There's chaos at the gate of the Beijing Opera Theater, but the balcony box inside the theater was very quiet.

Su Fu, little uncle Tang and Liu An were sitting on the couch side by side. Both Su Fu and Liu An were silent. They were frightened. They also knew that the car exploded in a strange way. Their minds were in a mess as they were thinking about all conceivable possibilities.

Little uncle Tang sat among them with his arms folded, his head buried in his knees, and his mouth kept muttering strange words about killing people.

The bodyguards were all guarding outside and contacted the Tang family and Li family by the way.

Duan Qiqian was sitting on the single sofa with no expression on his face. It's rare that Tang Sihuan invited him out without work related reasons. It's really unlucky to encounter such a thing.

"The car suddenly exploded?" Duan Qiqian asked, looking at Su Fu.

Su Fu came back to his senses. He glanced at him, and knew that he was big brother Tang's business partner, so he nodded.

"Bomb, someone dares to touch the Tang family."


Su Fu suddenly opened his eyes wide. From his birth until now, he had lived the life of ordinary people. Bombs were very distant things to him. Something he only heard on TV. He didn't expect it to be so close to him today! If little uncle Tang hadn't stopped him in time. All three of them would had been killed instantly!

Duan Qiqian had no interest in repeating his words. He just looked at Su Fu calmly and indifferently. Duan family was also a well-known family in City A, with many branches and many restless people. He was able to sit firmly as the head of the Duan family at a young age because he earned it from various assassinations and hail of bullets.

Seeing Su Fu so surprised, Duan Qiqian felt in his heart that he's a little naive and perhaps not very suitable for Tang family's life.

This wasn't a family that could live in peace and harmony. When the current master of the Tang family retired, there would inevitably be a battle for the head of the family. Even if the Tang brothers are at peace, and second Tang was willing to hand over this position to his big brother, the side branch weren't vegetarians. There're many people eyeing this position. If the new head of the family didn't secure his position for a day, the interior of the Tang family wouldn't be safe for a day, and there would always be various dangers.

Duan Qiqian personally believed in brotherhood, because he himself has a beloved younger brother, so he also believed in the good relationship between the oldest and the second son of the Tang family. If the oldest son took the position of Patriarch, the second son should be of great help.

As for the turmoil of those restless people in the side branch, Duan Qiqian laughed silently. They were just ants; how could they be Tang Sihuan's opponent.

Moreover, he wouldn't allow anyone to touch the man he liked.

Su Fu didn't know what Duan Qiqian was thinking. Just for a moment, he seemed to see a trace of evil in Duan Qiqian's eyes. When he looked again, it was gone. There was only a man with a serious expression and a cold smile sitting there. Su Fu felt that he was probably dazzled.

However, Su Fu couldn't worry about it. He's still shocked by what Duan Qiqian said about bomb. If the car was loaded with bombs, who was the other party trying to deal with? To deal with a person like himself who had no background and hadn't offended anyone? Su Fu thought it was unlikely.

The car was driven from Tang family's garage. Could it be Tang family's enemy? The person originally wanted to blow up the people of the Tang family, but didn't expect the car to be driven away by him?

Thinking of this, Su Fu panicked. He was more afraid than he was almost killed by the bomb. He was worried that the Tang family had offended someone, and worried about their safety.

Su Fu thought so deeply but Liu An didn't.

He also heard Duan Qiqian's "bomb". People liked to associate. He only learned the secret of twenty-five years ago not long ago. At that time, Mrs. Li did something to the car that then killed big master Li and caused little uncle Tang to become what he was right now. And little uncle Tang had been muttering about killing people since then. Liu An felt creepy just because of the slight association.

During the birthday banquet, Mrs. Li smashed him with a vase and later sent someone to smash his venue. He thought it was Mrs. Li being angry because she's dissatisfied with him taking her son. He kept telling himself to stand in a mother's shoes. Even when Li Chao was angry, he kept persuading him. He didn't expect that Mrs. Li actually wanted to kill him!

Su Fu was worried but still had to take care of little uncle Tang. Little uncle Tang was trembling and muttering. Su Fu was worried about him. He patted him on the back like soothing Juan Juan.

It didn't take long for Tang Sibo, who received a phone call from the bodyguard, to rush over. He ignored his usual elegant image and kicked the closed door open then rush in, which startled all the people inside the box.  

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Seeing Su Fu sitting inside in good condition, Tang Sibo breathed out a long sigh of relief. He slowly walked over.

"Are you scared? Is there any injury?" Tang Sibo sat down besides Su Fu and carefully checked him up and down.  

After seeing Tang Sibo, the panic in Su Fu's heart suddenly calmed down. He held Tang Sibo's hand that was checking him repeatedly and shook his head.

"I'm fine. Little uncle stopped us in time. We aren't hurt."

Tang Sibo finally breathed a sigh of relief. He caressed Su Fu's cheek. Regardless of the presence of others, he leaned over and kissed him gently.

"That's good."

After confirming that Su Fu was all right, Tang Sibo looked at little uncle Tang and Liu An beside Su Fu.

He saw little uncle Tang still in the posture of burying his head in his knees, muttering non-stop, while Liu An seemed to be immersed in his own world with glazed eyes.

Tang Sibo frowned and said: "Let's go home first. My parents have received the news and are worried. Liu An, you come with us. Uncle Li is also there."

Hearing this, Liu An nodded, and joined Su Fu to help little uncle Tang up.

Little uncle Tang was startled and cried. He hugged Su Fu's arm. Su Fu sighed and touched his head to appease him.

Several people got up to go. Tang Sibo noticed Duan Qiqian sitting on one side. He frowned slightly then raised the corners of his mouth.  

"President Duan? I remember that our cooperation was successfully concluded the day before yesterday." The implication was, why are you still in City B.

Duan Qiqian gave him a look and replied, "Supervising."

Does supervising task need a dignified president to guard personally? Tang Sibo knew it well and didn't refute it.

"Thank you for taking care of my family. I won't keep President Duan due to the emergency."

Duan Qiqian said nothing. He also stood up and followed them out.

In the parking lot of the Beijing Opera Theater, the police and the fire brigade came. The fire had been extinguished, but there're still many onlookers and chaos abound.

Su Fu answered a few questions from the police when passing by.

Duan Qiqian originally thought that the Tang family had important matters to deal with, so he, an outsider, should stop meddling, and planned to drive back to the hotel where he was staying first.

Just as he took out the car keys from his pocket, Mr. Duan looked around the entire parking lot. Where was his car? He remembered parking it there…there?

Thinking of a certain possibility, Duan Qiqian's eyes changed and his face turned ugly.

At this moment, big brother Tang walked over and said, "Your car exploded."

Mr. Duan couldn't hold back the twitch on his lip. So, his car happened to be parked next to the car of the second daughter-in-law of the Tang family? And also exploded? His newly customized car cost 20 million yuan. He only drove it for a few days. It just became his new favorite.

"Who can compensate?" Duan Qiqian asked in a low voice.

Big brother Tang glanced at his family over by the police side and said, "I'll pay for the trouble we've caused."

Duan Qiqian gave big brother Tang a look. He raised his chin slightly and motioned with his hand. "It's just a car. It's worthless. Forget it."

Big brother Tang was silent for a moment, but didn't mention more about compensation. He nodded and took out his car key from his pocket.

"Take my car back. I'll let you know what I find out."

Duan Qiqian took the car key. He nodded, turned around, motioned with his hand, then left by himself.

After walking out of the crowd, Mr. Duan had a shallow and strange smile on his mouth. Looking at the car key in his hand. He waved it then put it to his lip to kiss. It's worth it to lose a car to exchange for a few days of Tang Sihuan's car!

As a result, Mr. Duan found Tang Sihuan's bi-color Bentley. He sat in it but didn't start it for a long time. He took advantage of the sunshine to sit on the driver's seat, smelling the cold fragrance left by Tang Sihuan and took a nap.

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