Yong, in particular, was the first to follow Pachi. Yong was also the one who got beaten the most with Pachi. Pachi didn't know what Yong would do after he left.

Gulu: "Pachi, come with brother."

Pachi: "Brother, can you pick me up tomorrow? I have something else to do."

Gulu: "No, come with brother now! No nonsense!"

Gulu knew what Pachi was worried about. He's glad that Pachi was so responsible, but he still had to take Pachi away.

A group of young cubs who followed Pachi stood up. They didn't know how miserable they would be if Pachi left. They were very sad.

Yong walked up to Pachi and said, "Pachi, don't worry. I'll be their leader in the future and I will protect them!"

Pachi: "But you're still…"

Yong interrupted Pachi: "Pachi, you can rest assured that I have become very powerful these days!"

In order to make Pachi go at ease, the other cubs also said, "Pachi, we have all become very powerful. We have all learned what you taught us!"

Finally, Gulu thanked Wei who had been taking care of Pachi and took Pachi away.

Pachi looked back at his group of little friends step by step. Gulu didn't push him. Finally, Pachi himself hardened his heart and ran forward without looking back, shedding tears as he ran. He hoped the little ones wouldn't be bullied too hard, although he knew it's unlikely.

Yong watched Pachi leave. He's really happy for Pachi. Life on the edge of the group was too bitter, too tired and too difficult. He envied Pachi for having such a powerful brother. His brother took Pachi to live a good life where he would never be bullied again.

Gulu didn't comfort Pachi. He had to figure it out himself. Pachi was also a very sensible young cub. He knew that it's useless to feel sad. He couldn't stay in Oro's group for the sake of those young cubs. He must be with his brother. He couldn't live without his brother.

After bringing Pachi to Blunt's and Tudor's groups, Gulu of course introduced them to each other immediately. Only Gulu had seen Blunt and Tudor before. Pachi had never seen them.

Pachi liked Blunt and Tudor a lot as soon as he met them. He called out sweetly, "Uncle Blunt, Uncle Tudor."

Blunt and Tudor also liked Pachi very much. They kept rubbing Pachi's neck.

After arriving at Blunt's and Tudor's groups, Pachi never received any injustice. Not only did he not receive any injustice, he was also spoiled by his big brother and his three Tyrannosaurus rex older brothers. Uncle Blunt and Uncle Tudor also doted on him.

Pachi ate ferns and slept soundly in the center of the group every day. He played with other Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus and became carefree. He had no worries except when his brothers went hunting.

Gulu forbade Pachi to go hunting with them. Pachi had to be taken to hunt with him before. Now, of course, Pachi wouldn't be allowed to follow. Triceratops didn't need hunting skills.

Pachi also knew that he wasn't as good as his brothers and didn't want to hold them back. If he was surrounded by carnivorous dinosaurs, his brothers would have to save him.

One didn't know how many days they walked out of the forest before arriving at a fern plain, but they still didn't find a way to the other side. There was still a rift valley in the middle of this fern plains.

Gulu was in the fern field on this side of the Rift Valley while Mungo's and Pado's groups were in the fern field on the opposite side.

Mungo had already returned to his original shape and became even stronger than before.

Gulu looked at Mungo. He missed Mungo a lot. He wanted Mungo's hug and wanted to go to his side very much. He really wanted to.

Hunting had become more and more difficult these days. Sometimes Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers went out all day without any harvest.

The main reason was that the Nanotyrannus and some smaller carnivorous dinosaurs that they usually hunted had become less and less. These smaller carnivorous dinosaurs like to live in the forest and rarely went to the fern plain.

But if they wanted to find the way to the other side, they must keep going and not stay in the forest.

Gulu could only pray that the next forest would come soon, or his brothers would starve to death.

Although the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were hungry every day, they never said they were hungry, let alone have any intention to attack the Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus in Blunt's and Tudor's groups. They could control themselves.

After walking in this fern plains for three days, Gulu saw the sea from a distance. He had not seen the sea for a long time.

The sea was at the end of the endless fern plains. It looked very far away, but could still be seen.

Today was the second day that the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers had not eaten at all. They were so hungry and had no strength to walk. They lied prone in the center of the group to rest. All dinosaurs in the Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus groups involuntarily stayed far away from them, because all herbivorous dinosaurs know that hungry Tyrannosaurus rex were terrifying. And hungry Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were no exception.

Gulu felt very anxious. He didn't know what to do. On the endless fern plains, he couldn't find an object they could hunt successfully.

Blunt walked up to Gulu and said, "Gulu, I'll go hunting with you. Those three cubs will starve to death if they go on starving like this."

Gulu didn't have to nerve to let Blunt go hunting with him. No matter how powerful Blunt was, it was a still a defensive attack. There's a difference in strength compared to carnivorous dinosaur. What if Blunt got hurt?

But without Blunt's help, he would never succeeded in hunting alone and his brothers would starve to death.

Gulu looked at the sea sadly and suddenly thought of an idea. He could take his Tyrannosaurus rex younger brothers to the seaside to have a look. Maybe he could meet Dark and Cang. Dark and Cang could get a fish for them to eat.

Then Gulu told Blunt about this idea. Blunt also saw Gulu sitting on the big sea dinosaur to rescue a small Tyrannosaurus rex with his own eyes when the volcano erupted. Gulu had a good relationship with the sea dinosaurs, so he was relieved to let them go.

Gulu ran to the seaside with his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. Although the cubs were still hungry now, when they heard their brother say that there're fish to eat in the sea, they had boundless motivation in an instant.

The sea was too far away. They had been running all morning. When they reached the sea, the three young Tyrannosaurus rex cubs collapsed.

Gulu roared loudly on the coastline, running back and forth, holding a little hope that Dark an Cang would be in this sea area and hear him.

The Tyrannosaurus rex cubs knew that the big dinosaurs mentioned by their brother may not necessarily be in this sea area. Their brother ran for a long time without any response. They almost gave up all hope.

Gulu yelled for a long time. He finally resigned himself to the fact that Dark and Cang were not in this sea area and was ready to take his brothers back.

They had turned back and walked a few steps when Gulu heard familiar sounds, the sounds of Dark and Cang. The sounds of sea dinosaurs were really beautiful, just like music!

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Gulu immediately turned and looked at the sea. It's really Dark and Cang! There's also Shenshen who grew up a lot.

Dark, Cang and Shenshen soon swam to the shallow sea area. Gulu took his younger brothers and ran there. After entering the shallow sea area, they began to swim. Fortunately, dinosaurs were very good at swimming.

Gulu wasn't afraid at all that other sea dinosaurs would harm them, because as long as there're Dark and Cang, no other large sea dinosaur or fish would dare to act presumptuously.

This was the first time that Guji and Gudong had seen such huge dinosaurs so close. They're much bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex. Guga did before. Big brother took him to the sea to escape the last volcanic eruption.

They were very happy to see each other again.

Especially Shenshen, he kept saying: "Brother, do you know, now you have become our sea king. The last time you said there would be a big tsunami, you told us to swim. We told the other dinosaurs in the sea that they all thought you're a sea god. They all said you're their sea king…"

Gulu: Is this okay?…The name of sea king isn't bad. The king of the sea hah

Gulu: "Shenshen, have you heard a human saying? 'I thought my brother only has a fish pond but I didn't know that brother is the king of the sea in charge of the seven oceans'. It implies that brother is a bad brother."

Shenshen: "That's not what I mean. The king of the sea is the king of the sea! I don't care! Brother is our sea king and our sea god!"

Gulu had nothing to say, but he soon remembered that his Tyrannosaurus rex younger brothers were still hungry. He immediately told Dark and Cang that he needed help.

Dark immediately dived into the bottom of the sea and in a short time, he hunted an Ophthalmosaurus that weighed at least 7 to 8 tons, which was more than enough to feed the cubs.

But it's not convenient for Tyrannosaurus rex to eat in the sea. If they ate in the sea, they would drink seawater, which was too salty for terrestrial dinosaurs.

So Gulu took his brothers ashore first.

Although Dark, Cang and Shenshen couldn't go to land, they were fully capable of sending their prey ashore. They pounded the sea with their large bodies and easily created huge waves, which naturally pushed their prey to the beach.

After the prey landed, the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs ate like crazy. They were too hungry.

The Tyrannosaurus rex cubs had never eaten a sea dinosaur. They thought it's very delicious, not the same as the land dinosaur, but still very delicious.

Gulu thought to himself: Did I take my brothers have a seafood feast?

Looking at his younger brothers' stomachs that were getting bloated, Gulu couldn't be happier.

Dark, Cang and Shenshen stayed in the shallow sea area and didn't leave. They also wanted to talk to Gulu. They had many, many words to talk to Gulu.

Gulu watched for a while then his brothers went to watch Dark, Cang and Shenshen in the sea. Looking at it, Gulu saw several pterosaurs flying over the distant horizon. The pterosaurs were extremely large. Even at such a distance, they still looked amazing.

Besides Nassau, Gulu couldn't think of any other pterosaur that could grow so big.

Gulu suddenly realized. With Nassau, he could become a human being and have Nassau fly him to Mungo's side!

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