There was a constant sound of crisp, loud and rhythmic sounds. To say that the executioner was also an expert, and the interval between each slap was exactly the same, trying not to upset the listener.

It sounds pleasant, but it will not be mixed with wailing and wheezing, and I don't know what method is used to stop Shao Qiong from making any movement.

Shao Xun seemed to be really appreciative, but this sound was really creepy in other people's ears, especially Gong Sun, who is still lying on the ground and can't get up. Every time Shao Qiong hits her, it's like hitting her. It seemed to make her profile aching.

Of course, it wasn't that Gong Sun loved this daughter-in-law so much that she felt empathy, but that she was afraid that Shao Xun would take the opportunity to retaliate and even fight with her.

But Shao Xun obviously didn't care about those Chen Zhizhi's rotten grains. If she really wanted to talk about it, she would also like to thank Zheng Yunqiao for not marrying. Gong Sun was a hero.

Shao Xun lowered his eyes to look at the Gong Sun family, with a cold and calm expression: "What is this aunt, waiting for me to invite you up personally?"

Gong Sun did not dare to delay. Hearing this, he immediately put his hands on the ground and staggered to his feet, not forgetting to confess in a hurry: "The minister's wife really didn't…"

"I know who is interested and who is unconscious." Shao Xun interrupted her a little impatiently, "Don't worry about my aunt."

There were so many people in the yard and room, except for the sound of Shao Qiong being beaten. There must have been movement in the main hall, but there has been no response until now. This shows that the emperor did not beat the noble concubine to his sister in the court. Take it to heart.

He only needs to make sure that Shao Xun has not suffered.

——Of course, what they need to worry about is who the emperor thinks has bullied her, come to vent her anger, and then everyone will be finished together.

Shao Xun didn't say a word. Everyone dared not speak. Even Mrs. Zheng was shocked by her indifference and alienation. She was a little overwhelmed and did not dare to speak to her in the usual manner. The room was silent for a while. . Except for Shao Xun, he closed his eyes and rested his mind.

It took a full quarter of an hour before the applause in the courtyard finally ceased, and the torturer eunuch came into the room with a look of guilt and said: "Manny, the slave and maid's craftsmanship is not good, only then, she fainted."

…Just for a while?

You kept slapping people in the face for a quarter of an hour, and listening to that sound didn't seem like your subordinates were merciful. Only now you fainted and it was already amazing.

Anyway, He felt that Shao Qiong's face was probably already rotten, so he said otherwise.

Shao Xun didn't move his face after hearing this, but said, "Really? Then wake her up and bring her here."

How do I wake up when it hurts?

Naturally it was poured with water.

At the end of the twelfth lunar month, a full bucket of water was still mixed with icy ballast, and it was ruthlessly splashed on Shao Qiong's face, making her struggle to wake up, and then she was dragged into the room with proficient movements, thrown in front of Shao Xun's On the carpet.

Not to mention the sitting old Mrs. Zheng, the He family and Gong Sun family were both scared by Shao Qiong's miserable look and took a step back.

She could hardly see what it was like, her cheeks were almost twice as big as her face, her face was full of purple-black bruises, her eyes were swollen and she couldn't open her eyes, and her mouth had a lot of lacerations. The corners of the mouth and the corners of the eyes flowed out.

These women in the house, they may confuse each other, and they may not even have one or two lives in their hands, but it is the first time to see a living person being beaten like this in such a short period of time, except for the palace. The people who came were very knowledgeable, and the others couldn't help but tremble with fright.

Shao Qiong was awakened by a bucket of ice water in the twelfth month of winter. At this time, he was lying weakly on the ground, and was forcibly lifted up and kneeled by the servant. He made a vague sound, and it was not tears but blood that came out of his eyes.

Even He, who has no affection for her at all, couldn't help turning his head and not looking at her—not sympathy, but simply frightened by her miserable appearance.

Shao Xun looked down at her for a long while, then raised his eyelids, and motioned to the waiter to take out the foul shackle from her mouth.

Shao Qiong's face was so swollen that he couldn't see his original face, and his mouth could hardly be opened. He couldn't even say begging for mercy.

Shao Xun said: "Have you learned the lesson?"

Her tone was exactly the same as when people pulled Shao Qiong down, scared that Shao Qiong shook violently, almost as a reflex. She nodded desperately, looking at Shao Xun's beautiful face, but it seemed like she was looking at Shao Xun's beautiful face. Like Hades, he was split with fear.

"I'm puzzled," Shao Xun frowned slightly when he spoke, as if he really had some questions: "I heard that my father once taught you about this mouth, and you have been honest for a few years. , How come you dare to speak out in front of me now?"

Shao Qiong probably still wanted to say that she was "not intentional". Unfortunately, her mouth was so swollen that she couldn't speak, she could only shake her head desperately, and watched Shao Xun condescendingly, looking at her with a little boredom: " Is it because I don't bother to care about you, you think I'm easier to talk than my father?"

"no no……"

"Now you know, I'm not very easy to talk," Shao Xun's tone was slow, giving people the illusion that this is an educating sister with a heart and a heart: "I ignored you before because I had a good temper, but you were insignificant. I'm here. The palace is very busy, so many things are complicated, and I don't have time to pay attention to the tongues you chew. I think it's okay to let your father take care of you, but listen to those things that have just been said… When your sister is muddled Isn't it?"

Mrs. Zheng cautiously pulled Shao Xun's hand. Seeing that it was not thrown away, she breathed a sigh of relief and became more careful: "Don't get too angry, be careful of the child…"

Shao Xun nodded faintly, and then looked at Shao Qiong's eyes with bloody tears, "I think my father gave you a slap, you will be honest for these three or four years, this time I don't know if it's enough for you. Honestly for a lifetime."

Shao Qiong was swaying all over, her whole body trembling uncontrollably, the heart-piercing pain on her face made her cry and she couldn't cry, and then she heard Shao Xun whispered: "–I don't think so, who Knowing what you will say again to poke my lung tube…just do it once and for all."

Shao Qiong thought that Shao Xun wanted her life, wanted to escape but couldn't. He walked on his knees and wanted to climb to Gong Sun to seek protection, but Gong Sun hurriedly jumped away like she had been pierced by a needle, and wanted her to stay away from herself. .

When the hideous eunuch in Shao Qiong's eyes approached her, she was so frightened that she almost became incontinent, and when the other party took out a dagger and pinched her painful cheek directly, she realized that this was not killing her. …

But it's better to die!

Shao Qiong's violent struggle for an instant was useless, the other party didn't know what skill he used to easily knock open her mouth and put the dagger in and swiped hard, blood spurting out from her mouth in an instant.

"Ah—" He screamed that he couldn't control, and he was immediately held back tightly by himself.

Mrs. Zheng was also shocked: "Ah, Ah Xun!"

Shao Xun was unmoved, and calmly watched Shao Qiong cough again and again choked by his own blood, covering her mouth in pain and rolling on the ground.

When Mrs. Zheng saw that she was just screaming, the blood she vomited diminished after a while, and there was nothing… the strange thing came out, and then she understood what was going on, she couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Shao Qiong also suffered for a long time, only to realize that the person hadn't cut her tongue, but made a cut on it. Although she was sweating, she almost died of pain, but at least her tongue was still there.

Shao Qiong fell on the ground and gasped in tears. Blood was still pouring out of her mouth when she screamed weakly, but it was like escaping from the dead. She didn't know whether to cry out or to be fortunate.

"Okay," Shao Xun wrote lightly: "Stop when you have enough, and take it down and ask the doctor to see. Don't be merciful to my men. Instead, I toss myself to death.

There was silence, and Shao Xun's eyebrows frowned. Gong Sun's reaction came and hurriedly asked the people around him who were too scared to know what to do to pick Shao Qiong down.

Mrs. Zheng was also shocked by Shao Xun's harsh means. She was somewhat tolerant to this sister in the past. The other party deliberately or unconsciously said something silly and didn't want to care about her. This happened suddenly, but it was. This kind of thunder means makes people chill and scalp numb.

At this time, even her elders were a little frightened. At this time, she had to tentatively calm down and said, "Manny… let's not be angry with those rascals…"

Shao Xun let out a "um", leaned back, leaned on the mat and exhaled, "She can really be disappointed…"

This is my sister. Shao Xun feels that she can tolerate her normally, but the other party thinks that she is a soft persimmon and dare to insinuate the emperor's age in front of her…

No, maybe from the other side's mind, she didn't realize that laughing at her sister would involve the emperor. She said that it was so uncomfortable, but it's easy to justify it as "unintentional loss". It has been her habit in the family for many years. I don't even know what's wrong.

Other Shao Xun can be too lazy to care about her, but this time I really don't want to bear it.

To tell the truth, if it were not for the consideration that his uncle had not reunited with his family for two days after returning to Beijing, Shao Xun wanted to deal with her on the spot and let her know what crime it was to criticize the royal family.

Sure enough, there was nothing good about Shao Qiong. Fortunately, I had a lot of fun today. Shao Xun's good mood was not exhausted. After mediation, he let go of this anger and didn't involve this matter on other people.

To be honest, Shao Qiong's appearance can't really blame the Zheng family for lax discipline. No wonder everyone joked that they would raise their daughters and marry their enemies. If it wasn't for several generations of in-laws, the relationship between the Shao and Zheng family is really very good. Okay, otherwise Shao Qiong is afraid of marrying anyone who will have enemies.

Shao Xun can be regarded as understanding why Zheng had to sharpen his head and want to marry his daughter to her maternal family. Apart from his uncle's family, there is really no suitable person to cheat.

When this happened, Shao Xun was not interested in saying more, and after a few conversations, he got up and said goodbye.

Mrs. Zheng was in a complicated mood and had to go to the aftermath, so although she was reluctant to leave, she did not force her to stay, and took Shao Xun back to the emperor with her two daughters-in-law.

The men over there didn't know what they were talking about. They knew that Shao Qiong had been beaten in the yard. The emperor and Zheng Yongming still looked as usual. Zheng Yunqiao's expression was a little dull, but there was no worry. It's better to look at it coldly. When Shao Xun came in, the panic and shame were intense.

Only the second master, Zheng Yongpei, is an ordinary normal person, who seems a little restless because he doesn't know what's going on at home. This is obviously a normal reaction, but he is a little weird by an abnormal person in the house.

The emperor ordered other people not to give it away, but only took Shao Xun and obviously missed it and walked out with Zheng Yongming, who was reluctant to give up.

When he arrived at the door, the emperor touched Shao Xun's head and got into the car first, giving her a chance to say a few words to her uncle alone.

Zheng Yongming felt relieved when he saw the emperor's actions, and he was worried about his family's affairs again.

"Is there something wrong with Ah Qiong?"

Shao Xun acted at his father's biological sister very simply, but when she thought that this was the daughter-in-law of her uncle, she felt a little frustrated. She coughed lightly, "You just go back and have a look… Don't blame me for starting. Ruthless, if she doesn't teach her, she will cause trouble sooner or later."

Zheng Yongming was worried, and remembered the feeling that he could not express himself when he was looking at his son and his couple in the past two days when he went home: "I was still a good brother when I was young. Your father is really a disaster for me, and my sister didn't take care of me. A good daughter-in-law also secretly married my son in the palace while I was not here, and brought up the little daughter in such a way to cheat my son again, even though Yun Qiao himself is not up for it…"

It was also at that time that he felt troublesome and didn't want to bring his family to take office. Gong Sun knew that even if he was alone, he wouldn't mess around with flowers, and he just didn't want to go to those small counties in the remote countryside to suffer crimes. The two hit it off, so he took office lightly.

I knew it would be like this, let alone Gong Sun's pleading, even if he was forced to die, he should insist on bringing his son to his side.

It won't really die anyway.

Shao Xun subconsciously glanced at the motionless carriage curtain, and couldn't help being surprised by his uncle Tian Dan: "You dare to say that."

Zheng Yongming snorted, not even lowering his voice, and said openly and brightly: "Your uncle's eyes are not blind. Your Majesty takes advantage of it and steals pleasure. Isn't it allowed me, the suffering master who has lost a lot of money, to complain? "

After hearing this, Shao Xun felt that although his face had become a lot rougher, his personality was really like a day for decades.

It was his uncle who was right.

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