Shao Qiong's thoughts were of no importance at all. She felt uncomfortable in her heart, but Shao Xun just glanced at her and passed by, not caring at all.

Shao Xun said a few more words with Mrs. Zheng, and after seeing the other person talking several times, he considered it for a long time, guessing that she might be stunned in front of the emperor, and she had to think twice about what she wanted to say.

She turned her head and whispered a few words with the emperor. The emperor thought for a moment, thinking that she was not close to her maternal family. Finally, there were elders in the maternal grandfather's house who were fairly close, and perhaps some women had private conversations.

He whispered: "It can be, but you are not allowed to eat…"

"You are not allowed to eat anything outside. To drink tea, you have to try it before you can eat it… I remember all of these." Shao Xun received it before he was finished.

The emperor paused: "That's wrong, you are not allowed to drink tea today. You can only drink white water. You must pass the test before you can eat it."

There has never been a colorless and odorless poison in the world today. Shao Xun is still taking a child with him, and it is safer with pure water.

Shao Xun nodded and suggested to Mrs. Zheng: "Grandma, it's not convenient for us to be here. Why don't we bring the female relatives to find another place to talk?"

Mrs. Zheng was eager to do this, but because the emperor was right in front of her, she didn't dare to say it. At this time, she couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Seeing that the emperor did not object to the side, she said: "The empress said very much. Let's not bother to talk."

Shao Xun and Mrs. Zheng did not go far with the female relatives. They went to the east wing of the main courtyard nearby. Without the emperor's order, the people who brought them out of the palace spontaneously divided half of them out to guard Shao Xun.

She settled down on the Luohan bed, and then smiled: "It's easier to talk like this."

Mrs. Zheng was no longer nervous, she stretched out her hand to rub Shao Xun's face, and looked carefully, then nodded with relief: "I'm not easy to ask in front of your Majesty. The things that happened a while ago may have affected. your turn?"

This means that Fei Deng committed the crime.

Shao Xun paused and shook his head: "How could it be possible that what happened in the palace had no effect at all. It's just that it wasn't me that was the main target. It's a pity that kid…"

Mrs. Zheng knew that this matter involved the secrets of the royal family, and did not ask much for details. She only said: "We heard a little bit outside the palace. Although we don't know what's going on, we always sweat for you. You should Be more careful, especially for the two princes, the children are delicate and tender, and you can't be too careful."

This incident really reminded Shao Xun. She could not guess who had old grudges with whom many years ago. There is no interest entanglement on the surface. It is possible for a completely harmless person to use her children to achieve themselves for the sake of grievances with others. the goal of.

This time it was a fluke that there was nothing wrong with it. It really hurt Ashu and Atang. She couldn't even cry.

Mrs. Zheng sighed: "We were still saying that compared to others, your days in the palace are a rare trip. Who knows that this happened again. What do you think these people are doing? ?"

She didn't know the inside story, she couldn't understand Deng's good days, but she had to go crazy and wanted to die with everyone.

Shao Xun had already understood the cause and effect, and knew what was going on. The pitying prince let go of his own hand and simply, leaving behind can not be broken up.

A few days ago, the emperor ordered Deng to be buried in Jingling, not far from the cemetery of Prince Huaiming. At that time, Shao Xun thought that these people died one after another. When they arrived in the underworld, it was estimated that they would still be in a mess. Solve it by yourself, don't harm the emperor again.

Seeing that the atmosphere was a little dull, the second wife He finally put in a sentence: "Mother, it's so easy for your mother to come out of the palace once, don't we say something happy?"

Mrs. Zheng took the opportunity to patted her mouth: "What you said is very true, this happy event is right in front of you, and you always want to be unhappy about what you do."

"Happy event? What are you talking about?"

With a smile on the corner of He's eyes, he said: "Your Majesty has ordered the Ministry of Rites to prepare for the ceremony. I heard that it will be done in the next year. Isn't this a happy event?"

Of course she was happy. Once Shao Xun was appointed, the Seventh Prince became the crown prince, which would only bring countless benefits to her children.

Shao Xun just smiled and said nothing.

Mrs. Zheng saw that Shao Xun's words and deeds were lighter than usual, and the entrance was pure water. People around her had to repeatedly try love to let her in. This cautiousness was a little abnormal, and she moved in her heart and asked tentatively. : "Could it be… again?"

As soon as these words came out, He was okay, Gong Sun and Shao Qiong reacted unexpectedly, and they both looked up at Shao Xun almost at the same time.

Shao Xunwei was surprised: "…Do you have a mind-reading skill? Only your majesty and I know it."

Mrs. Zheng let out a long sigh of relief: "That's good. It's a good thing to have more children and more blessings. To have a prince with your majesty will also add popularity to the palace-this year has passed, it is really bad luck. ."

Shao Xun touched her lower abdomen: "…I originally wanted to wait until Atang was a little older."

He was happier than the old lady, and his eyes became a line of laughter: "Look at what you said, it can be seen that the words are spoken by people with rich heirs. If this makes those who can't ask for it, their eyes will be red… …"

When she said this, she stopped abruptly, and said with a little embarrassment: "I just said casually…I didn't mean anything else…"

Since Shao Xun entered the palace, Gong Sun has never communicated with her at all. When she entered the palace, she always sat in an inconspicuous corner, trying her best not to let others, especially Shao Xun, notice herself.

To say that she is Shao Xun's aunt, the two have never had a conflict, but what she did in Zheng Yunqiao's affairs was actually well known to each other, but there was no quarrel on the face of it.

But this does not mean that Gong Sun is not guilty and afraid.

She was consciously wronged. After all, she never dreamed that the girl whose father did not love his mother and his mother could have such a good fortune. At that time, she clamored over Shao Xun and insisted on asking Shao Qiong to be a daughter-in-law. For girls, they are all insulting, but no one on the table can say that she did something wrong.

Shao Xun and Zheng Yunqiao did not have a clear marriage. Is it wrong to follow the orders of their parents and choose another suitable one?

Originally, things could end here. With Shao Xun's identity, it is not that she can't get married. If she works hard, she might still be a princess or something, this is not a shame to her.

Who knew that Shao Xun turned his head and went into the palace. At the beginning, she was the head of the concubines. At the moment when the empress was in name, she was the most noble one.

Don't say that those who enter the palace are not favored. Gong Sun is afraid that he is the one who has the most confidence in Shao Xun in this respect, and even far surpasses Shao Xun's father, Yingguo Duke. She knows that such a beautiful girl is even a girl. Like Mu, no man would ignore such a beautiful piece of wood, not to mention that she was quite knowledgeable and interesting.

Gong Sun didn't understand at the beginning, what the Empress Dowager thought, such a girl who looks like a fox… Entering the palace is not afraid that she will control the emperor and let him forget all his mothers, and don't stop him. That's it, the Empress Dowager actually took the initiative to act as a matchmaker.

Looking at Shu fei, this was clearly thought of.

Sure enough, after Shao Xun entered the palace, the six palaces were empty, as if only the nectar hall remained in the entire harem. As a concubine, he would rise and lie with the emperor, making it impossible for others to get in.

What is this not a vixen?

But the more so, the more feared Gong Sun. She didn't know what Shao Xunlian looked like and almost forgot about her. She couldn't remember who she was. She was just blindly afraid that the imperial concubine would still be holding grudges and looking for opportunities. I deliberately retaliate, thinking about it these years, I haven't slept peacefully, so that I can avoid it when I enter the palace. If I can't avoid it, I will say a word, and I will not say a word for fear of attracting people. note.

The most unbearable thing is that for various reasons, she gave up or even qualified to be a Empress girl. If the alternative daughter-in-law satisfies her, it will be fine.

She didn't dislike Shao Qiong stupid. After all, it would be nice to have her mother-in-law in the family's affairs. She didn't need her daughter-in-law to intervene in the first place.

Secondly, I will not complain that Shao Qiong will not please her husband. As long as two people respect each other as guests, it is better to have children with peace of mind than anything else.

But she didn't expect that Shao Qiong would be able to live like this after entering the door. The relationship with Zheng Yunqiao can be described as a stranger. First, Zheng Yunqiao barely showed good, but Shao Qiong didn't know what medicine he took. Obviously, I was entangled with my cousin before, but after marriage, he seemed extremely cold, and he ignored her as if someone owed her.

Later, when the imperial concubine in the palace was pregnant with the five princesses, Shao Qiong might have reminisced and began to want to repair the relationship between husband and wife so that he could have a child. This Gong Sun was happy to see it, but the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law didn't expect Zheng Yunqiao to speak very well. It's impossible to let people call and go, and the husband and wife fell off again. Shao Qiong coquettishly pestered Zheng Yunqiao, but the other party became cold.

In short, in the past few years, there hasn't been a day of turmoil, not to mention the fertility of the offspring, I haven't even seen a child Yinger.

With the indifferent atmosphere between his son and daughter-in-law, Gong Sun even suspected that the two of them did not even complete the room.

Although He said it was not intentional, but whoever believes in such words is a fool, Gong Sun feels like he has scratched the pain in people's heart, giving her a kind of painful gnashing of teeth.

But Gong Sun knew how to measure, knowing that the attack at this time was to let people watch jokes, and by the way, he would remind the imperial concubine that there is still an enemy here that has not been taken care of, so she smiled rather patiently: "Children's affairs are always to be seen Fate, Niangniang is due to fate. Yun Qiao's two children are not fate yet, so wait."

He clanked his lips, knowing that Gong Sun swallowed in front of the imperial concubine, as if she was not the one who was usually domineering. She was about to say a few more words to relieve her anger, when Mrs. Zheng gave her a secret look, and then swallowed again.

Shao Xun was in a good mood today, and naturally hoped that these people would shut up and not come to provoke her. Therefore, it is satisfied to see that Gong Sun took the initiative to calm down. After all, Zheng Yunqiao is the only son of his uncle. He does not look at the face of the monk but also looks at the face of the Buddha. One sentence: "My aunt is also right. In fact, the husband and wife are harmonious, and they are better than anything else. The cousin and Ah Qiong are both young and have a long life."

When Gong Sun heard her words, he breathed a sigh of relief, and even felt a little grateful. As soon as he was about to say something, he saw Shao Qiong close her mouth tightly next to her, and even the rims of her eyes were red.

Gong Sun was a little flustered, because the past few years had been enough for her to understand this daughter-in-law. Once Shao Qiong showed up like this, Bacheng would have trouble.

"Ah Qiong…Ah Qiong is not in a hurry, they are all youngsters thinking about having fun for a few years…"

Since Shao Qiong first saw the emperor, the loss, frustration, and vague anger had never disappeared, because seeing them talking but no one took care of him, this negative emotion became more and more serious.

When the two sisters were in her maternal family, she was the focus of everyone, and no one would ignore her because of talking to her sister.

But just married, how come everyone's attitude is reversed? Is it just because she married the emperor?

Shao Xun didn't know that their husband and wife were almost strangers. She and the emperor still had the same relationship for so many years, and there was no need to reflect her happiness through the misfortune of others.

After all, there are a lot of things in the palace. There are still two children and the emperor who have to worry about, and there is really no time to find out how this sister is doing after marriage, but her words are deliberately mocking Shao Qiong's ears to make her The dissatisfaction in my heart suddenly reached its peak, and I immediately guilty of the old problem of being "unintentionally" in a bad mood.

She lowered her head, as if echoing Gong Sun's words: "What my mother said is that we are young and we are not as anxious as my sister. We must give birth to a few more now…"

Once this sentence fell to the ground, the whole room seemed to be frozen in silence, and a needle could be heard even when it fell on the ground.

Everyone's mouths grew in shock-what did she, what she said!

Especially Gong Sun, she didn't react at first, and then she suddenly woke up when she saw the expression on Shao Xun's face, and knelt on the ground with her feet soft: "Niang! The minister's wife didn't mean that!"

He swallowed, and quietly moved back a few steps, not wanting to stand with the idiot and be involved.

Even Mrs. Zheng's face was a little pale-the emperor was separated from them by only a wall!

But it is not practical for the emperor.

Shao Xun ignored Gong Sun who was kneeling on the ground and trembling. She tilted her head to look at Shao Qiong, and said in a calm tone: "Ah Qiong, what did you just say, please tell my sister again."

Shao Qiong was a little scared now, but she said everything. She could only bite the bullet and her face was unclear. So: "Yes, did I say something wrong?"

Shao Xun smiled and beckoned to her: "Come here."

Shao Qiong didn't move.

Shao Xun said: "Since I don't know what I did wrong, why didn't I come to my sister?"

The waiter who was following her immediately stepped up and grabbed Shao Qiong's arms to prevent her from struggling, and pushed her forward a few steps.

Mrs. Zheng hated Shao Qiong for causing trouble, but she didn't want to make things happen to Dalian and tired others, so she held Shao Xun's hand and wanted to calm down the trouble.

But before speaking, Shao Xun took his hand out.

Mrs. Zheng was taken aback, and then stopped talking.

Shao Xun looked at his sister's face and commented: "I was still cute when I was a child, and I was more willing to bear it."

Shao Qiong's lips trembled, and the calmer Shao Xun was, the more frightened she became, and she knew that the other party might be really angry.

Sure enough, when everyone did not react, Shao Xun stretched out his hand and slapped Shao Qiong's face.

There was indeed no effort and no sound. Yuhu quickly held her hand to check if she was injured, and said anxiously: "How can the empress do it yourself?"

Shao Qiong didn't feel any pain, but his face was blushing like a fire.

This is not over yet, Shao Xun said softly: "This is what I taught you as a sister, let you take a lesson, know what to say and what not to say."

She sat down again and waved her hand to let her go: "Now as a noble concubine, I will tell you what is wrong."

Everyone watched as Shao Qiong was taken to the yard and knelt down. After a while, a crisp sound came in.

This time, the slap in the palace was not as lightly slapped as Shao Xun slapped.

He and Gong Sun did not dare to move

Mrs. Zheng looked at Shao Xun and saw that she closed her eyes as if she was soothed by this voice. She took a deep breath without pleading, but said, "Your Majesty, he…"

Shao Xun opened her eyes, and the anger in her heart that wanted to anger others had been suppressed in a short time. If she had nothing to do, she said, "Don't worry, I can call the shots."

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