Gulu saw from behind Mungo, an unusually thin Tyrannosaurus rex, covered in injuries, galloping towards them. Gulu thought that this Tyrannosaurus rex looked very much like Galle, but he must be wrong. How could this be Galle?

Before the volcanic eruption, Gulu specifically told Galle's group. He also saw Galle's group escaped. Later, he knew that Galle's group reestablished their territory after leaving the volcanic ash cover and didn't migrate with them.

Therefore, it's absolutely impossible for Galle to be here. How was it possible to see him now?

The unusually thin Tyrannosaurus rex ran and shouted: "Gulu, Mungo, I'm Galle. I finally found you…"

Gulu couldn't believe his ears. This was really Galle? What did Galle experience and how did he become like this?!

Mungo also heard Galle's voice. He looked back. He couldn't believe his eyes. It's really Galle.

Galle went straight to Gulu's front. He dropped down and hid under Gulu's body, trembling with fear and said, "Gulu, Gulu, I finally found you. It's terrible, terrible, scared me to death, Gulu…"

Pado saw Gulu's and Mungo's reaction and knew that they must know this thin Tyrannosaurus rex, but when this Tyrannosaurus rex was lying under Gulu, he instinctively wanted to protect Gulu and killed this Tyrannosaurus rex. Fortunately, he refrained.

Gulu rubbed the pathetic Galle and asked, "What on earth happened? Galle, why are you here and how did you become like this?"

Galle, still hiding under Gulu, didn't dare to come out and said intermittently: "Gulu, do you know, if it wasn't for what you told me, I would have died very, very miserably, wu wu, it's terrifying…"

Pado and Mungo also listened carefully to Galle's messy description.

Galle: "Gulu, it's terrifying, it's really terrifying. There's a huge earthquake. Our territory was divided into many pieces. Many dinosaurs fell down. I ran and ran. I also saw our territory fall into the sea. What a big sea, what a big wave. Our territory was eaten by the sea. My brothers were eaten by the sea. I was almost eaten by the big crack…"

As he said this, Galle shook even more violently and spoke even more unclearly: "Gulu, do you know, mountains, high mountains, crowded together. There're high mountains… a lot of very hot and very hot things were sprayed under the ground, from the ground and the sea, they were spraying, it's too terrifying…"

Gulu briefly summed up everything Galle encountered – the continent of Yukan had begun to split.

Galle continued, "Gulu, do you know that all dinosaurs were dead, only I escaped. The rest of the dinosaurs were dead. You told me that if the earth moves, I should run into the forest without mountains with my group. My group survived for a while, but later, the forest also separated, and the sea ate more than half of the forest. You told me that if the forest also began to split, I should run away from the sea and mountains, not through the undulating ground like waves, but to the left and right."

At the beginning, Galle's group took possession of new territory nearby after they ran out of the volcanic ash cover. Although Galle wanted to migrate with Gulu, Tyrannosaurus rex never migrated, and he had no reason to migrate with Gulu.

Gulu had long known that the continent of Yukan would split, but he didn't know when. Since things were unpredictable, Gulu had long told Galle how to escape in the event of a particularly large earthquake.

Galle only escaped after listening to Gulu's escape strategy, but Gulu's escape strategy ended up only saving Galle himself. Galle couldn't flexibly apply the principle more deeply to save the rest of his group. To be more precise, it's already a miracle that Galle could escape.

In fact, Gulu told Galle these things in the beginning while hoping that Galle would never have to use them. If the continental split really occurred on Galle's territory, the possibility of escape would be very small.

Gulu could imagine what a terrifying scene it was to split an entire continent. Gulu could also fully imagine how many hardships Galle would have encountered during his escape from such a terrifying catastrophe and how miraculous he was to survive.

Galle was trembling all over: "Gulu, I would never leave you again. I would never leave you again. Gulu, I'm so scared…"

Gulu kept rubbing on Galle. Galle used to be a very powerful Tyrannosaurus rex leader, but now he had become like this. He had to hide under such a small cub to seek a sense of security. Gulu felt really distressed.

While rubbing Galle, Gulu also comforted him: "It's okay, Galle, it's all over, it's all over. Haven't you found us? I'll protect you. I and Mungo will protect you in the future. Don't be scared. Don't be scared…"

Gulu had to sigh, what about being a Tyrannosaurus rex? In the face of large-scale natural disasters, no matter how strong a dinosaur group, they would still die in minutes.

Mungo also comforted him: "Galle, don't be scared. You have found us. My group welcomes you back at any time."

Galle looked at Mungo and said, "Mungo, I have left your group and I can't go back. I'm here to find Gulu. I'll lay down my territory next to Pado's group. I'll stay next to Gulu, and I'll never leave Gulu again."

Gulu saw Mungo's face full of bewilderment, as if to say: Hey, how did my fan become Gulu's?!

Galle kept rubbing on Gulu's neck and said, "Gulu, I'll never leave you again."

Then Galle dropped down in front of Pado and said, "Pado, I'm sorry. I really didn't know it's your group. I promise I won't hunt another Triceratops in your group. With so many Triceratops here, I can hunt other Triceratops. If you like, I can also help your group drive out other carnivorous dinosaurs."

Pado: "I don't need you to help my group drive out other carnivorous dinosaurs. I don't mind if you fight for territory next to my group, but you can't be near my group."

Galle hurriedly promised: "I won't, Pado, I won't. I just have to look at Gulu from a distance. I won't be afraid when I see Gulu."

Pado, of course, would no longer say anything.

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Gulu continued to ask some important questions: "Galle, how long ago was the earth movement in your territory? Did you encounter any large earthquake on your way here?"

Galle seriously thought back and answered: "Gulu, I don't know. The earth moved in my territory. I started running and kept running. I just wanted to come to you. If I hadn't thought that I could find you and Mungo, I wouldn't have persisted. I would have died. When I was in the polar circle, I almost froze to death. After staying there for while, I was retained by a female Tyrannosaurus rex and stayed there for a period of time, so I don't know…"

According to Galle's description, Gulu speculated that Galle's territory began to split at least six months ago, which was about the amount of time it took him to find them, taking into account the delay on the road.

Galle suddenly thought of a question: "Gulu, will there be a split here?! This place won't be eaten by the sea, will it?! That was really terrifying, Gulu…"

Gulu comforted him: "No, absolutely not, believe me, Galle, the best territory is here because it will never split. It absolutely won't."

Although Galle was comforted with such a firm answer, Gulu actually didn't know whether there would be a split here. Now the continent of Yukan was in a state of rapid divergence and any place could split apart.

However, Gulu couldn't find a better and safer territory except here.

Before having a better solution, instead of worrying about whether there would be a split here and worrying about it every day, it's better to believe that there won't be a split here. It's absolutely safe.

At least Gulu didn't want Mungo and Pado to worry about this every day. He would rather pay special attention to some changes in the natural environment and predict it in advance. This was all he could do.

Galle, who had passed through the division of the mainland, was already a "frightened bird". Galle was too afraid of the division of the mainland. Only Gulu could give him enough security.

Galle absolutely trusted Gulu. Since Gulu said no, there would definitely not be one.

The prey here was very rich. About half a month later, Galle became very strong again and took six adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex to his territory to become their leader. Galle's territory was next to Pado's territory.

Galle had always been a very powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex.

In the past half a month, Gulu had been able to easily kill two Nanotyrannus under the strict training of Pado and Mungo, which was almost an impossible task for adolescent Triceratops.

In order to finish the second stage of training, Mungo and Pado decided to hide, leaving Gulu completely without assistance. Of course, they were not too far away. If Gulu was in danger, they could rush out at any time.

Pado first took Gulu to the fern field by the river where he used to train. He pretended to go back to the group while telling Gulu that Mungo would come over soon, so Gulu shouldn't be afraid. Then Pado hid himself.

Gulu waited for a while. Instead of Mungo, he saw two Nanotyrannus, but no Mungo.  

In fact, Mungo actually chased these two Nanotyrannus to this area, forcing them to take the initiative to attack Gulu, then he hid himself.

The two Nanotyrannus rushed to Gulu at the same time. Gulu knew that Pado had gone far and who knew when Mungo would come, but he wasn't at all panicked. He's confident.

Gulu was even glad that he didn't have Mungo and Pado with him today, because when they were with him, he felt that the Nanotyrannus lost out of instinctive fear of them instead of his real strength.

Today, he could finally see how strong he was. Gulu was extremely excited.

Gulu fought with these two Nanotyrannus using the methods that Mungo and Pado taught him. After easily killing one, the other Nanotyrannus attacked Gulu with more ferocity.

But soon, Gulu won against the Nanotyrannus by an overwhelming margin. Gulu raised one foot to step on the head of this Nanotyrannus. Once he pressed down, the Nanotyrannus would be no more. He could also win by pushing his horn through its stomach.

This Nanotyrannus looked at Gulu and tears welling up in her eyes. She begged: "Gulu, please, let me go. I have cubs in my belly. They're going to be born soon. I'm going to be a Mom. I haven't been a Mom yet…Mungo had killed so many Nanotyrannus and he had caught so many Nanotyrannus to be killed you. We won't attacked you and Gaya's cubs. We just want to live well…"

Gulu looked at the belly of this female Nanotyrannus. She might really be pregnant with cubs since her belly looked bigger than a normal female dinosaur.

The female dinosaur continued to cry: "Gulu, you're not a carnivorous dinosaur. Once you kill us, you can't eat our meat. Please, let me go. I would never step into Mungo's territory again. I just want to give birth to my little cubs…"

Gulu hesitated, if he didn't have human thinking, if he was a real Triceratops, he wouldn't pity a carnivorous dinosaur. All Triceratops would never miss any chance to kill a carnivorous dinosaur and a carnivorous dinosaur with small cubs should be killed even more. Once these small cubs were born and hatched, who knew how many Triceratops they would eat in the future.

This female dinosaur was probably confused, or the extreme fear of death might have made her lost her mind. She should have known that once a Triceratops knew that she had cubs, there's absolutely no reason to let her go.  

Although Pado and Mungo hid far away, dinosaurs had very good hearing. They heard the female dinosaur and saw Gulu's hesitation. Gulu looked like he's going to let the female dinosaur go. They were both very angry.

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