Pado, Babana and Mungo's group ran back together with their prey for Mungo.

Gulu and the three young Tyrannosaurus rex also ran back immediately.

Mungo actually never thought that he would survive. He told Babana that just to let Babana leave as soon as possible.

Of course, Mungo also knew that Gulu would be very sad when he died, but it's better than having both he and Babana dead. If he ate Babana, he may not be able to go out. How much sadder would Gulu be then.

Mungo knew that if he was dead, Gulu would certainly feel sad for a long time, but time could always heal everything. Many years later, after Gulu and his female Triceratops have many young cubs and Gulu became the most powerful Triceratops leader in the entire continent of Yukan, he would become Gulu's most fond cubhood memories, which was also very good.

Therefore, when Mungo vaguely saw the Tyrannosaurus rex of his group running towards him with meat in their mouths and saw Pado and Babana running towards him with prey in their mouths, he thought it's an illusion before he died.

Until they all ran in front of him, put the meat on his mouth and said: "Mungo, wake up. Mungo, get up and eat. There's lots of meat, please, Mungo…"

Mungo tried to open his eyes and ate one leg of the Camptosaurus in one bite and ate one leg of the Triceratops in another bite.

Gulu saw Mungo eating the meat, feeling greatly relieved. His tears immediately became uncontrollable and flowed outward. The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs also jumped around happily.

Gaya and Munroe kept dividing their prey for Mungo, sending the best meat into Mungo's mouth.

Soon, Mungo ate most of the Camptosaurus and the adolescent Triceratops. The best part of the meat was completely eaten and the rest was extra. Mungo was already very full.

Tyrannosaurus rex's physical strength recovered quickly. Mungo was able to stand up immediately after he had eaten enough meat. He felt full of strength, even though he was as thin as a log.

Mungo kept rubbing on every Tyrannosaurus rex in his group. He also rubbed on Pado and Babana.

Pado: "Let's hurry up, it's still too dangerous here."

Under Pado's warning, they all ran towards the exit.

About noon, they finally went out and entered the forest. This time they were finally safe.

Mungo and Babana kept rubbing their necks against each other. During this period of time, they lived together. They experienced many, many things. Together, they dreamed of finding a way out and walked into the forest. They also imagined countless time how the fern field would collapse and bury them to death. They dreamed of many, many terrors. But they never thought that they would come out like this…

Gulu watched them from the other side. He was relieved at last.

All this was really worth celebrating. Gulu and the three young Tyrannosaurus rex kept rubbing against each other and they rolled happily on the ground.

Mungo looked at Gulu on the other side. He had a premonition that he and Gulu would meet again soon. This premonition was really strong.

Mungo, Babana and all of the dinosaurs on both side of the forests who had been worrying about them were all tired. The hadn't rested since last night and had to run a lot. All of them needed to sleep.

Blunt and Tudor let their groups rest in this place.

Gulu and the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs slept in the middle of the group. For the first time in such a long time, they slept so peacefully that they didn't have to take turns to keep vigil or worry about being discovered by carnivorous dinosaurs.

Mungo and Babana soon fell asleep after lying on the ground. Pado slept next to Babana and Mungo's group slept next to Mungo.

This sleep, everyone slept soundly.

Gulu was the first to wake up. It's already evening. The sky was full of flaming clouds and the night wind was blowing gently. Everything was so quiet, peaceful and beautiful.

Although he had woken up, Gulu didn't immediately open his eyes. He heard Blunt and Tudor who woke up earlier than him. Blunt and Tudor who slept next to him were whispering.

Blunt: "Tudor, please don't be angry. Gulu is Pado's son. He saved us so many times. Can I ignore him?"

Tudor: "You know I'm not angry about this. Gulu saved us so many times. I will do anything for him."

Hearing this, Gulu was very touched.

Blunt: "Is that because of three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs? Gulu is such a good big brother. He can't ignore his younger brothers. I think the Tyrannosaurus rex cubs are also very good. They won't hurt the dinosaur of our groups."

Gulu's heart thumped. In fact, he could understand why Tudor didn't want him to bring his Tyrannosaurus rex younger brothers into the group. Any herbivorous dinosaur group wouldn't want to, but he didn't expect Tudor to quarrel with Blunt because of this.

Tudor: "I said I wasn't angry about it!"

Gulu: What is it then?

Blunt was also very puzzled: "What is it? You know I'm not smart. My head is small. I'm stupid. Just tell me, Tudor, I can't guess."

Tudor angrily said, "You said that Pado is the reason why you help Gulu. You have a good relationship with Pado. If your relationship with Pado is so good, go find Pado then! Why do you depend on me? Get out of here! I don't want to see you!"

Gulu instantly understood: Tudor is jealous of Pado? Haha Haha, Tudor is really jealous.

Blunt hurriedly said: "Tudor, how many times have I explained to you? Pado and I are brothers in arms. Pado only likes Babana. Pado and Babana have so many cubs. Why are you still angry with this…?"

Tudor: "Yes, Pado doesn't like you. You like Pado. You don't want a female Stegosaurus or a cub because of Pado…"

Blunt became anxious and stammered: "Tudor, I, I, I clearly do it for you! Why are you so, you're bully me! I'm going to cry!…"

Gulu: Gosh, I heard some sensational news. When he was in their groups last time, Blunt and Tudor were not together yet. Blunt is so powerful. He caught up with Tudor so quickly!

Tudor: "Then you must not mention Pado in front of me again!"

Blunt felt wrong: "Alright, I won't mention it. Don't be angry, okay?"

Tudor: "Knowing that I will be angry, you still spoke so well about your relationship with Pado. Think about it with your head instead of your butts. Are you wrong?"

Blunt repeatedly admitted: "I was wrong, I was wrong, Tudor, don't be angry, I was wrong…"

Gulu: "The Mighty General and His Proud Military Adviser". Ah, this sweet love.

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The next morning Gulu went to Oro's group to find Pachi. He wanted to tell Pachi that he and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers had gone to Blunt's and Tudor's groups, so Pachi didn't have to worry.

At the same time, Gulu also wanted to ask Pachi's opinion, whether Pachi would like to follow him to Blunt's and Tudor's groups. After all, Pachi was now the leader of a group of cubs. It seemed irresponsible to suddenly walk away. Gulu hoped Pachi would be a responsible male Triceratops and find a new leader for the cubs before leaving.

However, as soon as Gulu reached the vicinity of Oro's group, he saw two sets of Triceratops cubs fighting on the edge of Oro's group. One set was led by Pachi and the other set was, of course, led by the ones who often bullied Pachi.

Pachi's cubs were still too thin. The other side had gathered more cubs to beat them. There're about 40 Triceratops cubs on the opposite side. Pachi only had a little more than 10 Triceratops cubs on his side.

In the end, Pachi side lost. If Pachi hadn't been the MVP of the match, and acted as the main player, they would have lost even worse.

Gulu immediately decided to take Pachi away. He didn't want his brother to survive in this environment and suffer indignities and bullying.

Gulu thought he could take Pachi back later because he knew Pachi was now the leader of a group of young cubs and wouldn't be bullied. He also wanted to exercise Pachi's leadership, but now it's different. He didn't want Pachi to be bullied.

So Gulu found Oro. He thanked Oro for admitting Pachi into the group and thanked him for his care and help during this period. He finally said that he would take Pachi away. Of course, Gulu also said that Blunt's and Tudor's groups were willing to accept them.

Oro was shocked: "Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus groups allow Tyrannosaurus rex enter?"

Gulu: "Because there's Uncle Blunt. Uncle Blunt is my Dad's best brother."

Oro did see the two Triceratops and Stegosaurus hunt carnivorous dinosaurs together. Triceratops and Stegosaurus could become brothers, although strange, but not without precedent.

Oro: "Are you sure you want to take Pachi away? Triceratops living in Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus groups are not as good as living in a Triceratops group. They can learn survival skills that Triceratops should know."

Oro mainly considered that Gulu would never appear near his group after Pachi left, which made him a feel little unacceptable.

Gulu: "I have to take Pachi. We're brothers and can't be separated for a long time. We had to before. Now we have groups willing to accept us. Of course, we have to be together."

Oro: "Gulu, no matter how good Blunt is to you, what about the rest of the dinosaurs in his group? They wouldn't want to live with Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. You'll definitely leave his group in the future. You'd better not take Pachi."

Gulu: "No, Oro, the dinosaurs Uncle Blunt's group are very good to us."

Oro: "Gulu, don't regret it. If you take away Pachi, no matter how you beg me later, I won't let him enter my group again."

Gulu: "Thank you, Oro, for your care and help during this period."

Oro thought since Gulu acted so firm, he had taken a step back: "I can bring Pachi to my side and treat him like my brother. He'll never suffer any injustice."

Gulu was a little embarrassed, but he still refused firmly: "Thank you, Oro, I…"

Oro didn't wait for Gulu to finish and turned to leave.

Gulu also said nothing and ran to the edge of the group to find Pachi.

At that time, Pachi was analyzing enthusiastically with the group of young cubs who followed him about why they failed this time, how to fight the next battle and how to find more young cubs to join them in the future. He acted just like a little leader.

Gulu was pleased with Pachi's growth.

Pachi was very happy after seeing Gulu. He kept rubbing on Gulu's neck. Gulu felt even more distressed. Pachi only acted like a baby in front of him. Pachi needed to become the support of so many other cubs in this strange group.

Gulu told Pachi everything. Pachi was very happy at first. He's very happy to think that he would never be separated from his brother again. He's happy to think that he would sleep with his brother every night. But soon he realized that if he left, what about the young cubs who followed him? If none of the young ones could fight, he could help them fight. Once he left, the young ones would be bullied to death.

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