Through eavesdropping on the conversations of these herbivorous dinosaurs, Gulu was very sure that Oro had saved them.

Gulu let the three Tyrannosaurus rex younger brothers hide in the fern bush. He ran to the outside of Oro's group and finally saw Oro who didn't seem to want to see him.

Oro saw Gulu covered in dust, with several blood marks drawn on his back, looking flustered.

Gulu looked at Oro excitedly and said, "Thank you, Oro, thank you for saving us!"

Oro: "I didn't save you."

Gulu: "Oro, I've heard all about it. It's because your group said that the forest collapsed that so many herbivorous dinosaurs ran this way. You're so smart to think of such a way to save us!"

Oro: "I didn't help you. I really thought that the earth had moved and the forest would collapse."

Gulu knew that Oro was very proud and didn't like to show what's on his mind. Oro still refused to admit clearly that he was saving their life.

At this time Pachi also came running. He kept rubbing Gulu's neck and said: "Brother, brother, you didn't know that I was scared just now. I saw you and the Tyrannosaurus rex brothers surrounded by a lot of carnivorous dinosaurs. Fortunately, there's Oro…"

Oro's group wasn't far away at that time, so Pachi could see this scene. He desperately ran to his brothers. He wanted to help them, but he was stopped by Grandpa Wei before he ran out of the group.

Then he didn't know what happened, the group suddenly shouted together, "The earth is moving, the forest is collapsing! Run!…"

Then all dinosaurs in the group ran. Pachi ran with them. Oro's group seemed to have driven several herbivorous dinosaur groups nearby. Then more and more herbivorous dinosaur groups joined the running army.

The running direction of the herbivorous dinosaur army under the leadership of Oro's group was naturally to run in the direction where Gulu was. Oro's group gradually ran slower after leading the direction and retreated to the end, shouting at the end that the forest would collapse, creating panic, so that the group in front would continue to run.

Pachi gradually understood that Oro was saving his brother.

Oro was very cold: "I said, I didn't save you. Don't mention it again."

Gulu knew that Oro refused to admit that he had saved them, not because he was afraid that other dinosaurs in his group would know that he created the panic to save them. Triceratopses always obeyed the leader's order.

It must be because Oro himself didn't want to admit it. Oro was much smarter than the average Triceratops, and his way of thinking never followed the routine. There're all sort of unpredictable moves. Gulu was completely unable to figure him out.

Oro: "Do you have anything else? If not, please leave my group. You're not a Triceratops of my group."

Gulu rubbed Pachi's neck and said, "Be good. Brother will go first."

Pachi rubbed him back, "Uh-huh, brother, you have to be careful in the future."

Gulu nodded and turned to go after giving one last grateful look at Oro.

Oro looked at Gulu's back and felt more and more interesting.

It was indeed Oro who created the panic in order to save Gulu.

Oro saw Gulu being surrounded by more than ten strong carnivorous dinosaurs. He knew that Gulu would die. Even an adult Triceratops couldn't resist so many carnivorous dinosaurs, let alone just a few young ones.

He didn't want Gulu to die like this. He couldn't accept it, but he couldn't take his group to help Gulu. There're too many Allosaurus. Even if he was the leader, he couldn't take his group to provoke so many carnivorous dinosaurs. He couldn't let his group's Triceratopses die for no reason.

And even if he managed to save Gulu with his group, the Allosaurus would just run away. His group wouldn't be able to voluntarily chase them, which would just provoke these carnivorous dinosaurs. In the future, these carnivorous dinosaurs would continue to hunt his group frequently, which would be an eternal trouble.

So, he came up with such a solution. Of course, he also thought that other groups might not listen to rumors. After all, there was no earth movement, which could be felt.

Oro thought that he would try anyway. If other groups didn't listen to rumors and follow them, he couldn't help it. This was the greatest help he could give. If it didn't work, Gulu could only be killed.

Unexpectedly, other herbivorous dinosaur groups not only believed it but also were easily led to Gulu's direction by his group. He didn't expect it to be so smooth. It seemed that Gulu's life could still be saved.

Gulu simply didn't know how to thank Oro. This was a saving grace, not only for him, but also for his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers.

But apparently Oro didn't need Gulu's gratitude. Even he himself didn't admit to saving Gulu.

Gulu returned to the fern bush where the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were hiding. The Tyrannosaurus rex cubs also knew that Oro had saved them, although they didn't know why he wanted to save them.

After all herbivorous dinosaur groups had dispersed, the four cubs went to find the Allosaurus. They saw that many of the Allosaurus have been trampled to death because they were in the middle of an army of herbivorous dinosaurs. They wanted to see if all fifteen Allosaurus had been trampled to death.

In truth, there was no need to look for it deliberately and there was no need to think about it. Fifteen of them have been trampled to death by so many herbivorous dinosaurs. They had been trampled into pieces mixed into the soil that couldn't be distinguished.

The cubs searched for a while. They could still find a little bone and minced meat from some mud and fern plant residue but nothing else. Fifteen Allosaurus were left with no corpses after being trampled by the army of herbivorous dinosaurs. All of them were used as fertilizers to nourish this forest and its ferns.

In the following days, Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers never met so many carnivorous dinosaurs again. Their life was not on the line, but they did have more and more difficulties.

Because hunting became more and more difficult. All lone herbivorous dinosaurs were gradually eaten up after the earthquake. It's difficult to find single herbivorous dinosaur to hunt and the young cubs were completely incapable of hunting dinosaurs in the herbivorous dinosaur group.

In addition, the dinosaurs that died in the earthquake fed a large number of carnivorous dinosaurs, leading to them becoming more numerous and stronger.

The young cubs often had to go far away to hunt, just to find a lone herbivorous dinosaur or a Nanotyrannus with only three allies to hunt. If there're more Nanotyrannus, they wouldn't be able to beat them completely. They also hunted some small carnivorous dinosaurs that were not in groups, which needed to be observed and sometimes took a long time.

When they succeeded in hunting, they were often robbed of their prey. The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were often robbed after only a few bites. It seemed that there're always carnivorous dinosaurs waiting for them to succeed in hunting. Because there're too many carnivorous dinosaurs, the number of times they were robbed of their prey had more than doubled.

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The four cubs could no longer see their original colors. They were running hard for their livelihood every day. They were all dark. If they went to the water to wash, they would surely wash out tens of kilos of mud.

Gulu would make plans for his younger brothers' food three day ahead, because he couldn't starve his younger brothers. As long as they were lean, it would be more difficult for them to hunt successfully and easier for other carnivorous dinosaurs to hunt them.

Even if they were often robbed of their prey, Gulu hunted more frequently for his younger brothers. There was no rest time except sleeping. Even then, they just barely got enough to eat.

Despite being so busy, Gulu would spend some time every day wandering around Oro's group to see if Pachi have been bullied. As long as he saw any new wounds on Pachi, even a little scratch, Gulu would run to ask Pachi how he had been hurt.

Pachi knew that his brother was tired every day. He didn't want his brother to worry about him anymore. He always told his brother that he had hurt himself accidentally. Gulu would ask Wei and Wei would tell Gulu everything.

Gulu also didn't blame Pachi for refusing to tell the truth and went straight to beat up those Triceratops cubs who bullied his younger brother.

Every time Gulu beat up the Triceratops cubs, Pachi wouldn't be bullied any more for many days. In fact, Pachi would also resist himself, but the number of Triceratops cubs was too large for Pachi to beat.

One couldn't blame these Triceratops cubs for always thinking about bullying Pachi. It's really not easy for them to live. They had to crowd out other cubs to survive better. It's survival instinct that made them do this.

Pachi wasn't the only one they bullied. Pachi was just one of many relatively weaker cubs that they bullied and their reason for bullying Pachi was more sufficient than that of other cubs. Bullying Pachi, who once helped Tyrannosaurus rex hunt, made them happy as if they had retaliated against Tyrannosaurus rex.

This was the cruelty of competition.

On this day, Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers hunted an adolescent Triceratops and until the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers ate the adolescent Triceratops till there was no residue left, no other carnivorous dinosaurs came to rob them. It's really not easy when there're as many carnivorous dinosaurs as dogs nowadays. This luck was comparable to winning a ten million dollars lottery for the first time!

In this way, they wouldn't have to hunt for at least three days.

Therefore, Gulu had more time to lurk outside of Oro's group. As long as there's nothing wrong, Gulu liked to lurk outside Oro's group. He always felt sorry for Pachi. He didn't take good care of Pachi, leaving Pachi alone to suffer a lot of grievances in an unfamiliar group.

This afternoon, Gulu saw Pachi once again surrounded by Triceratops cubs. Pachi was standing next to his only friend Yong in the group.

Gulu wasn't going to help Pachi immediately. He wanted to see if his brother had grown up during this period.

This group of Triceratops cubs had a total of 20 or 30 cubs. They often bullied those smaller and weaker Triceratops cubs everywhere. Bullying other Triceratops cubs could give them a sense of security. As long as the smaller and weaker Triceratops cubs were getting weaker and weaker, when the group was hunted, it's these smaller and weaker cubs that die first, of course.

Pachi wasn't weak at all. After Gulu beat the cubs severely, they also tried to bring Pachi into their team. But Pachi refused. They couldn't win him over with candy.

Of course, Pachi's unwillingness undoubtedly angered them even more and they knew Gulu wouldn't dare to kill them even if he was ruthless.

The head Triceratops cub was beaten by Gulu and was covered with wounds. After scabbing, these wounds became very ugly. Especially, the horn shield was directly scratched by Gulu with a deep blood groove from the middle, which was more serious than the wound bitten by the Allosaurus on Pachi's horn shield. After scabbing, it became very ferocious and horrible.

Pachi put his only little partner behind him and said, "What do you want to do again? Do you dare to do it today? I'll kill you! When I'm done, my brother will beat you again!"

Yong was about the same age as Pachi, but much thinner than Pachi, weighing less than 3 tons, because Yong also received many blows following Pachi.

However, Yong didn't regret making friends with Pachi at all, because after making friends with Pachi, he was no longer lonely. There were no dinosaurs talking to him before.

The head Triceratops cub said: "Yes, we're quite afraid of your brother. Your brother is very strong, but we're not afraid of you. Your brother isn't here now. Besides, can your brother kill us? He can't."

Pachi: "Triceratops like you is only worthy to live on the edge of the group! You deserve it!"

The head of Triceratops cub: "You think you and your brother are good dinosaurs?! You help Tyrannosaurus rex hunt and raise Tyrannosaurus rex cubs! Especially your brother, who is with Tyrannosaurus rex every day. He seemed to have been raised by Tyrannosaurus rex before. He's a big stinking dinosaur. He's not worthy of being a Triceratops. His body is full of disgusting bloody smell. He's a big stinking dinosaur, a big disgusting dinosaur and you're a small stinking dinosaur… your brother will surely be eaten alive by the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs that he raised in the future. He deserves it!"

The rest of the Triceratops cubs continued to echo him: "Gulu is a big stinking dinosaur, a big disgusting dinosaur! Gulu will definitely be eaten alive by Tyrannosaurus rex, big stinking dinosaur!…"

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