Gulu knew that his mom was afraid that he would be sad because he couldn't save Xiao Jiu's brother. He's really sad, but there was nothing else he could do. He's not an immortal and couldn't save Xiao Jiu's brother.

Xiao Jiu nestled in his brother's arms. He kept rubbing his little head on his brother's belly, just like he used to do every night.

The only difference from the past was that they slept in the center of the group tonight. They used to sleep on the edge of the group. His older brother was always on alert, because he was afraid that carnivorous dinosaurs would attack the group suddenly at night. This way, his brother could take him to run into the group with the fastest speed. Only once they squeezed into the group, even just by a little bit inside, would their chances of survival be greatly improved.

Carnivorous dinosaurs always like to hunt at night. His brother woke up many times every night. Every time the carnivorous dinosaurs suddenly attack the group at night, his brother would wake him up immediately and pushed him to run into the group. Without his brother, he didn't know how many times he would have been eaten.

Xiao Jiu rubbed his brother's belly and said in his heart:

Brother, you always told Xiao Jiu before that when you grow up, you'll become one of the male Triceratopses beside Pado. You'll be strong and powerful. You'll protect the group together with Pado, so Xiao Jiu can sleep in the middle of the group and no longer has to worry about being eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs when sleeping at night…

Brother, actually Xiao Jiu is never afraid of being eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs. Xiao Jiu is also very happy to sleep on the edge of the group. As long as Xiao Jiu is with brother, Xiao Jiu isn't scared at all…

Brother, wake up. Wake up and have a look. We're now sleeping in the center of the group. Brother Gulu is next to us. Don't you like Brother Gulu a lot? Wake up and have a look.

In fact, Xiao Jiu had fantasized many times before. He and his brother would sleep in the center of the group, where they would feel very safe. His brother never had to wake up in the middle of his sleep and both of them could sleep through the night.

But right now, Xiao Jiu didn't ask for anything, as long as his brother would wake up.

Pachi: "Brother, Xiao Jiu is so poor."

Dudu: "Brother, will Xiao Jiu's brother really not wake up?"

Mila: "Brother, Xiao Jiu is too pitiful."

Babana rubbed her four cubs and said, "Xiao Jiu is very distressing. You'll take more care of him in the future. Don't let other Triceratopses bully Xiao Jiu and help Xiao Jiu's brother take care of Xiao Jiu, okay?"

The three cubs nodded in agreement.

Babana: "So you have to go to bed quickly. Only when you sleep well can you grow bigger and protect more Triceratopses like Xiao Jiu."

The three cubs gradually fell asleep amidst Babana's soft voice.

Gulu looked at Xiao Jiu. He knew that there're still many poor cubs like Xiao Jiu in the group. Xiao Jiu was lucky. Pado was a good leader. Babana was the most loving Triceratops mother. They would take special care of Xiao Jiu in the future.

Although Pado and Babana wouldn't adopt Xiao Jiu as they did Mila, Pado would definitely allow Xiao Jiu to live in the center of the group and wouldn't allow any Triceratops to push him to the edge. Just with this, Xiao Jiu should live well.

While thinking, Gulu fell asleep.

The young cubs woke up hungry early next morning. They walked from one fern field to another last night, which consumed a lot of physical strength. They needed to eat a lot.

The four cubs soon had bulging stomachs.

Gulu saw Xiao Jiu nestling in his brother's arms. He kept rubbing his head on his brother's belly and said, "Brother, get up and eat the ferns. We now have the best ferns in the center of the group. Get up quickly. These ferns are delicious. My saliva is flowing a lot…"

Xiao Jiu was also very hungry and wanted to eat fern. He had never eaten ferns in the center of the group. The ferns on the edge of the group were the worst. The ferns in the center of the group were the fattest and juiciest. It must be delicious just thinking about it, but he wanted his brother to eat with him. If there's no his brother, he didn't want anything.

Gulu looked at Xiao Jiu like this and thought of a way to make Xiao Jiu eat fern plants to survive and perhaps allow Xiao Jiu's brother to live one more day.

He said, "Xiao Jiu, I have a way to let your brother live another day or two. Do you want to try it?"

Xiao Jiu immediately stood up and answered, "Yes! Brother Gulu! Tell me!"

Gulu: "You can chew the fern plants then feed them to your brother's mouth every day. Whether he eats them or not, you should keep feeding him. Maybe you can make your brother live longer like this, but you also need to prepare yourself. Your brother still may not wake up."

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Xiao Jiu replied excitedly, "Thank you, Brother Gulu! I'll go right away!"

Regardless of the method, Xiao Jiu was willing to try, although he himself knew that it might be futile.

Gulu: "You have to eat yourself. If you don't have enough food and strength, how can you feed your brother?"

Xiao Jiu nodded and turned to eat ferns.

Whether his brother could eat it or not, Xiao Jiu kept chewing the fern plant and feeding it to his brother's mouth. Even if his brother's mouth couldn't hold so many fern plants, he continued to feed him.

All day long, Xiao Jiu kept eating fern plants. When he was full, he would chew them up and feed them to his brother. Regardless of whether his brother's mouth was completely stuffed, he continued to feed him without rest.

Pachi, Dudu and Mila wanted to help Xiao Jiu feed the fern plants to his brother so that Xiao Jiu wouldn't be so tired, but Gulu stopped them.

Xiao Jiu now needed to slowly accept and digest the fact that his brother may never wake up. He must feed his brother himself to know that no matter what he did, his brother might never wake up.

Three days passed like this. Xiao Jiu was very busy every day. Besides sleeping at night, he ate fern plants then chewed them up and fed them to his brother. He would even feed his brother several times at night.

Although Xiao Jiu's brother hadn't died, he looked very skinny and appeared lifeless.

Gulu knew that the reason why Xiao Jiu's brother didn't starve to death after sleeping for three days was that a few ferns fed by Xiao Jiu must have slipped into his stomach. Of course, such a small amount couldn't maintain his health at all, so Xiao Jiu's brother became extremely thin.

Just dragging on like this, he would die tomorrow or the day after tomorrow at the latest.

Gulu was a little regretful. He felt that he shouldn't have told Xiao Jiu this method. It's meaningless to drag his brother's death on for three more days and made him even sadder.

Xiao Jiu was still feeding ferns to his brother. All Triceratopses in the group had advised him to stop feeding. Your brother wouldn't wake up again, but Xiao Jiu refused to listen.

In fact, Gulu also advised Xiao Jiu, but Xiao Jiu still refused to listen. He wouldn't give up until his brother really died.

Although Xiao Jiu was still a cub, he knew that there would be no temperature on a dead Triceratops but there's still temperature on his brother, which meant that he wasn't dead.

Pado looked at Xiao Jiu and his brother and somehow remembered that when he and Paton were young, their parents also died very early and they lived together this way.

With these thoughts in mind, Pado walked up to Xiao Jiu and rubbed his neck. "Xiao Jiu, your brother won't wake up again. Don't feed him any more ferns. Gulu and Pachi will be your brothers, Dudu and Mila will be your sisters. Babana and I will be your parents. No Triceratops will bully you."

All Triceratopses around Pado were shocked. Pado wanted to be the father of this little Triceratops?!

There're many poor Triceratopses in the group. They were even more pitiful than this little Triceratops. Pado didn't take special care of them. He was definitely not a leader who's completely selfless.

Pado raised Mila because Mila saved Gulu's life. He raised and doted on her, largely because of Gulu. Of course, after a while, he also developed strong feelings.

This Triceratops cub named Xiao Jiu shouldn't be eligible for adoption by Pado.

All Triceratopses nearby cast envious eyes at Xiao Jiu. They thought Xiao Jiu was so lucky.

In truth, Gulu was also surprised. He realized that Pado was probably deeply touched by Xiao Jiu and his brother, thinking of himself and Uncle Paton as cubs.

Xiao Jiu looked up at Pado with eyes full of tears. He shook his head and refused, "Pado, I really want to be the little cub of you and Babana. I also really want a brother like Gulu. If I follow you, I'll definitely be the happiest Triceratops cub in the entire continent of Yukan. But I can't live without my brother. My brother will wake up! He definitely will!"

All Triceratopses around were stunned:

"This Xiao Jiu isn't an idiot…"

"How many Triceratopses want to enter Pado's group? How many Triceratops cubs dream of being Pado's cubs?…"

"Your brother won't wake up again, little silly dinosaur…"

Pado, of course, said nothing more. He also hoped that Xiao Jiu's brother would wake up, but he knew it's impossible.

Xiao Jiu watched Pado's receding back while rubbing against his brother's belly and whispered: "Brother, I only want you. I don't want anything else. Will you wake up soon?"

Gulu's eyes were filled with tears. He regretted giving Xiao Jiu's hope.

Xiao Jiu continued to chew up the fern plants and feed them to his brother's mouth.

All dinosaurs in the group no longer care about Xiao Jiu and his brother, because they all believed that Xiao Jiu's brother wouldn't wake up.

In the evening, Gulu was trying again to get Xiao Jiu to give up his brother when Xiao Jiu suddenly exclaimed, "Brother! You finally woke up!"

Gulu felt that Xiao Jiu must have hallucinated, but he still immediately ran to see it. To his disbelief, Xiao Jiu's brother really woke up!

He saw Xiao Jiu's brother reluctantly opened his eyes and swallowed the fern plants in his mouth. He's so weak but still managed to ask, "Xiao Jiu, did brother sleep for a long time? Brother is so hungry, Xiao Jiu…"

Xiao Jiu hurriedly bit a lot of fern plants to feed into his brother's mouth. Although his brother had no strength at all, he seemed very experienced when swallowing.

Gulu couldn't believe his eyes!

Not only Gulu couldn't believe it, but all Triceratopses in the group were also in disbelief. Xiao Jiu's brother really woke up. No Triceratopses ever stopped eating for three days without starving to death!

Gulu knew that the pollens should be a kind of flowers that made Triceratops sleep for about three days, but a Triceratops would die if it didn't eat for more than one day.

Xiao Jiu insisted on feeding his brother fern plants to hang on his brother's life. Unexpectedly, a miracle really happened.

Next, Xiao Jiu's brother ate more and his body gradually recovered. The next day he was able to barely stand up and eat by himself. On the third day, he was completely able to stand up then grow as strong as before after half a month later.

Pado kept Xiao Jiu and his brother in the center of the group to ensure their safety and access to the best ferns.

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Gulu felt very touched. He felt that regardless of humans or dinosaurs, as long as they never gave up, there would be hope!

Xiao Jiu and his brother were very grateful to Pado and Gulu. However, they were seldom able to contact Pado and ended up making fancy rainbow fart to Gulu every day. Gulu felt embarrassed. He believed that it was Xiao Jiu who saved his brother. It really had nothing to do with him.

After Xiao Jiu's brother was as strong as before, the two brothers returned to the edge of the group. Pado no longer took special care of them.

Pachi and Dudu asked Gulu, "Brother, why did Xiao Jiu and his brother stop eating ferns in the center of the group? The ferns here are the best food."

Gulu didn't know how to answer this question. In any group, the hierarchy was very clear. This was for the sake of better group's survival. Pado couldn't specially take care of them because the group had many more pitiful young cubs than Xiao Jiu and his brother.

Pachi and Dudu were born as Pado's cubs. They were not only a leader's cubs, but also the cubs of the most powerful Triceratops leader in Yukan. Pado didn't have too many cubs like other Triceratops leaders. He only had three cubs. Of course, he would dote on them to the fullest.

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