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On second thought, Gulu decided not to tell Mungo that he could become a human for the time being.

He said to Cassie, "Mungo is over there. Can you drop me off nearby? Don't let Mungo find out that you sent me …"

(T/N: Gulu doesn't want Mungo to see his human form)

Cassie understood Gulu's meaning and fell directly into the luxuriant fern bushes away from the beach without Mungo's notice.

Gulu jumped off Cassie's back then changed into his dinosaur form and stow the human body into his personal space.

Once finished, he eagerly rushed toward Mungo. He shouted loudly as he ran: "Mungo, I'm here, Mungo …"

But Gulu's voice was too low. Mungo didn't hear him at first. When Gulu reached the beach, Mungo only vaguely heard what seemed to be Gulu's voice behind him!

He couldn't believe his ears. Mungo immediately turned around to look and saw a small Gulu coming towards him in the distance.

Gulu's size was too small. When contrasting against the large beach expense and the massive Sada Sea in the background, he appeared pitifully tiny.

For a moment, Mungo froze. Then he became so excited that he didn't know how to react. His tears unconsciously flowed out. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Gulu sprinted so fast that he tripped on the sands and rolled several times, but he didn't care and immediately got up to continue running.

Mungo finally responded and rushed toward Gulu.

As an adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex, Mungo ran much faster than Gulu while making heavy thumping footsteps. The whole sea seemed to have been shaken by him, leaving behind deep large footprints on the beach.

Under the bright red sun, a giant Tyrannosaurus rex and a small Triceratops flew towards each other, leaving large and small footprints on the sand.

Gulu ran too fast. With a thump, he tripped and rolled himself onto Mungo's feet. He frantically rubbed against Mungo's stout hind legs.

Mungo immediately laid down to continuously rub Gulu's body with his big head.

Gulu found Mungo crying. He never saw Mungo shed tears or even thought that the other would cry.

Mungo scarcely believed it. He's rubbing against Gulu now. He truly found Gulu!

Gulu also couldn't believe it, he actually survived! He's really with Mungo now, not those horrible pterosaurs with pointed beaks.

While sleeping inside the cave, Gulu dreamed of returning to Gaya countless times, but woke up in the dark cavern. He's very afraid that this was also a dream. He secretly bit his forelimb hard. It hurt so much, not a dream!

Gulu looked at Mungo's deep and shallow wounds. He rubbed them lightly with his small body and asked, "Mungo, did you lose a fight? How can there be so many injuries …"

Mungo certainly wouldn't tell Gulu that he was passively injured by the Triceratopses in Pado's group while looking for him. He lied, "I met some very powerful Triceratopses and got hurt in a fight …"

Gulu and Mungo were so excited that they didn't notice their surroundings. Pado hid in the luxuriant fern bushes outside the beach and stared at Gulu unblinkingly.

Pado had also been frantically searching for Gulu these days. Just as it happened, he too found the seaside today.

Pado stared at Gulu as if he couldn't see enough.

Mungo rubbed Gulu and asked, "Gulu, where have you been?!"

Gulu had already figured out the explanation: "I, I got lost and couldn't find my way home. I was afraid of being eaten by other big dinosaurs, so I hid in the cave of the Didelphodon. I came out to eat ferns when hungry and went in to sleep when full …"

With Gulu's IQ and knowledge of various dinosaurs, the fabricated falsehood could certainly deceive Mungo successfully.

Gulu didn't tell Mungo the truth because Mungo was too bloodthirsty and cruel. Mungo would definitely find the little Triceratops who tricked him out. After finding it, not only would he kill the little Triceratops but also take revenge on its entire ethnic group.

Of course Gulu also wanted to kill the hateful little Triceratops, but what if Mungo encountered danger when retaliating against its ethnic group? There're too many Triceratopses. Mungo couldn't beat them all.

Therefore Gulu decided not to tell Mungo and would settle score with the little Triceratops himself.

Mungo greatly blamed himself for not coming to the seaside earlier to find Gulu. If he had done so, Gulu wouldn't have suffered so many grievances and was scared all alone these many days.

Gulu: "Mungo, I shouldn't have run out to play. If I didn't, I wouldn't have gotten lost. It's all my fault … Mungo, don't be sad. I'm smart. I can eat fully every day. No big dinosaur has found me. I miss everyone a lot, you, Gaya, Guji and Gudong …"

He caused Mungo and Gaya so much worry. Gulu actually wanted Mungo to give himself a good beating, but he knew that Mungo wouldn't do it now.

At this time, large and fat crabs in groups of two or three surfaced up the beach against the rising sun, then more and more sea crabs climbed up. They thickly covered the whole beach, which looked very spectacular.

Gulu knew that every morning these sea crabs would leave the water for the shore to find food. This was their daily big migration. Tens of thousands of sea crabs swarmed across the beach.

Swarm of sea crabs

Mungo tried to drive away these little things, but he was overwhelmed.

On the beach, a Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't get rid of these crabs even if he was strong. Normally, one stomp could crush many to pieces. But he was standing on soft sand. These crabs easily drilled into the sand to protect themselves. Tyrannosaurus rex also never ate these little things on the ground. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Tyrannosaurus rex and sea crabs were like cannons and mosquitoes. They're not equal at all. Of course, there's no need to waste energy on these little creatures.

Gulu: "Mungo, let's go home quickly. Gaya, Guji and Gudong must be worried about me …"

Mungo warned sternly, "You also know! Next time you dare to run out and play again, I'll bite off your leg!"

Gulu rubbed Mungo's big head and pettishly agreed, "I won't dare! I won't dare! Don't bite off my leg. Let's go quickly. Otherwise, we will be carried away by these sea crabs …"

Mungo still let Gulu sit on his head. He ran across the beach and trampled to death countless crabs.

Gulu laid on Mungo's head looking at the sandy beach and the cave that had imprisoned him for many days.

He saw a lot of pterosaurs flying in the sky, including Nassau's ethnic group. All of these pterosaurs landed on the beach to eat fat sea crabs one by one.

In fact, if there's no giant Tyrannosaurus rex like Mungo on the beach, these pterosaurs would have come out to eat crabs earlier. But as long as Mungo didn't leave, they wouldn't dare to come over. A Tyrannosaurus rex could easily bite off their wing bones and bodies.

Gulu: Wow, these pterosaurs are having a great breakfast – super-fresh fat sea crabs. It makes my mouth water just thinking about them.

Then Gulu recalled again: No, I can only eat grass now. I really want to become a human to eat crabs ah.

Mungo ran very fast but smooth. Gulu felt very safe as long as he was around Mungo and Gaya. So, he began to feel sleepy and unconsciously fell asleep after staying awake last night.

For so many days, Gulu didn't sleep well. He's scared every day. After returning to Mungo's side, he felt relaxed and slept soundly. He vowed to make up for all the sleep he didn't get these days.

Mungo could feel Gulu's even breathing on top of his head. He slowed down his speed so Gulu could sleep more comfortably.

Around noon, Mungo reached the nest.

Gaya, Guji and Gudong were taking a nap, but none of them was actually asleep.

Gaya was the first to see Mungo then Gulu laying on his head!

Gaya looked stunned like this at Gulu for a while. She couldn't believe it. Gulu was here. He was brought back by Mungo.

In fact, she knew before that Gulu must have died after not returning for so many days. She just didn't want to accept it … but now he really came back!

Tears unconsciously blurred her sight. She saw that Gulu had lost weight and looked thinner. There were small scratches and bruises on his body, which made her feel very distressed.

Guji and Gudong also found Gulu on Mungo's head. They jumped up excitedly and shouted, "Brother! Brother!" While rushing to Mungo's side.

Gaya of course noticed that Gulu was asleep. She stopped Guji and Gudong saying, "Don't wake up your brother. He's too tired. Let him rest."

Guji and Gudong immediately stopped yelling but they were still jumping around excitedly.

Gaya gently grabbed Gulu from Mungo's head and placed him in the shade under the Alsophila tree. Then she dropped down and encircled Gulu in her arms, rubbing her head gently against Gulu's body.

Guji and Gudong missed their brother so much that they all squeezed into Gaya's arms and laid quietly next to Gulu, not talking or moving, for fear of waking up their brother.

In the past, they all slept next to their older brother in this way. (T/N: the two cubs squeeze together with Gulu in the middle) These days, they couldn't sleep without their brother to hold them.

The two little guys were so sad before. They missed Gulu so much that they couldn't eat or sleep well. Now they laid close to their brother again. They were so happy that they soon fell asleep.

The three little cubs slept all afternoon.

In the evening, Gulu woke up. He could smell the scent of Gaya, Guji and Gudong together with the nest where he had lived since he was born. This gave him a strong sense of security that allowed him to sleep so sweetly.

Gulu rubbed his head against Gaya's hard chest and slowly opened his eyes.

Since childhood, Gulu moved around a lot while sleeping. So, Gaya thought he was still asleep. She remained motionless and let Gulu rub against her for fear of waking him up.

Gulu turned over and looked at the sunset, which already turned half of the sky into flaming clouds, then at lush fern plains and tall forests in the distance. A huge Diplodocus was eating high leaves further away. The two good friends, Stegosauruses and Camptosaurus, were feeding together. All those pterosaurs flying in the sky no longer seemed so terrible …

Now he was laying in Gaya's arms again, besides him slept Guji and Gudong.

Everything felt so beautiful.

After a while, Gulu called out, "Mom, it's all my fault. I made you so worried and sad …"

Mungo had already told Gaya about Gulu's traumatizing experiences outside and how he found Gulu. Gaya no longer asked. She even felt great reluctant to reprimand Gulu now.

Gaya rubbed her big head against Gulu's small body and kept repeating, "It's good to be back. No more running around, remember …"

Gulu couldn't stop nodding. He threw himself into Gaya's arms and began to cry wantonly, shedding all the fears from the past days through his tears.

In front of Gaya, Gulu wouldn't hide any of his emotions.

Gaya comforted him by using her big head to rub against Gulu.

Of course, Guji and Gudong were woken up by him. They also rubbed Gulu to comfort him.

After he cried enough, Gulu turned to play with Guji and Gudong. Gaya watched them from nearby.

As night fell, Mungo returned with his brothers. They brought back a small Diplodocus that had just been bitten to death, as well as Gulu's favorite berries and nuts.

Gulu didn't need to pretend to eat meat any more. Gaya had long accepted this fact about Gulu. However, she still firmly believed that Gulu was a small Tyrannosaurus rex, one that would be strong in the future without eating meat.

Gulu never ate enough in the past few days. Today, he consumed much more than usual. Mungo and Gaya were very happy to see Gulu's good appetite. They wanted to fatten Gulu back as soon as possible.

Pado watched all this from a distance hidden in the lush fern bushes.

He had followed Mungo all the way back from the beach, then stood here watching Gulu sleep all afternoon.

Now he still didn't want to leave. He watched Mungo's group finish eating. After Gulu's stomach became round, he started playing with the two little Tyrannosaurus rex. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

It wasn't until late at night that Pado left.

In the next few days, Gulu just ate and slept then slept and ate. After eating and sleeping, he played with Guji and Gudong while Gaya kept guard over them all the time.

In this way, Gulu quickly regained the lost weight and returned to being a chubby Triceratops.

Every day was very pleasant. The only thing that worried Gulu was the flying pterosaurs. As long as any pterosaur passed near their nests, Gulu was afraid they were sent by Nassau.

At noon on this day, Gaya, Guji and Gudong slept soundly.

Gulu also slept soundly originally, but he didn't know why he suddenly woke up. He vaguely smelled a scent that made him feel warm and comfortable.

He couldn't resist the subtle scent and followed it to the fern bushes beside the nest.

Gulu knew that it's absolutely safe around this area. No dinosaur dared to move near the nest of Tyrannosaurus rex. Tyrannosaurus rex's strong smell would warn these dinosaurs away.

Therefore, Gulu was not afraid of any danger. Besides, the scent didn't seem to be dangerous at all. On the contrary, it made him yearn for it very much.

He slowly approached the fern bushes. Only after entering did he see a large adult female Triceratops standing behind them.

This female Triceratops was pale pink in color. She looked very beautiful and strong. Gulu considered her as the most beautiful female Triceratops he had ever seen.

The midday sun shone on the female Triceratops through the lush tall Alsophila tree, like a halo of loving kindness.

The female Triceratops watched Gulu like this without moving for a while.

Gulu also stood and stared at the female Triceratops in this way.

After looking longer, Gulu felt that this female Triceratops seemed a little familiar. He thought hard for a while and finally remembered. Wasn't this Pado's female Triceratops, called Babana?!

The legend of Pado and Babana was known to all dinosaurs in the whole continent of Yukan.

Pado was the most powerful Triceratops leader and the largest Triceratops in Yukan. Such a male should have many female Triceratopses, but Pado only wanted Babana as his female Triceratops.

All the dinosaurs in the continent agreed that Babana was the most beautiful and robust female Triceratops. Only such female was worthy of Pado.

Gulu knew that Babana should have specifically come to look for him, but he didn't know why. If Gaya found Babana, they would certainly fight.

If a Triceratops moved near a Tyrannosaurus rex's nest, as long as the Tyrannosaurus rex found out, it would attack the Triceratops.

Gulu was about to ask Babana why she came here when a roar sounded behind him. He didn't even know when Gaya arrived or how she managed not to make any noise.

Gaya found Gulu missing and immediately got up to look for him. Soon she found Gulu and Babana. Gaya was afraid that Gulu would get attacked if she rushed directly to the female Triceratops, so she chose to approach them quietly.

In order to protect Gulu, Gaya quickly ran to the front of Gulu and blocked him with her whole body. However, her current posture was very dangerous. Babana could easily pierce her belly with a horn.

Gaya roared at Babana and shouted to Gulu, "Gulu, go back to your nest and hide!"

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