Although the two had little contact over the years, Wei Jingshu couldn't help but entangle his careful thoughts. That night, Qi Shiqin ate people over and over again.

He has already married and entered the door. Qi Shiqin doesn't have the patience to cultivate his feelings before driving. He has been veteran for so many years, so he should do it first. And he shamelessly thinks that the fastest way to reach the hearts of brothers and women is this, so that they can be more intimate.

Early the next morning, Qi Shiqin was refreshed and contented to tighten his waistband. There were many mottled bruises on the fair skin of the beautiful woman who was not in a strand behind him. There were tears in the corners of his eyes, and the bottom of his eyes was faintly black. Qing, is sleeping soundly at this moment.

The weather was a bit hot, and Wei Jingshu's two white and tender legs slammed on the quilt like this. Qi Shiqin thought about it and took loose and light clothes to put him on his body.

The door was gently clicked, and the child's soft and sweet voice sounded quietly: Daddy, grandma asked us to eat.

Qi Ge is not a real child. His rigorous training in his previous life allowed him to wake up very early in this life. He originally wanted to sleep with his father and mother, but he felt that his mother didn't like him, so he didn't dare to mention it. Just like this, I've been in bed waiting for dawn, waiting for my parents to get up.

He didn't run over happily until his grandma called him.

Qi Shiqin opened the door, first took a big kiss with his son, and then whispered: "Your mother is tired and still sleeping. Let's quietly, don't wake him up."

Qi Ge nodded seriously, and looked at his father with big black and white eyes. He covered his mouth with two white hands, looking very cute.

After closing the door, he took the small dumpling's hand and asked, "Did you get up in the morning and wash your face and hands?"

"No." Qi Ge shook his head cleverly.

The father and son went to the yard and washed them together with water, and squatted together to whiten their teeth. This water is drawn by using bamboo as a connecting channel, which is very convenient to use, and it feels cool in summer. I don't know who made the device, so clever.

Everyone else was out when they were eating. Zhou Cuicui stayed at home to clean up the stove, feed pigs and chickens, etc., and did a lot of work. Seeing the youngest son and grandson coming in, Zhou Cuicui brought the meal quickly: "Hurry up, eat it, I made it for you again, it won't taste good when it is cooled."

Qi Shiqin took a look, and the porridge was thick and thick with good rice. His mother also fried two dishes for him, with enough oil and salt. Regardless of Zhou Cuicui's busy movements, Qi Shiqin used to hug his mother's waist and twisted it a few times: "Mother, thank you, I am so blessed to meet such a good mother, God is so kind to me."

Memories of the child haunting herself and acting like a baby in the past reappeared in front of Zhou Cuicui's eyes. She knocked her little son on the head, but was not willing to work hard. There was a flower on his face a long time ago, but his mouth was disgusted and said: "You are all such a big person, and he looks like a child who has not grown up. Your son is looking at you."

When Qi Shiqin turned his head, he saw the innocent and ignorant eyes of his little dumpling, his old face flushed, and he said silently: "Grandma is so good to us, do you know if you have to be filial to grandma in the future?"

Seeing his son still nodded obediently and looked trusting and reverent, Qi Shiqin was relieved.

Eating big white steamed buns, eating side dishes, and sipping porridge, the two of them sat on the small bench and ate with relish. Qi Shiqin knew that white flour and rice were generally not used in such luxury by the Qi family, but he didn't want to refuse. He has enjoyed the special treatment for more than ten years, and he has long been used to it. He also likes that among so many children, the mother loves himself most.

After eating and drinking, Qi Shiqin took his son out. He didn't come back for a long time, so he wanted to go shopping. He also brought his elder brother's daughter, Qi Yunyun, who is fourteen years old this year, so she can tell herself about the many changes that have taken place in the village in the past few years.

Passing by a house not far from the foot of the mountain, the house there was very impressive. Qi Shiqin pointed to the house and asked, "Whose family is that? When did such a rich man come to our village?"

Qi Yunyun said with ridicule and jealously said: "Uncle, you just came back, I'm afraid I don't know, Sanshu's house has been separated from us a long time ago. Uncle you suddenly disappeared, and grandma couldn't sleep in a hurry. I feel good, but the third uncle still kneels in front of my grandmother all day to split the family."

"The third aunt looked good in the past. In fact, there is a traitor inside. I have quietly heard that she urges her third uncle to split the family. At that time, I was still wondering why she didn't want to split the family for the money. It turned out that she has long been separated. When you are ready, contact the Yipin restaurant in the city to make wine for them, and because of this ability, she can hide for so long."

Thinking of the third brother and couple, Qi Shiqin was a little bit disbelieved. He was simply the spokesperson of the old scalper, and his honesty and loyalty were all written on his face.

There were a lot of people in the family last night, and he touched about a dozen people, so he didn't notice that there were fewer people. After all, to be honest, apart from his parents and eldest brother, Qi's family doesn't spend much time with him, and he doesn't care about these people.

Speaking of wine, he was a bit greedy for a while, and wondered for a while: "Is the brewing technique of the third brother's house really good?"

"The wine looks crystal clear, very attractive, and the taste is very strong. And the types of wine are also different. Among them, white wine is the best seller. Ordinary people will buy and taste it. Other fruit wines are also very popular, especially Wine, it is said that women drink a little every night to help beautify their face, and my aunt will also buy some to drink."

The more Qi Shiqin listened, the more curious he became. He simply said, "Then let's go to the third brother's house."

After all, he did not have a deep understanding of the separation family, and everything in the Qi family was based on him. He has been better than others since he was young, and he can't get rid of the superiority in his bones. Coupled with a good skin, several brothers can't help but feel embarrassed in front of him.

When he said something casually, Qi Sanlang would do it with twelve points of respect.

Qi Yunyun didn't stop, she even secretly expected her'good third aunt' to confront this young uncle who had just returned home. Apart from other things, Zhou Cuicui will not let go of those who dare to be disrespectful to her youngest son. She had long seen He Yue not pleasing to her eyes, and naturally she didn't want others to have a good life.

The three of them walked all the way to Qi Sanlang's house.

The door was unlocked, and the farmer was not happy to knock on the door. Qi Shiqin pushed open the door and shouted: "Is the third brother at home?"

With a bark, a big dog barked at them and rushed towards them. Qi Shiqin picked up the small dumpling that opened his two small arms and stopped him in front of him. Those eyes that were polished in the sea of ​​blood in Shishan glared, and the dog shook, and it ran away in such a desperate manner.

Qi Yunyun shivered and hid behind Qi Shiqin. She said in a crying voice: "Sorry, uncle, I forgot that there is a dog in his house."

Qi Shiqin didn't care about the little calculations in the little girl's heart. He hit the little dumpling's butt a few times and said angrily: "Next time you see danger, hide behind your father. What if you get hurt like this? Dad will be fine even if he gets bitten, but if you are young, it is very likely to get sick."

Different from the reaction of ordinary children being beaten, I saw Qi Ge standing on the ground, his little hand reflexively covering his little ass, but his eyes were bright: "But I also want to protect Dad."

Qi Shiqin's already happy mood is more like soaking in fine honey, sweet to his heart. With him, he can protect his son in any way, and he doesn't need to be too harsh.

Thinking of this, he put on a smile on his face, and reached out to point Qi Ge's little nose: "Thank you for the protection of my son. Daddy is very happy."

Qi Ge's eyes instantly became happy, and he automatically stretched out his hand for his father to hug him.

Hearing the dog barking, Xiao Tao walked out, and when she saw Qi Yunyun, she said with a bad face: "What are you doing here? Get out, our family doesn't welcome your relatives."

Qi Yunyun said: "It's okay for you to talk to me like this, but now my uncle is there, you don't respect the elders, you really don't have a tutor, and you don't know how the third aunt taught you."

"If you are an elder who doesn't care for the junior, how can you count on the respect of the junior? Don't say these things. I know you envy my family for a good life. I don't know how to be ashamed of wanting to come and take advantage of it every day. What? I came back because I had no money to hang around outside."

Qi Shiqin felt a sense of chaos in time and space for a moment, and no one really dared to ridicule him in person like this, and his face instantly became cold.

"Xiao Tao, what are you talking about!" Qi Sanlang said loudly when he came out of the house.

Xiao Tao said unconvincedly: "Father, those who are asking for cheating are here again, don't be soft-hearted and give them benefits. Be careful when you say you. Think about what they did to you in the past."

Well, Qi Shiqin's face is completely black now.

To welcome his youngest brother into the house, Qi Sanlang quickly poured a cup of tea over, and he subconsciously took a little caution while speaking: "This is your Sansao made by yourself. You can try to see if it tastes good."

After tasting a little, Qi Shiqin put down his teacup: "I came back yesterday and heard that my third brother has separated from his family, so I want to come and have a look today."

Qi Sanlang kept nodding his head, and he was always in awe of this younger brother who was admitted to Juren in his teens. Even in every pair, he always feels that his younger brother is like a man in the sky, and he is the dirt that is as low as dust, even if the other party didn't say a word, he couldn't help but want to bow his head.

The two said something peacefully, and finally Qi Shiqin mentioned: "Brother, your dog should still be tied up. This person comes and goes, if it bites someone, it won't be good."

Qi Sanlang was about to speak when a slightly cold voice came in.

"My dogs are all spiritual. There are so many people in this village. They really don't bite. As for some people, I don't know why this dog wants to bite. It may be that animals are simpler than people and can Find out what's good or bad." He Yue rushed over after hearing that her daughter said that Qi's family had come again.

Qi Shiqin took a look at the people. Although he was in his thirties, He Yuelong was a little younger, with a nice hair bun, and she was considered a delicate woman.

The woman's eyes were full of disdain for him, and there was a faint sense of superiority that looked down upon him, and Qi Shiqin understood why some students in the academy before looked at him unpleasantly. It seems that this variable should be his third sister-in-law, but he is not interested in talking to a woman. It has nothing to do with him whether other people change. He only knows that the third brother knows that the person next to his pillow has changed.

Don't want to stay any longer, Qi Shiqin said goodbye to his third brother directly. Qi Sanlang stood up and stopped, trying to get some wine out for his younger brother to drink, but he was also interrupted by a few words. He can only rub his hands and look at his brother apologetically.

"The okay third brother, I'll go back first." Qi Shiqin didn't take it to heart, holding the little dumpling in his hand and was going to go back to see if his husband was awake.

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