Pachi wouldn't be particularly angry when these dinosaurs beat and scold him, but he wouldn't allow these dinosaurs to scold his brother.

Pachi knew there was no reason to talk to these hooligans. Their life was too difficult, which led them to be cruel and unrepentant. Only by being more cruel and violent than them could they be able to control these youngsters for a short time, just like his big brother!

Gulu saw Pachi rampaging among the Triceratops cubs as he did the other day, slamming them with his head and drawing deep blood troughs in their bodies with his horns…

Yong, who was originally protected by Pachi, of course joined the battle immediately. Although he was thin, he was fearless and he tried his best to smash open the Triceratops cubs who attacked Pachi.

Pachi today was as invincible as Gulu that day. He's cruel and bloodthirsty. In a short time, his body was covered with blood of these Triceratops cubs. He's barely injured and he also protected Yong.

One didn't know how long it took. The blood on Pachi's horn dripped down in a line. The Triceratops cubs who bullied him shivered together as if they have been beaten by Gulu that day. They couldn't even look at Pachi.

They didn't know when Pachi became so powerful.

Gulu stood up excitedly. He wanted to cheer for Pachi. Pachi was indeed Pado's son and his brother. He's really brilliant!

What surprised Gulu even more was that Pachi's growth was really fast. He felt very gratified.

Yong looked up at Pachi. He never knew that a Triceratops cub could be so powerful.

Gulu had always known how miserable cubs who live on the edge of the group were. The cubs who bullied Pachi all lived on the edge of the group. At the same time, they also relied on bullying other cubs who live on the edge of the group to ensure that they had a greater chance of surviving.

What kind of Triceratops were these cubs living on the edge of the group? They could be said to be "outlaw Triceratops" and "gangster Triceratops". They may die at any time. They were not afraid of anything but death. They couldn't be reasoned with. Only by being stronger and tougher than them could one temporarily suppress them.

A few days later Gulu found out that Pachi had become the leader of another group of Triceratops cubs, which were generally thin and were often bullied by the group of Triceratops cubs who bullied Pachi. They finally found a big supporter. With Pachi as the leader, they no longer had to be afraid of the group of Triceratops cubs who often bullied them.

This group of weak Triceratops cubs had no leader before. They were scattered and bullied by the powerful Triceratops cubs at random. Pachi organized them.

Since then, the Triceratops cubs led by Pachi had never been bullied again. They were getting stronger and stronger. Of course, Pachi had never been bullied again.

Gulu looked at Pachi's changes and was very happy. His brother really grew up. Pachi really grew up.

Perhaps it's because the hunting was too smooth a few days ago and few carnivorous dinosaurs grabbed their prey after they successfully hunted, for a long time after, they all fell into nightmares.

Hunting had become extremely difficult. They often had to walk for a day to find a suitable hunting object. It's very difficult to hunt successfully. Even before they ate a few mouthfuls, carnivorous dinosaurs came to rob them. They were also hunted by other carnivorous dinosaurs. It's simply too difficult to live.

On this day, Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers finally succeeded in killing another Nanotyrannus. Gulu was best at killing Nanotyrannus.

There're too many carnivorous dinosaurs during this period of time. There're no lone herbivorous dinosaurs. They killed Nanotyrannus mostly because Gulu was good at killing Nanotyrannus and it was the safest hunt.

This Nanotyrannus weighed 2 tons, which was enough for the three young Tyrannosaurus rex to fill their stomachs. They all ate as fast as they could while Gulu kept a lookout.

But the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs only ate a few mouthfuls when several Mapusaurus rushed up from a distance. They had to give up their food. Gulu immediately took his brothers and ran for their lives.

Mapusaurus was really too powerful. The cubs ran very fast and ran very far in an instant.

They hid in the fern bushes in the distance and watched the Mapusaurus eating their prey. The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were so hungry that their saliva flowed to the ground.

This was the second time they have been robbed of their prey today.

Gulu felt exhausted. Now there're all kinds of carnivorous dinosaurs everywhere. If they succeed in hunting, they would be robbed of their meat.

Gulu thought it would be nice if an herbivorous dinosaur group could accept the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. After a successful hunt, they could bring meat to eat in the group. Those carnivorous dinosaurs wouldn't dare to enter the group to rob their meat.

However, Gulu also knew that this was impossible. No herbivorous dinosaur group would accept Tyrannosaurus rex, especially Tyrannosaurus rex that had grown to more than three years old. It's absolutely impossible. Isn't this bring wolves to the door?

The four cubs were too tired, but they still had to find ways to hunt. Despair hung over them.

After searching for a long time, they didn't find any suitable prey. The sun was setting and the four cubs were exhausted. They walked in the lush fern bushes. No one spoke and they didn't have the strength to speak. They were covered in soil looking very flustered.

They passed by a small pool and Gulu saw the reflection of himself and his brothers in the pool. They already became so dark that their parents could no longer recognize them. It's too miserable.

Gulu looked at the afterglow of the sunset and imagined that he and Mungo and Pado were reunited. Only by maintaining a beautiful imagination could he have the confidence and perseverance to move on.

At this moment Gulu heard a familiar voice behind him, as if calling him: "Gulu, are you Gulu?"

Gulu turned around and looked, not far away were a Stegosaurus and a Camptosaurus, Blunt and Tudor. Blunt was calling him!

Gulu had not seen familiar groups for a long time. After the successful migration, familiar groups found new territories, which were far away and gradually dispersed.

This was like "meeting an old friend in another country". Gulu burst into tears of excitement and rushed toward Blunt and Tudor. The three Tyrannosaurus rex brother couldn't go because they're carnivorous dinosaurs. They were very sensible and obediently hid in the lush fern bushes.

Blunt rubbed Gulu's neck. He could feel that Gulu was too excited and his excited body was trembling slightly.

Blunt was also excited. He choked up and said, "Gulu, I finally found you. I didn't dare to recognize you just now. Why are you so dark…"

Gulu raised his head and looked at Blunt. His tone of voice was clearly joyful, but tears flowed out unwillingly. He said, "Uncle Blunt, I'm not dark. I'm just too dirty. Uncle Blunt, have you been looking for me?…"

No matter how difficult it was, Gulu didn't cry before. Even when he's injured in hunting or chased and injured by carnivorous dinosaurs or when he couldn't rest even if he's so tired, Gulu didn't shed a drop of tears. However, he couldn't help crying when he saw a familiar dinosaur and saw Blunt.

Blunt rubbed his little head against Gulu's tears and said: "Don't cry, silly Gulu. Uncle Blunt will protect you in the future. Uncle Blunt has been looking for you in the forest here and finally found you."

Gulu said, "Uncle Blunt, no, I'm very happy to see you but I can protect myself."

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Blunt: "Gulu, Uncle Blunt knows that you still have three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. You don't have to leave them behind. They can come to Uncle Blunt's group together. Uncle Blunt is the leader and the leader has the final say."

Gulu was moved and wanted to cry again. He didn't expect Blunt could do this for him. Uncle Blunt was just a friend of his Dad.

But Gulu didn't want Uncle Blunt to be embarrassed: "Uncle Blunt, no, really, my Tyrannosaurus rex brothers and I can take good care of ourselves. We're awesome."

Blunt: "Gulu, don't worry, on the way to find you, I announced to all dinosaurs in the group. They all supported me and Tudor also welcomed you."

Tudor next to him rubbed Gulu's neck heartily and said, "Young cub, this period of time is really bitter for you."

Gulu hardly knew how to thank Blunt and Tudor.

Blunt said: "Silly Gulu, what else do you think? Your Dad and I are comrades in arms. We have hunted a lot of carnivorous dinosaurs together. Based on the relationship between your Dad and I, can I not help you at this time? And without you, Tudor and I would have died when the volcano erupted. Even if we hadn't died then, we would have died when the glacier melted. You saved us so many times, can't we be allowed to repay you once? Silly Gulu."

Gulu threw herself into Blunt arms and began to cry wantonly. He's still a young cub but he was so tired. He sometimes needed someone to rely on even just for a little while.

Blunt waited until Gulu cried enough before saying: "Didn't you send Pachi to a Triceratops group? You can take him over."

Gulu thought for a moment and said, "Pachi is living well and growing fast over there. I'll wait for two days before deciding whether to pick him up."

Blunt knew that Gulu would always think about his younger brothers. He said: "Gulu, it's good for Pachi to have you as a brother. Go quickly and bring over your three Tyrannosaurus rex younger brothers."

Gulu: "Uncle Blunt, they would definitely not harm any dinosaur in the group. I will hunt with them in the future outside. Our prey has always been taken away by other carnivorous dinosaurs. Can we bring back the meat to your group to eat?"

Blunt: "Of course you can. Uncle Blunt can't help you hunt, nor can any dinosaur of my group help you hunt. Uncle Blunt isn't good. He can't take good care of you outside. You must run back if you're in danger, you know?"

Gulu: "Uncle Blunt is already very good. Thank you, Uncle Blunt."

Herbivorous dinosaurs wouldn't hunt. They just instinctively resisted and attacked carnivorous dinosaurs when they were attacked in the group. Gulu was already very grateful for Blunt to be able to do this much for him.

Then Gulu took his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers to Blunt's and Tudor's groups. Gulu introduced them to each other.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were very sensible. They wouldn't get too close to these Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus and tried not to frighten them.

The Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus in the group had long been psychologically prepared. Knowing that the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs had come, they didn't have any particularly big reaction. They just felt novel, maybe a little scared. Of course, some dinosaurs were not satisfied with Blunt's and Tudor's decisions, but they had to obey the leader.

They hadn't eaten enough meat today. Gulu still needed to take his younger brothers out to hunt. Recently there're more Nanotyrannus on the edge of the forest. They went to the edge of the forest.

Blunt's and Tudor's groups followed to the edge of the forest to facilitate Gulu's return to the group.

Sure enough, when they reached the edge of the forest, Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers hunted down a Nanotyrannus. Blunt and Tudor led the group to the front of the cubs and protected them.

Gulu saw that some Allosaurus wanted to rob their prey and gave up when he saw such a huge group of Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus.

Blunt's and Tudor's groups were very large. Now there're more than 2,000 Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus combined and each dinosaur was very strong. The general carnivorous dinosaurs dared not provoke them at all.

For the first time in so many days, they were not robbed of their prey. The three young Tyrannosaurus rex ate the Nanotyrannus completely and their stomachs were full.

At this time Gulu noticed that there seemed to be no prey on the narrow fern field where Mungo and Babana were located.

During this period of time, the young cubs lived too hard. They didn't notice the situation of Mungo and Babana.

Mungo didn't have any prey to eat, he had not eaten for two days and he was starving because of the great energy consumption after a long journey.

Babana: "Mungo, eat me. Gulu won't blame you. I would have died without you."

Mungo: "There must be some prey ahead. Let's go quickly."

Babana roared: "No more! Mungo!"

Mungo wouldn't eat Babana. He loved Gulu deeply, including everything about Gulu.

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