Nanotyrannus, as its name implied, was a reduced version of Tyrannosaurus rex. Nanotyrannus had an average length of 5 meters, less than half the length of adult Tyrannosaurus rex. They generally weighed 2-3 tons, which was about the same as a 3-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu used to be a paleontologist. He knew that when humans first discovered the fossils of Nanotyrannus, they mistook Nanotyrannus for the juvenile body of Tyrannosaurus rex. Later, after a series of studies, they finally came to the conclusion that Nanotyrannus wasn't a young Tyrannosaurus rex but a brand-new dinosaur according to the age of their skeletons and the differences between their teeth and other body structures.

The three Nanotyrannus were particularly strong, each weighing at least three tons while Guji, Gudong and Guga each weighed less than three tons. What's more, the three adult Nanotyrannus had very rich combat experience, far more than the three young Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu did weigh four tons, but as an herbivorous dinosaur, he had never fought with such a powerful adult carnivorous dinosaur ever.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs and Gulu looked at the three Nanotyrannus nervously. The cubs were very obedient and stayed in the safe area enclosed by Gaya and Mungo. They hoped that these ferocious Nanotyrannus could take the initiative to leave after smelling the terrifying scent of Tyrannosaurus rex like Mungo.

But Gulu knew that it's almost impossible.

If a Tyrannosaurus rex was raising its cub alone, it would rub its own scent on ferns or trees to leave a strong scent and enclose a safe range of activities for the cubs.

That's because other carnivorous dinosaurs would choose to avoid the pungent scent of adult Tyrannosaurus rex. Tyrannosaurus rex was so domineering that almost all carnivorous dinosaurs would avoid any area with their scent.

Nanotyrannus was an exception. Nanotyrannus would search for the odor left behind by adult Tyrannosaurus rex to protect its cubs, because it meant that the adult Tyrannosaurus rex wouldn't be able to return for a while. Nanotyrannus would use the odor as a GPS to locate the Tyrannosaurus rex cubs then kill them before the adult Tyrannosaurus rex returned.

This was because Tyrannosaurus rex cubs could easily kill Nanotyrannus once they grew up or entered their adolescent stage. So, Nanotyrannus would kill Tyrannosaurus rex cubs as an early elimination of competitors.

What Gulu didn't quite understand was that Tyrannosaurus rex was the strongest competitor of all carnivorous dinosaurs that's almost impossible to defeat, but other carnivorous dinosaurs were not as crazy as Nanotyrannus in terms of searching for Tyrannosaurus rex cubs to kill.

Other carnivorous dinosaurs, in order to eliminate their future competitors, would certainly bite to death Tyrannosaurus rex cubs when they met them, but they wouldn't specifically search for one or risk their lives entering the vicinity of Tyrannosaurus rex nests to kill these cubs.

Only Nanotyrannus was so crazy about seeking death, so they was known as the "Tyrannosaurus rex cub killer".

The three Nanotyrannus were still confirming that the adult Tyrannosaurus rex was no longer near the nest. Once confirmed, they would immediately launch a fierce attack.

Gulu analyzed their fighting capacity. The physical strength of the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers and the three Nanotyrannus were not far apart, but the combat prowess were too different. These Nanotyrannus had too much experience fighting and killing Tyrannosaurus rex cubs.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs and Gulu stood side by side against a powerful enemy.

A Nanotyrannus took a half step forward to make a fake lunge.

The four cubs trembled uncontrollably. The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers protected Gulu behind them and shouted, "Brother, we have grown up and we can protect you!"

Gulu stood in line with his younger brothers again and said, "I'm the older brother and I should protect you! I'm stronger than all of you and I'll kill them in a single pierce!"

The three Tyrannosaurus rex younger brothers each weighed less than 3 tons while Gulu had already weighed 4 tons. He looked much bigger than his younger brothers because Triceratops cubs developed much faster than Tyrannosaurus rex cubs.

Nanotyrannus were too skillful in tactics. A few fake attacks scared the young ones till they trembled. These Nanotyrannus seemed to be torturing and playing with them before the kill.

Gulu knew that these Nanotyrannus' fake lunges were meant to let them relax their vigilance. He didn't know which fake lunge would be the real attack. He shouted: "Be careful, they can come at any time. Don't get bitten on the neck!"

These Nanotyrannus were very efficient in killing Tyrannosaurus rex cubs and they would definitely not drag their feet since they usually didn't have much time. They must do it before the adult Tyrannosaurus rex came back, or they would lose their own lives.

The three Nanotyrannus pounced on three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs at the same time. Their primary goal was to kill the Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. As for this Triceratops cub, if they had time, they would certainly kill it by the way.

Guji, Gudong and Guga ran to the side to avoid the fierce attack, but these Nanotyrannus immediately launched an attack again. The three cubs protected their necks, but they were all nipped on their backs.

The Nanotyrannus threw them out and the three cubs fell to the ground with heavy blows. They quickly reacted and got up again.

This happened almost in an instant. Gulu didn't have time to make any response.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs kept howling loudly. They were asking Mungo and Gaya for help. If Mungo and Gaya didn't come back, they would all die.

Gulu quickly made a decision. He chose the smaller-looking Nanotyrannus and rushed at it angrily. If he could kill one Nanotyrannus, the others would run away.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were very smart. They immediately understood their older brother's strategy and concentrated their fire on this relatively thin Nanotyrannus.

Gulu already weighed 4 tons, much bigger than the three Nanotyrannus. What's more, Gulu's horn was also very long. Seeing such a huge Triceratops rushing at them, Nanotyrannus would naturally fear and ran away from Gulu's attack.

The other two Nanotyrannus immediately rushed to support and pounced on Gulu at the same time.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers pounced on the two Nanotyrannus, biting on each of their back while Gulu continued to hit the weakest Nanotyrannus.

The two Nanotyrannus that got bitten violently shook their bodies and the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were thrown to the ground with a loud bang.

Gulu saw out of the corner of his eye that the two Nanotyrannus had opened their jaw and aimed for Guji's and Gudong's necks. Once this bite went down, both of them would die!

Gulu no longer cared about the weakest Nanotyrannus and immediately ran over to pierce the Nanotyrannus that's about to bite Guji's neck. The Nanotyrannus saw that the Triceratops's long horn was about the pierce its neck and gave up on the bite to move aside.

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Then, Gulu crashed into the other Nanotyrannus that was about to bite Gudong. This Nanotyrannus also escaped to the side in fear.

The three Nanotyrannus finally rushed toward Gulu together. They opened their big mouths to bite Gulu's head, neck and back respectively. The three Tyrannosaurus rex immediately jumped up to bite the back of each of the three Nanotyrannus.

Gulu slammed his horn into the neck of one of the weakest Nanotyrannus that was running toward him. With a loud bang, Gulu was dizzy, but his long horn was inserted into the Nanotyrannus' strong hind legs and penetrated the skin.

This Nanotyrannus issued a bitter roar and the other two Nanotyrannus that were bitten by the Tyrannosaurus rex cubs turned to bite Gulu. The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs immediately blocked Gulu's front.

Gulu desperately pulled out his horn and shouted, "Leave me alone!"

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs knew that if they didn't protect their brother now, he would be killed directly. The three Nanotyrannus nipped the Tyrannosaurus rex cubs on their backs and severely knocked them down.

At this time Gulu finally pulled out his long horn and ferociously hit these Nanotyrannus.

These Nanotyrannus finally realized that it's impossible to kill these Tyrannosaurus rex cubs without killing this Triceratops first.

But soon, these Nanotyrannus discovered that when they concentrated on the Triceratops, the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs would bite them to the death. The Triceratops's horn was very long and also dangerous because of his larger size. It's not easy to bite him.  

These three Nanotyrannus roamed the mainland for more than 10 years, killing many, many Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. They had never encountered such a difficult situation like today.

If there're just the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs, they would soon be able to bite them to death, but this Triceratops was too much of a hindrance.

In the end, these Nanotyrannus decided to kill the Tyrannosaurus rex cubs in their own way. They ran away from Gulu's attack and launched a fatal attack on the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs when they got the chance.

With extremely rich experience in killing Tyrannosaurus rex cubs, they forcibly bit the back of these cubs to topple them to the ground then stepped on the neck of the Tyrannosaurus rex cubs with their thick hind legs. Even if the Tyrannosaurus rex cubs didn't immediately die, it would be difficult for them to stand up again after taking these three strikes.

Gulu desperately ran around trying to hit them. But he was only a single dinosaur and could only attack one of them at a time. He watched helplessly as the other two younger brothers were nipped in the spine, overturned and trampled on the ground.

Nanotyrannus, with their flexible ability to turn and ran, could escape Gulu's horn most of the time and even turn to bite Gulu sometimes.

In a short time, all three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were lying on the ground covered in blood. For a while, they couldn't get up at all.

In order to make these Tyrannosaurus rex cubs never get up, they must bite off the spine of these Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. They would only die once their spine was completely bitten off.

These Nanotyrannus stepped on the tails of the Tyrannosaurus rex cubs with their strong hind legs, then bent down and grabbed their spines, constantly trying to bite them off.

Gulu was covered in blood, too. He didn't know whether the blood was from the Nanotyrannus' or his own because he didn't feel any pain. He just wanted to kill these Nanotyrannus, kill them, kill them all!

The three younger brothers were all in danger at the same time. He didn't know who to save first and didn't have time to think about himself at all. He roared and rushed to the nearest Guga.

Seeing that Gulu's long horn was about to penetrate it's neck, the Nanotyrannus finally released Guga's back and ran to the side. Gulu saved Guji and Gudong in the same way.

The three Nanotyrannus surrounded Gulu. They opened their jaws to bite him while the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers laid on the ground for a while and couldn't get up at all.

Gulu growled and kept defending with his horns. Two of the Nanotyrannus went round to the rear of Gulu. Gulu turned to attack the Nanotyrannus at the back, but his neck was completely exposed. The Nanotyrannus in front immediately launched a fatal attack on Gulu.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs shouted at the same time: "Brother! Front! Brother…"

While shouting, the three brothers stood up from the ground with severe pain and rushed at the Nanotyrannus desperately.

The Nanotyrannus responded quickly. Just as Guji was about to bite its neck, it jerked its head side way and Guji fell to the ground with a thud.

Another Nanotyrannus severely shook its back that's bitten by Gudong. Like his hind legs were completely devoid of strength, Gudong fell to the ground and couldn't stand up.

Guga was knocked to the ground by a Nanotyrannus' body and was severely trampled on several feet.

All this happened in a flash.

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