When a few people entered the private room, the young man happily went to help them get the jewelry. Shao Xun sat down and said, "No hurry, call your shopkeeper first."

If it is a major customer, it is customary for the shopkeeper or even the owner to entertain him personally. The buddy readily responded, and the emperor glanced at He Jinrong.

He Jinrong immediately understood, and on the spot he took out a large gold ingot and stuffed it with the guy, and he walked out overjoyed.

When Shao Xun looked over, the emperor said unhurriedly: "It's a wink to reward him."

Shao Xun smiled so that his eyes were bent, tilted his head and leaned on the emperor's shoulders, quivering on the branch like a bird, and the emperor's faint worries were dispelled by her smile.

Since something went wrong in the palace, she hasn't been so happy for a long time, Ruotong reminded her that it was fitting that she should have taken her out for a walk.

I don't complain that Shao Xun's temperament is so weird in recent days. Although he was barely affected by such a horrible thing in his husband's house, he saw the child's death with his own eyes, the suicide of familiar people, and learned about his previous things. In addition, it is easy to think and think during pregnancy, which makes it weird to feel better.

The emperor could actually see that Shao Xun's temperament was a bit cold on the outside and hot on the inside. Outsiders looked at her dignified and gentle, but there was always a sense of distance. At first, it really made people feel that they were not close and dare not get close, but in fact, they only need to pay. She will certainly give back to her sincerely, and she will not be able to empathize with other people's sorrows and sorrows, but can often experience and understand them.

Unlike the emperor himself, his temper is actually quite good for the emperor, but in essence it is still somewhat indifferent. Except for certain people, he won't worry about other people's affairs if they know it. It's just a "get it" in reply.

The shopkeeper did not dare to neglect the distinguished guests. Shao Xun hadn't suppressed his smile here, the people over there had already arrived.

The shopkeeper had a very appropriate and comfortable smile on his face. When he was thinking about which of the rich and powerful in Beijing was the face of life, he just saw the moment when Shao Xun left the emperor's shoulder and straightened up to look over.

The emperor was about to order the jewelry to be presented, when he saw the smile on the shopkeeper's face suddenly distorted and turned into a very strange shocked expression.

"Auntie, girl!?"

He thought he was dazzled, so he wiped his eyes with his sleeves in disbelief, and then looked intently, it turned out that it was really their girl.

The emperor raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw this scene, and Shao Xun nodded with a smile: "Uncle Li, it's been a long time."

Shopkeeper Li never dreamed that he would actually see the boss who had entered the palace as a mistress. Although the quarterly accounts were sent to the palace, and occasionally there were some reply or instructions, but the real meeting…that would have been more than four years ago. .

Thinking of this, his gaze turned involuntarily to the man who was next to the girl.

He has a majestic and elegant temperament, with good features and good looks. He is someone who has never seen the shopkeeper Li-but whether he has seen it or not, with such an aura, the only man in the world who can and is the only person to sit next to their girl is that One.

He is a bit weak in his legs, but he is quite calm on the bright side, and can bluff people: "The villain, the villain have seen the empress, have seen your majesty, your majesty…"

He was nervous and even put Shao Xun in front of the emperor to salute. Shao Xun quickly asked the jade pot who followed up to hold him: "Uncle Li, we are here to go out of the palace. This trip is a micro service. You don't need to be polite. Just call me before."

Shopkeeper Li swallowed and watched the emperor hesitate to say: "I have seen you, no, I have seen…" His mind was hot, and the ghost poured out a word: "…Aunt?"

This is a fairly new word for the emperor. Unconsciously, please buckle the back of the chair with his fingers, "Uncle?"

Just when the shopkeeper Li realized that he had said something wrong, Shao Xun smiled and said: "Hurry up and take out the accessories used by the men in the shop. Your uncle must pick them out and take them back."

This sentence successfully calmed the shopkeeper Li. He looked at Shao Xun and then looked at the emperor. He saw that the Ninth-Five Supreme from the Great Zhou Dynasty was like an ordinary "uncle", and he kindly pointed to him. Nodded, there was even a smile on his face.

When he reverently exited and closed the door, Shao Xun and the emperor could still hear the dumb voice of the boy: "Who is it…"

Shopkeeper Li replied in a pretentiously calm voice: "Don't you have long ears? Of course it's our eldest lady and uncle!"

The emperor turned his head and asked: "This is the property of Yingguo public?"

Shao Xun shook his head: "Originally it belonged to the Zheng family. Later, he gave my mother a dowry and gave it to me… Most of what my father gave to Tian was cash and farmland."

The emperor whispered: "What does he call me?"

"Why," Shao Xun pretended to be surprised: "Do you still think that we can't climb high?"

"What nonsense," the emperor grabbed her hand: "Do you think I am disgusting?"

Shao Xun couldn't help raising his face to look closely at his eyes, and he could easily see the gentleness and joy from them.

Obviously, he didn't think it was anything, but he felt embarrassed when he saw it, and Shao Xun's ear tips quietly turned red.

When the shopkeeper Li brought all the good things from the bottom of the box in the store, Shao Xun had already reluctantly suppressed the inexplicable shame.

She generously said: "Whatever you like, take it whatever you like, and it will be credited to my account."

The emperor wanted to find some jewellery to make Shao Xun happy by looking at the silver building that he had seen before. Unexpectedly, he just plunged into his own industry, which gave Shao Xun a chance, but instead wanted to give him jewellery.

Except for his childhood when he was so small that he didn't remember anything, he hadn't asked others to pay when he was buying things when he grew up. Today is a precedent.

The emperor not only didn't feel ashamed, but he also found it very interesting. He took Shao Xun's hand seriously and really picked it up.

The jade of this house is a signboard and is of good quality.

"The jade pendant is already there." The emperor touched the mutton white jade that hung around his waist. The tassels on it are now golden. Every year, as long as Shao Xun feels old, he will help with a new set of collaterals. on.

"What are you afraid of? Take it back and hang it by the bed." Shao Xun picked out a few jade and gems very casually: "It looks good on the belt. I will embroider a few more when I look back. You can rotate the belt."

She always talks about being frugal, and the ostentation for her birthday is reduced and reduced, but she is not at all merciless in provoking gifts to the emperor. She has a good vision, and she holds the best products from the world, even if it is. Compared with the palace, it is not necessarily worse. After a few efforts, the silver is spent like running water.

Shopkeeper Li looked in his eyes and did not stop his girl's posture of smiling beauty, because they had already set the rules, even if Shao Xun himself came to buy something, he still had to keep the account, and finally deduct it from the bonus. It does not mean that it hurts the interests of the store. At any rate, money is left-handed and right-handed, which is more cost-effective than buying outside.

In the end, most of them were favored by Shao Xun. The emperor had only one purple jade crown to participate in the opinions. In fact, there is one gold crown which is the most exquisite. Unfortunately, both of them are a little bit shadowed about this, so they changed the jade and carved the crown. It is auspicious clouds, with a huge pearl inlaid in the middle, which is elegant and not vulgar.

This was bought by Shao Xun with money. The emperor looked more pleasing to the eye than the Nine Dragon Crown in the palace. He took off the one he was wearing on the spot and threw it to He Jinrong, pursing his mouth to look at Shao Xun.

Shao Xun walked over to beckon him to lower his head, and then he tiptoeed to stabilize the new purchase for him.

The emperor smiled softly at her: "How?"

Shao Xun carefully looked at this man who already belonged to her, and after considering it for a long time, he solemnly and sincerely praised: "Long Zhang Feng Zi, I forget my meal."

The corner of the emperor's mouth couldn't help but cocked, but considering that so many people were too proud of their bad performance, they barely pressed it down. The shopkeeper Li on the side was an eye-opener, and his eyebrows were almost raised to the sky.

——This is a compliment, yes, but why the more I think about it, the more I feel like molesting…

My eldest girl is really prosperous, she used to be gentle, gentle and well-behaved, she wouldn't say anything out of the ordinary, but now she just opens her mouth to praise a man for being good-looking. This palace is too capable of training people.

After spending a lot of money in his own store like never before, Shao Xun can feel the taste of spending a lot of money, and this money is still spent on his lover.

As a result, the more he became addicted, the more he became happier. No wonder the emperor liked to pick up jewelry by himself and send it to the Temple of Ganlu. This costly thing to wear on his beloved person really brought unprecedented satisfaction.

The emperor was coaxed by others. He didn't say anything. In fact, there was a sense of joy from the inside out. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that he was always cautious, far inferior to He Jinrong, who was in trouble with Kang Li. I couldn't help but exaggerate: "I still have a good vision for the girl. Look at the items in this selection, each of them is worthy of you, especially this crown, which sets off the vulgarity that the servants picked for you."

The emperor's nasal cavity made a sound of "Um" that seemed to agree, touched the jade pendant on his waist, and looked at Shao Xun who was picking agarwood bracelets, lowered his voice and said, "Your empress is young, so I don't understand. Temperance, I have no shortage of these, but she made up her mind to send so much."

After speaking, he even sighed like he really did. He Jinrong's smile could hardly be sustained, and his mouth kept falling.

"There are only a few shops in her hand, how many ladders can there be? You turn around and take the key to the inner library…nothing, don't forget to remind me that I will send it personally, she is willing to send it, I can't really let her Suffer."

The corners of He Jinrong's mouth froze: "Yes, slaves, slaves and maids remember."

The shopkeeper Li over there helped Shao Xun pick the beads, and he didn't forget to glance at the emperor secretly, while he nodded while aiming.

"Look further, the guards will think you are trying to take you down." Shao Xun reminded.

Shopkeeper Li shook his head: "The little one just thinks that Madam should be relieved in the Spirit of Heaven. Our uncle was taken care of by you, let alone, this look and style are indeed a match made in heaven with you…before, huh. ."

He suppressed his voice to the lowest level: "It's not bad to be small, but it's better than…" He pointed to the ground: "Here, except for a few years younger, it's just…tsk."

Shopkeeper Li has worked in this silver building all his life, and he is also a wonderful person.

Shao Xun blinked: "What are you doing so quietly?"

"…Isn't this afraid of my uncle getting angry when I hear it?"

"Don't worry, he won't."

I'm even happier if I don't keep it all.

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