Gulu had been back for about ten days. There was no pterosaur to "monitor" him. Gradually, he began to think that Nassau had forgotten about him. After all, Nassau was the invincible leader of Quetzalcoatluses. He must be very busy.

Even though the whole continent of Yukan had long decided that Gulu was Pado's cub, Gulu himself didn't know about it because Mungo no longer allowed the three cubs to go out and play.

Gaya had certainly heard all kinds of rumors about Gulu and Pado, but she didn't believe them and wouldn't say anything to Gulu, Guji and Gudong.

This evening Gulu, Guji and Gudong were playing while Mungo and Gaya watched over them.

The three cubs were locked in a fight. Guji bit a mouthful of Gudong's tail. At the same time, Gulu bit Guji's neck.

Once he clamped his mouth on Guji's neck, Gulu immediately knew that he made a big mistake. After so many days of not having trainings with Mungo, he forgot that he couldn't bite when fighting as a Triceratops. Or he would be beaten!

As expected, when he looked at Mungo, Mungo was very angry.

Gulu quickly loosened Guji's neck and cried out, "Mungo, I'm sorry. I, I forgot. I'll do it again. This time, I'll hit him. I won't bite."

Mungo never understood Gulu in this regard. Hitting with their horns was a Triceratops's survival skill. Gulu even forgot how to use his weapon while fighting. In the future, he would definitely die.

So Mungo pulled Gulu aside. Gaya never interfered with Mungo when he taught the young ones and didn't follow them.

Guji and Gudong thought that their brother was so pitiful. He couldn't even fight like a Triceratops. He had to be taught by Mungo. If he didn't learn well, he would be beaten. It's too terrible.

Mungo stared at Gulu. He had been thinking of a question these days. Should he send Gulu back to the Triceratops, specifically to Pado's side?

This problem was too difficult for Mungo.

Seeing Gulu fighting like this, Mungo felt even more anxious. If Gulu had lived with Triceratopses since childhood, he wouldn't have to learn how to fight at all. Everything should have been instinctive!

Now Gulu even forgot how to fight after needing to be taught by Mungo. This made Mungo really worried.

Gulu looked up at Mungo. He could see that Mungo was very angry, but Mungo couldn't bear to hit him, so he didn't know what to do with Gulu.

Although Gulu was very afraid of being beaten because getting spanked by Mungo's tail was really painful, he had wanted Mungo to beat him since coming back from the cave.

This time, he caused Mungo and Gaya to feel so anxious and sad. Gulu also blamed himself for being so stupid that he got cheated by a small Triceratops despite his human thinking ability and IQ. He should really be beaten up!

Mungo: "Forget it this time. You've been out for so many days. I haven't trained you since you come back. If I see you fighting like this again, I will definitely beat you!"

Gulu took the initiative to lie prone on the ground and called out, "Mungo, hit me. I won't remember if you don't hit me."

Mungo had never seen Gulu take the initiative to be punished. Every time he made a mistake, he always played coquetry and cheated. His current appearance caused Mungo to feel more distressed. He felt that Gulu was forced to grow up after suffering outside this time.

Although he loathed to do so, Mungo still smacked Gulu three times with his tail tip.

Gulu jumped up in pain and cried, "Big bad dinosaur, it hurts so much! Can't you be lighter every time you hit? wu wu. I don't want to talk to you anymore …"

Mungo thought such a Gulu looked very cute. He would shout pain and played coquetry with him.

Since it was time to go hunting, Mungo brought Gulu back to his nest.

Gaya rubbed Gulu to comfort him then followed Mungo out to hunt.

Guji and Gudong felt very sorry for their big brother. They gently rubbed their heads against Gulu's butts and asked, "Brother, do they hurt?"

Gulu had no energy to move as he laid prone on the ground: "Of course they hurt. Don't, don't touch them. I'll lie down for a while. You go to the side to play …"

Guji and Gudong listened very obediently and went to play nearby. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Lying on his stomach, Gulu heard several wingbeats of Quetzalcoatlus above his head. He looked up and saw that it's Cassie, the Quetzalcoatlus who sent him back.

Cassie hovered in the sky above their nest.

Gulu: I actually thought that Nassau has forgotten about me. I was really too naive!

Over the past few days, Gulu had been wondering whether to tell Mungo that he had provoked the boss of Quetzalcoatlus.

Nassau had warned Gulu not to say anything to Mungo.

If Gulu told Mungo, Mungo would definitely retaliate against every pterosaur. With Mungo being so wary of these pterosaurs, Gulu wouldn't be able to heal Nada's injury again. Then Nassau would surely eat him alive, together with Guji and Gudong.

Besides, Nassau promised Gulu that as long as he didn't tell Mungo, he would send a pterosaur to pick up and send him back on time, without hurting him or worrying Mungo and Gaya.

Gulu didn't fully believe Nassau's words, but he had no choice.

If Nassau only retaliated against himself, Gulu wouldn't hesitate to tell Mungo and let Mungo protect him. He would never let himself be captured by pterosaurs in that ghost cave again.

However, Nassau's target of revenge still included Guji and Gudong. Gulu was unwilling to bring trouble to the two younger brothers.

Quetzalcoatlus was the overlord of the sky. As long as a Quetzalcoatlus wanted to eat small dinosaurs, it definitely could. No matter how powerful Mungo and Gaya were, they couldn't fly. They also couldn't watch the two cubs all the time since they still had to go hunting.

Of course, he could tell Mungo and Gaya that the Quetzalcoatluses wanted to eat him and seek their protection. But Nassau was a tyrant with the same fierce reputation as Mungo in the mainland of Yukan. Violating his agreement with Nassau would surely subject him to the other's crazy revenge.

If Mungo was the demon on land, then Nassau was the devil of the sky.

Even if Mungo guarded them more closely, as long as Nassau found a little opening, neither he, Guji or Gudong would survive.

Pterosaurs were the most vindictive of all dinosaurs.

Gulu couldn't help thinking that when he was a human being, he saw a video in which a bird with a strong vengeful heart threw excrement at the window of a family every day, in order to retaliate against the cat inside. The cat also waited daily at the window for the bird to come over.

Maybe "flying creatures" were especially vindictive?!

Anyway, Gulu didn't dare to test how malicious these pterosaurs were with his own life and those of Guji and Gudong.

So Gulu finally chose not to tell Mungo.

Now he had to face these abominable pterosaurs by himself.

Guji and Gudong had a good time fighting in the nest and didn't pay attention to him. Gulu quickly ran to the lush fern bushes nearby.

Then Cassie landed in front of Gulu.

As a Quetzalcoatlus, Cassie stood very tall on the ground as well. Gulu looked up at him. His four little paws clutched the ground nervously.

Cassie: "Nada's injury has become much better. Nassau wants to thank you in person. Change to a human and climb on my back."

Gulu: "No, no, really, don't thank me. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to come down from such a high cliff alive. Maybe I would have starved or fallen to death later."

Cassie: "Nassau asked me to pick you up. You must come with me."

Gulu: Er … You're not here to show gratitude, but to perform a forceful kidnapping!

Cassie's tough attitude made Gulu feel that Nassau wanting to say thank you was just a trap in disguise. He wanted to trick Gulu to the cave and never let him come back.

However, Gulu recalled that Quetzalcoatlus was not a human being. With the IQ of a pterosaur, it's impossible to design such a "complicated" trap. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Cassie's behavior may appear so uncompromising because he had no human flexibility. He only knew how to carry out Nassau's instructions.

After reassuring himself in this way, Gulu was no longer as afraid. He said, "I can go back with you, but Mungo definitely won't let me go if he knows. Wait till it's late at night, Mungo and the rest of them will be asleep. Can I sneak out to find you then?"

Cassie seemed to be deliberating about something with his head down.

Gulu was very afraid that Cassie wouldn't agree and went on, "Nassau agreed that Mungo won't know about me going to your place."

Cassie thought for a moment then nodded. He turned and flew high into the sky. Soon, even his shadow was gone.

When Gulu came back, Guji and Gudong were still fighting in the nest. They didn't even notice that Gulu left for a while.

As night fell, Mungo came back with his brothers from hunting. They brought back a Nothronychus. Then Gaya also returned and brought along Gulu's favorite berries.

In fact, Gaya also took part in hunting the Nothronychus today. After a successful hunt, she remembered that Gulu was beaten today. In order to make him happy, she went to pick berries for him.

Nothronychus was a kind of dinosaur with very sharp claws. It was a close relative of Tyrannosaurus rex. However, Nothronychus was an herbivorous dinosaur and a prey of Tyrannosaurus rex. As such, its close relative could eat it at any minute.

Gulu's butts still hurt, but once he ate the berries brought by Gaya, they no longer seemed to be that painful.

Late in the night, Gulu waited until all of the Tyrannosaurus rex entered deep sleep. He carefully took his human body out of his personal space and put it on the ground. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Then he let his consciousness return to the human body, causing the dinosaur body to enter a dormant state.

Gulu looked at his dinosaur body, which appeared to be asleep while lying beside Gaya.

This was the advantage of having two bodies. He could use the human body to go to the pterosaur cave. With his dinosaur body next to Gaya, he wouldn't be found missing.

As long as he could get back to the nest before Gaya and Mungo woke up and return his consciousness to the dinosaur body, his absence would remain undetected.

However, he didn't know whether he could come back before Gaya and Mungo got up or what Nassau wanted him to do this time.

If Mungo and Gaya woke up before his consciousness return to the dinosaur body, they would find out that he couldn't be roused and become very worried.

Gulu was sitting on the ground in his human form. He's very nervous. As long as a Tyrannosaurus rex roused at this time, it's very likely that he would die instantly, even without the chance to explain.

Tyrannosaurus rex were very alert. When suddenly sighting a species that they had never seen before near their nest, they would immediately attack relentlessly.

Gulu stood up gently. He walked out slowly and softly until he was quite far away from the Tyrannosaurus rex then rushed into the lush fern bushes before he breathed a sigh of relief.

No Tyrannosaurus rex woke up. Gulu felt a little strange. He thought it may be because his human body had the same smell as his dinosaur body, so he didn't alert them.

Dinosaurs often distinguished friends and enemies by scent. As long as there was no change in his smell, Mungo wouldn't be alarmed.

Cassie had been hovering near the nest. When he saw Gulu's human body coming out, he immediately landed in front of Gulu.

Gulu mounted Cassie's back. He's already familiar with controlling air flight on a pterosaur. He only needed to use his legs to gently grip Cassie's back. Because of this, he no longer felt any fear.

Cassie flew very smoothly. Gulu sat comfortably and even enjoyed the night scenery along the way.

The continent of Yukan was very beautiful at night. Dinosaurs, large and small, were sleeping, looking for food, fighting and shouting from afar. The boundless fern plains and lush forests were bathed in the dark night sky, both quiet and wild.

The wind at night was very cool, mixed with the moisture of the sea and the smell of various plants, soil and dinosaurs. It's so refreshing. Gulu felt that he could breathe the entire scent of the continent in one inhalation!

Today he was beaten, and his butts still hurt. As a dinosaur, he couldn't rub them. But as a human being, he could.

Now Gulu gently rubbed his behind with both hands. Sure enough, the human butts were also swollen and painful just as the dinosaur's ones. Mungo was really a tyrant! Tyrant!

Cassie flew fast and steady. Gulu massaged his butts and looked at the scenery along the way. Soon he arrived at the seaside.

Drifting above the mountain top, Gulu could directly see the cliff. He noticed that under the darkness, a vast number of pterosaurs were hovering in the sky outside the cave. Their current deployment was just as grand as when they welcomed Nassau.

If Gulu hadn't seen these Quetzalcoatluses greeted Nassau, he would have thought that they were here to eat him alive. In panic, he might have jumped off Cassie because he would rather fall to death than be torn apart bits by bits.

But now he knew, this special formation was especially arranged to meet their leader!

Even so, Gulu still felt afraid. He couldn't think of the reason why these pterosaurs put on such a large array to meet him. Even if he saved Nada, they shouldn't have come to receive him with the same deploying as greeting their leader. He really couldn't afford that level of respect.

Gulu subconsciously hugged Cassie's neck while his legs clamped Cassie's back. If he was really attacked later, he still wanted to struggle.

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