Progress Bar Donation

For every pooled $20 donation in Paypal and Ko-fi, there will be an additional release (~2,000 words) for BAD, RSE or BUN.

P.S. Please don’t forget to add a note during checkout in Paypal if you don’t want your name to be disclosed. Or if you want to be thanked by a different name. Otherwise, I will just use your Kofi name or the initials in your Paypal.

Don’t forget to write which of my three projects you’re supporting! If you don’t leave a note during check out, the donation will enter the progress bar for BAD by default 🙂

BTW, the progress bar isn’t directly linked to PayPal or Ko-fi. So, it will take some times to see changes after making a donation or buying me a coffee. 🙂 It will usually take less than a day to get updated (usually 😅).

The delayed RSS Feeds sort of work?… Anyway, I changed it to three hours now. 24 hours is too long a delay for email subscribers, especially when this function didn’t always delay those aggregator sites anyway.

In an effort to get my site indexed first, I’ll delay the RSS Feeds by 24 hours. If it works, hopefully it does, those aggregator sites won’t receive my update until 24 hours later. Unfortunately, this delay will also affect NU and email subscribers. Sorry, guys.

However, my release schedule should stay the same. Each scheduled chapter should go up at 5 am Pacific time. Please check my main page (by clicking on the plush turtle) for the latest posted chapter.

I got annoyed with those aggregator sites enough that I started littering my chapters with those ‘read here’ notes again. As a reader suggested before, I changed their color to make them less obtrusive during reading.

On second thought, I decide to use this post for Updates as well. Latest news will be on top.

~ I’m going to stop adding links ahead of time to the List of Chapters. It’s not necessary now that there’s a main page with the latest posts. Of course, I will still be updating links in the List of Chapters, but most likely in batches…when I remember to haha.

Here is where I will publicize any new features that I have now and in the future.

~ There’s a new Glossary on the menu. Check it out! It has all of the dinosaurs that appear so far in the story, and more, as well as their images. In alphabetical order!

~ I added a new tooltip that let you hover on and see the image of the dinosaur the first time it’s mention in every chapter. It’s easy to forget what they look like after a while. Now, you can use this tooltip to recall them!

~ I have decided to add a donate button, for those who really like the novel and want to support it beyond the liked and comments. Instead of letting the donation sink into the air, I will return your support with an extra chapter. I call it a donation chapter.

~ Of course, the donation is optional. There are many ways to show your support besides that (ex: liked, rate, or comment on the chapters here and/or on NU).

That’s pretty much it for now. I’ll update you if there’s anything else later!