Nada stood at the entrance of the cave. Obviously, this pterosaur was instructed by Nada to give Gulu enough lessons after saving him. Who made Gulu run away?

Gulu jumped down from the back of pterosaur. Just now, in order not to fall, he had exhausted his strength. Now, his legs were very soft. He knelt down and sat on the ground as soon as he landed.

Nada condescendingly looked down at him from above.

A Quetzalcoatlus was really too big. It was an overlord when flying in the sky. When standing on the ground, it's also five or six meters high, looking just like a looming bully. Furthermore, Nada's size was much larger than the general Quetzalcoatlus, appearing more terrible. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Gulu immediately exchanged the human body for his Triceratops to communicate with Nada. He was so afraid that he stammered: "No, don't eat me. Your, your injury won't, won't be better without me …"

Nada did feel his wings improving these two days, at least they didn't feel as painful as when he was originally injured, so he didn't plan to eat Gulu now. It's not too late to eat him when his injury healed. Anyway, he didn't lack food.

But Gulu's attempt to escape undoubtedly angered Nada. So, he retaliated by scaring Gulu out of his wits.

Nada said nothing but poked Gulu's head with his long sharp beak to drive him into the cave.

Quetzalcoatlus had no severe teeth in its mouth, but its long, narrow and sharp beak could directly pierce through the large fishes in the sea. Getting hit by it made Gulu feel very painful. But he didn't dare to cry out and obediently returned to the opening.

Later, Nada sent five pterosaurs to stare at him.

Gulu knew that he couldn't escape again. When Nada's injury was healed, his time of death would come.

He never believed that Nada would have a change of heart. Gulu could figure out this Nada with his toes. This wasn't a dinosaur who "repay kindness", but a real ingrate. Nada would definitely eat him once his treatment was completed.

At this thought, Gulu became very sad and depressed. Even when hungry, he's unable to eat much and couldn't sleep at night.

Of course Gulu stayed in the dinosaur form except when checking and fixing Nada's bones. The human body just couldn't survive in this environment.

He ate fern plants in the form of a Triceratops to avoid starving to death. It's also easier to sleep as a dinosaur at night.

But at this time, even in dinosaur form, he still couldn't sleep.

In fact, it's not strange that Gulu remained awake. Five pterosaurs were staring at him now. At night, pterosaurs' eyes appeared especially bright, which was equivalent to ten large lanterns shining overhead. How could he sleep?

Moreover, these pterosaurs would also "rotate their posts". When they were tired of staying in the middle of the night, they would change to another five to keep watch. Anyway, now these pterosaurs who were guarding him never needed to take a nap. He had no chance to escape.

Gulu stayed awake all night and didn't fall asleep until early in the morning.

Before he could sleep for a while, he heard the screams of many pterosaurs outside the cave, followed by the flapping of wings and the constant sound of pterosaurs running out of the cave next door …

Gulu hurriedly looked out of the cave but couldn't see clearly because of the far distance.

The five pterosaurs guarding Gulu also turned to the outside. They were very excited and screamed at the cave's exterior before running out at full speed.

Gulu was curious about what had happened and why these pterosaurs became so stimulated that they even left their guarding post. It must be something big.

Driven by strong curiosity, Gulu also rushed towards the entrance of the cave.

At this time, the sun just appeared halfway from the eastern coastline. The flaming morning light covered the blue sea with a layer of gold. Half of the sky illuminated by the morning sun showed red. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Gulu saw countless Quetzalcoatluses screeching and circling in the air. Each one was extremely excited and made all kinds of fancy flight maneuvers in the air.

Regardless of his current danger, Gulu was still stunned. The sight was really spectacular.

Later, Gulu saw a gigantic Quetzalcoatlus appeared on the eastern coastline.

This super giant pterosaur rose slowly from the distant coastline with the sun. His wingspan was very large. They made the smaller sun looked like it was fitted with a pair of wings.

The flaming morning light seemed to bath this pterosaur in a fiery blaze.

Gulu: How is this a Quetzalcoatlus? It's clearly a Sun Bird!

All of the pterosaurs looked at the giant Quetzalcoatlus. They screamed and circled with more excitement to greet their leader.

As the Quetzalcoatlus flew closer, the sun grew farther away. Its wingspan gradually blocked the whole sun. The golden light of the sun shone from behind the Quetzalcoatlus, giving it a halo and making it appeared extremely powerful.

Gulu knew that this must be Nassau. Besides Nassau, there could never be such a large pterosaur. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Nassau flew very fast and soon arrived at the entrance of the cave. All pterosaurs automatically parted to both sides, leaving Nassau a broad flight path in the middle.

When Nassau finally reached them, the pterosaurs stopped screeching. They all quietly looked up at their leader, Nassau.

Gulu couldn't believe it. Nassau was exceedingly large. According to visual inspection, he had a wingspan of at least 40 meters. He's simply a Giant Quetzalcoatlus. Five or six big Quetzalcoatluses combined were not as big as him.

It's no wonder that Nassau was considered as godly. His figure was simply a "variant".

Nassau hovered in the air for a while then landed at Gulu's cave entrance.

Gulu finally found out why the cave was so large. To accommodate such an immense Quetzalcoatlus, it's necessary to choose such a big space.

At this time Gulu also understood why such an enormous cave stood empty while the other one housed so many pterosaurs despite being connected. No other pterosaurs dared come to this cave because it's owned by Nassau.

Nada was Nassau's brother and could use it. Other Quetzalcoatluses had no right to come to this place.

In every dinosaur group, the authority of the leader was inviolable. They always followed a very strict hierarchy.

In a pterosaur's ethnic group, one's higher status was reflected by the larger size of the dwelling.

It's perfectly normal for a legendary leader like Nassau to have such a massive independent cave.

Nassau now stood in front of Gulu who tilted his head back to watch him. Nassau was too high, at least seven or eight meters tall that Gulu's neck almost twisted when looking up.

At the same time, Nada came running from the cave on the other side. Because he was too excited and ran too fast, he couldn't brake in time and almost fell off the cliff. Nassau blocked Nada's out-of-control movement with his own body.

Nada's wings were injured, so he couldn't fly to meet Nassau. He stood at the entrance of the other cave and waited. He thought Nassau would fall beside him, but unexpectedly he landed next to Gulu. To be honest, he was a little angry.

Nassau rubbed Nada's neck with his head, expressing his thoughts and worries about his younger brother.

Nada also crazily rubbed his head against Nassau's neck and even buried his head in Nassau's wingspan. He left behind the dignity he displayed at ordinary time when Nassau was absent, behaving rather like a smaller pterosaur who needed his brother's powerful wings as shelter.

Nassau turned to Gulu and asked, "Did you save Nada?"

Although Nassau was not in the cave these days, he had long heard from other pterosaurs in the group about the magic of this Triceratops and the kind of human he could become!

Gulu nodded his head.

Nassau: "Thank you for saving Nada. What do you want in return? As long as it's not too much, I can satisfy you."

Gulu couldn't believe his ears. Was Nassau such a reasonable person, oh no, a reasonable dinosaur?!

He incredulously asked in a low voice: "Really? Really?!"

In fact, Nassau was certainly not an accommodating dinosaur. But when he thought of his brother's hopeless injury and impending death, he became extremely desperate. Now that a Triceratops actually saved Nada, he felt very grateful.

All pterosaurs knew that if the wing bones were broken, they would die. Even if they survived at first, they would starve to death because they couldn't take off and hunt.

Unlike humans, carnivorous dinosaurs wouldn't raise their injured population. If Nada's wing bones failed to recover and could no longer fly to hunt, even if Nassau was willing to support Nada, Nada would eventually go out secretly to fend for himself and die.

Nassau nodded and assured him, "Really."

Gulu tried to speak: "I, I want to go home. Mungo and Gaya must be very worried about me … Nada's injury has already been fixed. I can't help with any other things here. I'll come back regularly to check up on him. If you don't trust me, you can send pterosaurs to follow me. Please, let me go back …"

Nada was the first to disagree: "No way! No prey can ever leave us alive!"

Gulu knew that in a pterosaur's mind, a little Triceratops was their food. Even if he helped Nada, Nada would not be grateful.

Nassau had been out these days. Of course, he heard that Mungo was frantically looking for a little Triceratops named Gulu, but he didn't expect the little Triceratops who saved Nada to be him.

Mungo, as the leader of the Tyrannosaurus rex group, kept a small Triceratops. This kind of explosive news had been spread all over the continent of Yukan for a long time. All dinosaurs thought Mungo was crazy, but because of Mungo's notoriety, no dinosaur dared to laugh at him. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Now all the dinosaurs heard it again. The little Triceratops had been missing for many days. Mungo searched like crazy, which made them feel even more incomprehensible.

Nassau couldn't understand either. He asked, "Are you Gulu? Don't you know that Tyrannosaurus rex like to eat Triceratops? You will probably be eaten by Mungo when you go back."

Gulu: "If Mungo wants to, I would have been eaten a long time ago. Mungo and Gaya raise me. They won't eat me and never will."

In the end, Nassau agreed to let Gulu go back, provided that he must come back regularly to cure Nada's injury. Nassau would also send pterosaurs to watch Gulu. If Nada's injury worsened, he would eat Gulu alive.

Nada still didn't want to let Gulu go, but Nassau's majesty was inviolable.

Nassau sent a very large pterosaur called Cassie, who was Nassau's "right hand man" and often followed Nassau's side, to return Gulu. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

According to Gulu's eyes, Cassie's wingspan was more than 20 meters long, bigger than Nada's!

Gulu woke up in his human form and put the dinosaur body into his personal space.

A Triceratops couldn't sit on the back of a pterosaur, nor lay securely on its belly because there're no fixing tools. Human body held on by hugging the neck and using legs to clamp the back of the pterosaur. A Triceratops's limbs couldn't make any of these movements.

Gulu climbed up Cassie's back. Having learned the lesson last time, his hands tightly hugged Cassie's neck and his legs tightly clamped against his back, positioning himself firmly for flight.

Cassie stood up then took off after a quick ran-up. He flew up in an instant.

Nassau and Nada stood at the entrance of the cave. Gulu looked back at them. He couldn't believe that he actually left here alive and could go home soon!

Gulu stared at Nassau. He really wanted to know what it's like to fly on Nassau. It must be super magnificent. Of course, that's impossible. There's no need to think more about it.

Cassie flew very smoothly. Gulu was originally afraid, but he soon relaxed. Even his hands didn't need to hold on Cassie's neck while his legs just gently clamped the other's back. There was no need to worry about falling.

At this time, Gulu discovered that originally as long as a pterosaur was willing, its manned flight could be more stable than a plane!

The sun had completely jumped out of the horizon and the sea breeze was much milder, blowing leisurely. The coolness of the morning had not completely retreated. The sun shone warmly and Gulu felt that there was no better morning than this!

Mungo was notorious throughout the continent of Yukan. Cassie knew where his ethnic group was located and flew straight in that direction. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

It didn't take long for Gulu to see Mungo standing on the distant beach, making loud roars.

Gulu never expected Mungo to be here. After so many days, Mungo was still searching for him and had even reached the seaside!

Mungo's body was so big, the huge sunrise behind him could only be a foil.

Gulu saw him howling as he ran on the beach, looking around in circles then letting out a deafening roar at the sea. The whole sea seemed to be shaken by his roar.

Mungo's momentum was so strong that Gulu felt that he could swallow the sea. The whole Sada Sea appeared to be trembling with fear.

Gulu, of course, wanted Cassie to fly him to Mungo's side immediately, but he was now in human form. Mungo never saw him as a human. He also needed to explain to Mungo what a human being was.

Gulu had no idea how much Mungo could accept his new form. He wondered if Mungo would even understand the relationship between his human body and dinosaur body, which may be too complicated for him.

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