest son. Qi Shiqin looked sad and happy. His mother, he was really good and nothing to say.

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