Shao Xun didn't know what these people talked about later, and she wasn't interested in knowing who had a better life and who had a bad life-anyway, it can't be better than her.

Days are always their own, what is the life of others' husband and wife like, but just listen to the gossip after dinner, who really points to these things?

She didn't tell the emperor about Zheng's affairs, nor did the emperor ask. Anyway, as long as Shao Xun didn't suffer, it would be a trivial matter if she was willing to punish anyone, and others could only thank the emperor.

The emperor took into account that Shao Xun was pregnant and should not be tired, so he didn't go anywhere else. He left Zheng Mansion and bid farewell to Zheng Yongming. The two returned directly to the palace in a carriage.

I reached the gate of the Ganlu Temple, and just approached, I heard the heartbreaking cries of the children inside and the flustered seductive sounds of the adults.

Shao Xun looked at each other with the emperor, and quickly walked in, and saw Zhao Ruotang blushing from crying, and several of her nurses were walking around her, seeming to be crying with her in a hurry, but they still didn't coax. For this little ancestor, Zhao Yanshu sat cross-legged on one side, his small face wrinkled, and he looked very upset.

Seeing the emperor and noble concubine came back, the palace people almost burst into tears of joy. A palace lady hurriedly asked for help: "Manny, the little princess is unhappy since she woke up this morning not to see you. We all coaxed her to say that you will come in a while. There is no news after a while, so your Royal Highness will not comply…"

Zhao Ruotang saw Shao Xun coming back, falling aggrievedly while dropping the golden peas, while holding her arms out of her arms. This little crying appearance made Shao Xun feel so cruel.

She hurriedly stepped forward and took her daughter over, let her lean on her shoulders and gently patted and coaxed, and after a while, the little stubborn would stop crying.

Shao Xun coaxed her and walked over to Zhao Yanshu and sat down: "Why are we not happy, Ashu? Do you feel bored not going to school?"

She thought her son was too easy to learn. This is a child less than four years old. He frowned and said with dissatisfaction: "Did you go out of the palace? Didn't bring Ashu!"

Shao Xun paused, and looked up at the unchanging emperor with a subtle expression, then lowered his head to comfort his son: "We thought you were too tired to go to school and want you to sleep a little longer."

Zhao Yanshu's big eyes, which looked so much like Shao Xun, blinked. He looked at his mother, then looked at his father, lowered his head and muttered, "I have agreed to go together with the emperor."

That's your father who lied to you.

Shao Xun also stopped defending, and stuffed Zhao Ruotang into the emperor's arms for him to hold him. He concentrated on apologizing to his son: "We apologize to Ashu, next time and next time we must bring you, OK?"

Zhao Yanshu thought for a while, and stretched out his hand: "With a word from a gentleman, it's hard to chase a horse."

Shao Xun laughed. From Mr. Cheng's view, what this child didn't look like was the Four Books and Five Classics, and he didn't know much about the miscellaneous.

She seriously slapped Zhao Yanshu three times.

Zhao Yanshu calmed down, but still couldn't help muttering: "I have all thoughts about it. Today, I'm going to be a guest at Abo's house."

The smile on Shao Xun's face stopped abruptly. She didn't want to lie to the child, but she really didn't know how to reply, and she opened her mouth without making a sound.

She was afraid that her son would continue to ask questions.

But Zhao Yanshu looked at her, his eyes slowly drooping and did not continue to ask, but he slipped into Shao Xun's arms and stopped talking.

Shao Xun was a little worried. She glanced at the emperor who was sitting over, touched the back of her son's head, and said warmly: "A Shu is still angry?"

Zhao Yanshu shook his head sullenly. A child like this has something to do with his parents that he does not want to share with his parents. After a long time in his mother's arms, he said, "Then when will Ayu come into the palace?"

This question finally let Shao Xun breathe a sigh of relief. She smiled and said, "Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and Ayu will enter the palace with your eldest brother and sister-in-law. Would you like to have fun together?"

Zhao Yanshu paused, he could already detect Shao Xun's different attitudes when he asked the two partners.

"……it is good."

Seeing that he was not in a high mood, the emperor thought for a while, and patted his daughter on the back: "Ashu, do you like your younger brother or younger sister?"

Zhao Yanshu widened his eyes in confusion: "Ashu has only a younger sister."

Shao Xun knew what the emperor was about to say, she looked at Zhao Yanshu tenderly: "You want to have a younger brother or sister again, do you like it?"

When she said this, the people in the hall were smiling, but they were not surprised. The emperor knew that it was not only Shao Xun who knew the matter. He was afraid that even the people would guess it would be the same. If it weren't for Shao Xun. They ordered concealment, and they did not dare to conceal it with their courage.

The emperor deliberately wanted to punish them for not knowing the severity, but from the above, it can be seen that Shao Xunyu's methods seem to have improved a lot. If it is at this time to refute her face, I am afraid it will not be good.

This girl is afraid that it is not because of guessing this that she will bet on this arrogantly, right?

Zhao Yanshu understood now, his eyes finally lit up: "I want my brother!"

Zhao Ruotang, who was lying on the emperor's shoulders, didn't know if he understood. He turned around and stretched out Chubby's fingers to point at Zhao Yanshu. His mouth wowed and said nonsense. Shao Xun listened carefully and could only understand "brother". With words like "bad", I couldn't help laughing: "Your sister said you are bad."

Zhao Yanshu touched his head embarrassedly: "It's not that I, I don't like my younger sister, but I can play with my younger brother."

My sister is very cute, but she's too squeamish, she will cry when she touches it.

The news that the new life was coming finally dispelled the dignity hidden in the topic just now, and Zhao Yanshu seemed to have forgotten to continue to entangle the missing partner.

Today is a rare leisure time. Neither the emperor nor Shao Xun paid attention to official business, and spent a day with the children and each other intently. It was until late at night that the two children yawned and were hugged by the nurse.

Shao Xun first went to take a shower. The emperor waved away the servant, and carefully took off the purple jade crown from his head and placed it on the table. He rubbed the hairpin on it for a while before putting it down.

He changed into a heavy coat, only wearing a pure white shirt, and walked into the bathroom silently.

The buildings here are very luxurious, covered with light gauze, the walls are inlaid with fist-sized night pearls, exuding a soft light, and several baths can be continuously filled with different bath water.

However, Shao Xun is only used to using clean water. If the bathtub is too big, he will feel dizzy. Therefore, he always uses only a small bathtub that is close to the door and not much bigger than the ordinary bathtub. The others are idle, and I don't know how long they haven't used it. Water out.

In short, if someone who had built this palace in the past watched her, they would definitely call her violent and unenjoyed.

The palace people were attending the bath for the imperial concubine. They didn't show any surprise when they saw the emperor come in. They just squatted and saluted, and backed out.

Shao Xun may have heard the movement, or it may be useless. In short, she kept her eyes closed slightly and ignored it until the man's slender palm with a little calloused palm supported her chin.

The hands were slightly harder, and Shao Xun's head was gently turned to the side. The person behind him knelt on the warm ground and leaned over to kiss her exposed wet neck.

This feels very strange. Shao Xun didn't struggle, but he couldn't help covering his mouth with his hands, for fear of making any strange noises.

Her neck was white and smooth, and the emperor felt like he was kissing a piece of flawless warm jade.

After a moment of nostalgia, the emperor turned Shao Xun to face him, took off his clothes and walked into the pool calmly in front of her.

Shao Xun turned his eyes unconsciously, and when he was dragged into the emperor's arms, he reminded in a low voice, "There are children…"

"I know," the emperor stretched his hand over: "I have a sense of measure."

Shao Xun's face was flushed slightly by the steam, she was shaking in the emperor's arms, she couldn't help closing her eyes and saying: "Then you hurry up."

The emperor's low voice came into her ears: "…I can't be the master, it depends on you…"

Having said that, but in fact, whether it was the emperor serving Shao Xun at the beginning, or afterwards… In fact, the leader was an older man, and Shao Xun had no control over the length of time, and every move was at his mercy.

Fortunately, the emperor also sympathized with her unusual body now. She did not let go of her hands and feet while pressing her temper. She had a taste of it. For a man who had not been close to his lover for a while, it was just a taste.

As for Shao Xun, although the children did not actually happen to them, the stimulus brought about by such deliberately suppressed and slow movements was not small at all.

The emperor put on a hastily at last, took the sleepy Shao Xun out of the bath, hugged him and walked back to the bed.

Before it could be wiped, Shao Xun's body was still wet. The emperor wrapped her whole body in a quilt and wiped it clean, and let people come in for a dry bedding, before lying in his arms around his little girl.

The emperor's body is always hot in winter, and Shao Xun has been rubbing against him unconsciously, feeling that the other party's body temperature is rising all the way, only to realize that something is wrong.

Shao Xun opened his sleepy eyes a little dimly: "Your Majesty, I'm sleepy…"

The emperor knew that this little miller would have a chance to find it back sooner or later, so he was a little bit dumbfounded, so he could only hold her tightly, and said in a deep voice, "Then sleep and don't move."

Shao Xun nodded obediently, pressed tightly against his chest, and his breathing became even after a while.

The emperor touched Shao Xun's forehead, and touched her pink cheeks. Then he calmed his breath, closed his eyes, and fell asleep with his lover.

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