Gulu watched as the Nanotyrannus stomped its strong hind legs on Guga's head. Guga showed almost no response.

Gulu roared and rushed toward the Nanotyrannus who hit Guga.

The Nanotyrannus thought that this Tyrannosaurus rex cub was dead, so it didn't avoid and turned around to attack the Triceratops.

Just as the Nanotyrannus turned to attack Gulu, Guga suddenly jumped up and bit the Nanotyrannus's stout hind legs. The Nanotyrannus never expected that this Tyrannosaurus rex cub was still alive!

The Nanotyrannus turned its head with anger and wanted to directly bite off Guga's neck. Gulu fiercely rammed his horn into the Nanotyrannus's neck with a loud bang.

He only felt the scalding hot blood spraying on his face. Guga who tightly bit on to the Nanotyrannus's hind legs was also sprayed with blood.

The other two Nanotyrannus gave up their attacks and rushed to support. One Nanotyrannus bit Gulu's neck while the other bit Guga's neck.

Guji and Gudong completely ignored their own safety. They stood up from the ground and ran across, biting the necks of the two Nanotyrannus in one bite. Although they couldn't bite through their necks, they could at least prevent the Nanotyrannus from killing their Brother and Guga.

These Nanotyrannus frenziedly shook their bodies. Bang, bang. Guji and Gudong were once again heavily thrown to the ground.

Poof, Gulu pulled out his horn. Blood spray more violently, directly dying more than half of his body red. He fiercely rushed toward the other two Nanotyrannus. Fear fueled his speed. One only saw a red line blitzing through the air.

Gulu knew that it's absolutely impossible for his younger brothers to stand up again in such a short period of time. He had to rely on his momentum and indomitable willpower to drive the two Nanotyrannus away, otherwise they would not survive.

The two Nanotyrannus rushed toward Gulu. They wanted to avenge their dead companion.

Gulu was, after all, a Triceratops cub. Even though he grew fast and weighed 4 tons, it's impossible to fight two Nanotyrannus at the same time. It's just impossible.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were lying on the ground with blood and tears in their eyes. They kept shouting: "Brother, brother…"

Gulu didn't have the slightest fear. He rampaged between the two Nanotyrannus, constantly hitting them with his horn. Soon, the two Nanotyrannus were all bruised by his attacks.

Of course, Gulu was inevitably injured, but he seemed unaware of the pain. Even if a Nanotyrannus nipped him on the back, he still ran as hard as he could, breaking off his meat and crashing into another Nanotyrannus at the same time.

The two Nanotyrannus had too much combat experience. They flanked Gulu from front to back. However, Gulu was also smart. He could always avoid getting his tail and head bitten. At the same time, the Nanotyrannus in front was always in danger of getting pierced on the neck by his horn.

Next, the two Nanotyrannus adjusted their layout and stood on both sides of Gulu to avoid being scratched by his long horn.

When Gulu saw the two of them trying to bite into his stomach at the same time, he slammed into one of them with his body. There was a loud bang. The Nanotyrannus fell to the ground because its center of gravity was unstable.

Both Nanotyrannus were only 3 tons each, Gulu already weighed 4 tons. He could easily knock down a Nanotyrannus with this extra weight of 1 ton alone.

After knocking down a Nanotyrannus, Gulu stepped on its stomach. The Nanotyrannus screamed and couldn't move.

The other Nanotyrannus was completely shocked by Gulu's momentum and kept retreating. Gulu rushed at it fiercely. The Nanotyrannus and Gulu ran in circles without any confrontation. It was stalling for time.

Gulu's stomp wasn't enough to crush a Nanotyrannus. The fallen Nanotyrannus stood up after a while and rushed to Gulu at an extremely fast speed.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers hurriedly shouted: "Brother! Watch your back!"

Gulu had long heard the heavy footsteps behind him. He moved to the side just as the Nanotyrannus took a bite.

The two Nanotyrannus continued to play with Gulu, but they stopped attacking him and just kept him running and turning while chasing and biting them.

Gulu knew that the two Nanotyrannus wanted to make him too tired to run and attack again, but he had to run after the two Nanotyrannus. If he didn't run after them, they would continue to attack his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers.

Even after running for a long time, Gulu didn't show any tiredness and hit harder and harder while roaring louder and louder.

The two Nanotyrannus were shocked by Gulu's endurance. They even thought that this Triceratops could never be tired. They were already exhausted. Why was this Triceratops not tired at all?!

In fact, Gulu was already extremely tired, but he couldn't let the two Nanotyrannus see it, so he hit harder and roared louder. Only in this way could he drive them away.

Gulu roared and ran at them like crazy. It made the two Nanotyrannus feel like they were driven around by an endless hurricane.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs looked at their brother Gulu, who seemed as if he would never be tired. He's the invincible Triceratops who protected them.

But they all knew that their brother was already tired. They also wanted to stand up and help their brother, but they really had no strength.

The two Nanotyrannus were completely shocked by Gulu's momentum and endurance. They had no idea that they couldn't beat a Triceratops cub.

Gulu knew that this couldn't go on. He chose the Nanotyrannus that he had just knocked to the ground and stepped on. He crashed into the open jaws of this Nanotyrannus in a desperate way, just like he was trying to die together.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs shouted: "Brother!"

The two Nanotyrannus were completely frightened by Gulu's momentum. They turned around and ran away.

Gulu roared liked he was going to catch up. Of course, he wasn't really going to chase them, but he knew that he must use this way to prove his fearlessness.

Soon the two Nanotyrannus disappeared, but Gulu still didn't dare to slack off. He roared at the edge of the nest. Even if he was tired, he kept his roar loud. Only in this way could the two Nanotyrannus not be tempted to return.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs looked at their older brother's figure and listened to his roars. Their brother was covered in blood. He must be very tired and in pain, but he's still protecting them. Their tears unconsciously flowed out. Brother gave them the strongest sense of security.

Gulu didn't know how long he roared. He only knew that he couldn't fall. He had to protect his brothers. He's their older brother. He had to protect his brothers…

Until Gulu saw Gaya and Pado running toward them. Gaya ran in front. In a blink, she reached Gulu's side.

Gulu looked at Gaya. He couldn't hold on any longer. He fell to the ground with a bang. When he fell to the ground, his mouth still murmured: "Mom, I'm fine. I'm just a little tired. Mom, you're finally back. Mom, go and see brothers…"

Before his words were finished, Gulu was too tired and passed out.

Gaya's tears kept flowing. She rubbed Gulu's body and said, "Gulu, my Gulu…"

At this time, Pado also ran to Gulu's side and looked at his blood covered body. Pado was very scared and trembled with fear. His mind buzzed and he was at a loss. He forced himself to calm down and rub against Gulu gently and carefully check his injury.

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One didn't know if it's because of telepathy between father and son, although Pado hadn't heard of Mungo's group being attacked by the former Tyrannosaurus rex's group, he always felt upset and wanted to see Gulu.

Not only Pado, Babana was also uneasy. Pado always felt that Gulu was calling him. Without any hesitation, he immediately set off for Mungo's territory.

However, Pado's territory and Mungo's territory were both very large. Even if Pado started immediately, he wouldn't be able to arrive in a short time. Although he sprinted over, he was still a step late. The remaining Nanotyrannus had already fled and Gulu was covered in blood.

When Gulu woke up again, the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers could barely stand up. They were all around Gulu, trying to rub against their brother but feared hurting him.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs described what happened today in fragments: "Brother, he fought with those dinosaurs. He killed a dinosaur and trampled on one. But two escaped. If there's no brother, we'll all be dead…"

Gulu saw that Mungo and his brothers had returned. He hurriedly asked, "Mungo, did you win?!"

Mungo's voice choked as he rubbed Gulu's bloody head: "Won. Gulu, we won. It's all my fault. I didn't protect you…"

Gulu: "Mungo, the blood on my body are those of Nanotyrannus. I wasn't hurt much. My younger brothers are more seriously injured. I didn't protect them well."

Mungo: "Silly Gulu, how do you protect them against carnivorous dinosaurs when you're an herbivorous dinosaur? They should be the one protecting you."

Gulu: "I'm their older brother. Of course, older brother should protect younger brothers!"

Mungo's tears fell on Gulu's big head, trickling downward.

Gulu hurriedly comforted: "Mungo, don't cry. I'm really fine. I don't feel any pain. I'm good. I'm happy today. We won against three Nanotyrannus…"

Mungo didn't notice that he was crying at all. He's too distressed about Gulu and the other cubs. He couldn't control himself well.

Gulu was truly happy today. He really didn't feel any pain at all. Compared to being able to protect his younger brothers and winning against such ferocious Nanotyrannus, this injury was nothing at all.

Mungo looked at Gulu covered in blood. He wanted to tear up all carnivorous dinosaurs in the entire continent of Yukan.

Pado had already checked Gulu's injury in detail. Compared to the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs, Gulu's injury wasn't serious. Although Gulu's injury wasn't serious, Pado still felt distressed, but he was very pleased with Gulu's growth. He couldn't always accompany Gulu. It's best if he could beat all carnivorous dinosaurs by himself.

What happened today made Pado think a lot. Gulu had entered an adolescent state. He was a male Triceratops and must become a Triceratops leader in the future. Although herbivorous dinosaurs didn't have to fight and hunt for meat, a Triceratops leader still needed to protect the group, which required fighting against various carnivorous dinosaurs.

Gaya kept rubbing on Gulu's big head. She felt very sorry for her little Gulu.

Mungo felt very guilty and said to Pado, "Pado, it's my fault. I didn't take good care of Gulu. I shouldn't had taken Gulu over. I shouldn't have let him play here for so many days. I should have sent him back earlier…"

Pado interrupted Mungo: "We should have taught Gulu how to fight with carnivorous dinosaurs earlier. Mungo, we don't want our cubs to encounter any danger, but cubs will always grow up. We can't always be around to protect them. If they can defeat all dinosaurs in Yukan, do we still need to worry?"

Mungo lowered his head. He's indeed not as calm or thoughtful as Pado. He had taught Gulu how to fight carnivorous dinosaurs for a period of time in his previous territory, but he had never taught him again since they started their migration, mainly because he didn't have time.

Gaya: "Mungo, it's time to catch some smaller carnivorous dinosaurs to come back for the young ones to practice fighting."

Mungo nodded heavily and agreed, "Good."

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