Li Chao and Liu An hugged and comforted each other. Seeing that there's nothing he could do to help, Su Fu quietly went out to the bathroom.

The bathroom was located in the corner, which was a rather remote place. When Su Fu entered, he saw that it was very clean and quiet. But what's strange was that there's a man in a hospital gown and slippers standing at the sink, looking at himself in the mirror with his head tilted.

Su Fu saw the man's face in the mirror. It's a very delicate face, looking around 30 years old or so, with black and clear eyes. At this time, the man looked at himself in the mirror as if he was confused about something. He looked dazed and strange.

He didn't know if the cloth on the man was really a hospital gown or something similar. The fabric looked very high quality, not like something given out by the hospital. Su Fu was a little surprised to see that he wore so little.

At this time, the man also saw Su Fu in the mirror and turned around smiling.

"Have you seen my big brother Li? Can you tell me where he is?" The man's eyes appeared perplexed, and his facial expression seemed to be a little joyful and nervous, which was contradictory.

After listening to him, Su Fu thought that he's looking for Li Chao. Seeing him wearing a home-made hospital gown, he remembered that Tang Sibo said Li Chao had a twin brother called Li Dai, who was in poor health. Su Fu guessed that this was probably Li Chao's younger brother. Not all twins looked alike?

While Su Fu was still thinking, the man suddenly rushed over excitedly and grabbed Su Fu by the sleeve and nervously asked, "Where is my big brother Li?"

Startled by him, Su Fu pointed to the corner corridor, "He's in the lounge over there before, but I don't know if he has left."

The man immediately became happy. He showed a nice smile and said to Su Fu, "Thank you, I'll go surprise him ~"

At this point, the man went away happily. Su Fu stood in the bathroom, frowning slightly. He felt something was wrong with the man.

However, this was Li family's business. Su Fu shook his head. He stopped thinking about it, went to the toilet, washed his hands and was ready to go downstairs to find Tang Sibo.

Just after leaving the bathroom door, a man who looked a little ill came up to him with a soft smile on his face.

"Are you Mr. Su?"

Su Fu nodded and asked, "Who were you?"

"My name was Li Dai. Do you know Li Chao? I'm his brother."

Su Fu was startled. He saw that this man did look similar to Li Chao. But if this was Li Dai, who was that just now? Walking around in home-made hospital gown, he didn't look like a stranger here.

"Hello, I've heard Sibo talk about you."

Li Dai smiled and nodded, "The birthday banquet is about to start. Second brother Tang is looking for you. Shall I take you there?"

It turned out that Tang Sibo was looking for him. Su Fu nodded politely then followed him downstairs.

Li Dai and Li Chao had different temperament. Starting from appearance, he was a head shorter than Li Chao but about the same height as Su Fu. Probably because of his poor health since childhood, he appeared very thin but gentle.  

As soon as he came downstairs, Tang Sibo walked toward him. He took Su Fu's hand and said to Li Dai, "The guests are here. You should go sit down."

"It's okay, second brother Tang. I'm very happy and energetic today."

Tang Sibo nodded and patted him on the shoulder. "Don't be too tired."

"Yes, I know. The birthday banquet is about to begin. Go ahead."

Tang Sibo led Su Fu to the center of the banquet. A low red stage was set up in the banquet hall. At this time, Master Li already took the microphone and walked on the stage. He thanked the guests for coming and said a few words of congratulation for his wife's birthday.  

Su Fu was led by Tang Sibo and said with a smile, "It's very formal, like an award."

Tang Sibo smiled and squeezed his hand. "It's not the same atmosphere as when we celebrated Juan Juan's birthday last night, right?"

Su Fu nodded: "It's too formal. Mrs. Li just got angry. Is she really happy during this birthday?" Tang Sibo raised his brows and looked at him. Su Fu told him about the lounge incident just now.

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"Aunt Li isn't actually targeting Liu An. Her attitude towards all homosexuals is extreme. It all comes from many years ago," said Tang Sibo while leading him to the Tang family. "She used to like me very much. Just now she learned that my lover is a man and her face immediately turned ugly."

Su Fu was somewhat surprised and squeezed his hand. Then he looked at the Tang family, where there were many more people.

Tang Sibo half held him in his arms and whispered, "Those are all relatives of our family. My father's two younger brothers. Second uncle's family has a lot of thoughts but better at relation. Third uncle's family has higher eye than a mountain. They may speak a bit harshly. You don't need to pay attention."

Su Fu nodded as he listened. He always thought that all the Tang family lived in the Tang mansion. Unexpectedly, there're still so many relatives.

"The one standing with my mother is my aunt. She's very kind. Her husband's family owned Bai jewelry. Uncle is very easy to get along with."

With this introduction, the two had already reached mother Tang before Su Fu figured out who was who.

Mother Tang knew that he would be nervous when seeing so many elders, so she introduced him one by one.

Sure enough, as Tang Sibo introduced, the elder of the second room accepted Su Fu's greetings with a kind face, while the wife of the third room said in public: "Why is he a man? There're enough males in big brother's family."

Su Fu was a little embarrassed at the time, but Tang Youhui, Tang Sibo's aunt, immediately pulled Su Fu up and smiled at the third room wife. "Third sister-in-law, don't be so sour. You had a hard time before giving birth to an old son`. Don't envy big brother's family."

The people in the third room immediately blushed. Third uncle Tang regarded his wife as a disgrace and gave her a hard look.

The third room wife stopped talking. She gave birth to two daughters in her early years, then nothing. All of the Tang brothers and sisters had sons in their families except her. She's always ashamed of this until she gave birth to an old son. Only then did she no longer feel ashamed of her past and could speak with her head held high. In fact, no one in the other families cared about whether she had a son or not.

Aunt Tang didn't pay any attention to the third room wife after she stabbed her. She took Su Fu and asked him what he did and what he liked to do at ordinary times. She's very gentle and kind. Su Fu was flattered and grateful for aunt Tang's rescue. He's very fond of aunt Tang and answered with a smile.

Seeing that his family members were protecting Su Fu, Tang Sibo was very happy and let them exchange their feelings with confidence.

Master Li's words were almost finished. Tang Sibo didn't see his big brother and frowned. When he turned his head, he saw his big brother and Duan Qiqian coming over together with expressionless faces.

Tang Sibo looked at his big brother who came to his side and asked, "Is it done?"

"No," said big brother Tang.

Tang Sibo raised his brows, "What did you talk about? That cooperation was already good."

Big brother Tang replied, "We haven't reached an agreement. We'll continue tomorrow."

Tang Sibo looked at Duan Qiqian again. Duan Qiqian nodded in agreement.

Tang Sibo didn't ask anymore question. He could probably guess the way they communicated – face to face, without speaking.

This was indeed the case. Duan Qiqian came here this time because he had a crush on a piece of land in Tang's hand. So, he came to talk about cooperation in the name of congratulating Mrs. Li's birthday.

Li family had produced soldiers from generation to generation, but Li Dai's health wasn't good enough to inherit this status, so he followed Tang family to do business and had his own company. He worked with Duan Qiqian several times, so Duan Qiqian was able to come in.

However, for a small cooperation, the big president came here in person. Only he knew what the real purpose was.

Tang Sibo, who learned about Duan Qiqian's intentions just now, took him to see big brother Tang, then ignored him. In fact, after the two met, they only said a few words about cooperation, and then they stopped talking. Even now, this way of getting along was so tiring.

At this time, the thick curtains the stage were suddenly closed. All of the decorative lights were dimmed, and the banquet hall became dark. The crowd saw someone pushing a big cake onto the red stage. Candles were placed on the cake, emitting faint light. Everyone could only see vague figures behind the curtain.

At the same time, happy birthday music was also playing in the banquet hall. All of the guests stopped talking. Only the person pushing the cake cart were singing to the music, with a pleasant voice.

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