The emperor squeezed Shao Xun's fingers without changing his face, only a smile appeared in his eyes.

At this time, Mrs. Zheng arrived with all the family members, standing in the courtyard outside the door, waiting for people to pass on.

The emperor let them in.

The Great Zhou New Year is about to come, and all the yamen have begun to take a break, so the Zheng family is all together.

When the elderly Mrs. Zheng went up to the second room, the youngest son who was in his early five years old would be kept at home, but the children were too young, and the emperor was in a micro service. Mrs. Zheng thought about it and did not bring it to full growth. Child.

As for the girls who did not leave the pavilion, although no one would think that these concubine girls could be compared with the imperial concubines, Mrs. Zheng thought a little more when she was older, fearing that bringing them to the emperor would cause Shao Xun's misunderstanding. Don't make her feel grudges because of trivial matters.

So she didn't bring a girl, and she was surrounded by the Gong Sun family in the big room, Zheng Yongpei and his wife He in the second room, as well as the young couple Zheng Yunqiao and Shaoqiong.

Looking at it this way, the contacts of the main branch of the Zheng family in this generation are really not abundant, and most of them are concentrated in the second room. The second master and the He family have two sons and three daughters. In Zheng Yongming, there are two Zheng Yunqiao and Zheng Yunling. Child, since Zheng Yunling married out of town last year, only Gong Sun left with his son and daughter-in-law.

This is also the reason why Zheng Yongming is outside all the year round. Therefore, he is separated from the Gong Sun family. He is not interested in taking concubines, and he does not feel that he is short of children, so there is no concubine in the family.

Mrs. Zheng led the younger generations to salute outside the door and waited for the pass. After entering the door, she had to kneel and knock her head as usual. He Jinrong was ordered by the emperor to pick up the old lady and avoid her courtesy.

After Gong Sun did not receive this treatment, a few people silently knelt on the ground and bowed their heads. What they heard was the gentle and low voice of the man: "Old lady don't need to be polite…"

The emperor said gently and comforted: "I and the concubine are just going out. You are an elder, so you don't need to restrict these etiquettes."

His words are already very shameful, even if the "elders" other than Mrs. Zheng's are still kneeling on the ground and dare not look up, no one dares to say anything.

Because in the strict sense, even the grandparents and parents of the Empress of the Palace could not be regarded as "elders" before the emperor.

Everyone, including Gong Sun who had been dissatisfied with Shao Xun before, knelt down and honestly. Only one person in the crowd was stiff and almost raised his head by the sound.

Behind Gong Sun, the woman next to Zheng Yunqiao is Shao Xun's sister, Shao Qiong.

She has grown up and is no longer a little girl.

When Shao Qiong was at home, Zheng, as a biological mother, was afraid that she was not thorough enough, and tried to avoid letting her enter the palace. This was especially true after she was married. In addition to the energy and patience that Mrs. Zheng had the energy and patience to train her in the past few years For a period of time, I took her to see Shao Xun several times, and then gradually disappeared.

Especially when her loose mouth caused a catastrophe, Yingguo Duke almost had a big somersault. In the end, even if it was a fluke, the old Yingguo Duke had been struggling to fight for the hereditary title of nobility on the battlefield. It's uncomfortable enough to become degraded.

The father and daughter almost broke apart. Shao Zhenyu slapped her severely, and could no longer remember that this was the daughter who was quite beloved in the past. He has not mentioned forgiveness yet, and Shao Qiong is ashamed and resentful. Angrily, he felt resentment towards his father in his heart, and gradually distanced himself from her maternal family.

Speaking of which, Shao Xun is her older sister. The two are not much different. They grew up together, but the two sisters have not seen each other for several years.

This time the emperor and Shao Xun came to Zheng's mansion together. Shao Qiong was dragged by Gong Sun and was urged by Mrs. Zheng to tidy up. He wanted to come and worship to see that she was already a noble concubine, and she was about to become the Empress's sister.

To be honest, Shao Qiong instinctively didn't want to come. She didn't want to know how Shao Xun had a better life than herself, and she never wanted to kneel at the feet of her sister who came from the same father, humble like the dust set off the bright moon.

She swears that it's not that she likes to see her sister having a bad life, but that she…has a faint depression.

But if you want to think about it, her opinion is not important. Mrs. Zheng doesn't realize her embarrassment and subtle psychology when facing her sister. She only asks her to talk less and watch them talk with the emperor and concubine as a background.

Shao Qiong can only comfort herself. This is the first time she meets the emperor at close range. She had been kneeling in a crowd of people or across a mountain before. She had never been pressed by the Zheng to raise her head, and she hadn't seen it clearly. After seeing the appearance of this "brother-in-law", I heard that he is going to be in a good year after the new year…

The age difference between their sisters is less than two years. Her husband, Zheng Yunqiao, was in his early twenties, but the emperor was only a few years younger than their father… At such an age, the sister might not feel awkward. It's like when she sees the young aunt in the mother's yard standing beside her father, making people feel pitiful and pathetic.

When she was young and ignorant, she ruined a marriage relationship and forced Shao Xun to enter the palace to serve her husband with so many people. As a result, both of them have their own dissatisfaction.

…But why can't the emperor's voice be heard old?

After listening to the emperor's words over there, Mrs. Zheng said respectfully and respectfully: "I am ashamed to be a minister."

The emperor took Shao Xun's hand and said to the old lady: "The imperial concubine felt bored in the palace, so I took her out of the palace. I didn't expect to meet Zheng Qing. It was an unexpected joy. I thought that this child should be too. Thinking of you, I became an uninvited guest this time."

With a full budget, there are no more than five fingers that can make the emperor speak in such a polite tone. Regardless of whether it is true or false, it is enough to flatter Mrs. Zheng and dare not immediately.

"Your Majesty's arrival with the empress is really making the house full of glory." She raised her eyes to Shao Xun, and saw that although she was a little thinner than the last five princess birthday banquet, she was smiling and full of energy. Xianglai has not been affected by recent events in the royal family.

Mrs. Zheng has always been worried that these things will make the emperor feel unhappy, and Shao Xun, who is closest to her, will be angered, and she has been hanging her heart these days.

Shao Xun saw that the others hadn't gotten up, so he casually flattened them, and then looked at Mrs. Zheng. He felt that she also had good eyes and was a little healthier than an ordinary old man, so he stood by and said: "Grandma is watching. I am in good spirits, have you seen the credit of your uncle?"

She was together, and the hand that she shook with the emperor could not be released in time. The entangled fingers were distributed the moment the cuffs were separated. Both Mrs. Zheng and Yongming Zheng hadn't been blind, and they saw it at a glance.

The mother and the son looked at each other in a daze, and at the same time they almost couldn't help laughing.

Mrs. Zheng exhausted her restraint before she swallowed the humorous words into her stomach-this is their monarch, not the usual hairy son-in-law, even if she sees anything, she can only treat it as invisible.

Mrs. Zheng would occasionally visit her granddaughter in the palace. She had long known that she had a close relationship with the emperor, and the two really had a real relationship.

But she didn't expect that Shao Xun entered the palace for so many years, like a child, sneaking away from La Fujun's hand in front of others.

If it was Shao Xun himself, the emperor had spoiled her and let her fool around.

It's really funny and emotional.

Shao Xun didn't know that her little actions had been seen through, and walked up to Mrs. Zheng to pull her to her side and sit down. "Since I entered the palace, I haven't been able to visit you at home again. It didn't happen that I met my uncle. "

Seeing that the emperor had no special reaction, Mrs. Zheng followed the words: "It's hard for you to recognize him. At first glance, I thought it was someone impersonating. Look, I gave him such a good appearance. , Just let him spoil it."

Zheng Yongming doesn't care about himself: "Your Majesty said that a man's appearance is of no use. Besides, the empress is now older than me and my sister. Just go and see her."

"Bah," Mrs. Zheng did a good job with Young Master Pian Pian's son. After a few years of work for the emperor, she came back like this. She said with no anger: "Which is rare to see you."

Shao Xun hadn't seen this scene for a long time, and couldn't help turning his head and pulling the emperor's sleeve and smiled at him.

The emperor saw that she saw the rise of the quarrel between her mother and her son. He shook his head reluctantly and also looked forward to it. I wonder what kind of temper the child in her belly is. Will it be more lively than the first two. In the future, Shao Xun will be older and will quarrel with her son. What will it be like.

…I don't know if he will have the opportunity to see such a scene.

Shao Xun didn't know the emperor's thoughts, but he turned his head to see that his sister was looking here blankly. Next to her was his cousin Zheng Yunqiao.

Zheng Yunqiao's appearance has not changed much from a few years ago. He has been awarded a scholarship this year. Unlike Shao Xun's second brother, Shao Hui, who knew that he was not able to learn enough, he directly chose to release. Zheng Yunqiao was selected to enter the Imperial Academy. At the time, he kept his head down and stood still motionless. Although he couldn't see clearly, he didn't have the vigorous youth like a few years ago.

Shao Xun thinks about how this man had been manipulated in marriage when he was young, and guessed that he is really mature now.

And Shao Qiong seemed to have changed from before.

It's not that she has become ugly, but she has lost a lot of weight. She used to look at the plump flesh cut off on her face. In fact, she was pretty, but she no longer looked like a child, not as tender and cute as before.

Shao Qiong had secretly raised her head when she happened to see Shao Xun's hands clasping the man next to him under his sleeves. The two looked very close. Shao Xun was not at all as if he was forcing herself to be close to a man who was enough to be her father. .

She naturally relied on him, got close to him, and even dared to pull the sleeves of the emperor unscrupulously, her eyes filled with soft light when she smiled.

The emperor was not as old as she had imagined. He was tall and graceful, and his back was naturally straight. Sitting there, he could see that he was a bit taller than Zheng Yunqiao. This man looked handsome and handsome, perhaps indeed not as good as his teens or 20s. The young man looks young, but he also has a calm aura that young people do not have.

Just like a golden dragon hovering over the Tai Chi Palace with eyes closed, he is no longer young, nor has he been angry to show his strength, but can you think that because the carp that can be seen everywhere in the Taiye Pool is young, can you think that they can be compared with him?


Therefore, Shao Qiong couldn't lie to herself that Shao Xun was actually acting every time. She felt that she should have been happy for her sister.

But in fact, not only did she not feel happy, she felt that her heart sank involuntarily, and it sank to the bottom.

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