The auspicious hour was almost here, and before Shao Xun had time to talk to Zhao Ruotong, there was already a lot of fun outside, reminding everyone that the canonization of the chief and deputy envoy was about to arrive.

Because the post-seal is different from the big wedding, there is no need to enter the palace from the maternal family, and the first ceremonies are completed by the emperor and officials in the Cheng'en Hall, so Shao Xun saved a lot of things here.

Shao Xun stood in the main hall and waited until the canonized officials had everything ready before she was guided by etiquette to guide her to kneel and read the canonized imperial edict. The language of canonized Empresss in each dynasty is as good as possible. From family background to character to appearance, I tried to praise the new Empress from the inside to the outside. Even if I tried to find it, I couldn't find new ideas. Shao Xun usually listened to the emperor's personal praise and was numb, and then listened to this standard edict. Without blinking.

After the reading was completed, he took the Jinbao Gold Book representing the Empress's identity and completed a series of procedures. Shao Xun was lifted up, sat on the phoenix, and was carried all the way to the Chengen Hall. The emperor was there, waiting for Shao Visit the ancestors together.

Said to be ancestors, in fact, only the past emperors are qualified to enshrine in it, and the only emperor who has died since the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty is the first emperor. The empress dowager is still alive today, of course not counting, and the ancestors of several generations have not been chased. , And there are other places of worship, which are no longer in this list, so the rankings and portraits placed in the huge palace are only one of the first emperor.

This time it was all clan relatives and hundreds of civil and military officials who accompanied the emperor and empress to sacrifice to the first emperor, in order to let him know that Great Zhou had established a new empress under Jiuquan.

After all the people worshipped, they moved to the Taiji Hall with Yujia. The emperor and the newly appointed empress were ascended to their thrones and accepted the worship of hundreds of officials.

The Majesty of Taiji Hall is very high, at least much higher than the Linde Hall that Shao Xun has been to. Sitting on it almost makes people feel scared.

The officials stood there, waiting for the sealed edict to be taken out from the Ganlu Hall, and passed all the way to Chengtianmen for reading.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Shao Xun recognized that his father, Yingguo Duke, was standing at the head of honors, and the head of civil servants was He Qingyuan, Zhao Yanshu's teacher Cheng Jingming was behind, and his uncle Zheng Yongming was now a householder. The minister, the rank is a bit lower, people such as Shao Kui and others are not in the third rank, and they don't even have the qualifications to enter the hall to salute her.

Rows of officials bowed to the emperor, and the congratulatory message of "Hey Empress Empress Thousand Years Old" came from the Taiji Hall and passed on among the people in the square, followed by the guards guarding the imperial city, layer by layer. , Until it spreads throughout the courts and the opposition inside and outside.

This is what Tai Chi Palace welcomes the hostess of the whole world, including Shao Xun's biological father, all of them bow down for granted.

They were once Shao Xun's elders and relatives, but now they are her courtiers. They are different from monarchs and courtiers. They really walked side by side with her. Only the emperor who walked along was the emperor by her side.

I don't know if it was because of sitting too high. The sunlight outside the Mingming Hall was just right, and the voice of congratulating her was enough to make anyone's blood boil. Shao Xun shuddered slightly.

The emperor grabbed her hand at this moment.

This time it was not covered by sleeves.

From today onwards, she is his righteous wife. Their love between husband and wife is justified and no one can blame.

His hands were very warm, with a scorching temperature, and wrapped her cool fingers, but they seemed to hug her tightly, letting the chill of Shao Xun dissipate completely.

Shao Xun couldn't help but squeezed back hard, and did not let go until the end of the ceremony.

With this experience, when Shao Xun returned to the harem to accept the worship of the wives and concubines, he felt that it was not worth mentioning. Even if he saw Mrs. Zheng, stepmother and others in front of others, he did not look too much. , I didn't notice anything special.

When her nominal children greeted her, Shao Xun felt a little subtle. After all, Wang Wu was her husband in that "dream", but now in reality, he has become her concubine, since Shu fei died. , She remembered that dream less and less, the reality she experienced was very different from it, the gap was so big that it seemed to be just an ordinary nightmare.

But the breakdown of the relationship between King Wu Qi and King Wu seems to have not changed. Even if their son is still alive, he has been Zhao Yanshu's best friend since Lin Bo's death.

But the husband and wife have ignored each other.

Since Shu fei burned the Ganlu Temple, Qi-shi almost lost her son, but the husband whom she should rely on most spent spending time outside the palace. From then on, he was completely cold. Except for his own yard, he ignored everything beside him. King Wu was patient at first. I coaxed a few words with my own temper, but later discovered that he was not just a momentary anger, he was not a patient person at first, so he simply stopped asking for it.

This makes Prince Wu's Mansion, which was originally more chaotic than others, loses the restraint of its mistress, it is simply a human brain that becomes a dog's brain. There are really too many concubines who become pregnant every year, but the only ones who are successfully born and raised are still Two sons and one daughter.

De fei concubine was very troubled by this. At first she thought that her ugliness should not be publicized, so she stood up in front of Shao Xun and others, but then everyone knew that she almost made her way to the imperial court, and De fei could not be stretched anymore. Mentioning of her son and daughter-in-law was a complaint, and she made Shao Xun a little bit more sour, saying that looking at the appearance of President Zhao Yan, it would be impossible to miss a woman, and she would have a day of wrinkles for her son's backyard.

…This is really a terrible curse.

But in fact, it's strange. I don't know if it was the change brought about by Zhao Yu's survival. In Shao Xun's memory, Qi-shi had actually become half a lunatic because of the loss of a child and the inability to have children, and he did not manage the housework much. However, it seems that Wu Wang's mansion is not so messy, just a few fragments that Shao Xun remembered, and I haven't heard of any concubine who was pregnant. It seems that Wu Wang had no children until the end of Shao Xun's memory.

With the current situation, I don't know which is worse.

Shao Xun saw his "son" who was two years older than him knocked his head, and he felt very awkward when he said that he was "mother and Empress." Zhao Yanyi didn't feel comfortable going where he wanted to come. All the questions he asked An were said by Qi-shi. He himself Has been silent.

Then there is the Wei and the princess. The two have acted more and more low-key since the emperor deposed the Su clan. Zhao Yanhang's situation happened to be different from his elder brother. There are no concubines or heirs in the huge prince's mansion, and they have passed purely. head.

King Chu and Princess Chu are between the two elder brothers, they are what a normal royal couple should look like. King Chu is now obsessed with poetry, wine, calligraphy and painting, and has a good time.

He is a person who can go with the situation very well. The death of Shu fei has brought him a big blow, but he has not been decadent or resentful because of it, which is really rare.

The sixth prince are still studying, far less than the age of marrying a wife and having children. He is led by mother concubine Yibi, and respectfully pleases Shao Xun. He looks calm and sensible, not as naughty as he was when he was a child.

It's strange to say that they are all children born to one father, but everyone is different, and I don't know what she will look like in the future.

Finally, it is Zhao Yanshu. This is Shao Xun's biological son. In the past, it was normal for mother and child to be close. Now Shao Xun is the Empress of the Great Zhou palace, but it is not easy to treat them differently. Therefore, he summoned his son as he did to the sixth prince. Touched his head and soothed, then let him go down.

The princesses are accustomed to common, there is nothing to say, the whole process has been here, and most of the day has passed. The former harem hosted foreign ministers and female relatives respectively, and held a big banquet in two groups. This was originally intended for the new Empress to attend. , But I was afraid that Shao Xun would work hard, so I slightly changed the process, letting the clan and the concubines preside, and the foreign ministers ordered the wives to have a banquet on their own.

Everyone turned to the Linde Hall to participate in the banquet. Only then did Shao Xun relax. A crowd of palace people swarmed up and quickly removed the heavy crown and gown that was pressing on her head. Even the emperor didn't wait for her. I was tired out of a big belly.

After the emperor had dealt with the front, he came back and saw Shao Xunyi on the couch, and the emperor Zhengzai carefully diagnosed her pulse.

"How's it going?"

Grand Doctor Zhang nodded and said, "Everything is fine. The mother and the fetus in her womb are very healthy. Your Majesty need not worry."

Before the emperor had time to change the Gongmian dress, he sent the emperor's doctor away, sat down next to Shao Xun, and asked with a smile: "Is the empress tired?"

She is not used to this name, Shao Xun felt his stomach for a while: "Fortunately, he is still honest today."

The emperor leaned down and listened to her stomach: "This kid is noisier than the first two. You have worked hard."

His head was lightly attached to Shao Xun's waist and abdomen, and the long Yuzhu crown hung down. Shao Xun couldn't help but stretch his hand from the back of his neck all the way to the cold beads in front of him.

The emperor was afraid that the crown would knock on Shao Xun's hand, and let her feel curiously, stiff neck, motionless.

"This one looks much heavier than mine."

"I didn't notice it." The emperor saw that she had touched enough, so he straightened up cautiously: "I will go and change the clothes, lest it hurt you too hard."

The emperor Yanju liked to wear blue, blue, and purple tones. On the top, he wears bright yellow uniforms. When he wears black colors, he rarely wears black. The Mianfu is mainly black, Shao Xun looks at It's very fresh, and I think this color matches the emperor's steady and surprisingly.

Although the clothes are heavy and wrap people tightly, the difference can be seen where the face, neck and slender fingers are exposed. This color contrasts his skin color to an extra white, and also extra…attractive…

Which words are said in the original, the tighter the cover, the more the star that is exposed, the more tempting people want to look down.

Shao Xun pulled his sleeves to prevent him from changing them, and the emperor felt helpless by looking up and down: "How do you look at me like this?"

"You look good in black clothes, why don't you wear them often?"

The emperor was first happy when he heard the compliment, and then shook his head: "When I was young, I felt black was dirt-resistant, but I often wear it. In recent years, it has been less.

Shao Xun asked him why, but he went bankrupt and kept silent.

How good he said it is because this color looks mature when worn on a teenager, but now… he is not worried about showing the youngest…

The emperor gently stroked the unborn child in Shao Xun's abdomen. He thought for a while and said, "You know, what I was thinking when I was offering sacrifices in Cheng'en Hall today?"

"What is it?" Shao Xun asked

The emperor looked at Shao Xun said: "I looked at the portrait of the first emperor, thinking that my portrait will also be hung in the future."

Shao Xun tilted her head. Naturally, she would not say anything like the emperor's longevity. She said, "Am I not? Your Majesty, will you ask a painter to make me more beautiful?"

The emperor smiled softly: "It is beautiful enough to paint according to the truth, and you will be the most beautiful Empress."

Shao Xun took the initiative to hold his hand: "Then what if I get old?"

The emperor said: "That would be the most beautiful old lady."

"Your Majesty is too." Shao Xun looked at her husband seriously: "Your Majesty is the most handsome man, whether young or old."

The emperor could hear her words as sincere, maybe he will get old one day, just as the hero's twilight is inevitable, but maybe in Shao Xun's eyes he is still the best, most perfect and irreplaceable person.

Under the portrait of his father who was once omnipotent but defeated by time and death, the long-standing worries were mostly melted away by Shao Xun's heartfelt words like ice and snow.

He was so proud and confident when he was young, stupidly thinking that he was fearless, including death.

Perhaps all the people who are too arrogant will always get retribution. It was not until he met Shao Xun that he realized that the world was not something that did not scare him.

The girl in front of you is so young, she is full of vigor and vitality and youth, looking at such a lover, he is always happy and worried. Perhaps what he is afraid of is not aging itself, but the future age gap. The estrangement, the worry is that one day she will see her old face in her still bright and young eyes.

Will she be afraid, will she be disgusted, will she regret it?

"I don't regret it." Shao Xun said.

The emperor opened his eyes wide in surprise, almost thinking that he had spoken what was in his heart.

But in fact no, Shao Xun understood his worries from his eyes.

"Zhao Huan." Shao Xun looked at him and said softly: "I'm sorry, I was born so late, I met you so late… But as compensation, I will always be with you."

She leaned over and leaned on the emperor's shoulder, and the left shoulder of Mianfu was embroidered with the glorious scorching sun. Shao Xun was resting on the real sun and slowly said: "We will never give up or be separated from life or death."

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