The next day was New Year's Eve, and Shao Xun was still very energetic when he got up, so he had to thank the emperor for his mercy.

In the palace to celebrate the new year, lights and festoons were everywhere, trying to dispel the haze that had been shrouded in the royal family for a while.

This year is very special. It is not just that there have been a few funerals in a row, but the emperor's decision to establish a reserve has been basically set. Everyone knows that the seven princes are not surprised that this child is a certain prince.

The Empress has been abolished, and the canonization of the new Empress is only a matter of time. Everyone's eyes are gathered in the Ganlu Temple, ready to take advantage of this New Year's Eve family banquet to observe the emperor's attitude towards the future Empress.

The Empress Dowager was ill and no longer saw guests, and even refused to attend occasions such as the New Year's Eve banquet. Almost everyone was there. Except for the throne, only the head of De fei was left, and the concubine had not yet arrived.

The seventh prince and the fifth princess were taken to their respective seats, and the imperial concubine, who had never been rude to others, still did not arrive.

With this layer of foreshadowing, when the ritual music played and the emperor and the noble concubine came together, no one thought it was unexpected.

The emperor was used to coming and going all alone. In the past, even if there was a scene where the Empress was present, he would definitely be there alone. On such occasions, it is really rare for someone to walk side by side with him—in fact, it should be said that there has never been.

For Shao Xun, her status had long been higher than that of concubines, but it was the first time that she had been kneeled and worshiped by clan relatives with the emperor like this.

She didn't need to look up, her eyes were either a black hair or a protruding back, walking in the middle like she and the emperor were the only two living people in the whole hall.

This feeling is actually not too good, she thinks it may take a while to get used to it.

The emperor sensed Shao Xun's anxiety and lightly circled her hand. Although she didn't speak, the comforting meaning was self-evident. He didn't let go of her until he got to Shao Xun's seat.

When the two were seated separately and received the emperor's signal, the emcee made everyone flat.

Next, according to the rules in the previous dynasty, it should be the Empress leading the female relatives in the palace to congratulate the emperor, but in those years before the imperial concubine entered the palace, this rule has been in name only, and the emperor often does not Waiting for the Empress to say anything will make everyone feel at ease.

Now that the Empress Dowager is not there, the Empress is abolished, but the emperor hasn't spoken yet. All eyes are on the most respectable concubine, to see if she is now qualified to perform the duties that should belong to the Empress only.

Shao Xun let out a sigh of relief slowly, settled, stood up in the eyes of everyone, and led the concubines of the harem to bow and salute in front of the emperor's rank, congratulating the emperor.

"The concubines and other concubines wish your Majesty a happy New Year–"

Immediately afterwards, the concubines at all levels congratulated in unison.

This sound can be said to be the final word. The princesses of the clan have completely understood the emperor's meaning in their hearts, and they are only waiting for the canonization ceremony in the next year.

I thought that at this point, everyone was waiting for the emperor to shout flat, so they could come in in order, but did not expect the emperor to be silent for a while, but then got up and stood up from the throne.

When the concubines bowed their heads when they bowed, they didn't know what had happened. They only felt that they hadn't heard the sound of exempting them. On the contrary, after a while of silence around, there was a noise that would never occur before.

This is everyone who thinks they are whispering, but when they whisper together, they gather into a loud voice.

The people who were still sitting were stunned as the emperor walked down the imperial steps and came to the head of the noble concubine.

Shao Xun also noticed something, his hands stretched out in front of him when he was still thinking.

If the emperor had nothing to do, as if he did not know how many eyeballs had fallen on the ground, he placed his hands in front of Shao Xun.

Did not even speak a word.

This is not a pre-prepared process.

Shao Xun felt that his hands were shaking and did not move for a while, but the emperor was very patient, and he waited for her with his eyes down.

The whispers gradually stopped. Everyone silently watched the man and woman in the middle of the hall, watching the imperial concubine finally put his hand on the emperor's hand in full view after a long hesitation, and then was pulled up.

The emperor squeezed her hands firmly before he calmly said, "All are flat."

After all, holding Shao Xun's hand, as if she had just led her into the hall, led her to the main seat step by step.

Someone has already placed a new seat next to the throne.

After the abolition, the Su clan is still locked in the Qingliang Hall. I don't know whether it is alive or dead. This seat has been placed as usual. If it weren't for the imperial prison to die and I don't even remember this, then the owner of this seat is undoubtedly the concubine Good too blatantly looked straight at Longyan, and the eyes of the people underneath flew wildly, each using their own colors to convey hints to the people they were acquainted with.

When Shao Xun walked this way, he felt all kinds of disapproving sights behind him could burn through his back, but when he really sat in this seat, no one dared to look at her directly.

When she was sitting at the bottom of the head, she couldn't notice it. When she sat in the highest seat with the emperor, she realized that from their perspective, the people below could not conceal their words, deeds, and actions. Everyone's looks, who is with whom. What gestures are made are as conspicuous as they are on the bright side.

Is this what the emperor usually sees in his eyes?

Shao Xun's heart slowly settled, and he heard the emperor's calm voice slip past his ears: "Did you see it? Don't be afraid, it's all they are trying to figure you out, please you, and fear you. You are sitting there. On top of a person's head is their master."

Ning Xi's twenty-three years was different from previous years from the beginning, and it was destined to be a very special year for courtiers and domestic and foreign imperial wives.

Starting with the New Year's Eve banquet at the end of the 22nd year, the imperial concubine Shao began to take over all the duties of the palace Empress.

From the celebration on the first day of the Lunar New Year to the Shangyuan Banquet on the fifteenth year, to everything large and small inside and outside the Tai Chi Palace, the former Taizu Empress, now the Empress Dowager Tang and the abolished Su clan used to exercise , Have not exercised all the powers and responsibilities step by step to this woman who has just completed the double decade of life.

She will be the Empress of the Great Zhou Dynasty and the birth mother of the prince. From then on, she has begun to share the emperor's glory.

From Shao Xun's personal point of view, everyone's respect for her has risen to a higher level, but since there are not many people who can press on her, this is just the difference between awe and more awe, so it doesn't. What a touch.

The child in her womb is already the third child. Except for a few people close to him, who reported a letter to Ningshou Palace, the others did not specifically publicize it. Almost all of them were given a post-seal ceremony soon after. It attracted attention, so it was not until the weather got warmer that many people noticed that Shao Xun's stomach was already swelled when he took off his heavy winter clothes and put on spring clothes. It seemed that it had been five or six months.

The post-closing ceremony, which was originally very troublesome, has changed a lot. Many of the troublesome ceremonies after tossing the new post are mostly transferred to many emcees. The road to be taken step by step has also become Chengyu, in short The brains let the empress, who is pregnant with Liujia, spend the day with peace of mind, effort, and safety.

The founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty was only two generations. When the first emperor entered the Taiji Palace, the world had not yet been settled. The Empress Dowager never held a ceremony at all. When the time came to ease, the first emperor suddenly died and she became the Empress Dowager directly. Canonized on.

Next came the Su clan. At that time, it was also in turmoil. The emperor directly cancelled the post-season ceremony on the grounds that the Empress was pregnant and was not easy to work hard.

Now the comparison is here. Isn't the concubine pregnant too? Why bother to change the ritual process? Why not cancel her ceremony, and send the imperial decree the same as the previous one?

Of course, no one dared to pass this to the emperor's ears, and the emperor also assumed that he hadn't said that. He forced the Ministry of Rites to come up with a plan that was both grand, decent and untiring. In the end, the nitpicking made people change it again. Only satisfied with the change.

The child in Shao Xun's belly is expected to be born in June. The post-apocalyptic ceremony will be on the day of her birthday in late March. The emperor wanted to make her celebrate the Qianqiu Festival as a Empress this year, but Shao Xun counted. The cost of the two consecutive ceremonies was immediately rejected, and the ceremony was simply set on the day of the birthday.

At the end of March, when the weather was cool and pleasant, the layers of court clothes would not feel hot. Shao Xun was put on makeup by the skillful palace folks and wore the Empress's nine-phoenix crown.

It may be that she had been preparing for several months, but Shao Xun did not feel particularly excited at this time, anyway, it was far less nervous than the day she first entered the palace.

Zhao Ruotong held the five princesses who were particularly excited today, and led Zhao Yanshu to Shao Xun's side: "Do you see if your mother is beautiful?"

Shao Xun knew that today he might not be able to take care of the two children. Only the palace people looked at them and feared that they would be disobedient, so he entrusted them to the care of his most trusted friend. Even Zhao Ruotang took care of her sister, plus airtight protection. , There is nothing to worry about.

Zhao Yanshu can already understand what day it is, and what it means to him and Shao Xun. He hasn't added any trouble to him in the past few days, and honestly follows his sister. At this time, he finally couldn't help but get together to ask Shao Xun to touch him. Touching his head, after getting what he wanted, he praised very seriously: "beautiful!"

Shao Xun kissed the child's face and said to Zhao Ruotong: "Ah Tong, you have worked so hard today. Just let the nanny take care of them. If you are naughty, you will teach."

Zhao Ruotong smiled: "I have been in the palace for a few days. Even if I want to see the children in the future, it will not be as convenient as it is now. I just want to get closer now."

She has now been named Princess Yongjia, and she has made a marriage appointment. The princess mansion has been built before. There is no need to wait, and she will surrender in a month. It is true that she will not stay in the palace for long.

The future Erhu Ma surnamed Huo, from the scholarly family in the south of the Yangtze River, is also a family of officials from generations to generations. It's just that the recent generations are not prominent and appear to be a little declining, but Hu Ma himself does have the ability. Based on his knowledge, he is not very old. Has been awarded a Jinshi.

This person was chosen by Zhao Ruotong himself, and he was the one who I said at the beginning. The two met at the flower viewing banquet of Princess Changping.

Shao Xun was afraid that she was not thinking well enough, so he carefully checked the Huo Gongzizi with a critical eye. The result was unexpected. Zhao Ruotong actually picked one from a group of children from the family with their own shortcomings. A perfect person except that the housework is not prominent.

The concubine is more than one year younger than Zhao Ruotong. The population in the family is not complicated. Both parents are kind people. He has never heard of any bad deeds. Because there is no precedent for taking concubines in the family, his room is clean and there is no communication. The concubine Fang had no special hobbies, except for the entertainment that she couldn't avoid, she never set foot in a sensual place, and could hardly find any shortcomings.

The only downside is that the family business that has been praised by the ancestors is not left in his generation. Compared with the average family, it is a lot of money, but this is not a big deal. The princess has fallen, and she has her own golden mountain and silver mountain to accompany the couple. She lives in the princess mansion, and no one can lose Zhao Ruotong.

The emperor called the son-in-law specially before he set up his son-in-law. This young man was very handsome, probably because of his younger age. He seemed a little bit flamboyant and childish, but he had something to say, and he looked quite natural. Chunliang, although clever and scheming, Shao Xun took De fei Gongfei behind the screen and looked at it, feeling that he couldn't fault it.

This temperament just complements Zhao Ruotong's introverted temperament, and is simply a young talent who looks like a model of Erfuma.

Thinking of this, Shao Xun couldn't help but jokingly said: "When you have a child of your own in the future, if you follow the concubine's temperament, I am afraid it will be a bit of a grind, then there will be no dream to enter the palace."

Zhao Ruotong's expression did not change, and he smiled and said, "Who can say this…it depends on fate."

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