"Really?" The emperor's tone was particularly pleased.

This is something he didn't expect at all.

The two of them discussed at first that they would have the next one a few years later after giving birth to their daughter. It is difficult to bring along with more children, so Shao Xun also cultivated for a while.

But the fact of giving birth to a child is not counted. The refuge soup used now is for women. The emperor is also reluctant to use Shao Xun to use these extremely damaging medicines, so he took a different approach and asked many doctors specifically. Knowing that a woman is very easy to conceive in the days between two menstrual events, at other times, the closer she is to the two ends, the more uncomfortable she is. Therefore, he tries to restrain himself in the middle and avoids these few days to be happy.

This method also seemed to be really useful. At least Zhao Yanshu was almost two years old. Zhao Ruotang, who was only there when they wanted a second child, this time her daughter was more than one year old, and there was still no accident.

It was just that between men and women, being intimate was not always on the day, so the emperor could not tell whether this method of avoiding children failed for a while, and he could not guarantee that the two people would really avoid the days of fertility completely when they had S*x. , And then there is Shao Xun's inaccurate monthly affairs, and sometimes I don't understand how to count the days.

But the beloved girl is pregnant again, and they want to have a lovely baby again. This is always a good thing. After being surprised, the emperor was very happy. He immediately looked at Shao Xun, but he immediately looked away when he saw her.

The emperor stared at Shao Xun, and for a while, he patiently took a moment, pressed the volume and asked Hui Yuan, "Is everything okay with her?"

Hui Yuan stroked his beard with a smile: "My mother should have already counted this matter in her heart, and she should pay attention to it every day. There is nothing wrong with it."

Shao Xun immediately put his hand on his lips and coughed slightly, and the emperor raised his eyebrows and smiled: "Do you know it in your heart?"

Hui Yuan closed his eyes, his eyes rolled quickly under his eyelids, and then he opened his eyes and said decisively: "Your Majesty and Niangniang will have a dragon born. You must be very happy. It just so happens that Lao Na has something important, so please two Let's talk alone…"

When the emperor nodded and made a sign of please, Hui Yuan didn't delay a moment, got up and went out with a smile on his face. Before leaving, he did not forget to close the door intimately for the two of them.

Shao Xun lowered his head very slowly in the emperor's meaningful gaze.

There was only one seat between the two. The emperor did not pull her, but patted his leg.

This is indeed a turn of Feng Shui, and Shao Xun is still standing on the upper hand, this turn of the head is her turn to a guilty conscience.

Shao Xunno came over and sat down, and explained in a low voice: "Actually, I don't know it's coming."

"Lying," the emperor nodded her forehead: "I said why you are so abnormal, saying that you should be obedient if you are sitting on your shoulders. If you don't take this child into consideration, I am afraid that I will spend a lot of talking to persuade you."

Also, he was shocked by his refusal to make intimacy before, and he was worried about whether he was…

"I'm really not sure. The imperial physician kept saying that this time is different from the previous two times. The pulse condition is not obvious, and there is no guarantee. I only wanted to get it right."

Once the pulse condition is ambiguous and the menstrual affairs are inaccurate, if Shao Xun himself does not say that she has signs of pregnancy, who can guarantee that she is indeed pregnant? Even if the doctor is 90% sure, he only dared to reveal 50% to 60%. Come.

The emperor knew that what she said was half-truth, and immediately opened up: "You are the mother of two children, don't you feel it?"

How could there be no feeling? This baby felt very strong from the time it was pregnant, dizzy, tired and easily tired, but because they had been avoiding pregnancy, they didn't think about it until the day of Deng's accident, Shao Xun felt uncomfortable. The person vomited out outside, and then I realized that it would happen again in all likelihood.

But she was pregnant and emotionally unstable at the time, and it was inevitable that she felt a bit resentful. In addition, the imperial doctor really didn't dare to say that she was sure of it. She had a reason to keep not saying it. This is indeed hers.

"Furthermore, if there is no order from you, even if you are not sure, Doctor Zhang will definitely give me a call to the ward."

He organized and understood that Shao Xun couldn't deny him, so he could only admit his mistake with a guilty conscience: "…I was wrong. I wanted to tell you about it today."

The emperor embraced her waist and said in a more serious tone: "This is an accident. No matter how big things happen in the future, no matter how angry you are, you are not allowed to hide such things. Have you heard?"

Shao Xun couldn't hold his head up after being trained, and nodded dullly: "…I heard it."

"The next time, no matter what the reason is, I have to punish it."

Shao Xun was not afraid of being punished, but curiously asked: "How do you punish me?"

The emperor looked at her and said, "Are you happy to be able to come out today?"

Shao Xun nodded.

"Do you want to continue shopping after going down the mountain?"

After getting Shao Xun's affirmation again, the emperor deliberately frightened her: "This will not work, we will go back to the palace when we go down the mountain, and wait until you honestly stay in the palace until the child will run away before allowing her to leave the palace. "

Shao Xun immediately opened his eyes: "No, no! We are all out!"

The emperor closed his eyes calmly and unmoved. Shao Xun was really anxious now. He apologized, begged for mercy, and acted like a baby. He put his arms around his neck, and said good things in his arms, the emperor. Then he opened his eyes unhurriedly.

"Girl, you can remember that this is not an example."

Shao Xun breathed a sigh of relief. The emperor looked at her beautiful and bright eyes, how could he be willing to punish her really, just by adjusting his mouth to teach her a lesson, by the way…

Cough, by the way, I was in the observation deck just now, it would be better if I didn't hold back the bullying and forget it…

The emperor put his palm on her belly: "I didn't expect this child to come so soon. We Atang will be a sister, and I don't know if it is a boy or a girl."

They already have both sons and daughters, and this birth is good for both men and women.

"It's just a hard work for you. I didn't want to have another one so soon… Maybe it was the girl's name. At first, I wanted to have another "Yan Di" to pair up with Atang's name."

Shao Xun also put his hand on the back of the emperor's hand: "If it were a princess again, this name would not sound good."

"Then wait for the next one."

"Who is going to be next…"

The two reconciled, and Shao Xun happily left Master Huiyuan and went down the mountain with the emperor.

When he sat on his shoulders, Shao Xun reacted and noticed something was wrong. Wasn't she the one who was angry before going up the mountain? And what happened to the emperor who had just played her and almost embarrassed her just now passed?

She stared at the emperor and hesitated, the man under her shoulders raised his face, smiled and asked, "What?"

"……It's nothing."

Shao Xun felt that he was at a loss in the matter of pregnancy, and he dared not look for anything more. He was afraid that the emperor would have any tricks to deal with her, so he simply admitted, as the emperor had expected, he would not mention the incident.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, when the shops of all sizes on the street will be closed, so this is the last day when you can buy goods for the New Year all year round, and the streets are extremely lively.

The emperor took into account that Shao Xun was carrying the child, and instead of going to the most lively place, he chose the street closest to the imperial city. The prices of things here are far more than ordinary markets. Most of them come from well-off families, and occasionally high-ranking officials. The nobles come and go, so they are not as cluttered as other bazaars.

He took Shao Xun out of the carriage and carefully embraced her. A few guards who were disguised as common people followed closely. There were more people protecting the emperor and concubines farther away, but Shao Xun couldn't see it.

Although she and the emperor are not by these ages, she is still a bit conspicuous, even if she wears ordinary clothes, she can be seen at a glance that she is not a thing in the pool.

Especially some of the wandering dudes, because of the emperor's aura, dare not make trouble, but they couldn't control their eyes one by one, and looked desperately at Shao Xun's face.

Shao Xun knew that the emperor was jealous, so he ordered a drapery to cover his face, but he was unexpectedly stopped by the emperor.

"Fine, don't use this, you finally come out to relax, you should have fun, don't need to cover up.

Shao Xun felt that the post was ironed in his heart, and he wanted to jokingly said: "This is what you said, so don't get sulking."

She hasn't been out of the palace for a long time, and she feels happy and fresh when she sees everything. She stops and stops all the way, and leaves what she sees. It's just that these things on the street are not exquisite. Shao Xunlue took two and stopped, staring. A relatively clean stall selling sugar paintings by the side of the road is not moving.

"Want?" the emperor asked.

Shao Xun nodded.

"No, the food outside is not clean, turn around and let the Imperial Dining Room draw two for you."

Shao Xun knew that the emperor had strict control over what she said. Even in the palace, she would eat two more sweet desserts so that she would have to talk for a long time if she ate a little bit less in the dinner. Forget it.

"I'll just hold it and take a look, can you not put it in your mouth?"

"You, it's just a whim."

The emperor asked He Jinrong to buy a candy painting depicting a kitten.

Shao Xun held it in his hand, and he really lost interest after playing for a while. The emperor stuffed the sugar painting to He Jinrong and took Shao Xun to a silver building.

"Just looking at it from the outside, this one seems to be a bit interesting. Instead of going up and buying some miscellaneous jewelry that you will not wear once in your life, you might as well pick something worth seeing, I…I will buy it for you."

Shao Xun looked at the counter of this store, his expression was weird for a moment, then he couldn't help but smile: "Here? Would you buy it for me?"

The guy who greeted us was a newcomer, but he had a lot of abilities in observing words and expressions. At a glance, he could see that the men and women in front of him were either rich or expensive. They were very courteous. While leading them to entertain in the elegant room upstairs, they quickly turned their minds. Think about their relationship and how they should be called.

This kind of intimacy is either a father or a daughter or a sibling, or a couple. Look at this age… it seems that they can still be said in the past.

Needless to say, Shao Xunzi can tell at a glance that he is a very young girl, but the emperor is very noble and powerful, making people unable to see the age. He said that he was middle-aged and barely made do, said yes. The youth does not seem to violate peace.

The emperor put his hand on Shao Xun's waist and protected her upstairs. When the buddy opened his mouth and wanted to speak, his cold eyes fell on him, making him agitated. The words in his mouth seemed to have his own will, and he blurted out: "The son and son What does Mrs. Zun want to buy?"

The emperor's expression eased: "Buy her some jewellery, and bring the top ones over for us to take a closer look."

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