Su Fu was startled and subconsciously held Tang Sibo's hand.

Tang Sibo chuckled and said something to mother Tang before leading Su Fu away.

Juan Juan originally wanted to follow at first, but mother Tang picked him up and led Tang Luoke by hand. She began to show off her two lovely grandchildren.

The ladies began to think. The two young masters were very cute, but their daughter couldn't wait that long.

The birthday banquet was in the form of a buffet. It was approaching noon at this time. The long tables in the banquet hall were already filled with food and wine. Before the banquet started, arriving guests could eat, drink and chat freely.

Tang Sibo led Su Fu to the snack area. He took a plate and brought several snacks to Su Fu.

"I don't think you ate much this morning. Are you hungry?"

Su Fu took it over and ate a shrimp dumpling. "Not hungry, just a little bored."

Tang Sibo pinched Su Fu's earlobe with a smile, "The more people there are, the more boring the banquet is. Just eat and drink and ignore the rest."

Su Fu looked at the banquet hall. All of the people seemed to be chatting with each other. He asked, "In fact, the so-called birthday banquet is just about making connections?"

"Well, this kind of big banquet, no matter what the theme is, is actually the best place to make friends. If you're bored, I'll show you around after."

"It doesn't matter to me. You should think about how to deal with making friends first." Su Fu smiled and forked out a glutinous rice cake to eat.

Tang Sibo turned his head and saw that someone was coming towards them, but this person surprised him. It was Duan Qiqian.

"I'll go over. Call the waiter if you need anything. Just treat this place like being at home. You don't need to be restrained." Tang Sibo softly urged then gently kissed the corner of Su Fu's mouth.

Su Fu nodded with a smile. He watched Tang Sibo walking toward the incoming cold handsome man. The two of them said something with expressionless faces, then went to the balcony outside together.

Su Fu ate the snacks that Tang Sibo had given him then put the plates in the recycling area.

He wanted to go to the bathroom, but Tang Sibo seemed to be talking about business. It wasn't convenient to disturb him. A waiter passed by and he asked the location of the bathroom then went alone.

The bathroom was at the corner on the second floor. Su Fu went upstairs. Before he could take a few steps, he suddenly heard the sound of broken cup when passing by a lounge, which startled him.

Later, a woman's haughty and disdainful voice came from inside the half-hidden door: "Today is my birthday. I don't want to see you in my home. I thought you have a little cultured, but I didn't expect you to have the face to come over on such a day. Do you want to upset me and ruin my birthday?"

"No, auntie…"

"Don't call me auntie! You don't deserve it! I hate homosexuals like you the most. You deserve to die, so my son can go the normal way, get married and have children! If you're sensible, don't seduce my son again! Otherwise, even if my son is protecting you, I still have plenty of means to get you!"

The other voice didn't speak. Su Fu was outside the door, feeling a little worried. He seemed to see his life in the He family from before, depressed and helpless. He also recognized one of the voices inside. It was Liu An, so this woman must be Mrs. Li.

Liu An didn't speak again, but Mrs. Li didn't give up. She snapped, "Now! Get out of here! I forbid you to appear in our home!"

"I'm sorry to upset auntie, but Li Chao and I really love each other. I won't let go."

Just when Su Fu felt that Liu An was brave and was happy for his determination, he heard a chaotic sound inside, as if something had fallen. Surprised, Su Fu opened the door and wanted to go in, but someone was faster than him and kicked open the door of the lounge.

This kick was so strong. It almost knocked off the door of the lounge.

Su Fu saw that Li Chao had come over at some point, and walked in angrily. The lounge, which was supposed to be clean and tidy, was a mess. A vase shattered on the ground. Liu An sat down not far from the vase near an overturned chair. Mrs. Li was probably so angry that she threw a vase at him. Liu An accidentally knocked over the chair while dodging it.

As soon as Li Chao entered, he walked to Liu An's side and pulled him up. After repeatedly confirming that he wasn't injured, he held him in his arms and breathed a sigh of relief. Liu An probably also didn't expect Mrs. Li to be ruthless. Liu An froze with fright and hid in Li Chao's arms while trembling.  

"You don't want to celebrate your birthday, do you?" Li Chao hug Liu An to appease him, while looking at Mrs. Li with a terrifying gaze.

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Su Fu saw Li Chao's ferocious expression and realized that those temper tantrums that he met before were just kindergarten level. This was the real temper tantrum.

Mrs. Li also looked at him fiercely and said angrily: "You don't want me to celebrate my birthday! Did you bring this fox home to embarrass me on purpose?!"

Li Chao patted Liu An on the back. With one kick, he turned the sofa upside down and asked in a heavy voice, "Who did you call a fox?! Say it again!"

Mrs. Li knew how terrifying it was for her oldest son to lose his temper. She's frightened by his kick and turned pale.

"Liu An coming here was my father's intention. He already hid him in the lounge to avoid upsetting you. What else do you want?"

Upon hearing that it was Master Li's intention, Mrs. Li stopped talking, just staring at Liu An with terrifying hatred in her eyes.

After a long silence, Mrs. Li took a deep breath and breathed out. She turned back into a dignified appearance.

"In this case, just stay here and don't come out to block my eyes." With a leisurely finish, Mrs. Li went out dignifiedly like a lady. She didn't even glance at Su Fu at the door.

Su Fu felt that Mrs. Li's transformation was scary. When turning his head, he saw Mrs. Li wearing a beautiful and soft smile going downstairs to greet guests.

While Su Fu was frightened, Li Chao's anger in the lounge still didn't go out. He kicked another sofa over. Su Fu felt even more frightened. He now believed what Tang Sibo said. When Li Chao was angry, he could really tear down a house…

"Don't! Don't get angry!" Liu An was scared by Mrs. Li before. Now, he's scared by Li Chao's terrible anger. His tears, which he had been holding back with strength suddenly fell down. He hugged Li Chao tightly to prevent him from getting angry again.

As expected, Li Chao gradually calmed down. He hugged Liu An, kissed him gently on the cheek and said stiffly, "Don't be scared. I'm not angry. It's all right."

"Uh-huh." Liu An quietly responded. He buried his face in Li Chao's arms and patted Li Chao's back with his hands, as if to appease his temper.

Su Fu stood by the door in shock. Mrs. Li was too cruel. Mother He only talked poisonously. Mrs. Li did it directly. She also threatened that even if Li Chao guarded him, she still had the means to get Liu An!

Indeed, the rich and powerful water were too deep and terrifying. Su Fu turned his head again and looked at mother Tang, who was holding Juan Juan and chatting with a group of ladies downstairs. He realized how lucky he was to meet such nice people like the Tang family.

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