After Shao Xun picked up the same thing, I didn't look at it anymore. This made people carefully install the priceless jewels and sent them directly into the palace, holding hands with the emperor downstairs.

"How? I have a lot of good things here, right?" Shao Xun was a little proud.

"It's really a lot," the emperor said with a smile: "It's just that you emptied most of it in one day, and I don't know when I can use it all."

Shao Xun deliberately said: "So you didn't like it? Then just return it again, don't force it."

The emperor had a meal, and then changed his face without changing his face: "But since you bothered to choose, I…I'm not too picky, so I will accept them all, thank you Madam for your kindness."

Shao Xun smiled and tweeted.

The emperor asked: "What was the treasurer talking to you just now?"

"Did you see it?" Shao Xun pursed his lips and smiled at first, but after the emperor asked repeatedly, he bowed his head and said, "Well, we are so good…"


"Who would dare to lie to you?"

"Little liar," the emperor stared at her lightly: "Except for you, there really aren't many people in this world who speak nonsense in front of me."

Shao Xun stopped, lowered the emperor's head, and whispered in his ear: "Uncle Li also said that he feels that there is a world of difference between others and you."

The emperor said nothing for a while, and Shao Xunqi said, "What's the matter?"

"I'm just thinking…" The emperor seemed to say calmly: "Your people are all very discerning."

Shao Xun laughed and said: "…Are you complimenting me or complimenting yourself?"

The two of you said something to me. He Jinrong and Yuhu who listened to each other looked at each other, and both felt that the posterior molars were sore and uncomfortable.

Shao Xun was reluctant to say goodbye to shopkeeper Li. He turned around and was about to go out, but suddenly heard a voice with an uncertain tone behind him: "You, are you…?"

Shao Xun was taken aback. She turned her head and saw a handsome middle-aged man with a messy beard and dark face standing by the counter in the silver building, looking at her blankly.

Shao Xun felt that this person was very familiar, and her mouth moved: "You…"

Instead, the middle-aged man completely recognized her and took two steps forward excitedly: "Ah Xun! Is it Ah Xun?"

Shao Xun let go of the emperor's hand, took a step forward involuntarily, and was immediately pulled back.

The emperor frowned, and the guards beside him immediately surrounded the two of them, and yelled: "Stop!"

Just when Shao Xun was at a loss, the man was stopped at the periphery, realizing that he was afraid of being a little reckless, and quickly explained: "Ah Xun! I am uncle, don't you recognize me?"

"Uncle?" Shao Xun couldn't help but his eyes widened and looked at the figure carefully. Only then did he discover that apart from the black complexion and full-faced beard, this man actually really matches the uncle Zheng Yongming in his impression. Very similar.

"You, are you really an uncle? How did you become, become…"

Zheng Yongming and Shao Xun's mother are brothers and sisters of the same female compatriots. The two have a very good relationship and look very similar. Even the older brother is more refined than the younger sister. They say that their nephew is like an uncle, and Shao Xun is not so much like a biological mother when he was young. It is more appropriate to say that you are like uncle.

From this we can know what Zheng Yongming is a peerless and beautiful man. Zheng Yunqiao is already very handsome, but compared to his father, he looks like he was dragged by Gong Sun.

Zheng Yongming is very talented. He won the first prize as soon as he turned twenty. He gave birth to a rare good looks. He was a well-known gifted and beautiful man. It is said that he was the dream of more than half of the women in the city when he was in his hometown of Jiangyin. Lover.

After he was named on the gold list, he stayed honestly in the Imperial Academy for many years, and then released it according to exceptions, going around and going, step by step up and down to the Chief Secretary's political participation, he was a third-rank official position, in his forties. At his age, he is already quite capable.

The last time I saw him, Shao Xun was only twelve or thirteen years old. He clearly remembered that his uncle had a crowned jade face and painted lips, and he was a handsome and beautiful man!

"A word is hard to say," Zheng Yongming sighed. He naturally knew that Shao Xun had already entered the palace as a concubine, but he was only agitated for a while without thinking about it. At this time, he calmed down and looked at Shao Xun's scene and guessed it. What's going on.

He calmly handed over to the man next to his niece: "Humble job Zheng Yongming, please be safe."

The emperor waved his hand and asked the others to retreat. Fortunately, there were not many people in the shop at this time, otherwise the appearance would have attracted crowds of onlookers.

He saw that Shao Xun seemed to want to say something to his uncle. Just as he wanted to say whether to sit in the silver building for a while, Zheng Yongming respectfully said: "My lord, it is not convenient to talk outside. The humble house is not far from here. Please take the second place to drive, and stop here."

Turning his gaze to Shao Xunshi, he visibly softened: "The old lady at home also misses his mother very much."

Zheng Yongming was the champion in the first year of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and even the emperor has the impression, and because it is Shao Xun's uncle who inevitably pays more attention to him, he knows that he will return to Beijing this time to report on his work, and the evaluation of the staff is very good. Transfer it back to the capital.

Had it not been for too many chores these days, the emperor should have summoned him.

He came out with Shao Xun today, so he turned his head to see what she meant.

Shao Xun hesitated for a moment, but their uncle and nephew hadn't seen each other for seven or eight years, and she naturally missed it a little, so she smiled and agreed.

The Zheng family was indeed not far from here, and it took only a quarter of an hour to sit in the carriage. Zheng Yongming had his own car and didn't dare to get too close to the emperor, so he sat alone.

He left home to take up his post back then. He was alone. His wife and children did not take away. Originally, he thought that Zheng Yunqiao and Shao Xun's marriage was managed by two elders, which was a matter of course. Therefore, he was very relieved. As a result, he got married. At his age, the choice of his daughter-in-law is really controversial.

He certainly disagreed, but he was beyond his reach. No matter how much he had any opinions, he could not leave the responsibility to deal with the family affairs. It didn't take long for Shao Xun to give up on his own initiative. Even the old lady recognized Shao Qiong. He was really confused when he heard the news in Shandong. I don't understand how things are going so fast, so my son's marriage is confused and changed.

Zheng Yongming didn't look down at Shao Qiong because she was the daughter of a concubine, nor did he say that being close to Shao Xun would make her dear, but because of the talents of the two girls when he was in Beijing, right? , There is nothing comparable.

It's just a done deal. Everyone except him seems to be very normal. They don't think anything is wrong. Even Shao Xun himself has no nostalgia for this marriage. Zheng Yongming feels awkward no longer, and he can't shave his head. After my sister was sad for a few days alone, she could only recognize it.

Not long after that, I heard the news of Shao Xun's entering the palace. This is another trend that I didn't even think about. From the first time Zheng Yongming heard about this rumor, to when Shao Xun entered the palace as a noble concubine, it was actually only a long time. In a short time, before he could react, his niece was already a noble concubine.

It was almost that he hadn't understood his brother-in-law's caution, and almost suspected that Yingguo Duke took the initiative to sell his daughters for glory, marrying the good one into the palace, and leaving it to their family once… not so good.

As for Shao Xun, as an elder who watched her grow up since childhood, he naturally worried about her, but he knew that the emperor was quite tolerant to the harem and was not too harsh. The love left by Yingguo Duke and Shao Xun's appearance, even if the emperor didn't talk about honors and pets, he should take care of her, and she would not be easily disadvantaged.

It is not that Zheng Yongming does not consider the life-long happiness of his niece, but that he is very sensible, knowing that once he enters the palace, it is very good to live safely and peacefully to the end, and to force other things, on the contrary, it is extremely dangerous.

The past few years have passed, and Shao Xun has a unique favorite in the palace. Both children gave birth to two children. Zheng Yongming was very happy about this and consciously everyone was very happy. Only two days after returning home, he found out about him. The worry about the niece is too much, and it's really a headache in my own family.

When Zheng Mansion sat down in the main hall and the emperor sat on the head, Zheng Yongming ordered the family members to be brought over, and he stood down and planned to repeat the draft on the road. After all, in front of the emperor, he even asked Shao Xun. It doesn't work well—isn't this to suspect that the emperor is treating his niece badly?

He was thinking about it, and he was a little surprised to find that Shao Xun had even spoken before the emperor: "Uncle has been okay all these years? I guess you wrote to your grandmother in your letter. I guessed it was only good news but not bad news. It's changed a lot when I haven't seen it in one year."

Shao Xun looked at her uncle. The fact that there has been no change in the past few years is really too great, but after a closer look, she can still see the shadow of the past, and she gradually disappeared from the alienation caused by strangers. The children of them were more entangled when they were young. Playing with Zheng Yongming is not only because of his hearty character, but also because he looks so good-looking, even the children who see him for the first time will like to look at his face.

Zheng Yongming saw that the emperor was just sitting there watching Shao Xun talking, and didn't mean to blame, he touched his short beard, and didn't care much. With this beard, it's easier to do errands than before, and the common people are also willing to get close."

His appearance brought many benefits when he was young, and being an official outside, especially in that kind of country and village, can cause many troubles and make people unbearable. It is much better now.

The style of this sentence made Shao Xun seem to have returned to his childhood, and unconsciously began to get close.

She smiled and said to the emperor: "Your Majesty, my uncle was a very famous and beautiful man before."

The emperor still had some impression of Zheng Yongming's old looks, it was indeed okay, but…

"A man's appearance is not important. Only talented person has the ability. Zheng Qing has done a good job. Naturally, he knows the truth."

Zheng Yongming immediately became a little apprehensive, and said quickly: "Your Majesty's words are extremely true. His appearance is just skin-like, and the minister understands."

Emperor Shao Xunchong blinked and stopped exposing his nonsense in front of his uncle.

Obviously he cares very much about his appearance, but when he hears himself complimenting him for his good looks, his good mood can last for a long time.

Zheng Yongming hesitated for a while, or asked sideways: "Your Majesty, the minister is brave, the concubine is young after all, I wonder if serving you and the empress dowager is thoughtful?"

Shao Xun also looked at the emperor and listened to his answer.

The emperor said under Shao Xun's gaze: "The imperial concubine treats me respectfully, diligently, and fulfills his duties. No matter what, there is nothing wrong with it."

Zheng Yongming felt more relieved when he heard it, but Shao Xun opened his eyes wide and quietly reached into the emperor's sleeve to pinch his hand.

——Obviously, she has a lot of benefits. This person just emphasized the word "Gongsu" which was the least relevant to her in front of the emperor. This was deliberately teasing her in front of her elders.

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