The main injuries on Guji, Gudong and Guga were on their backs. Fortunately, their spines were not broken. They weren't fatal injuries, but their skin injuries were more serious and needed to recuperate for a period of time.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs kept saying, "Mom, Mungo, brother is really too strong! If there's no brother, we would all be killed!…"

Gulu was a little embarrassed to be praised by his younger brothers, but his younger brothers were indeed right. If he wasn't in Mungo's group today, at least two of the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers would have died, perhaps even all of them.

At this thought, Gulu felt lucky. Fortunately, he was in Mungo's group today. Fortunately.

Gulu: "Guji, Gudong and Guga are also very strong. If Guga hadn't bitten the legs of the Nanotyrannus, and if Guji and Gudong hadn't helped me block another Nanotyrannus, I would have been killed…"

The three cubs became more and more excited as they spoke. Although they were all injured, they all worked together to kill a Nanotyrannus. Nanotyrannus was very powerful. This was the first time that they made a kill with their own strength. It could be said that they exchanged their blood for another dinosaur's blood and won a victory. What about these injuries? They were happy.

Mungo tore up the body of the Nanotyrannus lying on the ground with his strong hind limbs and sharp claws, then scattered its residue near the nest. He's warning other Nanotyrannus that if they dare to come near this nest again, they would be torn to minced meat just like this Nanotyrannus.

Pado brought Gulu back to the Triceratops. Gulu was excited and talked to Pado all way about he killed the Nanotyrannus. The injuries had no effect on him.

As the tankiest herbivorous dinosaur, Triceratops, especially male Triceratops, were born with the motto of "being competitive" and "never giving up". Male Triceratops, especially male Triceratops with potential to become leaders, could be said to have been bloodthirsty and brutal since cubhood. They loved to fight with carnivorous dinosaurs and even wanted to kill several carnivorous dinosaurs whenever they could.

Herbivorous dinosaurs were not all docile. Male Triceratops were very grumpy. What's more, the extremely powerful male Triceratops, Pado, killed many carnivorous dinosaurs when he was still an adolescent.

Although Gulu had human thinking and couldn't be born cruel and bloodthirsty, his dinosaur body flowed with Pado's blood and genes. Fighting made him happy and killing those disgusting carnivorous dinosaurs made him feel extremely satisfied.

Only today did Gulu know that killing a carnivorous dinosaur was such a happy thing. He seemed to have found endless pleasure in his dinosaur life. What were these injuries? He wanted to kill several Nanotyrannus again and couldn't help thinking about it.

Before entering the Triceratops group, Pado solemnly said to the excited cub, "Gulu, listen carefully to Dad."

Gulu who was still gushing finally stopped. He looked at Pado and listened intently.

Pado: "Gulu, you did a very good job today. You were very brave and powerful. You've always been Dad's pride. But what my Dad wants to tell you is that fighting with carnivorous dinosaurs is very dangerous. No matter how strong you are in the future and how weak the carnivorous dinosaurs you encounter, remember not to be conceited and complacent. You should try your best not to get hurt in every fight. Gulu, remember, we don't want to see you get hurt, even if it's just a little bit, we would feel very distressed."

Gulu nodded heavily.

Back to the group, Babana and his three younger siblings were distressed when they looked at Gulu's injuries.

Babana even cried and said: "Gulu, my little Gulu. Grow up slowly for now. Don't get hurt. Your dad can still protect you…"

Babana also knew that Gulu wanted to be a Triceratops leader. Once he became a Triceratops leader, he would have to fight with many, many carnivorous dinosaurs.

Gulu comforted Babana: "Mom, I don't feel any pain at all. Really, you don't know how happy I am with the death of that Nanotyrannus…"

Babana rubbed Gulu and thought, Gulu was exactly like Pado. He liked to fight. While blaming Pado, Babana also knew that only such a male Triceratops could become the strongest leader.

Afterward, Mungo massacred all Nanotyrannus in his territory. Even many of those outside were not spared. This time, Mungo wouldn't give up this blood shed until he killed all Nanotyrannus he saw.

It's not over just killing them. Mungo would tear up their bodies and throw their flesh, dregs, remnants on the edge of his territory. This was a warning to all Nanotyrannus outside. If you dare to step into my territory, you'd be bitten to pieces just like these Nanotyrannus.

After half a month, Gulu's injury had basically recovered almost as good as before. Guji, Gudong and Guga would need another half a month.  

On this day, Gulu was taken out of the group by Pado as soon as he woke up.

Gulu didn't know where Pado was taking him. He asked all way, "Dad, where are we going?"

Pado only replied that he would know later.

Soon they came to a lush fern field by the river. It's cool and beautiful. Flowers of all colors were blooming in the fern field. Flowers were already very common in this era.

Gulu saw Mungo coming with a Nanotyrannus. The Nanotyrannus looked as weak as a dog in front of Mungo, like it was facing a tiger.

The Nanotyrannus was shaking all over and could hardly walk steadily.

This also couldn't be blamed on it. Any carnivorous dinosaur, when facing a Tyrannosaurus rex alone, would be "frightened to urinate". Tyrannosaurus rex could easily sec-killed all carnivorous dinosaurs, especially such a powerful Tyrannosaurus rex like Mungo.

Tyrannosaurus rex was to other carnivorous dinosaurs what tigers were to other animals. It's the suppression of blood lines. No matter how ferocious wolves and leopards were, they wouldn't last seconds before tigers.

Gulu probably guessed that Pado and Mungo wanted to train his fighting skills against carnivorous dinosaurs. Nanotyrannus was indeed a good choice. He's currently on par with it. Nanotyrannus was also agile and was a good exercise object.

Mungo rushed the Nanotyrannus toward Gulu and Pado and said, "Gulu, starting today, I'll bring a Nanotyrannus back to practice with you every day. You can fight with me once you easily kill a Nanotyrannus."

Gulu was very excited. He also wanted to be a Triceratops that could easily defeat Tyrannosaurus rex and to be as powerful as Pado. He ran back and forth and said, "Okay, okay, let's start now!"

However, this Nanotyrannus saw Pado and was completely "withered". He laid motionless on the ground, unwilling to fight Gulu. His eyes were filled with fear and despair.

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Gulu seemed to hear the voice of this Nanotyrannus: Aren't you bullying this dinosaur?! Tyrannosaurus rex is the most powerful carnivorous dinosaur. Triceratops is the most powerful herbivorous dinosaur. Mungo and Pado are the most powerful leaders in their group. Let me fight with their "son" in front of these two bosses, is this really fair to me?! It's better to directly bite and trample me to death.

Mungo stepped on the Nanotyrannus, who didn't want to fight, with his strong hind legs and said: "You fight Gulu to the best of your ability. If you win, I'll let you go. If you lose, you'll be pierced by Gulu's horn. If you don't fight with Gulu, I'll tear you alive now. I can bite your flesh bit by bit and make your death painful. You can try me."

Gulu thought that Mungo was really violent. He's always the same and totally unreasonable.

The Nanotyrannus didn't believe that he could survive by winning against Gulu. Whether he won or lost against Gulu, he was dead. However, being killed by one single pierce from Gulu's horn was better than being tortured to death by Mungo.

So, the Nanotyrannus rallied.

Pado said to Gulu, "Mungo and I won't help you. We won't come out to help you unless you're going to be bitten to death. You should be beaten once. Gulu, remember, no dinosaur can help you in a real fight. If you make one mistake, you'll lose your life."

Gulu looked at Pado and Mungo and solemnly replied, "I know, Pado, Mungo."

This Nanotyrannus weighed less than 3 tons. It wasn't as strong as the Nanotyrannus that Gulu killed that day. But he had his Tyrannosaurus rex's younger brothers helping him that day. Today he must fight alone.

Mungo and Pado stood not far away. This not only ensured that Gulu and the Nanotyrannus could play freely, but if Gulu was in danger, they could save him in time.

This Nanotyrannus was very experienced in fighting. In order to gain a little hope of survival, he fought with Gulu with all his strength. Gulu gradually lost ground.

In order to end the battle as soon as possible, Gulu put all his eggs in one basket and rushed directly to the Nanotyrannus's wide-open mouth. He wanted to pierce the Nanotyrannus' neck with a single horn, but he didn't expect the Nanotyrannus to react quickly and bit off half of his head with one bite.

Mungo and Pado ran at the same time. Their cooperation was very tacit. Mungo grabbed the Nanotyrannus by its back with one bite and stomped it to the ground with his strong hind legs.

Pado pushed Gulu behind him in an instant.

Mungo and Pado were both very angry. Gulu came out from behind Pado's back trembling with his head down and said, "Mungo, Pado, I'm sorry. I was wrong. I shouldn't have…"

Pado looked at Gulu's bloodstained appearance that was scratched by the Nanotyrannus. Gulu was too complacent from his previous victory. Pado snapped, "When you fight with other carnivorous dinosaurs, can Mungo and I always be by your side? Without us, you would have died just now!"

Gulu dropped to the ground in terror and whispered, "I know I was wrong, Dad."

Mungo: "Gulu, when we fight with Triceratops, especially when we meet a strong Triceratops, we'll definitely bite off its long horn first. Triceratops without long horn could be easily killed."

Pado: "Gulu, the best way for Triceratopses to protect their horns is to avoid these carnivorous dinosaurs' big fanged mouths. No matter how much you think about killing these carnivorous dinosaurs, you have to ensure your safety first. You must not have any fluke mentality."

Gulu listened to his two fathers' teaching and frequently nodded.

The Nanotyrannus, who was trampled underfoot by Mungo, showed extremely puzzled eyes, as if to say: Mungo, you're a traitor to our carnivorous dinosaurs. You taught an herbivorous dinosaur how to defeat us carnivorous dinosaurs. You deserve to be killed by this Gulu one day. You deserve it!

Under the guidance of Mungo and Pado, the Nanotyrannus was killed. Blood sprayed all over him.

Gulu stood on the Nanotyrannus and gave a roar of victory. He had never felt so happy and excited.

After a few more days like this, Gulu could easily kill a Nanotyrannus. Of course, sometimes he couldn't avoid being punished by Pado and Mungo. He complained in his heart: It's not a good thing to be stared at and trained by two such powerful Dads. Two tyrants who only know how to beat and punish me. I hate it!

However, his progress was so quick that he's still very happy.

Mungo and Pado came up with new training plans.

This day, Gulu killed a Nanotyrannus once again. He excitedly ran around his spoils of war and gave out roars. Mungo and Pado looked at Gulu with satisfaction.

Gulu froze as he ran. He looked behind Mungo and couldn't believe his eyes!

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