As the leader of the group, Pado knew very well whether his group had been attacked by carnivorous dinosaurs. Even if the outermost Triceratops was attacked, Pado would know.

Pado and Gulu walked around the periphery of the group, investigating the details of the dead Triceratopses in detail. They checked everything within three days before their death.

At last Gulu found out that these dead Triceratopses would be eaten by a group of Hesperonychus almost immediately. These Hesperonychus looked like they were waiting to eat these Triceratopses the moment they died.

Hesperonychus was currently the smallest carnivorous dinosaur, weighing only 4 Jin and only had a height of 0.45 meters when standing up. It's similar to a miniature velociraptor. These Hesperonychus could only eat insects, small mammals and dinosaur cubs, or leftover meat from large carnivorous dinosaurs.

Compared to a Triceratops's size, Hesperonychus were as small as ants.

Although Gulu suspected that the Camptosaurus killed these Triceratopses in the group, the Camptosaurus was not god. How could he kill all these dinosaurs without any dinosaur in the group noticing?

Pado: "Gulu, no matter what, you're not allowed to eat any ferns at the edge of the group."

Gulu rubbed against Pado: "I know, Dad."

Pado and Gulu continued to patrol the edge of the group, hoping to find some clues.

While walking, Gulu and Pado saw a Triceratops cub rubbing on the empty fern ground and playing coquetry: "Da Meng, I'm back. I had a good time with other small Triceratopses just now. Da Meng, I was very obedient. I didn't come back late. I came back before dark. Am I good?…"

The Triceratops cub didn't look at the empty fern ground until he rubbed off a layer of it. Then he seemed to react and realize that his Da Meng would never wait for him to come back.

Gulu was very familiar with the name Da Meng. Today, he and Pado investigated all Triceratopses that died during this period of time. Da Meng was one of them. Da Meng was already a very old Triceratops. He should be the grandfather of this Triceratops cub.

This Triceratops cub didn't seem to accept the fact that Da Meng was dead. He whispered: "Da Meng, why don't you talk. I know I was wrong. Grandpa. I won't play anymore. I'll be back earlier. Grandpa, don't ignore me…"

At this point, the Triceratops cub moved back a little. He rushed back to the fern field and called out excitedly, "Da Meng, I'm back!"

The Triceratops cub rushed to the fern field countless times and called out, "Da Meng, I'm back, Grandpa, I'm back."

However, no matter how many times he said it, no one responded to his voice.

Gulu looked at the Triceratops cub and remembered when his grandfather died as a human, he was just as unwilling to accept the fact like this Triceratops cub.

Gulu was an orphan when he was a human. Grandpa Gu picked him up and brought him up. He only had a relative like Grandpa Gu in the human world.

During the period when Grandpa Gu just died, Gulu wasn't used to it. When he came home, he often forgot that his grandpa was gone. He opened the door and shouted as usual: "Grandpa, I'm back. What did you cook for me today? I'm starving."

The response to him was no longer the smell of food all over the house, nor was it grandpa coming out of the kitchen with a spatula or poking fun at him: "Smelly boy, do you still know to come back? Grandpa thought you married a dinosaur and went to the Jurassic world. Grandpa was thinking about going there to find you…"

For a long time, Gulu couldn't adapt to the life without seeing Grandpa Gu.

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As a human being, Gu Lu's life was very simple, just school, fossil excavation site and home, three points in one straight line. Gu Lu seldom went home after his grandpa's death. As long as he was at home, he would miss his grandfather uncontrollably, often leaving his eyes open until dawn.

In the beginning, Gu Lu couldn't accept the fact that grandpa had passed away. He would keep opening the door and call out, "Grandpa, I'm back. Old Gu, I'm back. General Gu, I'm back…"

Because Grandpa Gu was a retired special force soldier, Gu Lu sometimes called him General Gu, Marshal Gu or Old Gu.

He felt that there would always be a time when grandpa would respond to him as before:

"Xiao Lu, there're watermelons in the refrigerator. It's hot outside. Eat something first to reduce the summer heat. The meal will be ready soon. Grandpa made your favorite big crab today…"

"Xiao Lu, what new dinosaur fossils have been discovered this week? Tell grandpa about them. Grandpa will help you analyze them. Grandpa has learned a lot about paleontology by himself…"

"Smelly boy, I told you to come back once a week. Tell me how many days has it been?! I'll fine you three bowls of rice! Don't eat from this table…"

However, no matter how many times Gu Lu opened the door and said that he came back, there was no more old and loving voice to respond to him.

Thinking about grandpa, Gulu unconsciously began to cry.

Pado had no idea why Gulu was crying. He rubbed his little cub worriedly and asked, "Gulu, what's the matter? Why are you crying?"

Gulu rubbed Pado back: "Nothing, Dad. I just saw this little Triceratops looks so pitiful."

Looking at Pado and thinking about Mungo and Gaya, Gulu felt very lucky. Although he was an orphan when he was a human being, his grandfather was very kind to him. After becoming a dinosaur, he not only had his parents, but also another father and mother and so many siblings who loved him.

Pado walked beside the Triceratops cub and rubbed his neck.

The Triceratops cub looked up at Pado. He had never seen Pado so close. Pado was the leader of the group. He's the most powerful Triceratops leader. He knew that a Triceratops cub like him without parental protection would have died many times if he hadn't been in Pado's group.

Pado: "What's your name, little one? Was Da Meng your grandfather? Where are your parents?"

The Triceratops cub's eyes were full of tears as he replied: "Pado, my name is Qiqi. My parents are all dead and I have no brother or sister. After my parents died, Da Meng had been protecting me. He'd been very kind to me…"

According to the description of this little Triceratops, Gulu realized that Da Meng wasn't his grandfather or even had anything to do with him. He's just an old male Triceratops in Pado's group.

Gulu knew that in the Triceratops group, the Triceratops cubs without parents would have a very difficult life. So good and smart cubs would be cared for by some old Triceratopses in the group, which could be regarded as mutual support.

Old Triceratopses had rich experience in life. They could take care of sick cubs and protect them when carnivorous dinosaurs attacked the group. In return, young cubs greatly enriched the old Triceratopses' life in their later years. Once the young cubs grew up, if the old Triceratopses weren't dead, the ones with conscience would protect and take care of them.

Old Triceratopses and Triceratops cubs without parents were the "most marginalized" and "most vulnerable" groups in any dinosaur group. They could only stay at the edge the group where it's the most dangerous. As the result, they naturally joined together.

Qiqi looked at Pado and continued: "Pado, I'll grow up soon. I'll be able to protect Da Meng once I grow up. Da Meng was fine before. Why did this happen? He wasn't very old yet. He could still live for a long time…"

Gulu looked at this little Triceratops. Qiqi was really getting older. Qiqi and Gulu were about three years old and would be adults soon.

Pado soothed the little cub: "Qiqi, Da Meng was very powerful in the group when he was young. You must become as powerful as him. He certainly wouldn't want to see you feel sad every day, right?"

Qiqi nodded heavily: "Yes, Pado, I'll definitely become the best male Triceratops around you and I'll protect the group with you!"

While Pado appeased Qiqi, Gulu saw that there're many red residues in this fern field after being rubbed bald by Qiqi. He didn't know what they were.

Gulu suddenly realized that every dead Triceratops might have eaten this red residue on the ground where the ferns grew. It's very fine and small, smaller than sand and was hidden by the lush ferns. Only after the ferns were flattened by Qiqi did it become more obvious.

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Pado took Qiqi to the center of the group and let him eat ferns there.

In order not to "startle the snake", Gulu pretended to have found nothing. At the same time, he was frantically thinking about what kind red fern plants or flowers could make dinosaurs fall into a deep coma!

At last Gulu remembered that there was a kind of red flower that could make dinosaurs lethargic and unable to wake up after eating.

The dead Triceratopses were not poisoned, but starved to death after sleeping too long.

Gulu and Pado went to Mungo's group that night. They ate while walking.

While eating, Pado suddenly fell to the ground. Gulu was also sleepy. Gulu rubbed against Pado and cried, "Dad, wake up. Dad, what's wrong with you? Dad, why did you fall asleep? Dad, didn't you say you want to send me to Mungo for a few days? Dad…"

At some point Gulu also fell to the ground.

Soon a Camptosaurus came to Pado and Gulu.

Looking at the sleeping Pado, the Camptosaurus was very excited. He approached Pado and spoke bitterly, "Pado, you killed my entire group in the polar circle… I'll attract carnivorous dinosaurs and let you watch your favorite cub getting eaten by them bit by bit. Aren't you the greatest Triceratops leader? I dare you to stand up and hit me!…"

Amidst the roar of this Camptosaurus, Gulu was soon submerged by countless Hesperonychus.

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