Pachi and Dudu had always lived in the center of the group, eating the best ferns and receiving the best protection. They could be said to be "born with a golden spoon". They didn't know the "sufferings of the world" or what kind of difficult life Triceratopses on the edge of the group led.

Mila also used to be a leader's cub, but her Dad had too many cubs. She also experienced a lot, so she would never ask such a question.

Although Gulu had always been doted on while growing up, whether in the Tyrannosaurus rex's or Triceratops's group, he had a human mind. He would sometimes go to observe how Triceratopses of all classes in the group survive. He then summarized and analyzed his findings, which was equivalent to studying the life habits of Triceratops. Therefore, he knew more than many adult dinosaurs.

Although Gulu knew the explanation and realized that Pachi and Dudu might not fully understand it, he still explained to them seriously.

Xiao Jiu and his brother went back to the edge of the group. They ate ferns and played happily.

Of course, Xiao Jiu's brother also heard that Pado wanted to raise Xiao Jiu. He felt very sorry for him. He looked at his young brother and said, "Xiao Jiu, if you have chosen to Pado's son, you'll certainly become a Triceratops as powerful as Brother Gulu."

Xiao Jiu looked up and replied, "No, I don't want to! I only want brother. I don't want anyone else."

His brother rubbed him: "Little silly dinosaur, no wonder all dinosaurs in the group say that you're a little silly dinosaur. You'd rather eat these bad ferns at the edge of the group with me instead of those at the center of the group with Pado. Pado and Babana are great and Gulu is also very good…"

Xiao Jiu: "Brother, you're so annoying! I just like to eat ferns on the edge of the group. The ferns here are the best!"

In fact, Xiao Jiu also wanted to say that as long as there's his brother, everything he had felt like it's the best. Without his brother, nothing was good.

Xiao Jiu's brother looked at him and thought to himself, I must grow up quickly and become as strong as Pado, so that Xiao Jiu will no longer have to be scared.

Gulu looked at Xiao Jiu and his brother from the center of the group. Gulu knew that Xiao Jiu and his brother would become great Triceratopses, just like Pado and Paton.

Mungo hid in the luxuriant fern bushes outside Pado's group almost every day while secretly observing which Triceratops played well with Gulu.

As long as they're not Gulu's biological siblings, Mungo would include them in the focus of his investigation, especially Mila. Mungo thought that Mila was the most dangerous because Mila wasn't Gulu's real sister, but he and Gulu had very close contact.

Gulu was sent to Mungo by Pado every half month for a few days. Today was the day to go to Mungo. Gulu was very happy and woke Pado early in the morning to send him there.

Pado opened his eyes hazily from sleep and looked at the excited cub: "Daddy little Gulu, Dad has raised you for so many years, but it's still not as good as Mungo who raise you for a few months. Dad is very sad, Gulu…"

One couldn't blame Pado for being jealous. Gulu liked to "stay in bed". It's hard to wake up in the morning. In the past, Pado and Babana needed to make him get up. In contrast, he would wake up by himself only on the day of going to Mungo's group, especially very early in the morning. Gulu was too excited.

Pado was absolutely right. Gulu had only lived in Mungo's group for a few months from the time he broke his shell to the time he returned to Pado's group. In truth, Mungo had only kept Gulu for those few months.

Gulu rubbed Pado: "Ok, Dad, hurry up. If I've been living in Mungo's group and only return to your Triceratops' group occasionally, I'll be excited too. Hurry up, Mungo has come to pick me up. Don't let Mungo wait too long…"

To be honest, Pado wanted to say, isn't Mungo hiding outside our group every day and secretly watching you? He didn't know what happened to Mungo, a Tyrannosaurus rex who didn't do any serious business.

But on second thought, what serious business could Tyrannosaurus rex do? It seemed that Tyrannosaurus rex also had nothing to do. Mungo was too powerful and had the best territory. Hunting was too simple for him. Mungo's group was very strong and didn't need him to guard them. Mungo seemed to have nothing to do every day and was always idle.

While Gulu urged Pado, Babana also woke up as well. She stood up and rubbed Gulu: "You should be good at Mungo's place, you know. Don't let Mungo and Gaya worry too much. Don't run around and play all the time…"

"Yes, Mom." Gulu replied while already running to the outside of the group. Pado hurriedly followed.

After Pado handed Gulu to Mungo, of course, he also had to ask his cub to behave well. Gulu agreed.

Mungo took Gulu to his group. They walked slowly. Gulu was always talking about interesting things that happened in the group.

At this time, dawn just dotted the horizon. The clear morning mist blew coolly on them. Gulu and Mungo were wet and comfortable. The fern plants had also accumulated a lot of dew.

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Gradually, the sun came out, dying the morning mist pale red. Gulu saw himself and Mungo walking in a pale red mist surrounded by tall green ferns, which appeared beautiful beyond words.

Gulu spoke about what happened to the group during this period of time while running and jumping happily in front of or behind Mungo. Mungo also listened carefully. He liked to hear Gulu tell him this.

Mungo thought for a long time before asking, "Gulu, do you like Mila?"

Gulu answered without thinking: "Yes, of course I do. Mila is strong, brave, beautiful and smart."

Mungo felt very upset after hearing this. His voice unconsciously lowered: "Will you have cubs with Mila?"

Gulu didn't know what Mungo meant until now. He hastily denied: "Of course not, Mungo. What are you thinking?! Mila is my sister. I treat her like my real sister!"

Mungo breathed a great sigh of relief, "Then you must keep your word."

Gulu was very puzzled by Mungo's thinking mode. He could only agree: "I'll keep my word!"

Mungo asked again, "Do you like that red female Triceratops? You talked to her three times in the morning, visited her again in the afternoon and talked to her once at night!"

Gulu's face became dazed: Mungo, what's going on? These statistics are a bit too detailed, aren't they?!

But he still answered: "That's uncle Sika's daughter. Uncle Sika is my Dad's best brother. I often play with uncle Sika's little cub. I won't be with her. Don't worry, Daddy Mungo, I won't fall in love early!"

Mungo: "Then you must like that little green female Triceratops. You played with her in the morning and helped her. You rubbed the dirt off her five times and played with her in the afternoon. You also made her happy and sent her back to her Mom's side at night…"

Gulu: My god, Mungo really roleplayed deeply as a worrying father! In order to prevent his cub from falling in love early, he made so much effort to observe so carefully. But I still want to lodge a solemn protest!

Although Gulu thought like this, he nevertheless said: "That's my uncle Nock's daughter. Uncle Nock is also my Dad's best brother. I often play with her, but I won't be with her. I absolutely won't!"

In fact, Gulu would like to tell Mungo: "Daddy" Mungo, don't be angry. I want to tell you that I don't like female dinosaurs. I only like male dinosaurs, but I don't have any male dinosaur that I like yet. There will definitely be one in the future.

Of course, Gulu couldn't tell Mungo this. Mungo was so strict that he couldn't even accept early love, let alone the fact that he liked male dinosaurs. Let's wait until there're a male dinosaur that he liked in the future to tell him.

In this way, they talked about such an astonishing topic and unknowingly arrived at the group.

The arrival of Gulu excited Gaya and her cubs. Gulu got up too early in the morning. After eating, he fell asleep next to Gaya. His three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers accompanied him to sleep.

After sleeping in the afternoon and playing for a while, Mungo and his brothers were ready to go hunting. Gaya ordered her cubs not to run too far and followed them out.

Now the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were all over three years old. When they turned five years old, they had to go out and wander alone, so Gaya and Mungo wanted to train them. They were often allowed to run around by themselves around the territory to increase their courage and experience.

Now Pado also often let Gulu and Pachi run around in his territory, but Pado would secretly follow behind. This was to train the courage and adaptability of the two little Triceratopses. They would all become Triceratops leaders in the future.

As the young ones got bigger and bigger, the constraints on them became smaller and smaller, so that they could adapt to adult life faster.

Small Tyrannosaurus rex was relatively safe in the territory, especially ones that had grown to the age of three. Basically, no carnivorous dinosaur would attack them. The Nanotyrannus in the territory were also completely wiped out by Mungo. Gulu was also strong, if not stronger than his Tyrannosaurus rex's younger brothers. Gaya felt completely relieved.

Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were very fond of playing. Young dinosaur cubs at this age were extremely energetic. Of course, they couldn't just play near their nest. They ran around playing. They're fine as long as they went back to dinner before dark.

Different from when going out to play as younger cubs, they no longer had to hide when they go out to play now, because basically no single carnivorous dinosaur could beat them and a group of carnivorous dinosaurs also dared not hunt them. Mungo, the overlord of this territory, was known for his cruelty.

While walking, Gulu saw Galle, who was running towards him at full speed.

Soon Galle reached Gulu. Gulu could obviously feel Galle's body shaking. Galle hid under Gulu and said, "Gulu, I think the earth might move greatly today. Really, I can feel it!"

Gulu thought, even scientist in the 21st century can't predict earthquakes and can only do early warning when earthquakes occur. Does Galle have any superpowers?

Of course, Gulu comforted Galle: "Don't be scare. I meant it when I said that there's no earth movement here."

Galle fervently looked at Gulu: "Really, Gulu, but why am I so scared?"

Gulu rubbed Galle's back and replied: "Don't be scared. Don't be scared. There won't be any earth movement here. Go back to your territory quickly. If Mungo knows that you're here, he'll be very angry. Do you still want to be bitten by Mungo? Go back quickly. Look at the scars on your back."

Galle was also afraid of Mungo, but he didn't give up until he rubbed Gulu before running back.

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The cubs just played for a while. Gulu always felt that something was going to happen, so he told his younger brothers to go back. The younger brothers who still wanted to play were forced to go back by Gulu.

Just then, Gulu felt dizzy and almost fell to the ground!

After barely standing still, Gulu realized: F***, the earth is really moving. Curse Galle's crow mouth!

The earth movement was so strong this time that Gulu saw a huge crack in the ground not far away. They couldn't run past it.

Gulu shouted, "Follow me! Don't be scared. The earthquake will pass soon."

After shouting this, he and his brothers ran into the forest. Only the forest was temporarily safe.

As Gulu ran, he saw that big crack getting bigger and bigger. Soon the entire ground where they had just stood was sunken!

This big crack spread for a long time and seemed to want to divide the entire continent.

Galle didn't get far and ran back desperately.

Gulu saw Galle from a distance. Galle seemed to be shouting: "Gulu, didn't you say there won't be earth movement?!"

Gulu would like to reply: It's not my pot! How could I know that the Yukan mainland would change so much? This place clearly had no fault line!

Yukan Continent: My pot! My pot!

Looking at the growing ground fissure not far away, Gulu suddenly realized that it's over! Mungo's and Pado's group were on the other side of the big fissure. If the mainland really divided from here, they may never see each other again!

How ironic. Mungo's group followed him to such a faraway place. Yet, they were still forced to separate in the end.

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