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In order to protect Gulu, Gaya roared and rushed toward Babana without hesitation.

Gulu felt that Babana seemed to want to say something to him, but Gaya arrived too fast for her to speak.

Gaya's current position was very unfavorable. As long as Babana wanted to fight with her, the harder she charged in, the faster she would die.

For a Tyrannosaurus rex, the key to winning the fight against a Triceratops was using its terrible biting force, while a Triceratops's ultimate weapon was the hard-long horns on its head.

Gaya reached too close to Babana. In order to protect Gulu, Gaya's belly was now facing Babana's sharp point. Her rushing over here was tantamount to a personal suicide.

Gulu became very nervous and scared. He's afraid of Gaya's injury and death, but he was too young to stop Gaya. He could only scream out: "Gaya! Mom! Don't …"

Seeing her sharp corner about to pierce Gaya's belly, Babana quickly turned and ran away.

Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops were born with a "bitter feud" between predator and prey. As long as there was a chance to kill each other, they would absolutely not let go.

Clearly, Babana could easily kill Gaya just now, but she let such a good chance pass, which was unbelievable.

Gulu was both shocked and grateful.

Babana sprinted away very fast and didn't look back. Gaya didn't chase her. No female Tyrannosaurus rex would leave her cubs behind and pursue a prey that wasn't necessary for eating.

Gaya kept roaring in the direction of Babana's departure. She was warning the other dinosaur that if Babana dared to come near her nest again, Gaya would eat her alive!

Gulu rubbed Gaya's stout hind legs with his small body. What happened really scared him to death. Gaya always dared to do this. She didn't even want her own life in order to protect him.

When he first broke the shell, Gaya fought for him against Mungo's brothers while completely ignoring the fact that she alone couldn't beat so many male Tyrannosaurus rex …

Gulu felt that he was always causing trouble for Gaya, like the most worrying child in the whole continent of Yukan.

At the same time, Gulu stared after Babana's back as she left. He didn't know why, but Babana appeared very kind to him.

Gaya and Babana almost fought just now. He couldn't accept Gaya's injury, but he also didn't want to see Babana hurt. This kind of mood felt very strange.

Gaya returned to the nest with Gulu. Guji and Gudong were very sensible and hid in the nest, which didn't add more trouble to Gaya.

The two little guys saw their Mom and brother came back and jumped out of the nest.

Gaya made the three cubs stand squarely in front of her then began to lecture them: "Remember, Triceratops will trample any Tyrannosaurus rex cubs they see to death. Later, you …"

Guji and Gudong wanted to tell Gaya many times: Mom, our brother is not a Tyrannosaurus rex, but a Triceratops 
 But Mungo won't let them say it.

Although Gaya repeated the talk on the "survival of Tyrannosaurus rex cubs" many times, the three little ones still listened carefully.

In fact, Gulu knew that he, as a Triceratops, would leave Tyrannosaurus rex's group sooner or later, but he hoped that day would come way later.

Gulu didn't know how to repay Gaya's kindness. Gaya was the best Mom in the world!

However, it's useless to think more. What he should do now was to not anger Gaya or let her worry too much. Future events could be discussed later. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

On the other side, Babana had been running towards her ethnic group. She didn't go back immediately after reaching the group's territory. Instead, she ate fern plants outside for a while then walked back slowly, pretending that she just went out for a "walk".

Pado was taking care of their two young children because Babana was away.

The two Triceratops cubs were as big and chubby as Gulu. They were all lying on Pado's head. Each one was holding a sharp horn of Pado's while having fun.

Babana walked to Pado's side. She laid down then severely reprimanded the two cubs: "How many times has Mom told you?! Dad is the leader of the ethnic group. You can't climb on him to play. Dad's horns are used to protect everyone, not for you to play with!"

In any dinosaur group, there was a strict hierarchy. Leaders like Pado represented absolute admiration and respect.

Many ethnic leaders, in order to maintain their dignified image, wouldn't let their cubs play on them. Some didn't even allow their cubs to approach them. But Pado never deliberately maintained any dignified image.

In fact, one couldn't blame the leaders of these ethnic groups for not playing with their cubs. The main reason was that these cubs also dared not play with them.

Many leaders of dinosaur groups didn't even know how many cubs they had, because leaders possessed the highest "mating power". They could mate and have babies with whoever they wanted.

The instinct of survival let them keep on reproducing. In the end, they didn't know how many cubs they birthed.

In the dinosaur world, no one knew how to distinguish good genes. So, the most primitive method was used to leave behind the best traits for the next generation on the basis of strength. The stronger the individual, the more "mating power" it would get. Because of this, the most powerful leaders would continue to multiply their offspring.

To be honest, Pado belonged to the outlier category among dinosaurs. If he wasn't extremely strong, many dinosaurs would have ridiculed him.

Pado gently rubbed Babana's head and reassured her: "It doesn't matter. They're still young."

Babana remained a little angry: "You just spoil them!"

Pado: "When they are disobedient, I beat them so hard that you feel distressed."

Babana stopped arguing with Pado. Instead, she stared at the two cubs on his head and scolded them, "Pachi, you are the older brother. Dudu doesn't understand, don't you know? Again not following rules, Mom really wants to hit you …"

Dudu was a female Triceratops cub. She hatched a few days later than Pachi and naturally became a younger sister.

Pachi was a male Triceratops. He's currently Pado's only son and would assume the responsibility of a leader to protect their ethnic group in the future. Therefore, both Babana and Pado were very strict with him at ordinary times.

Perhaps because they were too strict with Pachi and doted too much on Dudu, all of their "darling" Dudu's mistakes ended up being shouldered by her brother.

Pachi had long been accustomed to this kind of "unfair" treatment. He slipped down from Pado's head and whispered, "Don't hit me again. If you keep beating me, my butt will be smashed. I don't want to be an older brother …"

Babana and Pado both paused after hearing Pachi's words.

Dudu jumped down from Pado's head and shouted, "Then you can give it to me! I want to be an older brother. Later, you will call me big brother ah. Or I'll hit you …"

Dudu perfectly inherited Pado's fine qualities. She's especially fond of fighting, protecting and conquering. She could have been a beautiful "little princess" spoiled by heaven, but she chose to live as a "Tomboy".

Pachi would take a beating for his younger sister at critical juncture and even help Dudu when she got beaten. But he wouldn't let her off at any other time. Pachi immediately threw himself at his younger sister and fought with her. Dudu also showed no mercy.

Soon, the two tangled together into an inseparable mess. Babana and Pado didn't care. Triceratopses needed to fight frequently to develop strong bodies.

Pado rubbed Babana's head and asked, "Where did you go for so long?"

Babana: "Oh, I went to pick some berries for the cubs. They've been clamoring to eat them for days."

Pado looked behind Babana and asked, "Where are these berries?"

Babana hurriedly answered: "I, I didn't find them and come back …"

Pado no longer continued to question her. He just kept rubbing on Babana's head and neck to comfort her.

Babana didn't tell Pado the truth. She was afraid that Pado wouldn't allow her to see Gulu. Gulu now lived in a Tyrannosaurus rex's group. It's too dangerous to look for him.

Pado could of course guess that Babana secretly ran out to see Gulu but he didn't have the heart to blame her. He thought that he must get Gulu back as soon as possible. Outwardly, he only remarked: "It's too dangerous to run out alone." !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Babana nodded and rubbed Pado's neck.

Pado took Babana to the fern bushes outside the group. He wanted to have a good talk with her about Gulu. She must not sneak into the Tyrannosaurus rex's group to watch Gulu again. The risk was too high.

Pachi and Dudu, the two young cubs, saw that their parents all left and immediately stopped fighting.

Dudu whispered, "Pachi, many dinosaurs say that Gulu is our brother. When will he come back? Did Mom go out to see him today?"

Pachi: "It must be true! Wow, I'm going to have a big brother soon. I won't have to be a leader or get beaten anymore. I'm so happy!"

Dudu gave Pachi a white look and derided, "No ambition!"

(T/N: a white look = a disdainful look)

Pachi: "That's not a big deal. If I'm still the leader, I'll get beaten. As long as big brother comes back, I'll also be a Triceratops with an older brother, so happy!"

The two cubs didn't dare to mention their brother in front of their Dad and Mom. As long as they asked, their parents would become very angry. They even beat the two cubs and said that they had no brother.

However, this didn't prevent the two little ones from being happy about having another brother. They looked forward to his return every day.

Pado and Babana mainly considered that they didn't know when they could pick up Gulu. Gulu lived in a Tyrannosaurus rex's group. If Pachi and Dudu sneaked out to find him, they would encounter danger.

Therefore, they would not admit to having another son until Gulu returned.

From a distance, Heili saw Pado and Babana walking into the lush fern bushes. Without thinking, he instantly knew that they must have gone to discuss how to get Gulu back.

Although Pado and Babana never mentioned Gulu in front of any dinosaur, let alone admit that Gulu was their son, all dinosaurs in the whole continent of Yukan now knew about it.

When Gulu was lost for so many days before, Pado also took his brothers to frantically search for him. Mungo, as a Tyrannosaurus rex, dared to enter a Triceratops's group alone to find Gulu because he firmly believed that Pado had hidden him …

All these proved that Gulu was Pado's son. Even a fool dinosaur could see it.

Heili felt very scared now. He didn't expect Gulu to come back alive!

The Triceratops who pushed Gulu off the cliff that day was Heili's son and of course Heili told him to do it.

Heili once tried to trample Gulu to death. Although he didn't succeed in the end, he did cause some damages to Gulu, Guji and Gudong.

At that time, he didn't know that Gulu was Pado's cub. If he did, he wouldn't have done such a stupid thing even if it killed him.

Later he found out that Gulu was probably Pado's cub. Many dinosaurs said that the day Mungo picked up Gulu from the Dada River was the same day that Pado lost his egg.

He also saw Pado go to Mungo's group to watch Gulu from a distance and even observed Pado talking to Mungo.

Therefore, he increasingly believed that Gulu was Pado's cub. If Gulu returned to Pado's ethnic group later, he would probably be expelled.

Heili was blinded in one eye by Guji and Gudong. Now he lost half of his sight. Without Pado's ethnic group, he couldn't possibly survive.

So he thought of a way to make Gulu disappear forever. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

However, he never expected that with the cliff being so high and the sea below, this Gulu still managed to survive!

What worried him now was that Gulu was not dead. If Gulu was picked up by Pado and recognized the little Triceratops that knocked him off the cliff, Heili would be finished.

Heili looked at his cubs. The one he sent to push Gulu was Heiwu, his fifth cub. He had a total of 17 cubs, from Heiyi to Heishiqi. He named them according to their order of breaking the shell. It's simple and crude.

(T/N: Heiyi to Heishiqi = Hei number 1 to Hei number 17. Heiwu is Hei number 5)

Heiwu was his least favorite cub, so he sent him to complete this dangerous task. If Heiwu went out and got eaten by a Tyrannosaurus rex, he wouldn't feel distressed.

These cubs didn't have the same mother. They were born by Heili and six or seven different female Triceratopses.

Heili was strong and fierce when fighting. Although he's not a powerful male Triceratops in Pado's ethnic group, he's also not too bad. Therefore, many female Triceratopses were willing to give birth to young ones for him.

Heiwu's mother had long been dead and left him with no brothers or sisters. Heiwu was psychologically very dependent on his father. He regarded Heili as the highest pursuit and goal of being a dinosaur. His father was everything to him.

But Heili always hated him, which made Heiwu very sad.

Since he knocked Gulu off the cliff, his father liked him very much. He would let Heiwu sleep next to him at night. Heiwu was very happy. Although his father still beat him sometimes, he still felt happy to be hit.

Heili walked up to Heiwu and said, "Xiao Wu, Come. Dad will take you to eat the best berries."

(T/N: Xiao Wu = Little Wu/Little Five)

The cub jumped up happily and cried out, "Wow! How nice of Dad! Eat berries! So happy ah …"

Heiwu was unpopular and rarely got to taste berries. Last time he knocked Gulu off the cliff, his father took him to eat them. He's so happy!

He bounced after Heili.

Heiwu glanced up at the tall Heili. He felt that his father was so powerful. The ferns and leaves along the way smelled so fragrant. The sun was so warm, while the wind blew comfortably.

Heili stopped in front of a huge Alsophila tree far away from the ethnic group.

Heiwu looked up at him and called out, "Dad, there're no berries here …"

Instead of answering, Heili fiercely slammed into his son.

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