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There're a group of Hesperonychus together with the Camptosaurus. They couldn't wait to eat this big meal. What's more, Pado was the most powerful Triceratops leader. Being able to eat him was enough for them to brag for a lifetime. No, they could even brag for several generations after. Their cubs and grand cubs would look up to their glorious history.

The Camptosaurus roared angrily: "Pado, get up and kill me! Aren't you the strongest! Kill me now!"

Suddenly, Pado opened his eyes and slammed into the Camptosaurus. His entire long horn pierced through his back.

Gulu also stood up and shook off the Hesperonychus. Crowds of Hesperonychus fell off Gulu like retreating tides and quickly disappeared into the lush fern bushes.

Pado immediately pulled his long horn from the Camptosaurus.

The Camptosaurus laid on the ground convulsing painfully and couldn't move.

Pado hurriedly checked Gulu's body and asked: "Gulu, have you been bitten by those little dinosaurs? Quick, show Dad if you've been bitten on your belly or back…"

Gulu wasn't bitten, because it all happened so fast. At the moment when the Hesperonychus climbed onto his body, Pado pierced his horn through the back of the Camptosaurus.

Despite this, Pado still checked Gulu's body very carefully. He even made Gulu lie on his back and showed him his feet.

The Camptosaurus wasn't dead. There're no important organs on the back, so the injury wasn't fatal. He just laid on the ground twitching and looked in shock at Pado and Gulu. He didn't know how they could still stand up.

Gulu also looked at the Camptosaurus. He's very excited to finally be able to kill him!

The Camptosaurus's mouth that's constantly vomiting blood faintly murmured: "You, why didn't you die?"

Now, it's Gulu turn to show off: "Aren't you smart? Don't you know that Triceratopses are too big and need to eat a lot of flowers to fall asleep?…"

Everything tonight was Gulu's plan, carefully laid out to catch this Camptosaurus.

During the evening, Gulu already knew that the dinosaurs in the group had eaten the fine pollens mixed in the fern bushes by mistake. They were unable to wake up and eventually starved to death.

Although flowers were everywhere now, most herbivorous dinosaurs wouldn't eat them, because some flowers were poisonous to dinosaurs. Even if they weren't poisonous, they might cause other effects, such as weakness after eating, sleepiness and so on. It would take hundreds of years for dinosaurs to eat flowers as recklessly as eating ferns.

Even in the 21st century, Gulu knew that some flowers and plants could still be poisonous to dinosaurs.

Today's herbivorous dinosaurs didn't know which flowers they could eat and which flowers they couldn't eat, so they simply didn't eat any of them. Anyway, fern plants were enough for them to eat. Only after some hungry dinosaurs eat flowers first and were fine would the rest of the dinosaurs try to eat them. Dinosaurs were also very smart.

Gulu then began to think, even if the Camptosaurus was smart, it would take a long time to crush the flowers that could cause a dinosaur to become lethargic and bring them to the edge of the fern field where Pado's group ate. However, the Camptosaurus would need to spend a lot of time near the group in order to bring so many crushed flowers over. How could he not be found?

A Triceratops was too large. Even if it ate poisonous flowers, it would be fine if the amount was small. Only a large enough amount could kill one or put one to sleep.

Gulu recalled the Hesperonychus again. The Hesperonychus seemed to know which Triceratops would die when. It's so strange.

From this, it could be inferred that it's very likely that the Camptosaurus and the Hesperonychus had reached a cooperation, allowing the Hesperonychus to mix these crushed flowers into the fern bushes. The Hesperonychus would wait for the Triceratops to eat the fern bushes mixed with poisonous flowers then pour more on the ground!

Hesperonychus were too small to attract Triceratopses' attention even if swarms of them frequently appeared near the group.

These Hesperonychus were really "opportunistic" dinosaurs!

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After analyzing all this, Gulu told Pado his thoughts and came up with tonight's plan to catch the Camptosaurus.

Gulu's strategy wasn't very clever, but it's more than enough to deal with a Camptosaurus.

Gulu asked Pado to send him to Mungo's group on the grounds that he was worried about his safety in the group. He would come back after the cause of death for these Triceratopses in the group was found out.

Pado then sent Gulu to Mungo's group overnight. Triceratopses liked to eat while walking. Gulu saw many Hesperonychus moving in the fern fields where they ate. Seeing these Hesperonychus, he knew that his plan was halfway successful.

The most direct way for the Camptosaurus to retaliate against Pado's group was to kill Pado. As long as Pado was dead, a large group like Pado couldn't remain united and would definitely dissolve.

Since other means couldn't kill Pado and only this trick could succeed, it's impossible for the Camptosaurus to give up such a good chance.

Gulu had been conspiring with Pado for a long time. Don't eat too much and pretend to fall to the ground while eating. You must act very realistically.

To Gulu's relief, he and Pado were both very good at acting when pretending to be dead and fooled the Camptosaurus.

Of course, it's also because the Camptosaurus wanted to kill Pado too much and lost some judgment.

The amount of flowers that Pado and Gulu ate were not enough to make them even doze off, much less sleep for a few days.

After hearing Gulu's words, the Camptosaurus felt very upset, more so than the fact that he didn't kill Pado and Gulu before his death. He shouted angrily: "Pado, you and your group will surely die. The earth will swallow you, the sea will eat you and the fire will burn you…"

Gulu made a determined effort to counter, "It's a pity you can't see it!"

The Camptosaurus glared at Gulu and Pado with wide eyes that shed blood and tear. When recalling his entire group that died in the polar circle, hatred engulfed his mind completely.

Few dinosaurs were as obsessed with revenge as this Camptosaurus. Even if his entire group was destroyed, this Camptosaurus was so powerful that he could easily become a leader of another Camptosaurus group.

Pado couldn't understand it: "You're so strong. Why can't you become the leader of another Camptosaurus group?"

The Camptosaurus dinosaur looked at Pado: "Pado, if I made your entire group and cubs die in the polar circle, including your favorite cub Gulu, leaving only you to survive, would you see it as nothing happened and go to another Triceratops group to be their leader?"

Pado hardly dared to think about such an event. He could understand the Camptosaurus now. He replied, "No."

The Camptosaurus turned to Gulu again, "Pado, I really envy you. You have such a powerful cub. Gulu, why didn't you starve to death at that time and why didn't you get eaten alive by Mungo? What a pity."

Pado recalled that Gulu was almost starved to death in the big pit, got angry and pierced the eye of the Camptosaurus with his horn. This kind of death was the most painful.

Gulu looked at the struggling Camptosaurus and thought of how he and Mungo almost starved to death in the big pit because of him. Mungo became so thin from hunger! The hatred made his teeth itch.

So Gulu learned from Pado's appearance and pierce his horn into the other eye of the Camptosaurus, causing it to roar in great pain.

Pado rubbed Gulu's bloody horn and said, "Daddy's Gulu has really grown up."

Through the experience with this Camptosaurus, Gulu knew that only by becoming the most powerful Triceratops, one as powerful as Pado, could he protect all of the dinosaurs that he wanted to protect.

This Camptosaurus wasn't strong enough, or at least he's still far from Pado. Because of this, his group was driven out of the cave by Pado and every dinosaur died in the polar circle. Amidst despair and anger, he failed to get revenge on Pado again and again only to finally die with hatred.

Only by becoming the most powerful dinosaur could one be qualified to do whatever one wanted.

Pado dragged the Camptosaurus toward the group with Gulu following behind.

Over a dozen Triceratopses had died in the group during this period. More than half of them were old Triceratopses and a few were young Triceratopses without parents. All Triceratopses in the group had the right to dispose of this Camptosaurus.

Part of the reason why Pado brought the Camptosaurus back was that he didn't want the Camptosaurus to die outside and be eaten by other carnivorous dinosaurs. It would just fatten those carnivorous dinosaurs up and who knew how herbivorous dinosaurs would die as a result.

The Camptosaurus hadn't died. Because his eyes and back were pierced, he couldn't move, and his body could only twitch tremblingly.

At the center of the group, Pado told all of the dinosaurs about what the Camptosaurus did and how Gulu outsmarted him, causing him to fall to his current condition.

All dinosaurs of the group roared loudly to cheer Gulu and Pado, expressing their worship and faith in them.

Then all Triceratopses in the group scrambled to step on the Camptosaurus. In an instant, the Camptosaurus was trampled into a puddle of meat mud.

Both Qiqi and Xiao Jiu failed to squeeze in, but they still stepped on a few pieces of meat outside, as if they had stepped on the actual Camptosaurus. This Camptosaurus made Xiao Jiu's brother fall asleep and caused Qiqi's grandfather Da Meng to never wake up again. They hated him.

Pado and Gulu stood outside. They could smell a strong scent of blood, but because there're too many Triceratopses, they couldn't see what's going inside.

Without looking at it, Gulu knew that the Camptosaurus must have been broken into countless body parts and even became minced meat.

One didn't how long before the Triceratopses finally spread out. There're no bones or minced meat left, only a large area of fern plants covered in red.

As the Triceratopses dispersed, they also trekked the flesh and blood on their soles further away. In a short time, the vast fern field turned dazzling red under the bright moonlight.

Qiqi and Xiao Jiu stepped on these bloody ferns, as if they were stepping on the Camptosaurus, which could be regarded as revenge for their grandpa and brother.

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Pado ordered the group to move to the lush fern field on the other side. The bloody smell of this fern field was too heavy and would attract many carnivorous dinosaurs. In addition, this fern field was also mixed with too much poisonous pollens. If a dinosaur ate enough by mistake, they may not wake up. They had to temporarily give up this side of the fern field.

There're many, many luxuriant ferns here. The territory where Pado's group was located was full of luxuriant fern fields. It's very simple for them to find another area.

Gulu looked at the large fern field dyed red by the flesh and blood of the Camptosaurus. He knew that within ten days, the fern field would grow more luxuriant than before. In addition, a fern field that was cultivated by flesh and blood would be plumper and juicier.

Xiao Jiu's brother still didn't wake up the next day. Gulu couldn't make him wake up.

The group was going to another fern field. Xiao Jiu was unwilling to give up his brother. He asked Pado to take his brother to the new fern field.

Even if Xiao Jiu didn't ask Pado, Pado would take Xiao Jiu's brother away. Pado would never left his own Triceratopses to wander outside alone and be eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs. Xiao Jiu's brother would die then even if he survived the poisoning.

Gulu and Xiao Jiu followed Pado. Xiao Jiu looked at his brother who was carried by Pado with tears in his eyes and whispered: "Brother, can you wake up please? Don't sleep anymore…"

The new fern field wasn't far away. Gulu felt that they arrived before he knew it.

Pado placed Xiao Jiu's brother in the center of the group, then joined the strong male Triceratopses positioned at a higher ground to observe carnivorous dinosaurs around the group.

On the first night at the new fern field, Pado couldn't sleep, because he didn't know which carnivorous dinosaurs were around him. Pado would only rest once he knew the basic situation of the carnivorous dinosaurs around his group. This was his responsibility as the leader.

After a busy night, all Triceratopses in the group were tired and laid down to sleep.

Gulu and his three younger siblings also slept beside Babana.

Xiao Jiu and his brother were lying beside them.

Babana rubbed Gulu and said: "Sleep, little Gulu, you're too tired today. You've done your best. Xiao Jiu's brother will be very happy with Xiao Jiu."

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