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A good birthday banquet ended in chaos.

After Master Li took little uncle Tang upstairs, the living room quieted down but the atmosphere enveloped by sadness didn't dissipate for a long time.

Li Dai invited the Tang family elders to sit down on the sofa. Considering that they hadn't eaten yet and were in a bad mood, he asked the butler to order the kitchen to cook some porridge.

The elders didn't have the heart to eat at this time. But after the butler brought over porridge bowls, they all still ate some.

Li Dai was a meticulous person. Although he wasn't clear about the things that happened in the older generation, he would do his best to take care of them. Once the elders in the living room finished their porridge, Li Dai said something to Li Chao, then carried a bowl of porridge and went upstairs to see his mother.

Li Chao nodded. He sat on the armrest of the sofa with Liu An in his arms. His face still looked gloomy.

His younger brother didn't know what happened during the older generation, but he did.

A few years ago, for a period of time, his father went out on business every week. Li Chao noticed that his father went to the same place every time, which was the Tang family's sanatorium.

During that time, his mother would be unhappy because his father often went out. Li Chao secretly followed. He saw an independent small courtyard in the sanatorium. His father looked gentle and doted on a man with his eyes. He played with the man all day without feeling tired.

Li Chao was short-tempered and thought that his father was raising a man outside behind mother's back. When his father came back that day, he went to find him and asked.

It was that day that he learned about the tragedy 25 years ago that the Tang family and Li family didn't like to mention.

Only after that day did he understand why even though the Tang family and Li family were friends for generations, the relationship between his father and uncle Tang were like that of brothers and he himself grew up with the Tang brothers and sisters, but the Tang family never gave his mother a good look. The relationship between his father and mother remained like strangers for many years. They weren't as loving as uncle and aunt Tang. They weren't like a couple at all.

The Tang elders silently sat on the sofa drinking porridge. They were probably waiting for master Li to come down.

Su Fu also lost his appetite because of this atmosphere. He only stirred the porridge in the bowl lightly with a spoon, but didn't eat more than a few mouthfuls.

At this moment, the Li family's butler came in again and walked to Tang Sibo's side, "Master Bo, Mr. Zhou is here. He's in the banquet hall."

Hearing this, Tang Sibo put down his porridge bowl and raised Su Fu to his feet.

Su Fu didn't know why. He just heard to him saying something to father Tang and mother Tang, took down his porridge bowl and left with him.

"What's the matter? Who's here?" Su Fu asked as he walked.

Tang Sibo looked at him and replied, "An internationally famous clothing designer. New Year is coming soon. We asked him to design some clothes."

Su Fu was surprised that the Tang family was so particular. New Year is just New Year. Just buy new clothes to wear to celebrate it. Why did you need to customize them? And even asked for an internationally renowned fashion designer?

Tang Sibo didn't explain much. He didn't actually wait for Zhuo Jian. He thought that he wouldn't come, but unexpectedly, he did.

At this moment, there's no one in the banquet hall. Tang Sining was looking around with the two little guys to find delicious food for them. Juan Juan was holding a big lobster in one hand and a big crab in the other hand. No one peeled them for him, so he could only lick the shells. He followed behind Tang Sining and stood on tiptoe to look at the food on the table.

Tang Luoke put his two small hands behind his back. He didn't take anything, but also followed Tang Sining. However, his face showed impatience.

"Aunt, what are you looking for?!"

"It's getting cold, you need to eat something warm. I clearly saw some soup cooking there just now. Why is it missing?"

"Juan Juan is hungry. Can you give him something to eat first! Who knows when we'll find the soup?"

Tang Sining turned her head, looking at the two children and said, "Juan Juan is eating!"

"Eating what? If you don't help him peel such a big lobster and crab, how can he eat them?" Tang Luoke looked displeased.

Juan Juan stretched out his small tongue to lick the crab shell. He looked at them but didn't speak.  

Tang Sining blinked. In hindsight, it was really difficult for a child to peel such a big lobster and crab. It seemed that Juan Juan really couldn't peel them…

Su Fu and Tang Sibo saw this scene when they came in.

Tang Sibo helplessly touched his forehead. He made a mistake. How could he let Tang Sining take care of the children…

Su Fu didn't care. He smiled and walked over.

"I'll do it."

When Juan Juan saw little Dad, he rushed at him and showed him the lobster and crab in his hand. "This is delicious, little Dad. Juan Juan has been licking them for a long time."

Su Fu pinched his face with a smile, "Daddy will peel them for you."

Tang Sining listened to Juan Juan while showing a face of embarrassment and remorse. She made a child just over three years old licked the crab shell for so long…

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Su Fu brought two chairs to the long table then put Juan Juan and Tang Luoke on it. He picked out some hot food for them, put the plates on the table for them to eat, and peeled lobsters and crabs for them.

Looking at the two children happily eating, at this moment, Tang Sining felt ashamed and silently moved two chairs, one for Su Fu, one for herself, and sat down to eat with them.

Tang Sibo looked at them, smiled and shook his head helplessly, then walked to the fake balcony outside.

There're two people on the fake balcony at this time, one was Zhuo Jian, who had just arrived, and the other was Duan Qiqian, who hadn't left yet. They also seemed to know each other and were talking.

Tang Sibo walked over and nodded to the two. "Mr. Zhuo is late. I thought you wouldn't come."

Zhuo Jian smiled and waved the glass at him. "I'm sorry, my Xiao'er wasn't feeling well. If I leave late, I'll be late."

Tang Sibo knew that Zhuo Jian had a lover. Although he called him so sweetly, in fact his lover was a cold-faced director.

"Yes, it's my honor to have Mr. Zhuo here."

Duan Qiqian was impatient with their greetings and asked, "Where is your brother?"

Tang Sibo gave him a look and replied with a smile, "There're somethings in the family. If Mr. Duan wants to talk about cooperation, it may have to wait till tomorrow."

Duan Qiqian nodded and left first.

"I remember gentleman Tang is also a facial paralysis. The two of them can talk about cooperation?" Zhuo Jian asked jokingly.

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows and smiled, "It's an interesting picture."

Zhuo Jian understood and laughed. He turned to the banquet hall and asked, "Is that the one?"

"Yes, do you need to meet?" Tang Sibo followed his gaze. Su Fu was peeling lobster while talking to the children. He appeared very gentle, which made his heart softened.

"Since you don't want him to know, I don't need to meet him. I'm mainly here to have a look at his temperament for the convenience of designing."

"Size? Can you see it at a glance like my butler?"

"Probably, but what I can see at a glance is just the fit. I do pay attention to accuracy, so you'll have to measure it yourself." Zhuo Jian took a sip of wine and glanced at Tang Sibo with teasing in his eyes, deliberately emphasizing the word "measure".  

Tang Sibo naturally understood what he meant. He smiled and said, "OK, I'll send you the measurements later."

Zhuo Jian nodded and put the glass on the round table on the fake balcony.

"Then my mission is complete. I'll go back to take care of my wife."

Tang Sibo knew that his heart was tied to the patient in his family, so he didn't ask him to stay longer and sent him out with a smile.

As they passed by the banquet hall, Zhuo Jian turned his head and looked at Su Fu again. He said to Tang Sibo, "He's very gentle, isn't he? How did you catch him?"

Tang Sibo chuckled, "It's because of my charm."

"Very good, very lucky. If my Xiao'er has half the tenderness, I'll laugh in my dreams." Zhuo Jian said with a smile, then motioning with his hand to Tang Sibo not to send him off.  

Although Su Fu was taking care of the children, he also paid a little attention to the place. When he saw the guest leaving and Tang Sibo coming over, he asked with some surprise, "Is it over so soon?"

"His lover isn't feeling well, so we made the long story short."

Su Fu nodded clearly. Lover was more important. It could be seen that making this trip was already giving Tang Sibo face.

"You didn't eat anything either. I'll do it." Tang Sibo took the wet wipes, wiped Su Fu's hands, then picked out some delicious food for him to eat. He took over his job of peeling the shells for the children.

Su Fu then moved a chair for him to sit. While Tang Sibo peeled lobsters, tore down crabs, and handed out food in turn to one big and two small ones' plates, Su Fu who knew that he hadn't eaten anything either also fed him some food from time to time. The family of four were very happy.

The corners of Tang Sining's mouth, who was sitting nearby, twitched. She still remembered that not long ago, she was her second brother's beloved sister. Second brother would think of her in every way. Now, she's like a third party…No, the fifth one, inserted in their family of four in an unsightly manner and filled with embarrassment and loneliness.  

Tang Sining didn't want to get her hands dirty. It was too much trouble. And she didn't have her second brother to peel for her, so he had to eat food without shells silently.

"Is Aunt Li all right? Who broke in? Has it been solved?" Tang Sining, who was unwilling to be alone, interjected.

Tang Sining, like many younger Tang and Li family members, didn't know about little uncle Tang, and really thought that someone broke into the Li family.

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