Shao Qiong had a nightmare.

She dreamed that she was in a raging flame. The hot temperature burned her face. Everyone she knew passed by, but no one was willing to save her. They looked cold and looked at her miserably. Struggling in the flames.

There is a father, a mother, a brother, and a husband and a mother-in-law. All the people who have loved her in the past turned a blind eye to her current pain and just stared at her coldly.

Why, why should everyone look at themselves like this, why no one came to pity her and cherish her, not long ago, she was still their favorite child, the treasure in their palms.

The embarrassment, anger and incomprehension of being watched in this way even exceeded the physical pain, so she couldn't help but scream hysterically.

She thought her voice was loud, but in fact her lips only opened a little bit, and she couldn't hear her babbling.

Shao Qiong barely opened his eyes and found that the flame was fake, but the sharp pain on his face was real, the dream was fake, and the chilling gaze was real.

She was lying on her back on the embroidered pillow with a thick gauze on her face. Even if the ointment was applied, there was no way to let the burning pain dissipate.

There was a person sitting next to her, staring at her facelessly.

It is Zheng Yunqiao, her titular husband.

Shao Qiong first frowned subconsciously, then showed pain on her face, and whispered in a crying voice: "Cousin…"

After only two words, his tongue was cut like a knife, and it hurt sharply.

Shao Qiong remembered what had happened, and quickly swallowed in panic, feeling that although his tongue hurts, he still stayed in his mouth completely, which was relieved.

"Awake?" Zheng Yunqiao's tone was rather indifferent, "Leave here when you wake up and go back to your room."

Shao Xun hadn't seen him for several years and could hardly remember him. So now he still thinks he is still the gentleman with a little business spirit, but after several years of getting along with him, Shao Qiong knows that this person is no longer present. Xibi, therefore, was not surprised by his attitude at all.

"Biao, cousin…" Her tongue hurts, and she endures the pain and vaguely pleaded: "I…I hurt…"

Zheng Yunqiao watched her for a long while, and when Shao Qiong thought he had moved a little bit of compassion, he listened to the other person: "At this time, you are still acting in a pretentious manner. What is the point?"

Shao Qiong's face changed abruptly, and he couldn't care about the wound on his face for a while: "You…Hu, Hu…"

"I'm nonsense?" Zheng Yunqiao calmly said: "You know what you are like, and it's my turn to say what."

Shao Qiong stared at him, making sure that he did not see any emotions such as pity and sympathy in his eyes, and couldn't help but say every word: "…I, I am your…wife, yes, you marry me." It's me!"

Zheng Yunqiao was silent, his expression seemed to be reminiscing, and after a while he said: "Yes, I married you, no one forced me, so I also thought about being nice to you, but what did you do?"

"But you are thinking in your heart…"

Zheng Yunqiao's gaze caused Shao Qiong to shut her mouth suddenly, and at the same time, mentioning that Shao Xun also made her instinctively tremble, and she swallowed again in the middle of her words.

The shadow that Shao Xun brought to her this time was a bit big. Maybe for a long time in the future, this sister will only appear in her nightmare.

Zheng Yunqiao didn't care about her, his eyes were a little erratic: "Cousin, you always accuse me of insincere, and there are others in my heart. I want to ask you now, what about you? Do you like me?"

Shao Qiong gritted his teeth and said: "What are you… talking about!"

Zheng Yunqiao moved his gaze to her face, as if she could see her expression clearly through the bandage: "You know in your heart that you are using me. When you find that it is not rare at all, you have lost your life but still can't achieve your goal. When it's time, I'm just throwing away this tool for me, and I want to find it out when it's good–but what's the point of it? Marry someone you don't like, and torture each other with him. Husbands and wives are not like husbands and wives. Brothers and sisters don't want siblings."

"You have bloody mouth, cough and cough…" Shao Qiong was the most secretive in her heart, and Zheng Yunqiao's thought that she did not want to think too hard was lightly dispelled by Zheng Yunqiao, causing her to bite in panic: "You are right, to the imperial concubine…"

"Ah Xun didn't do it right," Zheng Yunqiao was neither angry nor panicked. He stared at his wife in a daze: "She should really cut off your tongue."

If Shao Qiong had been angry a long time ago, but she was really scared at this time, involuntarily buried the lower half of her face in the quilt, and looked at Zheng Yunqiao vigilantly.

Zheng Yunqiao didn't care about her. He stood up and looked at Shao Qiong's face condescendingly: "Don't be afraid, I don't want your tongue, because it's useless from now on. No one will listen to you, and no one will let it go. When you go out, you can't control your own mouth, I'll take care of it for you."

He looked at her angry and seemed to be trying to say something, but he knew what she wanted to express if he didn't listen to him: "Yingguo Gongfu already knows the news, but no one has seen it until now. You can stop it, I have some tired."

Shao Qiong was not afraid of Zheng Yunqiao before, but she became really scared when she heard this sentence. She ignored the sharp pain on her face and suddenly sat up and pulled his sleeves. The wound on her tongue bleeds again: "You, don't you? If you lose me, you might as well give up me!"

Zheng Yunqiao stopped, leaned down and said seriously:

"I will not be separated from you. When I first married you, I swore that for whatever reason, if I marry you, I will be your husband. No matter if I have S*x with you or not, I will never commit the same thing again. If you make a mistake, you have to bear the consequences for what you have done. Regret will only make things worse."

His tone was still incomprehensible: "–It's just that I didn't expect me to be deceived to admit my destiny. As a deceiver, you have such a big grievance. We take the blame. What is wrong?"

Shao Qiong looked at him and finally couldn't help shaking.

Zheng Yunqiao didn't lie, and he didn't need to lie. The emperor and Shao Xun hadn't long left. Out of the morality between the in-laws, even if they hated Shao Qiong again to cause trouble, they still talked about the matter with Yingguo Gongfu.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, Yingguo Duke and son Shao Kui are discussing matters in the Fuzhong study.

Shao Zhenyu began to consciously hand the rights of the connections in his hands to his son. He knew that Shao Kui did a good job, but he didn't know if it was because of the smooth wind and water since he was a child. It was inevitable that he was not sensitive enough to some things, and sometimes it happened. It's easy to be emotional, but it's not enough, and it's always self-defeating.

If it were before, this shortcoming would be harmless, because as Shao Kui, as long as he succeeded in the big festival, the little things in personal relationships would be irrelevant. When he reached his age, he would naturally know what to do.

But now the situation has changed.

They are now connected by blood, and it is not others who can connect with each other emotionally. It is the future Empress and prince. If Shao Kui is allowed to run wild like before, it would be more terrifying than he did a hundred errands.

Shao Zhenyu wanted to teach him, but by a coincidence, he came to the door.

Hearing the report from the Zheng Mansion, Shao Zhenyu didn't have any extra expressions, just nodded to show that he knew, and waved to let people go down.

He raised his head and looked at his dazed son, and said in a calm tone: "I see it, this is the end of what I am looking for. If I know that I am offending someone, I should just shrink in the cave while others disdain to care about you. That's right, fortunately, your uncle has already returned to Beijing in the mansion over there, so I don't need to give up my face to deal with the married daughter."

Although Shao Kui knew who his father was for a long time, he was surprised by his irrelevant attitude. He felt a little complicated: "Aren't you worried?"

"Who are you worried about?" Shao Zhenyu said: "They are all my daughters, but they are not just my daughters. One is not rare and does not need my worry, and the other worry is useless. What can I do?"

Shao Kui's wife, Shen Shi, just gave him a son. It was just when he was full of paternal love, and there was no way to understand Shao Zhenyu's indifference: "But, but you at least…"

"Don't do anything meaningless!" Shao Zhenyu looked at him sternly and said: "You think more, do more, make more mistakes, then do your own thing with one mind-our family is on the cusp of trouble. You can't help but fool around."

Shao Kui smiled bitterly: "Where do I have the ability to do anything wrong."

Shao Zhenyu saw his depression and slowed down his tone: "I know what you are thinking, but it's useless. Ah Xun's temperament is not simple. What you want to get and eager to confess is useless."

To be honest, Shao Zhenyu didn't try to understand her own daughter until recent years, thinking about her as the emperor himself, trying to understand her character, her thoughts and her preferences.

Obviously, Shao Xun's personality is indeed docile, tolerant, and good at accepting the kindness of others. However, few people can change the decision, and the estrangement from her parents is the best proof.

In fact, it's easy to understand that she holds two winning cards in her hand, and there is no need to go too far to get close to them who want to be icing on the cake.

Also, the most important thing is that his daughter was raised for the emperor for nothing. In the eyes of Shao Xun, perhaps all of them must be ranked in the country… To put it bluntly, it is ranked behind the interests of the emperor. No one can benefit from it. Induced, through her to usurp the authority that belongs to the emperor.

Shao Zhenyu felt a bit tricky at first for this daughter, who was almost given to the emperor in vain, but later realized that it didn't matter. He didn't want to seek to usurp the throne, and he didn't want power to prevail. He was originally loyal to the emperor. There is no conflict with Shao Xun at all.

On the contrary, this may be why Shao Xun can tolerate Yingguo Gongfu standing on her son's boat.

"Aku, now is not the time to just start the country. What we are seeking is not to gain more power, but to seek ways to decentralize power without harming the family. This was originally difficult, and so many honors could not be done. Arrived, but your sister has put the ready-made method before our eyes."

Shao Zhenyu warned: "Since you don't have the ability to make up for what happened before, don't overdo it."

Shao Kui was silent for a moment, "She is my sister…"

"Yes," Shao Zhenyu said: "But she is the mother of the prince. You must use your abilities and means to protect their mother and son, but don't wish to get anything in return. As long as the seventh prince can successfully become a prince and even… …It is already the greatest reward to Shao Brothers. As long as we do not die, we will have a foothold in an invincible place. What else do you want and want to extravagantly ask for?"

Shao Kui lowered his eyes and shook his head first, but after a while he closed his mouth tightly.

Shao Zhenyu noticed it, and his taste was difficult to discern, but in the end he shook his head and said: "You can grow melons to get melons, sow beans to get beans. Don't force what you can't get, and don't regret what you have lost. This is the one who lives in the world. Reason, Acu, your sister understands this."

Shao Kui did not speak any more, but when he tasted it carefully, his mouth turned out to be full of bitterness.

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